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  1. Good job Pak winning despite allowing opposition to play with 18 batsmen
  2. Asim

    Inzamam broke the law?

    bach k rehiyo...
  3. Asim

    Inzamam broke the law?

    LOL OK sorry but u guys r Islamophobic and getting afraid just by looks of this attire, Inzi can't help... u guys got got some sort of identity crisis or inferiority complexes and think ONLY western-dressing is the way to look progressive, nobody can help u guys sounds like getting ashamed of using any reasonable/decent national/cultural dress in any professional setup, I can't help u guys r being judgmental just because of someones attire, ur education (if any) failed to help...
  4. Asim

    Inzamam broke the law?

    Shalwar-Qameez is National dress of Pakistan and totally normal to wear anywhere, at any event, for every profession; from a Laborer to prime minister and if your above 'judgments/remarks' are just because of that cap, its not anything abnormal either, usually people who regularly offer prayers (or sometime bcz of their cultural background) make it a part of their regular dressing but nobody (with any reasonable education) would judge them like that bcz its neither Mullah specific dressing nor any particular religious/jihadi display... (One of my uncle runs a multi-national software-house, visits worldwide and almsot all the time had same outlook, same attire... I just wonder whether he ever face such remarks? may be not bcz I think he's never been to india) on actual topic: issue should only be whether a selector can visit pitch/ground before match? if rule says NO, then ICC or whoever should ask him! but dressing can't/should'nt be an issue since he is not a part of team/coaching staff...
  5. Welcome to the world outside IPL
  6. Momin Saqib... number1 DramayBaz he is, do these things on purpose... his own broadcasts during any such events are hilarious... but one seriously multi-talented person... entertainer, public/motivational speaker, social activist, Educationist...
  7. Well played ind! Congrats... Few (not tooo many) reasons for Pak to worry... afterall sometimes strategies don't work + u usually play upto ur capacity + better team at that day goes ahead... Part of Game!
  8. Let's not blame Sarfraz, Conditions NOW is what he planned for
  9. Imad batting avg 45 at eng, malik around 12,13
  10. Malik gave a nice farewell party at last match of his career, to his ind saalay...
  11. Ok guys hereafter no more CT final crying please, we returned every favor of that game 'sood' smait...

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