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  1. Dhoni wins it...!!! such smart & match winning knock...
  2. Many Congrats India...!!! Historical win indeed!
  3. Many Congrats India! One special victory...!!! Good fight from Aus too, didn't expected them to fight this long...
  4. Thoroughly deserving win for NZ, Many Congrats to them...!!! Pak sort of gave away first Test but this 3rd Test is just one brilliant win the pulled...
  5. 1st Test duplicate... All NZ need is 160 from here...
  6. Golden chance for NZ to take the series...
  7. Dehli seemed totally confused (and a bit sore) over kurtarpur... understandably though, they can't speak the word 'peace' when elections are just coming up...
  8. 3 consecutive wicketless inngs for Abbas though...
  9. Pak got all the potential to turn even this match into some 'fun'...
  10. Actually that was a taunt from Zainab bcz Arthur kept supporting Babar despite consistant Test failures...
  11. ^ Don't worry guys IPL coming soon

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