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  1. Jersey #10

    Sachin Tendulkar v Virat Kohli - who is better ODI batsman?

    Sachin would average a 100 if he played in this era. In fact, I don't think he would ever get out on these pitches and against these bowlers.
  2. Jersey #10

    Sachin Tendulkar v Virat Kohli - who is better ODI batsman?

    This thread is an insult to god. The OP should apologize and plead for forgiveness. What ignorance to even put the two in the same sentence? Sachin was the ultimate - never before and never again will we see a player of that caliber. Kohli will never surpass Sachin in anything. Also, Sachin played against better bowlers and harder pitches. Today, everyone and their granny scores near 300. Might as well just play on a highway and replace the ball every 10 overs.
  3. Make Dhoni the captain. No more discussion. Kohli is an OK captain. He is the 2nd best batsman in Indian history. Dhoni is a better leader. We would have swept WI if Dhoni was the captain.
  4. Jersey #10

    King Kohli averages 59 in ODIs now

    Been there done that. They said Cook will break God's record... LOL Kohli is just riding a peak.
  5. Jersey #10

    Is Kohli hinting at a early retirement?

    You should send him Burnol ASAP
  6. Has anyone noticed how well spoken Jason Holder is?
  7. Jersey #10

    IND v WI | 1st ODI | Guwahati

    Kohli double ton. Mark this post
  8. Holder is only 26. He is consistently performing all over the world. He's not only a bright spot for WI but cricket as a whole.
  9. Jersey #10

    Who overstayed their welcome more

    Sachin still had a couple good years left in him. He retired too early. God of Crcket
  10. Whatever fuels him! It's a win-win. I'm sure Rajasthan Police is happy that a 20-some kid brought home Asia cup.
  11. Jersey #10

    And the loser is India.

    One thing I loved about this tournament was the fact that there were no constant 300+ scores. Some of it had to do with bad batting line ups but there was definitely something for the bowlers too. Thank god.
  12. Jersey #10

    And the loser is India.

    This is for anyone aware of American college basketball - I'd like to correlate Asia cup to a college basketball team outside of the Power 6 (P6) conference. A team from 7th best conference can go 30-1 ripping through their entire schedule and conference but get thrashed the moment they play against a Duke or any decent P6 team. This Asia cup feels like a non p6 conference bout and definitely doesn't make me so confident about this team against higher level competition.
  13. Jersey #10

    And the loser is India.

    That is definitely wonderful and pride worthy. However, I would hesitate to take the current squad in a beef with either of those 3. This Asia cup was full of Associate-eque teams except for Bangladesh and India. . Srilanka might be worse than associate nations right now, Hongkong, Afghanistan, Pakistan (lol).
  14. Jersey #10

    And the loser is India.

    Preach! We needed to finish it in 35 overs with 8 wickets in end. It's good to get over the hump but we literally barely squeezed back. Also, we need to be able to bat at least 8 deep. It's 2018 for god's sake. Right now if we are down 4 wickets, it feels like an Everest climb.
  15. Jersey #10

    And the loser is India.

    I was hoping that the associate nations and minnows do well in this tournament because its good for Cricket. But in the end I wanted India to win the whole thing. A brutal tournament for Pakistan is cherry on top tho. As for the Liton Das stumping, I believe the rule is for any part of the foot to be behind the line. The foot was on the line but none of it was behind it. Last I checked, Rod Tucker neither Indian or BCCI employee.

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