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  1. Typical Ganguly , not one to spare an opportunity to take a dig
  2. 500 & 1000 rs notes stopped from tonight

    I will rephrase this for your benefit A country where Farmers are kiling them self for loan waiver or where people die cos they cannot access their money for few days , you still want everything to get fixed by itself and the govt maintains the status quo ?
  3. 500 & 1000 rs notes stopped from tonight

    And you know that how ? I havent seen any Govt statement claiming they would stop terrorism in Kashmir or phase out human trafficking by this move . lol at reasonable tax rate ? all these theories applies for mature economies like US/EU , India is a different animal and your text book method of solving this was never going to work .
  4. Why would you ever want to take his wicket . As an oppposition you want to see Sharma get an 100 , will ensure the target is never close to par
  5. Sharma will be forced to score quickly , but then I wont be surprised if rahane is asked to take all the risks and he continues to "anchor" the innings
  6. 500 & 1000 rs notes stopped from tonight

    I am sure you dint read the article . Again !! Clue : its 12 sep 2017 today .
  7. 500 & 1000 rs notes stopped from tonight

    Who made these claims to start with ? I have made the same exact argument with haters who claimed that Govt took this decision to save banks/defaulters . I have said here right from the start , the objective was always expanding the tax base which you see the current figures is happening and am pretty sure its going to be much better this FY , the target was rather Grey economy than Black economy . The loss form RBI dividend will be easily offset and eventually when the economic activity picks up in the next few quarters , lending should pick up so thats not a long term problem . There are lot of moving parts here , it will take some time to show real positive impact but if you talk to people at the ground level you will know why this will work . People getting convicted means very little in the long run , you cannot have a fool proof system and make 100% comply , but in a country where probably less than 20%( could be a lot less ) people who should be playing taxes actually pay taxes there is a huge opportunity to first fix loop holes which allows so many to getaway . if you go with and open mind and check each and every step they have taken in last 3 years , the idea has been simple , Make tax paying easy and evading difficult . if you think this is not an effort worthwhile , I have no arguments here .
  8. 500 & 1000 rs notes stopped from tonight

    lol I have seen all these forwards from Cong/App supporters . Morons where sharing jokes on GST a day after its launch , while most economists where not sure about its immediate impact ..these guys who probably heard the term couple of weeks back where absolutely sure prices will shoot up post GST .
  9. Board Presidents XI vs Australians | Chennai 12th Sept

    Am pretty sure Dhoni is making sure no wk-bats gets selected even in the A side .
  10. Virat King Kohli : 15,000 International Runs

    Just needs a few good test knocks in Indian wins , to become the best Indian player overall . Already the best LOI batsmen ever . if you count the true match winning knocks hes played in limited overs is easily more than all other indian batsmen combined thats how ridiculously good he is .
  11. MS Dhoni mega discussion thread

    its worked in the end dint it ? We won the match . What are we accusing Dhoni off now , that he was hoping Bhuvi and rest of the team gets out and match's done early ? if you dont hate the guy , its fairly simple . He thought it was best to give Bhuvi strike right from the beginning , am pretty sure he knew it was a risk . You dont like that strategy is that because you have few other fool proof stratergy for such a situation ? then you are right to complain here . When you say we got away cos SL bowlers started spraying , you dont have a 100 run partnership without having some luck , let alone with a tailender even between top order batsmen you still need things going your way . As for Bhuvis batting , IIRC I created a thread on his batting I think a ~year before he debuted for India after I had watched a Ranji game he had played for UP . Big fan , hes not lived up to is potential with the bat but the basics of his batting is better than some of the top order batsmen I have seen , I have not seen much improvement in his batting since the first time may be cos hes not taken it seriously and partly cos bigger names in Ashwin/Jadeja he does not get enough opportunities to build an innings . Still wudnt surprise me if he plays a classy test knock at some point of his career .
  12. MS Dhoni mega discussion thread

    you acutally think we would have won the match had Dhoni tried shielding the strike for 20 overs ? Pretty much every great partnership with tailenders , was only possible when the lesser batsmen was instilled with confidence right from the begining . Steve waugh pioneered this stratergey .
  13. Thats cos domestic cricket feeds us with Top 3 players , not necessarily cos only the top order batsmen are good but just like international cricket you would imagine its the top order who would have inflated stats to catch the selectors eye .
  14. I think they have done the same in some African / S American and SE countries as well .
  15. Exactly , its like getting a very cheap loan which is good as along as you can take that money and make more money out of it elsewhere . The only way they could have made that extra money is probably by taxing Chinese companies , instead these fools have gone ahead and given them tax exemption till 2032 I think .

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