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  1. cricketrulez

    Special medical treatment for PAKs

    Glad this no resources from India were wasted on this occasion. https://www.dawn.com/news/1407235 The 49-year-old had been suffering for weeks from complications stemming from a pacemaker and stents implanted in his heart, and had reached out to India for help in securing a heart transplant.
  2. So more appeasement? becos that has really worked well with pak and pak trained militants. You have **** for brains or don't care about integrity of India. Which one is it??
  3. cricketrulez

    DHONI (did not come to bat) the phinisher!!!

    So its the air pollution rotting your brain and post like a pak?
  4. OP sounds fukcing dumb and ignorant. As was posted earlier, it is a mothers way of protecting the young. Dogs and wolves even clean their puppies poop to protect them from predators. Unbelievable the amount of brain damage religion does.
  5. cricketrulez

    DHONI (did not come to bat) the phinisher!!!

    @Lord_analyst are you sure you don't have pak ancestors? those are the only ones who sound like you do. In case you didn't get it, its not a compliment Nevermind. I saw your post on spirits and jinns. LMAO.
  6. cricketrulez

    Why Should Hindi be/not be national language of India?

    If English is required for better comprehension, I'm guessing it good enough for basic communication also. So why bother with Hindi?
  7. cricketrulez

    Why Should Hindi be/not be national language of India?

    What advantage are you talking about? You have mentioned that its an advantage quiet a few times, but not able to describe what the advantage is. So, let me ask you again. What is the advantage?
  8. cricketrulez

    Why Should Hindi be/not be national language of India?

    I have a tough time making sense of the word salad. that post is worthy of being in the green ghetto. 1) please spell out what international strategic advantage does Hindi have? Don't just say modi uses it. He gave speech in Silicon valley in Hindi. the translator left midway. It was a *ing disaster. 2) By and far English is spoken just as widely as Hindi. Knowing English is far more advantageous than knowing hindi. I sincerely doubt anyone is dumb enough to question that. In terms of teaching, there are more English teachers all over the country than Hindi teachers. So if the goal is achieve a nationwide common language for interaction and transaction and one that has far easier to implement from a cost standpoint, English fits the requirement to a T. If the goal is to impose the will of the of the Hindi speakers and accommodate their laziness of not wanting to learn English, Hindi is the way to go.
  9. cricketrulez

    Why Should Hindi be/not be national language of India?

    why the hell do we need a national language which is absolutely useless from an international perspective and not any better than any of the other 30 languages in the country from a technology perspective? why not do all governmental business in english for which there far more instructors available everywhere and has no political cost. It also gets the population more competitive from a international commerce stand point Voila!
  10. cricketrulez

    Special medical treatment for PAKs

    Yup, by bet is all 200million celebrate and justify events such as mumbai massacre. That makes them murderous bastards in my book. Not sure what PR you are talking about. I'm not the rest of the world gives a crap oneway or another. If anything, it projects the image of India as a soft gutless nation. there are poorer nations and more needy people in the world than the terrorist paks. Most of paks get free treatment. Only fraction pay and that Indian citizen rates.not medical tourist rates. * them and let them rot.
  11. cricketrulez

    Special medical treatment for PAKs

    Nonsense. Paks are untrustworthy murderous rats. Leave them to the fate Allah has chosen for them
  12. cricketrulez

    Special medical treatment for PAKs

    why are there so many wkk bootlickers fighting over each other to provide preferential medical treatment to paks over many indian patients waiting in line? Should strip medical license if they don't show same dedication to Indian patients. Why can't these paks accept allahs decision and die in peace https://mumbaimirror.indiatimes.com/mumbai/cover-story/heart-knows-no-borders/articleshow/63931839.cms
  13. Is this a Poe? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Poe%27s_law
  14. cricketrulez

    Pak lovers

    Add Sehwag top the pak lovers list. *wit. https://www.khaleejtimes.com/sport/local/sehwag-calls-for-indo-pak-series-to-be-played-on-neutral-shores Indian batting legend Virender Sehwag hoped for an India-Pakistan cricket series on neutral shores if there are obstacles in playing in India or Pakistan.
  15. cricketrulez

    What Sanctions should Kohli face for lying?

    Where is that Pakistani rat @MCGGG or whatever?

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