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  1. its actually dollar which has been very strong
  2. jusarrived

    Vijay finishes with average of 17, Rahul averaged 7

    Considering Dhawans form there is no harm in playing him at 5/6 either .
  3. jusarrived

    Vijay finishes with average of 17, Rahul averaged 7

    KL can be slotted in the middle order or at 3 , unlike ODIs a test opener should be fine down the order especially overseas where hes unlikely to start his innings on a minefield against spinners
  4. Not every one gets lucky to play in the power plays . Like I have said , he has an IPL 100 so that means he can hit just like Rohit when hes set ( agreed after wasting 50 balls Rohit is better ) . When you take 15 overs to get set , every one can get that turbo gear . The difference is where they bat . Lets not over do this , as bad as he is I would rate his 100 in Aus as to 5 ODI innings by an Indian in last 2-3 years .
  5. And SRH is playing him at 4 ? He should have opened with Dhawan if they wanted to play him .
  6. He should never play T20s , in ODIs he's a good fringe player to have , that's it . He's always been suited for the longer formats , has an unorthodox technique and gives an impression that he will not do well in tests , but I think he will do well everywhere but England may be .His game against the short ball and spin as a combo is top5 in the country imo . More importantly he's clutch , a perfect no 6 to have in your lineup . Of all the Karnataka batsmen I rate him only behind KL for tests but anyway that's not going to happen , we have better options too but stop picking him for the wrong format .
  7. jusarrived

    Is Dhoni more popular than Sachin ?

    It was in Mumbai , England test and I was there . As much as I wanted Tendulkar to retire , it was pretty sad to see To an extent I agree , but some one like Kapil an WC winning All-rounder would have been way ahead of both Dhoni and Tendulkar . People at least had TVs to watch Tendulkar , imagine some one like Kapil today , he would have been not just Indian teams most valuable player but also the hottest players in IPL .
  8. jusarrived

    Why are gujjus good at fielding ?

    Jignesh n co never got to bat or bowl growing up as kids , so no surprise there
  9. jusarrived

    Is Kane Williamson the modern day Dravid?

    India sccored 32 runs in that period of 25 overs , so that's 25 runs scored off 90 balls with Tendulkar at other end had scored 15 off 65 balls . So it wasn't just dravid who's was being circumspect. May be cos they lost both the openers in 2 3 overs ?
  10. jusarrived

    Match 56 : CSK vs KXIP

    That's what he was trying to do . Misjudged completely , he's done this a few times in tests
  11. jusarrived

    Match 56 : CSK vs KXIP

    Lol exactly that move pretty much cost them the playoffs
  12. jusarrived

    Match 56 : CSK vs KXIP

    Can they get to 150 and bowl out CSK for 80 ?
  13. jusarrived

    Is Kane Williamson the modern day Dravid?

    India needed 260 runs in 40 overs when he came into bat ? Are you serious about us trying to chase that down in 2001 at more than run a ball ?
  14. jusarrived

    Is Kane Williamson the modern day Dravid?

    Dravid played to win , that's why most of our famous wins have been cos of his knocks . The softies get out when it gets a little tough , dravid was opposite that . Some of your problem seems to be that it's not just these famous wins , he also played a big role in saving our ass multiple times helping us draw games which we where at the risk of losing . Virat averages 8 in England and according to you he would have won that game somehow ? I bet those runs would have been at a higher sr than Dravid , not sure how he would have won it for us ?
  15. jusarrived

    Match 56 : CSK vs KXIP

    They may not now that know it's a lost cause , but what ever little chance they had was negated by the pitch .

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