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  1. Another Ton, Good going in ODIs...!!!
  2. Besides incident itself, wonder what kind of local-route buses they using for this purpose...
  3. Congrats SL...!!! Did what NO other team was able to do in decade... Previously too it was SL which came closest of winning a series vs Pak at UAE, did this time! WelDone...!!!
  4. So according to ind fans conclusion of Pak vs SL TEST @ UAE is: Pak CT ODI Final win vs Ind at Eng was a fluke Pure Gold this
  5. well, u just told where exactly its still burning and stinking
  6. Ahh I thought it was 3... next game D/N too, draw chances will go higher
  7. Congrats SL for putting up this brilliant show... well all credit to SL but 'overall' not too bad effort from Pak as well considering this was just 1st game after Misbah and Younis who were backbone of Pak Test lineup, can take few games to settle down, I belive Pak wont do bad for long with Azhar and Asad in side along Sami Haris and Babar just making a start... May b we can bring in Fawad too... Next 2 games will be even more exciting...
  8. Eng did great to score 72 while chasing 143 sometimes ago...
  9. Pak is v much doing what they are best at
  10. This could still be a tricky chase if Pak go all defensive and do not try to play aggressive at least from one end...

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