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  1. I personally love Coffee so much that other day I tried adding some coffee powder to my tea . Why I would not make a coffee is cos , I normally need 5-8 cups a day and that many coffee's my body cannot take :(
  2. Tamils in my experience are pretty open to learn other languages contrary to the image which is built about them . Infact in general all south states , Gujrathis , Marathis , Marwaris and to an extent even UP/Bihar hindi belt albeit uneducated put an effort . The rest of Hindi speaking and Bengalis for some reason are a reluctant lot .
  3. “And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” - Future Indian captain Rohit Sharma
  4. only if its cutting
  5. I love our Indian filter Kaapi too , dont like Lattes much . Dunkin dounuts coffee with pumpkin spice is pretty nice though .
  6. thats ugly , I see a new one every few years . No one in Mangalore takes these demands seriously anyway , as long as our bars and restaurants are running fine we dont care about anything else .
  7. lol do you see the crowd gathered ? And every region in every state there are some idiots demanding for a separate state , thats got nothing to do with Language .
  8. The script is not similar , its the same . Mangalore bus stand means the same in both the languages . And Unlike Hindi in Bangalore, Kannada is a local lingo in these areas so its the same .
  9. Thoda research karne ka na yaar . Those sign boards could be coorgie , tulu or Kannada , cos all of them use the same script ;) The second one you posted is actually Malyalam and thats not Karnataka , but kerala :)
  10. lol what rubbish . Two districts where you can claim Kannada is not majority , Coorg and Mangalore/DK . Even Kannadigas who make up more than 30% of the population speak in Tulu/coorgie rather than Kannada . Exactly how it should be and no wonder there is mutual respect for all languages .
  11. I come from DK , technically not even a Kannadiga with tulu being my mother tongue , forget imposition its the other way around . if you stay in Mangalore for 2-3 years we will make sure you learn Tulu lol . I have Nepali friends we who can still understand Tulu . Kannada still has a special place , may be cos it was never forced upon us ?
  12. wth thats just sad man
  13. This is something I posted couple of weeks back and sort of things I have issues with . And it looks like they have got rid off the security guy , I see some NE guys guarding now . if thats true and I take this up again am not going to be very popular lol I picked up an new apartment , which is getting ready to move in and all owners are part of a watsapp group . They have just 3-4 security guards now since only 1-2 families have moved in and the discussion was about lack of security . I see after a while we have couple of guys complaining about these guys not being able to speak Hindi and demanding getting rid of them . I had to intervene and at my diplomatic best said its unreasonable to expect these guys who come from remote areas to speak Hindi and its not fair to kick them out cos of that . Assuming since I was a local , some of them now started suggesting we need to get a guys who could speak Kannada and Hindi ? I had to clarify again , I dont really care weather the guy is a Kannada , Hindi , my first issue is we will not throw some one out cos he cannot speak a certain language . if the argument is that we have lot of NI residents who speak only Hindi , then what about Tamil guys who do not understand Hindi ? Not surprisingly expect for one guy who seemed sensible no else got my point . I will bet this uneducated guard will learn few words of Hindi in next couple of months , but some of our educated brothers from north after having lived here for more than a decade let alone learning a few words cannot tolerate a local guy speaking his language . in the end I know I look like a anti-hindi local in Bangalore , but I will keep making it clear to people who do not understand .
  14. Like I said , the signboard thing is political , it means nothing ..but the larger language issue is what a lot of people can relate to and this is exactly what congress is trying to exploit here .
  15. The sign broad controversy is all political , this not a demand form general public and doubt any one cares about it , but there still a language issue and no hypocrisy in that . I have a half a dozen north Indians in my family , 2 of them who have only lived in Bangalore for 4-5 years and can speak Kannada and one of them who stayed here for 15+ years but cant speak a word . Not every one can learn a new language easily , some just dont take that interest which is all ok . I could barely speak few words of Marathi in spite a living in Mumbai for 10 years . No one expects NI's to come and learn Kannada in a few days or they are ever expected to learn if they dont feel the need to . off course its their choice , but living in Bangalore you cannot demand the locals also speak in Hindi , while most locals do speak Hindi willingly you should not have a problem with a small section who dont speak Hindi or dont choose to , respect their choice too . My wife attended an interview in Flipkart 2 years back for an HR position and one of the questions which was asked was "Do you speak Hindi?" , when she responded she could manage the lady stressed that since most of the team speaks in Hindi and the people who she will work with are all Hindi speaking she would find it difficult to cope up . She was never offered , the reason may be different but clearly thats one of the criterias ? its cos of such experiences we are gradually seeing an anti-hindi wave . Sorry but some of the points you are making are nonsense . Do you know who and why North east guys where targeted in Bangalore? As for Blacks being not allowed in some Pubs in Bangalore , lets not get carried away with what the media reports about these guys ..its well known that most of them are involved in shady stuffs and are generally they are big nuisance , not cos they are "black" . There are pubs in Kaamanhalli where only Blacks are allowed .