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  1. Wish it was raining in Tamil Nadu. Do the umpires get paid in full for rained out matches?
  2. Narine (OS) Gayle (OS) Kohli Raina ABD (OS) Dhoni Dre Russ (OS) Jaddu Ashwin Bhuvi Chahal
  3. Will Sachin's movie slow down as it reaches the 100th minute?
  4. New auction next year? Anyone knows?
  5. Chennai fan next year. Bus-la ticket irrukuma
  6. Match Thread

    Kohli blaming nine other batsmen.
  7. Match Thread

    I should have known when half sperm had decent figures that it's a bowler's night out
  8. Match Thread

    Keep them under 160. Go Badree Go
  9. Narine rarely plays horizontal shots. And he has a wonderful bat swing.
  10. Match Thread

    Classy shot but out.
  11. Match Thread

    Is ABD wearing Apple watch?
  12. Biryani trying to stay relevant.