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  1. except terrible 2nd Test, ind played v well in other 3 matches...
  2. Asim

    First Lady of Pakistan

    @Alam_dar Man u r uttering Anything, that's why much earlier I said it's probably not worth-debating, less because whatever u r discussing, more bcz the way u discuss along Absolutely mindless statements involving 0% thought-process e.g. u saying Quran gives 0.1% of Islamic rules... (I mean... well, leave it) U do know more than half population of world following Abrahamic religions (yeah I know u don't care) but U following/not following if any/whichever religion, nobody else cares either... What's more important here is: U really need to start learning manners and appropriate selection of words to discuss over such topics (Nw obv u will blatantly ask where/what/how but plz Stop making fool of yourselv, Unfortunately, for whatever reasons, ur bias is too blatant in every post u make)... In real life probably nobody will bother you for a sec with such approach (what u r labeling as "Direct threat to kill", Man, ur responses making it too hard to guess how old r u, 14 something or 84 something, don't know). (I remember debating u over Pak elections... same pattern there, whatsoever I might ask/discuss, ans will be diverted to same loop: deep state, dark state, deep state, dark state, deep state, dark state... )
  3. Asim

    First Lady of Pakistan

    @Alam_dar There are around 50 officially declared Islamic states in world today, what's their official total number of 'slaves' they keeping right now?
  4. Asim

    First Lady of Pakistan

    YES... (p.s. furthermore it's not even a relevant subject in today's Islamic world, check it yourself; pre-Islam situation, transformation 1500 yrs ago and status today)
  5. Asim

    First Lady of Pakistan

    Seriously? how naive :) Follow whichever sect man but do get the core part, what u learn here is: PRAYER itself is important, not the placement of your hands which could vary... like at the end, does that matter if anyone make prayer with closed hands, open hands, straight face or towards sky? DO you really think God would be more interested in ur hand posture than ur khaloos or niyat... just like FASTING been made Farz, we additionally follow Sunnah by mostly opening it with Khajoor but u can obv do with anything else... Performing Hajj is important, does that matter if u go by air or ship or walk? For any of ur other issues, u can yourself get all the answers if u can put ur bias aside, make some research covering all aspects and putting everything in right perspective... society of 1500 years ago had many worst possible customs, that society wasn't changed overnight, neither does Quran got completed overnight, there were many areas for which teaching got completed taking decades bcz they were practicing it for centuries... e.g. even Drinking wasn't made prohibited all of a sudden, now u can't obv take some teaching from middle and try to make it relevant today... But anyways I am no scholar and my only comment was regarding what u said that Quran just tells us 0.1% of Islamic rules... I mean... I don't think it's even debate-worthy...
  6. Asim

    First Lady of Pakistan

    Not sure what u want to achieve here by Totally distorting the most fundamental and obvious facts about Quran which even kids know... Quran gives every rule/every single detail that how any Muslim should pass his life, Sunnah practically tells us how to implement on those aspect/rules/recommendations/orders given by Quran and Hadees describes them further, gives additional details/sub-rules but obviously all based on same those Fundamental Quran rules... Man, even non-Muslims do know this but the way u r putting things is beyond ridiculous, just wonder what u want to achieve...
  7. Would be a great replacement...
  8. Asim

    First Lady of Pakistan

    Bro make ur mind, what u actually want to say... above posts, one hand u have issues with religion and then u quoting/referring religion itself...
  9. Asim

    First Lady of Pakistan

    Bro, who is Khan, why we have to give him this much importance? Isn't it all about "deep state"?
  10. Asim

    First Lady of Pakistan

    Its been nearly 50 years... Haters kept on hating him more and more, his success stories kept on getting bigger and bigger...
  11. ^ Sunday morning, few saying it was his regular walk outside, few saying he was going office...
  12. Asim

    First Lady of Pakistan

    Nice OP troll... Got No clue about Pak politics, Khan following and how he ultimately got succesa... (Associating his success with attire of wife is as stupid and funny as if someone say, Modi got success bcz he disclosed his wife)

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