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  1. What an ass whupping by Grandhomme.
  2. Pak lovers

    mmkextreme1 hitman :whackjob believes in "jadoo" and "curses"
  3. Pak lovers

    So where do you think pak terrorist and their army get their funding from? Falls out of the sky? BTW, this is the same line Pakistan used in releasing Hafiz Saeed and during Kargil. I'd be happy if India play paks if they are denied money generated from India market. you think paks will agree to this? Fat chance. Paks interest is all about money. not cricket. Thanks for for confirming that you are a pak loving loser.,
  4. Pak lovers

    Proactive is a false flagger
  5. Pak lovers

    Add "troodon" to this list
  6. Damn. What a bunch of younguns! courtney walsh. end thread!
  7. Pak lovers

    I thought the goal here is was obvious for anyone with half a brain. hurt pak, don't hurt yourself in the process. all of those other things are prevented by either by multilateral issues or WKK's. So i'm happy with denying pak(terror)istan the revenues from bilateral cricket. Its not like India is hurting for cricket. Who says only cricket? i don't think any national sporting body has any bilateral ties with pakistan.
  8. Pak lovers

    yup, confirmed WKK. Any funds to pakistan will towards aiding terrorism against india. no one can be stupid enough to not recognize that. What fraction? That is up for debate. india stands to gain nothing from the playing bilateral cricket with paks, while paks gain to stand $150 million dollars worth and even if a fraction of that goes to fund anti-inda activities its not worth it. I'm happy to deny the paks that money.
  9. Pak lovers

    I'm saying that. why feed the paks any money that india doesn't have to? In some way or form that money will pak's activities against india.
  10. Pak lovers

    You sound rather stupid saying that. I'm all for a complete shutdown of relations between pakistan and india and i'm loving the heart burn caused by the selective boycott, where the only parting hurting are the paks. surely you are not dumb enough to not recognize that? Or is this the WKK in you speaking up?
  11. What is this league??.. the hell

    you mean the one Paks are begging and moaning to be part off?
  12. Pak lovers

  13. Pak lovers

    Wagah Kandle Kissers, determined to keep nehruvian idiotic policies alive.
  14. Pak lovers

    There are quite a few WKK's on the green ghetto. listing them here big_gamer Sensible indian fan bhaag viru bhag will continue to add to this list Varun tempus123 (doesn't post anymore)

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