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  1. Its true if cricket is only about point scoring, but there are other aspects to it . The pitch plays a huge factor, a lesser team can easily get a big advantage when the conditions are in their favour. Toss plays a similar role. One more important factor being pressure, like pressure of chasing etc we recently saw Scotland which has not even qualified for WC beat the no1 ranked side but skill wise England is far superior here, so if it was simple point scoring England should have chased that target of 370 in 40 overs? Doesn't work that way though.
  2. jusarrived

    Rohit Fails Yo Yo test

    Massive blow for England
  3. The luck factor in football is no more than any other sport, in fact I would argue its much less than cricket. This is the 21st WC and we have had only 8 winners , on the contrary India in 83, pak in 92 and SL in 96 where big surprise winners which you don't see in football. The gap between top 30 teams in football is not much and since every team goes through qualification it throws few surprises in qualifiers. Am sure if we do the same in cricket, you can't be sure of the top teams qualifying every time.
  4. you wont find it funny if you have lived in India and know how it works here .Where was I giving an excuse ? I just disagree that genetics plays a big role here , especially for a country with 1.3 billion population . I never said all techies in Infy or TCS are gifted footballers , but the point was most kids in India dont get to choose a profession of their interest , the last 2 decades every one became a doctor/engineer by default irrespective of you being best guitarist/footballer/athlete in school . The so called "tech nerds" barely 25% are actually good with computers . In 2003 Indian juniors reached the finals of youth volleyball , lost to brazil having beaten them earlier in the league phase . India was no where close to worldclass back then , so how did we manage to reach the finals ? It wasn't fluke , but an experiment initiated by SAI led by sport scientists . The idea was to pick 50-60 players , with just basic athletic skills but more importantly minimum height ~6.3 and the kids who made this cut where put through training and in 2-3 years we had one of the best teams in the world . This was 2003 , there was hardly any media coverage and we never built on that success , but what SAI did 15 years back finding you saying cant be done now ?
  5. Like I said its not specific to football, sports in general is completely ignored, even if you show promise are forced to become a doctor or a engineer. I studied in a school where football was the only sport, it was all about making it to the school team, we won the trophy every time. Schools over and in 2 years not one of them was playing football anymore, most of them where busy praparing for their 12th boards and few still active in sports had switched to cricket. Am not saying we had messis or ronaldos amongst us, but not difficult to imagine we are missing out on players who could develop into players good enough to represent a Saudi or a Iceland. Nz does not have that problem
  6. I don't completely agree with the genetics excuse. It's easier to find 11 fitter stronger and faster footballers in India compared to most of the countries playing the WC, the problem though is that 11 worlclass footballers are most likely working for TCS or Infosys. Football is just not a career option in India and most of them who have made it their career may be cos they never had any other options. Another important factor which has hurt the growth of the game is lack of exposure, we have been playing the likes of sl and Pakistan and content winning the saaf Cup for decades, how do we expect the standards to improve playing teams much worse than us? Things can change in 20 years if we make the right moves. Top 5 in Asia is very realestic, we beat these guys regularly in u19 just need a strong system and we will see the senior side show results
  7. jusarrived

    Manjrekar: Pujara , a proven failure in overseas.

    While a partly agree with you, we are talking about a player who's played 60 test matches for us. It's not good enough just not being the worst batsmen
  8. jusarrived

    Manjrekar: Pujara , a proven failure in overseas.

    Only thing going in our favour is a weak English team
  9. jusarrived

    AFG Test Debut | Ind v Afg | 14-18 June 2018 | Bangalore

    honestly him batting lower down the order in Tests is fine , for a test opener its a relatively easier job .
  10. jusarrived

    Reham Khan book

    From play boy to playing with boys
  11. jusarrived

    Scotland vs England - Only ODI -Edinburgh, Jun 10 2018

    On these pitches India these days is happy posting 310 kind of totals, with 75 of the first 15 thanks to rohit sharma. When it's easily chased down we will blame the bowlers.
  12. Tbh I would pick Virat, its not even a debate imo. Virat hangs his boots tommrow he will still end as great, that's how good he's been. KL on the other hand needs 4 good years to be even compared. KL potentially could end as a better T20 and test batsmen, but ODIs it's too late for him doubt he will go anywhere close to virat
  13. You are the only one taking about IPL here, the problem infact is that he's been picked based on IPL performance. He should never have been dropped cos he had done enough to get a decent run in the test team.
  14. Did you start watching cricket from SA series
  15. jusarrived

    Predict India in Eng series results

    India should win the tests easily . 3 -1 England Favs for shorter formats , though high scoring matches can go eitherway I think we will mess up right at the start targeting 300 totals in 240 pitches

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