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  1. jusarrived

    Time is running out for KL Rahul

    If he gets more opportunities, needs to score one big one and runs in other innings . That's a bare minimum after string of poor scores.
  2. Should have got more here after being set.
  3. We need start looking beyond both tbh.
  4. I want Dhawan to score here, but the flip side is he will make the team even to Aus. While most Indian batsmen struggle with swing, Dhawan very poor against bounce as well. Unlikely he will do well there as well
  5. jusarrived

    ICF dream comes true: Risabh Pant replaces injured Karthik

    Yeah the keeping is what interests me at this point, if he's a safe keeper I would just persist with him not worrying about how much he scores.
  6. England continues to strengthen its batting, even playing at home and our mgmt thinks its aggressive to go with 5 batsmen who look like tail enders on these pitches.
  7. jusarrived

    Rohit Sharma says he is ready to open in Tests if asked

    I told you guys he will be brought back , infact he may do well in Aus too . Apart from India , Aus is one of the places which has true bounce and really suits his "Technique" . I guess he just chose not embarrass himself in Eng .
  8. lets agree disagree , cos imo hes mediocre and should have never played for India ..so this argument is not going go anywhere .
  9. half decent knock against a less than decent side , lets not exaggerate just cos its your fav Saha . Hes no where close to Top 5 keepers ever for India , let alone comparing with Dhoni .
  10. jusarrived

    Whats this agenda that India Today is running against Pandya?

    When you are batsmen short, it puts additional pressure on other batsmen.
  11. jusarrived

    What song are you currently listening to ?

    I belive this one is popular, listen to Leo's version \m/
  12. jusarrived

    What song are you currently listening to ?

    Big fan of this guy, I never listen to covers but he's made a lot of pop or whatever music they churn out these days bearable.
  13. jusarrived

    Both Pak and WI recently won Test in england

    Pak still took 20 wickets, iirc all taken by their pacers. We conceded 350 on a bowling friendly pitch
  14. jusarrived

    Both Pak and WI recently won Test in england

    Basically shows the quality of opposition, one of the weakest Eng side in recent times. This a series we should have won, let alone getting trashed by them.
  15. Dravid had more strokes than VVS , Sehwag and Ganguly , he played cautiously doesnt mean he was limited . Only Tendulkar was more versatile , but Dravid could play all around park . Puajra is more like Paul collingwood , very limited array of of strokes especially against Pacers .
  16. I ave already said , Dhoni relied a lot more on spinners and medium pacers than he should have , but the only "fast bowler" around in his days was Yadav , Shami always played when he was not injured . Who else was there back then ? We probably have more pacers coming up these days , has Virat given anyone an opportunity ? Dhoni was flawed in in his handling of fast bowlers , but what makes Virat any better ?
  17. This is our linup today , 2 spinners , Pandya , Same short and wide Ishant , Shami . Virat has had 3 years with Umesh , what has changed ? he was dropped for a spinner this match . BK under Dhoni I believe took 15 wickets in England , he still struggles on flat pitches . Shami was mostly injured and I wont be surprised if his stats under Dhoni are better . I dont understand whats changed under Virat ?
  18. Dhoni definitely was not a big fan of Yadav , I agree he wasnt really a fast bowlers captain ..but few years down , do you blame him for not trusting Yadav ?
  19. Rahane , VJ and DK have done well in England in the past , so its not about skills . Some one like Rahane who looked like a world beater on his very first tours to SENA , better than some of the fab 4 did on their first tours . Whats changed in 3 years that all of them are struggling so badly ?
  20. Not really , its the same set of bowlers . Only Bumrah is new . We still depend on the spinners even overseas like we did during Dhonis captaincy .
  21. jusarrived

    Team need batsmen that play more aggressively

    No batsmen is good enough to play "aggressive cricket" on such pitches. Yeah you can score a quick 50 on a good day, but won't win you test matches.
  22. The conditions are in bowlers favour though and when you travel overseas adapting for batsmen is a touch more difficult, cos all it takes is one mistake while bowlers get time to get their line and length right. Our bowlers never looked like taking wickets the whole day, you expect better than that. So am not sure of bowlers have done any better than batsmen.
  23. Not a single positive from this series yet, including the LOIs. What next? Bring in Gill and Shaw?
  24. The last 8 would have been added to Virats tally, nothing else would have changed if Dhoni had stepped down earlier.

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