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  1. Asim

    Coke Studio Pakistan Season 11 (2018)

    @KeyboardWarrior I thought this "Young Desi" was indian... or he makes his videos in india?
  2. Asim

    Pakistan Elections - July 25, 2018

    Ever heard the word "patwari"? though I avoid using it... I said something totally different and not sure what's with you putting 'halal' and 'haram' labels on everything... chalo ji, gal hi muk gae :( You know what, deep state dark state deep state dark state deep state dark state , OK?
  3. Asim

    Pakistan Elections - July 25, 2018

    Our eyes got opened, that's why Khan won... you can keep your eyes closed ;) you looks too inspired with Nawaz, Mariyam and Molana... btw Molana Fazlul-Rehman would really love your debate here... well, as I mentioned earlier, there were random issues here n there, alot of them... but like always... there were few pre-poll manipulations and party switching, like always... few media groupings and bias, like always... but absolutely noting like the impression u trying to creating... lol nul n void... jaisey khala ji ka ghar hain elections... and well, I would've still accepted your excuses, your deep state whining and propaganda against army and rangers IFFF we had some totally unexpected results like Khan getting 80% seats or N winning in Sindh and PPP making govt in KPK or PSP winning in Lahore and Molana sweeping Larkana and Karachi... sorry, no such thing happened... now I can't repeat again how EVERY region got all the results around what every poll was suggesting and literally everyone including people who lost, were expecting... to phir deep state gya bharr mai... I know its not easy for Khan haters to see him becoming Prime Minister, there r few around me here as well but thank God they are too few... time to accept the defeat, like u were suggesting in 2013 (not u! everyone who won then and lost now) and move on with focusing on improving it further for next time...
  4. Asim

    Pakistan Elections - July 25, 2018

    Deep state... PMLN... Jang Group... wow, I mean u don't need to explain it further... You better continue believing in what PMLN and Fazlul-Rehman are explaining for you... (p.s. around 15-20 people from my own family/friends were appointed in different cities with different responsibilities, I have discussed every detail with most of them and got totally satisfied with whole proceedings... some random issue here and there will always be there but Im good as long as overall people are getting the result what or who they voted for, be it deep state or whatever)
  5. Asim

    Pakistan Elections - July 25, 2018

    The only rigging happened for all of these anti-Khan parties this time was: They were not allowed to do the rigging they've been doing throughout their political careers...
  6. Asim

    Pakistan Elections - July 25, 2018

    hogya? Now imagine, its 24th July 2018, Q is: who YOU THINK tomorrow going to win Pakistan Elections 2018?
  7. Asim

    Pakistan Elections - July 25, 2018

    well, you do not seem interested to take it rationally considering ground realities... u r ignoring my questions despite I agree yes there's been a role u mentioning just like every previous time but I told how it still can't be a decisive role... - u'd totally consider Nawaz 13m legit in 2013 but putting everything on deep state if Khan gets 17m in 2018 - u'd totally consider 2013's 1.6m rejected votes as legit but same 1.6 rejected which is even lesser % in 2018, is deep state - constituencies with 15k, 20k, even 25k rejected votes in 2013 are totally fine but 4-6k in close contests 2018 are deep state... RIP Logic and looks like u'll never respond on, What else result u were actually expecting in Federal or any Province?
  8. Asim

    Pakistan Elections - July 25, 2018

    checked those 'proved', that's why asked it's not even 20% of whatever used to happen earlier... the stats you mentioned and stuff about rejected votes, I'd ask did you checked same stats for 2013? baqi, "Dark state" is easiest target and every time every loser got to say same... Indeed there are manipulations been made pre-elections Every Time but ultimately its voter who gives the verdict... I mean tell me honestly what else results u were expecting this time? be it federal or any province...
  9. Asim

    Pakistan Elections - July 25, 2018

    1. if rigging at any level happened, who got to be blamed? Khan sitting behind opposition kept saying we need to improve Election Commission, N and PP sitting in govt and opposition hardly ever bothered in last 5,10 years and today all of them are crying for Election Commission... 2. Even the so-called 'powers' who according to many, manipulated and pre-rigged elections, got badly defeated by vote... everyone said PSP, Nisar, Jeep, independents, Molanas are all 'establishment' players, will win big and play massive role... what happened at the end? All of them literally got vanished... 2. Anyways, what else result anyone expected? Every poll, journalists, TVs and even politicians themselves were giving exactly the same predictions i. KPK: IK will get even stronger... He did ii. Punjab: PTI and N are neck-to-neck, sielent voter will decide... exactly the same happened, PTI got 111m, N got 105m iii. Sindh: PPP, same happened iv: BAP and others: same happened only unexpected thing happened is: voters probably for the first time went totally against religious parties, indipendent power-players and extreme-elements etc... which was another positive side... Finally, most of neutral foreign observers reported Overall elections were better than 2013, yes obv still alottt to improve...
  10. Asim

    Pakistan Elections - July 25, 2018

    Narendra Modi congratulates Imran Khan, says he hopes 'democracy takes deeper roots' in Pakistan under PM-in-waiting https://www.firstpost.com/india/narendra-modi-calls-imran-khan-pm-congratulates-pakistan-pm-in-waiting-says-he-hopes-democracy-will-take-deeper-roots-4853591.html In Modi-Imran Khan Call, Talk of a 'Joint Strategy' for Progress in Bilateral Ties https://thewire.in/external-affairs/narendra-modi-imran-khan-india-pakistan
  11. Asim

    Pakistan Elections - July 25, 2018

    ^ these incidents are not even 20% of whatever happened throughout polling day and counting 2013
  12. Asim

    Pakistan Elections - July 25, 2018

    very much usual practice... Actually within 4-6 hours of polling end, we get the whole trends, same was the case this time... then even before next morning we get around 85-90% of results which clears everything... then to make it 100% it usually takes 2,3 days because of few polling stations with any issues or recounting or different applications etc etc but Overall situation remains more or less the same what we get within 4,5 hours...
  13. Asim

    Pakistan Elections - July 25, 2018

    ^ about relations with india 21:35
  14. Asim

    Pakistan Elections - July 25, 2018

    Victory speech with informally presenting his govt outline...
  15. Despite they had massive clashes in recent years, even court cases... I somehow feel he might retain Sethi for some time... or would pick some ex-cricketer who knows management stuff too...

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