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  1. Andy

    Play KL Rahul at 5

    The players that struggled and have still performed abroad I am not concerned about them as they are still capable of handling the moving ball. They are proven. The conditions in India doesnt make a difference as it dors when we play outside hence no matter even if you score 100 tons in India, you still do not assure you have the ability to do outside like Kohli has. Its more like a home track bully.
  2. Andy

    Play KL Rahul at 5

    Home performances doesnt count when you are genuinely trying to figure out if the batsman has the technique to fight it out abroad. Karun Nair has a daddy hundred FFS. Would be a headless chicken where the ball moves around..
  3. Andy

    Play KL Rahul at 5

    Its not like he has failed only in England. I fail to remember him having Kohli'sque performances in any format upto 2014 what Kohli was. Abroad ? One hundred in Australia thats what I can remember of.
  4. Andy

    Play KL Rahul at 5

    I dont remember Kohli playing in test matches in England in 2011. His first major test was in 2011 against West Indies and he failed massively. Went back and fixed his game. Before that he was already lighting up the ODI format scoring runs everywhere consistently. Especially standing up outside India where most were failing to deliver, unloke Rahul who has been hot and xold in every format. Kohli's next big test ce in Australia where he stood up and didnt look back ever since other than 2014 n England. It is nothing short of fanboyism based on region or culture he belongs to from some of the posters over here. He is a stroke maker, has the potential to be a top ODI player if he stays consistent. Dorsnt have a texhnique to deliver in test cricket in testing conditions. Could be the same if ODis are played in testing conditions as well.
  5. Andy

    Play KL Rahul at 5

    Not long back I read on ICF how Rahul is a direct competitor of Kohli and on par with him as a batsman.
  6. Well played India, for keeping us glued to the game for two days. Now with that batting performance people can think over ideas to make the weekend memorable before Monday starts again.
  7. Very honestly I lost interest from cricket after 0-11 under Dhoni. Followed mostly ICC tournaments and rest of the games mainly on ICF. Kohli got me back to test cricket something I have always keen to, from 2015. Miss reading the old timers. I assume lot of people have changed their handle name and might still be active.
  8. All good dada. I have been reading tge forum all these years. How are you ? Hope India wins one more test at least. Sent from my ONEPLUS A3003 using Tapatalk
  9. Indian, been inactive for 7-8 years now. I hope we really do. Not too many reliable batters other than Kohli.
  10. Watch India getting rolled over for 180-ish tomorrow.

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