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  1. Zelig

    CSK Fan Club [ 2018 ] !!! We are Back

    Gotta wait till Sunday Can we play the combined best XI of SRH + KKR on Friday and get this done with.
  2. Narine vs Gowtham round 2 should be fun (if RR decide to open with spin again)
  3. He got them to 140. They would have bowled out under 120 otherwise.
  4. Not if it was free. At least 50% would have stayed back. Or, host it on the “children initiative” day.
  5. They should have hosted this game last Sunday after the 4pm match. There would have been a better turnout.
  6. Zelig

    Cricinfo's IPL team of the year 2018

    Maggie trying to get into best XI
  7. Hope our batsmen continue to not get blind sighted by the orange jerseys.

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