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  1. Best ever tour of South Africa?

    The 2011 series was arguably India's best away result considering the team we played and conditions we historically struggled the most . The ODI series off course would be one of our best performances ever , but I would take a test series win or even a draw over it any day . We lost a series which matters a lot more .So no this is not our best in SA .
  2. Rahuls career is done and dusted
  3. The BSE/NSE Trading Thread

    Picked up supajit engg , jain irrigation and cosco ind and added some more of yes bank . Was hoping hdfc bank would crash a bit , too balance my portfolio with some large caps . I would completely avoid psu banks for longterm , but indian pvt banks are going to give you massive returns if you can hold them for 10 years .
  4. The BSE/NSE Trading Thread

    I actually invested good amount of money in gitanjali a year back when it was around 65 levels , held it for 3 months and exited with a small loss . I dint suspect anything fishy at that point , just that he was investing too much money on expansion and wasn't convinced the the company will show results anytime soon . Lucky to get out . I wudnt touch fortis , it may have small spikes but such stocks once they lose investors confidence tend to underperform
  5. Rohit Gurunath Sharma's SA stats so far (all formats)

    Hes actually exceed my expectations .
  6. The BSE/NSE Trading Thread

    yeah its better than Bank interest Seriously its not bad , but its nothing like when you can get the direction right . Most days I take 10% ROI .
  7. The BSE/NSE Trading Thread

    yeah I know , was just saying . I get really confused when I have positions on both sides , though I tried shorting BN like you do with 1-2 lots , it works but ROI is very low though I agree the chances of loss are very less . I just dont have that kind of patience , like when things are moving quick and fast so am not sure its for me . Anyway I think we are heading further downward . Last two days saw very weak pull backs and march could be a repeat of this month after a small pause .
  8. Which soap do you use ?

    Whipped and lots of cream !! I try my best to avoid , but you know how it goes
  9. Pandey should not be playing for india

    I do agree he should not be in the LOI sides , but hes much better than Rahane/Iyer/Jadhav so it this point least of our problems . As for his technique , you guys are not giving him enough credit . Yes its not conventional , but for Karnataka past few years I have seen two batsmen regularly play well when the team has needed them . One being KL and other is Pandey . Pandey may not have the best technique to handle swing , but hes one of the best in the country playing bounce and spin . Add to that he brings his A game when the team is in crisis . So hes got more things right about his batting than half of our test batting lineup . His lack of big shots make him uselsss down the order for LOIs , but I cant think of a better No6 for the indian test team . I Know this will never , but hes pretty confident he would have been a perfect replacement for VVS .
  10. The Vijay Hazare Trophy 2018(50 overs domestic season)

    Vinay's captaincy style or over reliance on pacers did not help gopal in the past . if you look up , there are so many matches hes bowled less than 5 overs and taken a wicket or more . Never understood why he was underutilised .
  11. The Mayank Agarwal Juggernaut

    His game has definitely improved from what I saw today , he was always a gifted timer , had all the strokes but looks like hes worked on his defensive game which is allowing him to play these long innings .
  12. Which soap do you use ?

    I try a different soap everytime , though been using a body wash , face wash , shampoo , conditioner ..pretty much one for every body part since I got married . Else I have to hear " you not getting any younger , that soap is not good for your skin "
  13. The BSE/NSE Trading Thread

    All globals cues where positive today , but still Indian markets seems to be under pressure .Most likely big money is being pulled out of India . I think we are looking at a bigger downside in next 1-2 months post some minor pull backs .
  14. The BSE/NSE Trading Thread

    Nifty Days low of 10302 and BN 24825 covered all my puts today , if it crashes again buying calls for last 2 days of this series would be worth a shot . There should be some good amount of short covering and may give a 200-300 pt spike at some point

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