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  1. The Vijay Hazare Trophy 2018(50 overs domestic season)

    Good to see Karnataka finally give some opportunities to new pacers . Prasidh , Pradeep and Ronit ..was tired of seeing Vinay , Minthun and Arvind A
  2. India's struggle in the first ten overs.

    offcourse you could still win , but why should we rely in good ground fielding ..we have batted teams out in the past scoring 300+ consistently when 250 was a par score and now after 10-15 years when probably 320 is par we should be happy getting to 300 ? A weak batting linup like Pak posted 340+ against us , its that easy to post and chase 300 totals these days
  3. India's struggle in the first ten overs.

    yes in 1995
  4. Rohit Sharma Becomes Kagiso Rabada's 'Bunny'

    The thread highlight just one problem with Rohit . Normally being a FTB is not such an issue in ODIs , Dhawan has technical issues but I think hes one of the best ODI openers we have ever had . when 95% of the LOI matches are played on flat pitches , should I be worried about few games where most batsmen would get exposed ? Absolutely not . The reason Rohit's case if different cos , there are other issues with his batting . The amount of time he takes to settle down is just not acceptable these days , Power plays are wasted in every game while this is the time when most teams set themselves up for a big score . Stats will not show you how many games we lose cos of his slow starts , you just need to go back 10 years and see how Indian openers approached LOI games , I remember every second game india posting 100+ in the first 15 and more on a good day . Our scoring rates have dipped considerably , when you consider how T20s has help evolved in the last decade . its pathetic and statistically it may not look bad only cos of Dhawan at other end . The other big issue is , he disappears when the team is chasing . Pressure is on , Sharma is gone . So a players who cannot play under pressure , when chasing , against good attacks and pitches with some assistance to bowlers ..when he does play , he plays at his own pace sucking the momentum ? Am not a statsman , but if you go analyze his big scores , you will notice we lost a lot of those matches unusually high percentage for a batsmen. The ones we won , I can think of very few innings where India would have won without his contribution .
  5. Deepak Hooda, the finisher India needs.

    Hooda/Sarfaraz/Pan/KL are ideal replacements for Dhoni/Yuvi/Raina and offcourse Rohit The LOI batting needs a complete overhaul , its wishful thinking and wont happen. Dhawan/Pant KL/Pant Virat KL/Gill/Dhoni Sarfaraz Hooda Pandya if we can bring in Hooda/sarfaraz/Pant/KL now and even of 2 of them settle in Dhoni can go , but this has to happen asap giving these players enough experience before the WC
  6. The Vijay Hazare Trophy 2018(50 overs domestic season)

    Dhawan will definitely play . KL though may get slotted in the middle order imo
  7. North Indians making Goa another Haryana, says minister

    Exactlly what I have experienced . I haven't lived in any of these places , longest stay not more than ~2 months . In the US strangely , I met the friendliest people in pennsylvania , be it philly , pittsburg or some small town ,so many random people coming up to you striking a conversation and this changes when you move to places where indian faces are common in the crowd. Big difference between Ger/UK in comparison to Georiga. Even in Asia they love you in Vietnam/Cambodia but not very fond of us in Thai/Singapore/Mal . Thailand specifically , I have seen how its changed from my first visit 10 years back and recently and tbh the way some of Indian "tourists" behave I dont really blame them .
  8. North Indians making Goa another Haryana, says minister

    Sir Coorgies are not konkanis , the two communities are poles apart lol
  9. The Vijay Hazare Trophy 2018(50 overs domestic season)

    Kl came at one down today , batting at 90 off 83 balls in a big chase .
  10. The Vijay Hazare Trophy 2018(50 overs domestic season)

    He stared off very slowly . The first 40 balls accounted for lot of those dot balls and that was in pp . Not an issue imo cos that shows he can play according to situation
  11. The BSE/NSE Trading Thread

    It recovered :( but after 5 days of red , this means nothing Sbis result was shockingly bad . Bank nifty will ensure market stays flat or down . There is no good reason for it to goo up .
  12. The BSE/NSE Trading Thread

    Been just buying index puts on rally or just sell on rally , trading is easy when panic mode is on
  13. The BSE/NSE Trading Thread

    There is a pretty good chance of this happening .
  14. We have good bowlers and 2 batsmen ( Virat and Dhawan )
  15. Poll : Is Sachin the Greatest batsmen to have played the sport?

    Depends what you mean by greatness . As a complete batsmen , pure batting brilliance Tendulkar over anyone . The only other batsmen who checked most parameters be it technique or talent and would be close second is AB . I haven't seen any other batsmen have the amount of time to play shots as these did. Technically I think overall superior to Dravid who I rate very highly . Virat though has already surpassed him in terms of achievements , dont care about filters like WCs , away matches etc etc . Where virat scores heavily over tendulkar is his killer instinct and playing to win above everything else . Some one mentioned that Tendulkar wanted to dominate the best bowlers , true ..but I would pick Virat over him for the exact same reason , hes calculative and curbs his attacking instincts cos its more important to stay on and take calculated risks rather than try dominating a bowler and prove a point .

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