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  1. jusarrived

    Rohit Sharma's SR in LOIs

    @Nikola what do you have to say about this ? Am not a stats guy , but was expecting this . The whole theory of him playing slowly for the team is nonsense . We do better when he gets out early and we don’t win much when he scores either .
  2. jusarrived

    Rohit Sharma's SR in LOIs

    So you agree that we are still stuck in 90s approach
  3. jusarrived

    Rohit Sharma's SR in LOIs

    I don’t agree with the assumption that India wins when he scores as well .
  4. jusarrived

    Rohit Sharma's SR in LOIs

    What’s India’s win percentage when he fails ? That 55% of games since 2016
  5. jusarrived

    Rohit Sharma's SR in LOIs

    None of the players you have mentioned would have played now the way did back when it was actually difficult to bat in the early stages .
  6. jusarrived

    Rohit Sharma's SR in LOIs

    Thank you . This is exactly what I have been pointing out for a long time . 80% of the time he creates more harm to the team . India’s win percentage even when he gets his 100 is quite poor compared to most batsmen around . If you also consider he’s poor on pitches which are not flat and much less reliable when we are chasing , have to think about the value he adds to the team . Hes going to cost us the WC .
  7. We seem to have always some excuse for the way Rohit bats . We convincingly won in SA and NZ with no contribution from Rohit . Iike I said earlier , we do well when he gets out early . As for weak middle order , I would agree to that if sharma was saving us from collapsing on difficult pitches on the contrary he’s the first to go if there is some help for bowlers . This guy tuk tuks on 350 par pitches , if anything puts more pressure on the middle order everytime he gets out after wasting balls .
  8. Yes exactly and pitches got much flatter after 2007 and with the advent of T20s the scores only got bigger . Some fans here got mental over Rohit’s 200s and use this as an excuse , but both tendulkar and Viru got a 200 each towards the end of their career and I have no doubts in my mind they would have done that more often had they been playing now . It’s only the Dhawan doesn’t convert his starts into big ones Sharma looks good . It’s really not a big deal to get a 200 as an opener on flat pitches once in a while these days . It’s when Sharma does not get a big one it concerns me , which is more often . He screws the team badly
  9. jusarrived

    Pakistani reaction to Pulwama attack

    Am one of the guys who visit the site , infact did a lot more there than I did here in the past . One reason probably though is that there is more to disagree in a pak site than an Indian one , so as a forum that’s what appeals to lot of Indians . As much as I hate everything about paks role , one thing am firmly against is this policy of boycotting everytime an incident like this happens. It’s a very soft stance imo . It’s like how you fought as kids , stop talking to someone cos he threw a stick at you . I would beat the **** out of that kid if I could and if my response to stop talking to him , it’s cos am weak . A lot of guys here living overseas have pak friends, are they going to stop talking to them ?
  10. You can go check the stats . Am fairly sure the impact a quick 35 from Viru had is much more than Rohits 60-70 . India’s win percentage is more or less the same Rohit scores a 100 or a zero . He’s a zero impact player .
  11. Rohit takes time to get his feet moving , there is no team startergy of him playing slowly it’s just his limitation . It’s not the big shots , but he will struggle rotating strike in middle overs if hes not played 50-60 balls . He will suck even more if he comes down the order . He can bat at 6 though where he has to just hit out .
  12. Pant obviously . I have been a huge fan of both pant and KL for years and believe these two could turn out be the most destructive opening pair in LOIs ever . At this point though pant is oozing with confidence and runs behind him , you have to play him . KL though , I am surprised he’s even picked ..makes no sense . He needs a longer break and should be spending more time in domestic . Hes spent most of his time on bench even when he was in the ODI squad , I just don’t get the thought process .
  13. This and the eng getting trashed against WI kind puts our performance against these teams into perspective

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