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  1. Green Ghetto once again is in complete meltdown. They want SA to lose so they can say India was bad for not beating SA. At the same time, India lead in test rankings increase if SA lose. Poor B@#$%RDS don't know what to do. LMAO
  2. Modi’s snub of Justin Trudeau

    Apparently it is the Indian govt's fault. http://www.lfpress.com/2018/02/27/pm-says-he-stands-by-official-who-suggested-indian-factions-sabotaged-trip "A senior security official made these allegations. Does the prime minister agree or disavow those allegations?" asked Opposition Leader Andrew Scheer. JT: And when one of our top diplomats and security officials says something to Canadians, it's because they know it to be true."
  3. 6th ODI : SA v IND | Friday,16th Feb | Centurion 4:30 PM IST

    Green Ghetto is in complete meltdown. Bilal bloke is MIA.LMAO.
  4. Terrorism/cowardliness in Pak DNA?

    1) you have poor comprehending skills. I have never stated that SV looks ate race when hiring. 2) So national identity has become a race now. based on this special definition. you sound like a quintessential WKK. FTR I have yet to come across pak who who condemns their terrorist activities. 3) If I have proof why would raise the question? logic mate. logic. 4) So 70+ years of recorded behavioral pattern doesn't count. Anecdotal data doesn't. all that counts is you fervent wish that most pak are peace loving doves? 5) Now you sound like paks.
  5. Terrorism/cowardliness in Pak DNA?

    1) While all those things are true to get the job, you have to have proven track record of recognizing patterns to get the interview and keep the job. 2) Bullshit. You have done what lawyers did in Dover trial to justify "Intelligent design" as science: Change the definition of science. you have done a post modernist definition of racism and dismissed/excused paks behavior. 3) has anyone looked for it? You have to raise the question before you can go looking for it. Of course you'd need to experiment on a bunch of paks to be sure. 4) Every russian I've ever met has nothing but digust and contempt fro teh former soviet regime and their behavior. Paks on the other hand, whenter born in pak or not are proud of the results their terrorism has produced and you can see this in every news paper article, interview etc etc. you are welcome to ignore that rest of don't have to to. 5) Given the behavior of the paks ever since its inception, hell, if you pay attention to "direct day", even before its inception, they have used and been proud of their terrorist activities. one has to blind to not see that
  6. Terrorism/cowardliness in Pak DNA?

    1) What do you think happens in interviews? In the silicon valley, to get a job you have to recognize patterns an either have to a) keep the trend going or b) come with a way to disrupt the trend. Otherwise you are doing janitorial work. 2) Racism? Do you even know the definition of racism? when did paks become a different race? for the most part they are a different shade of brown from Indians. 3) I'm asking the question if its in their DNA. 4) Guess you either didn't read post very well or being obtuse. There is reason why I pointed out the brit paks conundrum. you sound like you miss aman ki tamasha
  7. Terrorism/cowardliness in Pak DNA?

    Recognizing patterns of behavior in given group is a prerequisite for most jobs. I'm surprised you haven't recognized this among paks. I haven't come across a singles instance where, Paks as individuals or media or governmental organization have ever condemned terrorist activity instigated by them. Prove me wrong.
  8. Pak lovers

  9. Terrorism/cowardliness in Pak DNA?

    By all accounts to date, Paks have this penchant for justifying just about everything in the name of Islam, Kashmir and Palestine. This behavior doesn't even those not born in pakistan. In fact it is more virulent among those of pak origin born outside pak. More so in brit paks compared to US. So it begs the question, is terrorism in pak DNA? or is it leaned and taught behavior?
  10. Any pseudo secular idiot with Gandhi-Nehru virus. Kohli #1 job is get wins.As long he does that, I don't care what image he projects.F with the niceties
  11. Pak lovers

    He or she or it is far too stupid to grasp what you said.
  12. What an ass whupping by Grandhomme.
  13. Pak lovers

    mmkextreme1 hitman :whackjob believes in "jadoo" and "curses"
  14. Pak lovers

    So where do you think pak terrorist and their army get their funding from? Falls out of the sky? BTW, this is the same line Pakistan used in releasing Hafiz Saeed and during Kargil. I'd be happy if India play paks if they are denied money generated from India market. you think paks will agree to this? Fat chance. Paks interest is all about money. not cricket. Thanks for for confirming that you are a pak loving loser.,
  15. Pak lovers

    Proactive is a false flagger

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