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  1. Since you hate the word "technically" I will assume sound batsmen means something else here
  2. No we just gave him the easiest spot in ODI cricket . Take him out of that comfort zone hes the same crap old batsmen . And that will not work in tests , cos there are not easy batting positions in tests.
  3. Flashback: India Tour of South Africa 2001 Tri Series

    Lets assume the quality when tendulkar played was better , why would that make Tendulkar a better batsmen when every one else around him was supposedly better ?
  4. Why cricket craze declined so much

    Believe it or not its happening in India too . None of my younger nephews/niece like cricket , they cant name once Indian cricketer but for Virat . :(
  5. The BSE/NSE Trading Thread

    Had my worst day this year . Had multiple positions and I have no idea what went wrong with Tata stocks between 2-2:30 PM today , unfortunately was holding Tata global and Tata power and both hit stoploss .
  6. The BSE/NSE Trading Thread

    btw I feel banks may pick up some momentum , I think the recapitalisation run is still not over .
  7. The BSE/NSE Trading Thread

    Very nice . you been using this already or still in test ? And does it help ? My agenda would be slightly different , not very straight forward . I want alerts as of now , indicators I specifically look for . placing orders is still manageable .
  8. The BSE/NSE Trading Thread

    Thanks , may use some of these ;)
  9. Playing 11 for Test 2

    I actually hope they pick rohit , rather seem him get exposed here than embarrass us in SA.
  10. Had they set a lower target there is every chance SL would have approached the chase differently , Virat would have to go on the defensive very soon . Playing for a draw is a lot more difficult than trying to chase down a target .
  11. like they say hindsight is 20/20 No captain would give a target of 175 in 60 overs . Fans have nothing to lose expecting these guys to take these unrealistic risks , which can cost a test match .
  12. Umesh Yadav has regressed under Kohli

    Which Indian captain has done anything of note outisde the SC ? Ganguly ?
  13. Umesh Yadav has regressed under Kohli

    Zaheer was a senior and other two where young and inexperienced . isnt that how it works with every player , they get better with age and experience ? Srinath bowled at his best in the last few years of his career very erratic early in his career, a senior when Ganguly was captaining but Zaheer was very inconsistent under Ganguly and his best was under Dhoni . Do you blame Ganguly for Zaheer being inconsistent in early stages of his career ? Nothing different with Bhuvi with experience hes got better . There is little Ganguly , Dhoni and Virat could/can do here . btw why has he only played 7 tests under Virat yet ? Hes not even Virats first choice for ODI's if Shami had not got injured . What kind of backing are talking off ?
  14. Umesh Yadav has regressed under Kohli

    Which fast bowler ? Did he use , Zaheer as a defensive option ? When India was ranked number one , Zaheer was one of our top wicket takers IIRC he was averaging ~22 for 4 years . The likes of Sree and RP helped us win test matches overseas . or could have use Yaadav as a wicket taking option ? Shami was regularly injured and was hardly available , what choice did he have anyway ? Yes he did fall back on Ashwin/Jadeja , that will happen with Virat too if his faast bowlers starting conceding runs at 6 rpo instead of taking wickets on helpful pitches .
  15. Umesh Yadav has regressed under Kohli

    Agreed then as long as we are consistent in our criticism

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