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  1. we are still talking about one bad series , which I agree was very bad ..but I wundt give it too much weight-age at this point .
  2. Lol honestly I was thinking the same . That's why I had to be smart with my options . One of the openers have to play ?
  3. Ok this is final. BATSMEN : kl (vj) Fielder : dk (pandya) Bowler: bhuvi (bumrah)
  4. bat : Kl rahul ( rahane ) Fielder :Pandya Bowler: Bhuvi ( bumrah ) If both kl and rahane don't get picked ..then vijay
  5. Kl rahul ( rahane ) Pandya Bhuvi ( bumrah ) If both kl and rahane don't get picked ..then vijay
  6. It's pretty normal . I don't drink as much these days , but few drinks on Friday or Saturday ..I need 2 3 hrs of extra sleep to recover . Few years back , when I was drinking and smoking everything I could get my hands on , I have slept for 20-30 hrs lol
  7. Gavaskar either says something with an agenda or something has no relevance . I dont see the point of talking about Dhoni now 2 years after his retirement . I think he retired at a perfect time , had he continued it would have made his Captaincy record look a lot better , but he stepped down allowing Virat to get a good number of home tests and gain some experience before the team starts with next round of away series . This is how you ease a newbie into a role , be it a captain or a batsmen . Virat has been lucky both ways , as a captain also as a batsmen as good as he is , he was supported well in early days .Shame that he does not realize its his turn to do the same with other players now .
  8. "Shastri Hai Hai"

    People have forgotten , but clearly shastri hasnt ..he's making us pay now :(
  9. Exactly . Thats why I have been saying sa have been very smart with giving us a relatively flat pitch , which weakens our bowling more than theirs .
  10. What we are also forgetting is that we are going in with an extra bowler , which is fine ..but when you go in with 5 bowlers , the expectations from them should also be higher . We dint bowl badly , but I wundt say they have been great either . Infact bhuvi is the only one who would score high , cos even when conditions where in our favour he's the only one who utilized it .The rest have been fairly average .
  11. Every Captain has had his favourites and to an extent its understandable . you will always have disagreement with one or two players picked in the team , normally a 50-50 call . Ganguly may have better insights to some bengal/east zone players having played along with them , Dhoni similarly may have picked players from CSK ( he would have got the players into csk he rates highly ? ) . Then you have selectors pushing for players from their zone ..in this process its possible some players get less opportunity than others , Ashwin over Mishra , Raina over Uthappa/Jadhav (?) , Vinay kumar/Dinda over Pankaj singh(?) , Rohit Sharma over Manoj Thiwary ..This will always happen . What we are seeing with Virat is another level , it cant be just bias but probably a combination of being stupid as well . Hes dropped your top batsmen/bowler with complete hacks , its like Raina (or worse) replacing Dravid in your test side or dropping VVS to accommodate Yuvi ..Raina and Yuvi based on their ODI exploits may be did deserved a shot just like Dhawan and Rohit , but not at the cost of Rahane/KL/Pujara .
  12. You just need to have a good strategy to win , Ganguly and Dhoni both where relatively defensive and you can still win . In fact Dravid was an exception , only one I can think of who was relatively aggressive on the field . you can clearly see that with his coaching in with U19 and DD . Viart , having the benefit of supporting RCB ..has always been clueless .
  13. Lets go back to our last tours to SA / Eng/ NZ / Aus ..the very same batsmen but with little or no experience , how did they manage to do well ? infact considering their first tours , these guys had done better than fab 4 ..and now 3 years later with more experience and at a age when most batsmen peak and on their second tour all of them are getting found out ?
  14. Been saying this for for over 12 months . This and not knowing when to play 5/6 batsmen are two main reasons why we wont win anything . All you need is to do the basics right with this team , has enough talent to win away imo .
  15. if Rohit gets a useless 50 today . RIP indian cricket .
  16. You guys keep ignoring that all these performances are as openers . Look at all the batsmen in radar , most of them are openers . It's not a coincidence , it's just ridiculously easy to open in lois these days . So I would only consider players with out of the ordinary skills than just stats . Am not saying they are not good players , but where will you fit these guys in the Indian team ? You select them and try to fit in the Indian middle order , it won't work.
  17. Abe whats there in that post of yours to analyze ? Kuch bi
  18. Bring on the ODIs

    It's painful to watch man . You wait years for an away series like these and to see them mess up again is disappointing. It's not like losing will result in any changes , by next ipl people will forget everything what happened in this series . Sharmas and dhawans will walk back into the test side when we play at home again .
  19. Are you serious here ?
  20. Bring on the ODIs

    Middle order is definitely a problem , but watch out for ftb sharma embarrass us again . Any one remember this guy missing like 15 straight balls against steyn on last tour ? Lol if some one can find the video pls share
  21. Neither I know for sure KL is the answer , but hes made like 7-8 comebacks to the team already ? he looked better than Virat in Aus series , infact only batsmen who looked comfortable . I wudnt judge him at this point ( though his dismissal was very poor today ) , considering how hes been handled . I cant think Virat himelf scoring a run if he was treated like this
  22. I told you guys on the first day after seeing the pitch . This pathetic SA batting lineup will bat us out . The first test was our best chance to win . We have take 2 steps backwards under Virat , a much younger side dominated a much stronger SA side on our last tour . Some amazing talent at disposal , yes ..but we are screwed till Virat is the captain
  23. One batsmen is dropped and other making a comeback after being unfairly dropped . We will find out of they are steve smiths or not , only if given opportunities . your the one kidding self . Dhawan is a proven failure overseas . Rahane has the best average away among all the batsmen . KL in his short career has more away hunderds than Dhawan . lol @ he would have hacked a 100 today
  24. Just 1 batsman

    That one batsmen has ensured that hes the only batsmen . Drop Virat for a few matches and I would like to see him bat like this on his come back against Morne/Rabada etc

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