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  1. History teaching in Pakistan

    I was good in Maths, sciences but hardly ever academically bothered about social/Islamic/Pak studies, Urdu literature etc, used to study them just during exam days but still used to pass them decently bcz of my 'art' of obtaining marks instead of 'ratta'... I remember despite shamelessly putting lots of wrong details like event dates, places, names etc, still used to get away because of good handwriting and v nice overall presentation etc...
  2. right Sorry if it sound wrong but probably that's how I read in some of ur country news headline... (btw u asking for being respectful for ur belief and then u urself in v next post being disrespectful for others beliefs, I guess needs some revisiting)
  3. 'Incredible'... I think Modi being PM also claimed sometimes ago that plastic surgery and reproductive sciences etc were indian invention practically used by Ganesh...
  4. History teaching in Pakistan

    That angels thing is truly taught in Pakistan. I had all my schooling in Pakistan and NEVER came across any such thing or may be I was too 'na-laiq' to go through whole syllabus...
  5. I always thought this austinsometihng was a mature poster but man! what an imaginary world he lives in
  6. will give old Sharjah cup feelings...
  7. Your pick for WC2019 semi finalists

    Ind should only be worried incase they meet Pak in Final ;)
  8. Your pick for WC2019 semi finalists

    @Gollum bas kar dey ab rulaey ga kya
  9. since recently in india you Have to 'enjoy' Freedom of speech... the method is: you got no option to remain silent + speak exactly the way some particular mindset wants...
  10. Arnab Goswami takes Afridi to town!

    Only interview of Arnab which makes some sense:
  11. Yes Pak shouldv rested at least players like Babar, sarfraz, Amir, Malik and Hasan etc
  12. WI should've sent a better team or was better to avoid for now...

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