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  1. jusarrived

    Is this the weakest Indian batting team to feature in a WC?

    96 and 92 where much weaker
  2. Football is a huge threat too , these guys are actually good at it and potentially in 10 years could be competing with best in Asia .
  3. This guy is a character. Just go watch that documentary on AFG cricket , you will fall in love with cricket all over again . It’s more than a game for these guys
  4. jusarrived

    Can't have jadav,dhoni and shankar together

    I like pant and it’s a no brainier to pick him over Shankar imo , but most likely that would have cost us the match . Pant would have struggled on this pitch more than others in the team .
  5. jusarrived

    KL Rahul as WORLD Cup Opener

    I honestly don’t think he will survive with his approach for too long . He has to use the power plays and try to build an innings . We don’t need him to score big hundreds , I will take a quick 50 which can give the innings some momentum at the start .
  6. jusarrived

    KL Rahul as WORLD Cup Opener

    Where did it show he’s struggling in these conditions? He has an obvious weakness against inswing , but he’s better equipped to handle swing than Rohit/Dhawan . You are making as though he’s been out for single digits in both the matches . He can definitely do much better , has to improve his strike rotation but he’s the best bet to open atm
  7. Can’t hack runs here . It’s a big ground too . India will have to bowl really poor for AFG to cross 180
  8. Can’t believe people are blaming Jadhav here . He came in with 4 down and little batting to follow. Played a very good innings
  9. Every one played slow , Virat played exceptionally well . 270 is a winning total here against any team , we are a little short but can easily defend against Bangla
  10. Ah he’s played 9 balls of last 3 overs
  11. Jadhav has played well here , dosent look like an easy pitch to bat
  12. Oh yeah batting slow puts pressure on other batsmen ?
  13. lol what was that , but expected
  14. KL struggles to switch gears , he can either go T20 mode or tuk tuk . Unless he develops strike rotation it won’t be easy for him

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