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  1. Islamabad
  2. Fastest Asian ever to 100 Test wickets... and 2nd Fastest overall
  3. Nahi yar aisey nahi krtey
  4. 6 Wickets for 5 runs, in 24 balls from Steve O'Keefe
  5. 2 inch of spin or 1/2 inch of swing... Kohli gets done...
  6. Honestly ind has been quite poor in Tests to play any decent-ish spin since last 2-3 years...
  7. 3/94 - 105 ALL OUT at home ground Some of Famous Pakistani collapses getting embarrassed...
  8. we Happy for you ;) Hopefully u get more and more OK with Afghan blood, until u dont see complete variety of it...
  9. Batting avgs: 33,29,14 (Test, ODI, T20I) Bowling avgs: 34,38,48 is this same Ben Stokes everyone in india talking about or Im missing someone here?
  10. May be "aman ki asha" still had few breaths then... and when ind policies abt Pak cricket(/ers) were consistent anyways...