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  1. Yes this recovery is just temporary, good chance we will go to 8000 levels and a lot will depend on numbers after that imo . If they are only as bad as expected , we should bottom out . I hope India can maintain 4-5% growth if rest the world , especially US goes into recession. as for a trader though , it’s been an amazing week . I have made up for nearly 35% of my losses in portfolio . Just bought month end puts at every opportunity, Monday again if it goes up I will add April puts
  2. Do we know for sure that it’s contained in China ? I find it difficult to believe the infected count suddenly stopped at around 80k for 2 weeks now .
  3. I lost nearly the same amount in yes stocks . At one point had a 7 figure profit from the same stock .
  4. What a sad little bunch these are . Any company which is doing well , accuse the govt of favouring rich/corporates and blame the same govt when these companies are in trouble ?
  5. Never rated him much , he did well to score big on Ranji / Irani finals in one season , but apart from that he struggles big time on helpful pitches even in domestic cricket . I still think the way he was discarded from national team was unfair , but dont think he would have been a long term option . At this point , he does not deserve a spot even in Karnataka side
  6. Nair has been the biggest let down , had he not played for India he would have been dropped by now .
  7. His priorities are all wrong . Not sure if anyone one saw this , him going after RCB twitter/Insta handle cos from what I understood the posts/tweets/pics had gone missing . Seriously , is this something he should be worried about even for a minute in middle of a tour ?
  8. If pant scores a hundred, they will just take credit for picking him over Saha .
  9. Supposed to be an upgrade from VVS , turned out a poor mans Asad Shafiq
  10. Think with 150 target we have an outside chance , but even that looks difficult now .
  11. That and some of you don’t realise how powerful he is . Only way we will have another captain is if he steps down and from what we have seen with him in RCB , irrespective of the results he’s not the kind who will do that ...India anyway will win lots of bilaterals and home test matches , so he will have enough to look good statistically even if we continue to suck when it really matters
  12. Will be unfair , I know his last few games have been bad .. Karnataka generally tend to prefer youngsters over senior batsmen if they are performing at par , but its a touch call for semis though
  13. Not sure who they will drop for KL . Samarth may be , but hes done better than Karun nair whos been a big let down . They cant drop Devdutt , Siddharth or Manish .
  14. Choked badly in longer format in last 3-4 years . This year we have not been as dominating , but may be luck is on our side this year ?
  15. I dont know when will BCCI learn . At least the semis and Finals of our premier domestic tournament should not clash with International matches
  16. Nope . it wont happen . There are too many contenders for opening spot . Rohit & Dhawan would continued to be preferred
  17. Rahane started off better than most of our ATG batsmen of the past . Can’t think of any batsmen who was averaging 50+ after their first ever series in SENA . Where did it all go wrong ? This guy was averaging close to 70 in domestic at one point, I just can’t believe he was that poor on indian pitches .
  18. So we should blame Kohli the FTB batsmen ?
  19. Pant can still open imo , always thought he was better suited there with his approach. Am still not sold on Iyer , happy if am proven wrong but I don’t like batsmen who play such high risk shots even for singles . He’s mentally strong and a busy player , but every few have survived with that technique. Pant/Shaw Rohit Virat/Gill Sarfraz KL ???? Pandya This is the linup I would like to see , with Rohit and Virat skipping few bilaterals next 2 years in rotation . Just the big hitting no6 , am not sure as yet .
  20. I wanted Virat to drop down the order since Dhoni’s decline , think it would have helped the team lot more and most likely we would not have lost all the big ICC KO games , but at this point I prefer KL at 5 and Virat can stay at 3 . KL has an outside chance at greatness batting at 5 , if he has a good 4-5 years and wins us matches regularly imo . If he opens , he will just be another top order bat with inflated stats . I think he can end with 50+ avg and 100-110 sr , which will win us lot more matches than he could at the top .No specialist opener has ever dropped down the order and has been successful, would be great if KL can do that .
  21. He’s the worst captain in every format . Our test results are despite his * ups in team selections
  22. They did exactly the same thing with KL , warm bench for ~2 years playing ~10-12 games in total while he was better off playing domestic cricket .
  23. How does this Iyer score runs ? I know he’s done well so far , but every second ball is a miss hit .
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