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  1. A lead of 121, 4 sessions left in match... wouldv been v interesting if there was not a nearly washed out day-2... Most probably a draw now, only possibility for Pak if they can get WI all out under 200 within 3 sessions...
  2. Pak 407 All Out... Misbah 99*
  3. In this Pak inng: 2000 Test runs completed for Sarfraz, 5000 for Misbah, 10,000 for Younis
  4. Its not permanent obv, will be back...
  6. First Pakistani Batsman to complete 10,000 Test Runs... 48.2 Chase to Younis Khan, FOUR, there it is! Gets 10,000 with a sweep, a shot that has brought him so many of those runs, rolls his wrists, sends it wide of a diving short fine leg...he's quite emotional. Takes his helmet off, salutes the dressing room, punches the badge on his shirt
  7. Somewhat satisfactory to know after Misbah and Younis we'll still have a Test batting linup of Sami, Azhar, Babar, Haris and Shafique... Not bad at all...
  8. Abbas picks a wicket in his 2nd ball
  9. 27 yr old, (Finally some new Right Arm) Pacer Muhammed Abbas makes debut...
  10. Haris Sohail getting back into form and fitness... 56 and 117 in first 2 matches of domestic One day tournament...
  11. :) well, can't argue bcz u guys comes with such Qs without even checking few very very basic things about Muslims or in Islam (and to b fair with you, why u have to) but having no clue with basics, u start questioning role of arabic in Islam/Muslims, why Muslims arabized :D why its "Al-Fatiha"... why Ramadan... why Pakistanis think themselves arabs? () ohh look they forgot their real ancestors and adopted arabs ( ) Have seen such Qs 10s of times at ICF alone... but I rather find it somewhat cute/innocent of u guys actually, not ur fault bcz u wonder or ask such things based on ur own approach of Religion~Nation~Language etc...
  12. u guys will forever keep wondering over Pakistanis~Muslims~Arabic thing Not ur fault though...
  13. abey keeray tu thakta b nahi hey? btw u looks totally inspired with Pakistani politicians... ALWAYS comes one rattoo response: who r u to Questions this over Hindustan? Pak have blah blah blah and blah blah blah and blah blah blah and.... and blah blah blah... correct all of that and then talk about Hindustan... u know it can't get any worse for u when u r left with such response.... that too EVERY Time...