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  1. Shikhar Dhawan: Hold my cup
  2. I think Dhoni was the best WK in India until now. I wouldn't have supported replacing him with inconsistent Parthiv, DK or Saha. Now, I think is the time to make the move however. Kishan and Pant are real deal.
  3. Smart! Use a pencil so when you grow up, at least you can erase your mistakes.
  4. I am just thrilled to see so many hard hitting wicket keepers India is producing. This is a leaps ahead since Nayan Mongia days. I see this as a straight impact of Dhoni in the upcoming generation. There is no "specialized wicket keeper" anymore. Wicket keepers can do it all! I think DK is past his prime days but Pant and Kishan are so good that we can play them both in an XI. Future is very bright - I say that with a pinch of salt. They are clean hitters but we have only seen them on these IPL pattas. Idk how they'd fare in Australian or English conditions. ps - I am extremely surprised that I somehow still remembered my username and password.

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