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  1. Team announced for T20 against West indies in Florida

    It needs to be India vs Pakistan for at least 5 game T20 series in the USA. That would at least make the news of some sorts. The sheer number of people showing up and cheering passionately for this would attract some attention for sure.
  2. Oh ok. In my mind, trolling a player would have be saying something snarky about one player in comparison to another. But anyway, not trying to derail this thread. Sushant has been one of my favorite new actors in recent times. Combining that with an intriguing rise of a cricket star should make for a good movie.
  3. Can you elaborate? Is this because I posted about Sachin in a Dhoni thread?
  4. I had seen this video but forgot about it. Thanks for the link. so i guess there is a "biopic" around the corner. I might like this more than the bollywoodized version of Dhoni's movie.
  5. 2nd away series win for Captain Kohli

    Cricket is a team sport. I don't understand the whole "captain won this and that". How did Kohli lead from front with a grand total of 7 runs in this match? Cricket games are won by 11 guys not one. Kohli is lucky to have "captained" against the weakest SL and WI test teams in decades. I think we would have won both of these series' under Dhoni. The core group is pretty much the same. Ganguly doesn't win much without Tendulkar Dhoni doesn't win much without Kohli Kohli doesn't win much without Ashwin. A captain is only as good as the team around him.
  6. They need to make a movie on Sachin.
  7. The next coach will either make or break Indian cricket's next decade. We're going to potentially see several changes in the team in both LOI and Tests. It has got to be Dravid. I mean come on... how does the management not realize this? This guy is probably the best option in the world - much less India.
  8. He looked sad post match. He also said that they'll try to do everything in the next two games to win it all. Besides, making final four is definitely worth celebrating. some people are just bitter
  9. Don't waste your time trying to explain something to... Your time would be worth more watching paint dry. RCB just brute forced their way into the finals. They're the best team in this IPL.
  10. Iqbal Abdulla should be man of the match. Two wickets in Finch and Mccullum. Raina is absolutely gutted GUTTED. gotta feel for him
  11. He brought the team to the position of strength by bowling out 8 overs of Kulkarni and Jadeja. Unfortunately his other bowlers were just terrible.
  12. This is when you need MSD captaining the side.
  13. Then again, ABD can smack just about any bowler anywhere once set.
  14. PK and Bravo have a tough job at their hands.
  15. I could bowl better than Jakati. I don't care who's batting.

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