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  1. Census Fraud in Pakistan

    Can't expect any better from PMLN, "rigging" is their top most expertise...
  2. I actually liked ur start ;) reminds me another post from u some times ago (or may b someone else, dont exactly remember) started like this: "in civilized countries like UK, india, USA"...
  3. For now someone else from Nawaz league till new elections next year...
  4. case started by Imran Khan and few other opposition members, 15 months of hearing and 2 months of JIT investigation against Shareef-family: FINAL verdict came today and PM Nawaz been dis-qualified...
  5. Pakistan Discussion Thread

    2017 census official results will be coming soon but heard its little more than 210m... before census there were much bigger estimations though...
  6. What is your cricketing profile?

    Galli Mohalla/ground Tape-ball cricket: - not a very dependable batsman, will mostly just rotate the strike along occasional 4s, may or may not perform while all-hitting... - decent right-arm pace bowling, v good accurate yorkers ;) team can depend to defend a small total in last over... hardly ever bowls wide, over-stepping no-balls been an issue though... (reasonable spin bowling too which is quite rare with tape ball) - very poor fielder... always 50/50 while taking a catch, however quite accurate through ;)
  7. So much for Amla the walker

  8. Anti Virat Kohli Club:AVKC Reborn

    Kohli tum logun sey naraz ho jaey ga...
  9. Congrats Zim! Great effort...
  10. Pak VS India in terms of pace bowling

    These days ind fans love comparing their bowlers with Pakistan bowling and often conclude their bowling ahead of Pak... so... any further progress/updates over it?
  11. Is this sign of mentality ?

    There were obv 2,3 major ceremonies were due after this win, to start with PM ceremony... he was busy in his own tours + dealing his cases :D so somehow scheduled it now 2,3 days ago... so I don't think it makes any difference whether these to happen within 4,6 days of win or 4,6 weeks... team is anyways free for 2,3 months... so don't take much stress plz ;)
  12. Happy Birthday MS Dhoni

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