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  1. Jersey #10

    The nagin strikes

    Cricket doesn't need North America to survive but to thrive. Baseball will soon become the 4th best sport here - if it hasn't already. Soccer is a spreading like wild fire.
  2. Jersey #10

    The nagin strikes

    You're right. I can't disagree. I could not sit through 9 innings of Baseball on a good day. I do goto baseball games couple of times a year because it's a pretty chill environment for family outings and tickets can be found cheap. I've become a Basketball junkie over time so I watch it through out the year including summer league and offshoot leagues like TBT and 3x3. All of that is besides the point. In fact your point furthers my argument that there is space for Cricket in North America and perhaps around the world. My concern is over Crickets decline globally. I see a decline in Sri Lanka and West Indies. Other than South Africa, African teams are pretty much off the map now (ie Zim). Hence my first post about regressive growth when we should be expanding - at least after centuries of successful play behind us.
  3. Jersey #10

    The nagin strikes

    Your understanding of American sports market doesn't line up with reality. There is space for Cricket. Rugby penetrated the market despite Footbal being the king. UFC, Boxing, Wrestling and WWE can all thrive here together. There are at least 24 sports placed at the NCAA (college) level played here - Cricket isn't one of them. Cricket isn't even a recognized intramural sport. One needs the right product and marketing strategy. Baseball is a very difficult sport to play however to a spectator it seems easy to understand, well organized and marketed. In comparison, cricket is played by borderline unfit subcontinent players - some even malnourished. They don't need to push themselves in the gym because they are at par with the rest in their little shell. You think a Kohli, Jadeja, Rahane, Karthik, Sharma, Dhawan etc can hit a home run in baseball? Forget it. However, I could bet you that a baseball batter can wack a few in cricket - especially over that short boundary (LOL). Its a joke.
  4. Jersey #10

    The nagin strikes

    In fact - they are killing the sport. It's a shame. It is one of the oldest sports and we still salivate at one chance of being in the Olympics so rest of the world can perhaps see it (maybe). ICC has literally no respect or pull among the authorities planning events like Olympics. What can their pitch be? oh it's very popular in some 3rd world countries like Bangladesh, Srilanka, Pakistan and India? Sad Sad Sad
  5. Jersey #10

    The nagin strikes

    I think it can. Western world, especially North America has a huge appetite for sports. They simply don't find cricket entertaining or appealing. It can happen if a right product is marketed - which it is not. It's a dying sport!
  6. Jersey #10

    The nagin strikes

    Even in the subcontinent, there is a surging market for other sports with a global outlook. Cricket is a slowly declining and perhaps dying sport mostly because the few contending countries/boards are too busy politicizing and trying to gain ground on each other. Very unfortunately, these people run the ICC with a sole goal to write up new biased monetizing deals to aid their boards. In reality, the cricketing board needs to be run by a business minded group with ways to expand the game. Eventually, successful expansion would bring in funds never imagined before - and that is how you grow!
  7. Jersey #10

    The nagin strikes

    I've been slowly losing interest in Cricket for past 3-4 years. However, I still find myself peeking at the scores every now and then. Is it just me or has ICC put Cricket at a point of regressive growth? It's not even a top 3 sport in some of the most prolific countries to have played - or example England, Australia, New Zealand and Caribbean. There are some 7-8 teams completing against each other for decades. It becomes boring to watch! Even the world up is capped at like 8 teams over a very short schedule. It's religious for the four subcontinental teams and all of them struggle to dominate for any considerable amount of time. On the other hand, I see NBA, Soccer and NFL infiltrating market after market. ICC just doesn't do enough to expand the game. I can't understand why some of the controllable aspects of the game are still kept so barbaric. The ground sizes are tremendously inconsistent. The boundaries are not the same on every side, some times the grounds aren't even oval or round. There is no solution to rainy games. At least the richer cricketing nations can afford domes - yes it is possible. These inconsistencies among many more make it very hard to surge interest in other countries. The game seems very barbaric and sometimes laughable for those who show slight interest. Try explaining the game to someone and they will ask you what is the size of the field. To which, you say - there is no standard and it becomes rather comical immediately losing interest.
  8. Shikhar Dhawan: Hold my cup
  9. I think Dhoni was the best WK in India until now. I wouldn't have supported replacing him with inconsistent Parthiv, DK or Saha. Now, I think is the time to make the move however. Kishan and Pant are real deal.
  10. Smart! Use a pencil so when you grow up, at least you can erase your mistakes.
  11. I am just thrilled to see so many hard hitting wicket keepers India is producing. This is a leaps ahead since Nayan Mongia days. I see this as a straight impact of Dhoni in the upcoming generation. There is no "specialized wicket keeper" anymore. Wicket keepers can do it all! I think DK is past his prime days but Pant and Kishan are so good that we can play them both in an XI. Future is very bright - I say that with a pinch of salt. They are clean hitters but we have only seen them on these IPL pattas. Idk how they'd fare in Australian or English conditions. ps - I am extremely surprised that I somehow still remembered my username and password.

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