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  1. Fakhar zaman breaks it some margin, 1000 in 18 inngs
  2. Asim

    Fakhar Zaman 200 coming?

    Super inng... Yes v weak opposition but its not like he is failing against better teams so credit to him, can easily break now fastest 1000 record... His flow of effortlessly making runs is appreciable... I still wonder whether he is a great find for Pak or he is having an extended lucky-run...
  3. Asim

    Pakistan Elections - July 25, 2018

    Official Songs :) PMLN PPP PTI
  4. Asim

    Pakistan Elections - July 25, 2018

    This time he's looking 'favorite' to win, more than ever before during his 22 years political career... Nawaz corruption verdict and PPP having leadership crisis have given advantage to Imran Khan +Political stalwarts from all across country (thinking Army and establishment looking soft on him this time) have shifted to Imran Khan party (in last 5,6 months) which has automatically extended his reach all over country, infact his party now probably have biggest set of candidates, that too across every province... So looks like he will form a govt with help of independent candidates along other small parties...
  5. Would help ind alot since he's already in decent Test form...
  6. Major contest between top 3 parties PMLN - Shehbaz Sharif (Brother of Nawaz) vs PPP - Bilawal Bhutto zardari (s/o Asif Zardari) vs Imran Khan In my view, Imran Khan's party for the first time looks like holding most chances to form new government (may be using alliance with independent contestants and few other small parties) considering PMLN Nawaz been sent into Jail for corruption charges and PPP mainly strong in Sindh only...
  7. Asim

    This year's Asia Cup will be a cracker

    has schedule been announced?
  8. Asim

    Hey MSK Prasad, learn from Pak selectors

    India seems like making no diff rules for T20s...T20Is an ideal platform to give young potentials some exposure, u can wait a bit to include in ODIs...
  9. Impressive win for Pak, 9th consecutive T20U tour win for Pak, reaffirms themselves being #1 T20 side... Fakhar and Asif this tour 61, 6, 47, 73, 91 and 41*, 22, -, 37*, 17* 2 top prospects for Pak in LOIs, along Babar
  10. Asim

    2nd Test, Pakistan VS England at Leeds

    All great :) Thanks... btw I've been posting, little though...
  11. Asim

    2nd Test, Pakistan VS England at Leeds

    Sami should'v played ahead of Imam, even in previous Test... Good to see Usman in, give him a good exposure...
  12. That's one Perfect comparison, only if we can wait for Rashid to play Test cricket for at least a decade...
  13. Asim

    Congratulations to Pakistan

    yeah and I guess it same match in which Pak required just 25,30 runs at closing of Day-4, inzi was all set at crease and he just walkedoff at closing time, umpires, Pak and even NZ players everyone was thinking (almost pleading) he should take extra 30 mins and finish it today but he kept walking, next day it was cold and drizzling, all cloudy, game started late and just took 15,20 mins for Pak to finish...
  14. Asim

    Congratulations to Pakistan

    he is a rare bowling selection who got selected purely bcz of consistently superb First class performance in last couple of years otherwise they usually pick bowlers purely on gut-feelings of ex-bowlers ;) doesn't matter how much, if any, first class experience he got...

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