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  1. Congrats Aus! Massive win this... Was totally unexpected... Ind lost everything since "3rd ODI" and Pak born Khawaja punished them massively since then, Man of the series I guess?
  2. During joint Press briefing by indian Army (in lots of hato, bacho, pakro, suno... dhakam peel type environment +probably it was too small width podium that each of them had to switch again n again), IAF representative answered about indian strikes: ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Q: can you telll us what has been damage assessment, there are talks about 300 terrorists in that camp, can we give any approximate number of terrorists who have been killed there? Ans: There is fairly credible evidence with us, which proves that there was damage to the camps, weapons hit the intended target and they cause the damage they intended, however it will be immature to say... err... premature to say what has been number of casualties we have been able to inflict on those camps Q: But has the camp been fully destroyed? Ans: umm whatever we intended to destroy, we have got the effect that we desired Q: Balakot mai jo ham ney nashtt kia hey, usko kaisey sabat karain gey Ans: Hamarey pas, evidence hey k jo ham karna chahtey thay, jo target ko ham jitna destroy krna chahtey thay, jo effect hamko chahiye tha woh effect hamko mil gya ------------------------------- I think no statement negates what damages Pakistan have shown the whole world and invited anyone from anywhere to come n see. Those damages include: some dented surface/holes etc in open field... 2,3 or few broken/disturbed trees, 1 home wall's damaged clay plaster and a dead crow...
  3. Pak PM Imran Khan just announced in parliament to release him tomorrow as "Peace gesture"...
  4. Asim

    Modi: This will make or break you

    the "stage" reference I made was not about Pulwama (which is another debate though), it was for this:
  5. Asim

    Pakistani Propaganda Machine

    Locals to yahan k chor daku ko ni chortey... But he was lucky that Pak Army reached and took him in save custody...
  6. Asim

    Modi: This will make or break you

    Modi asked for this... Even Pak have predicted multiple times since couple of years that Modi will stage something like this just before elections...
  7. Asim

    Pakistani Propaganda Machine

    no worries...
  8. PM KHAN address, key points: - we asked we were ready for Pulwama investigation... Pak have been victim of terrorism since 10+ years, we understand how families suffer so what exactly was dispute here when we were ready for co-operation? - But still we doubted indian intentions and felt indian can do something, we doubted it more because indian elections were coming, thats why I told if anything happened we will retaliate - Ysterday we did not took action because we were not aware of details, thats why we made sure of everything and took action today ensuring no collateral damage is done - Only point for this was to show our capability - Important now! where to go here onwards? Because - Every war is miscalculated, like WW1 & 2, USA War on terror, Vietnam etc etc, every war while starting ismis-calculated -I want to ask indian govt, can we afford mis-calculation because of warheads both countries have? - It will be neither in Modi nor my control if it get escalated - I once again says, better sense should prevail...
  9. Asim

    Pakistani Propaganda Machine

    so india also joined the propaganda now?
  10. Not ur fault, u obv got to buy Modi version... We understand Sirjikal strike 1 was total fake, nothing happened on ground, so Pak just made fun of it and ignored... However this time, although "attacking terror camp" was total hoax and absolutely no such **&^%** happened except few trees getting damaged but since airspace violations were actually made (although just to satisfy idnian govt+media+people warmongering hunger since 14Feb + it was even more important for Modi elections) so Pak had to give a fitting reply this time which they did this morning... 1 step for peace, 2 steps from our side... 1 step of war, 2 steps from our side...
  11. PM Khan about to address Nation...
  12. to seedha bol 1 billion+ indians ko ch**** bana dia
  13. Asim

    Pakistani Propaganda Machine

    BBC and CNN joining the "propeganda" by making it TOP HEADLINES...

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