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  1. tell me a single word where I "DEFENDED" that Pakistani+Muslim+Male? and its not my fault if your assumption that I am Defending him is just based on my Questions/doubts over lady statements... Probably then every indian who has similar questions also defending that Pakistani man? right? what a S$%^ logic man... p.s. Its not always necessary to divert every damn issue into Pakistani, Indian, Muslim, Non Muslim drama...
  2. following ur logic I guess whoever even from ind questioning/doubting some of steps taken by dr uzma is also actually DEFENDING the perpetrator, not sure why despite the facts that he is Pakistani + Muslim + Male...
  3. and there u even proved how smart u r :)
  4. Haris vs Fahim in playng 11, I feel Haris should still be preferred
  5. Good observation :) As explained above, Lunar calendar has 10 less days as comp to solar calendar that's why each time it starts 10 days earlier and because of that we actually observe it in all kind of seasons. 12,15 years ago it was in best of winters here and now in longest daytime hours of year; June.
  6. How smart :) You must be a fan of some indian crimes drama serial
  7. NIKAH Video, which according to Dr Uzma happened on Gun-Point...
  8. Baaji ney thori ziada hi lambi lambi chor deen well, Now do lots of press/TV appearances, a movie will be made soon, get few awards, register an NGO, lots of $$...
  9. and this death trap did the best possible for you, heard your case, asked what you want and helped you to move back home...
  10. Wrong thread, sorry!
  11. Btw every pseudo intellectual here giving lectures about things they cannot even practically see in Muslims today should try opening the eyes and see the horrible inhuman caste-system of india which v much exists today; right now and try speaking couple of words for hundreds of millions of "untouchables" around you...
  12. so by just reading one stat I mentioned, u yourself assumed and concluded my whole of mindset? Labelled it is senseless :) and somehow fetched whole of future agenda from my mind and told how I should take that out of my brain... well, no comments :)
  13. Can't believe someone can b this dumb to first take Anything Randomly and say I wont care about any of its context and then start questioning over its perfection :) Quran gives us rules and principals for Every aspect of life which will forever remain the same but obv we are supposed to read on WHOLE bcz any certain aspect becomes a Rule or Law with Final words over it+According to Sunnah... as there are many details too about events which were happening in that time or even from past or like I mentioned how Alcohol was step-by-step eradicated from society of that time which is described but someone like u randomly taking a verse will easily tell me its not prohibited, without checking final words over it. but well, I also know any logic or argument wont work for you as long as your primary purpose remains doing 'propaganda', however u r not new or alone, people doing so since 1.5 Millennium but the result always remained: Quran teachings and its followers kept on spreading and even today its fastest growing even in Europe and USA... p.s. Although we don't need ur marking to certify our concepts or understanding however u are more than welcome to label yourself with 100 and us with 0, it will actually gives us some additional satisfaction :)
  14. So why you think, nearly 2 Billions Muslim in this world u see Today! who offer prayers, observe Ramdan, gives charity, performs Hajj but do not own such slaves? Well, you wont get the ans as long as your primary purpose remains 'propaganda' instead of checking the background, history, situations 1.5 Millennium ago, how it transformed and its status or rules in today's world... well, in another example u can refer us a verse which does not strictly prohibits consuming alcohol, based on that, without getting into its context and background of that time and how it developed further, you can easily tell me consuming alcohol is Halal ;)