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  1. KL Rahul must play as opner in LOI

    Not confusing formats , but like I said in ODI's even a helpful pitch lasts barely 4-5 overs so its easy to get away even if you play and miss a few , but that dosent change the fact that he does not have the technique to handle swing/seam .
  2. KL Rahul must play as opner in LOI

    Helpful conditions dosent necessarily mean only swing . Rohit is better than anyone in the team when there is bounce and every one else is better than him when there is swing/seam on offer . That innings he played in SA against Steyn ranks as one of the most embarrassing knocks by an Indian top order batsmen . All said , I wudnt worry too much about conditions in ODI's . You hardly play 1-2 matches in a year on such pitches , so its of little relevance .
  3. KL Rahul must play as opner in LOI

    I dont see this happening anytime soon , Dhawan and Rohit have cemented their place in the side and Rahane will not be moved for another 12 months . He will have to wait a while to get even limited opportunities . I think he should start playing down the order in domestic and be ready if any opportunities arise in the middle order . Thats his best chance of getting into the team
  4. Ranji Trophy 2017/18

    100 in season opener for Samarth , hope he can score a few more big ones and come into reckoning for backup openers slot . We need a quality opener for the test team in long run , especially for overseas tours .
  5. Dhoni T20 Batting Strategy is Wrong!!

    I am a Dhawan and Virat fan , bigger Virat fan than any one else . if they are going to fail everytime , then there is a pattern and deserves criticism . Like I said their role is not just to make runs when its easy to bat , we could send Bhuvi up the order on flat pitches and I bet he will consistently give is good starts in power plays .
  6. Axcellent Fightback by Pakistan

    I watched a bit of this series , the quality of cricket had to be one of the lowest ever between two test playing nations . Lankans I belive have found some good talent in past 18 months so there is some hope for them , but the Pak line up is full of mediocrity . These guys will get walloped in a away series against Zim , I almost feel bad for them .
  7. Axcellent Fightback by Pakistan

    Yeah not really good with the new ball , gets too exited when the conditions favour him very unlike Amir ..but on a flat pitch with an older ball hes as good as any .
  8. Pandeys problem is consistency , hes really good in high pressure matches but doesnt know to cash in when it gets easy .
  9. Dhoni T20 Batting Strategy is Wrong!!

    Top order's job is to shield the middle order when the ball swings , not just inflate their stats on flat pitches .
  10. Dhoni T20 Batting Strategy is Wrong!!

    at 27/4 what momentum did we have ?
  11. Dhoni T20 Batting Strategy is Wrong!!

    Pandya didnt have to score 25 of 23 if Dhoni was around . in the end we managed only 118 cos we lost too many wickets , not cos any one played slow
  12. Axcellent Fightback by Pakistan

    ODIs hes **** , but for the longer format hes by far their best bowler .
  13. Dhoni T20 Batting Strategy is Wrong!!

    While I agree that hes not best suited for T20s , todays match we needed him to play a little longer the way he does and we could have got to 140 here was a winning total . There are very few batsmen in the world who can counter attack and get away when the team is in trouble . Virat is one of them and Raina is other . One bats in the top order while other cant make the team .
  14. Bhuvi and Bumrah could be handy here , I dont think its over yet .
  15. Next match is a series decider means no change in playing 11

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