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  1. Asim

    Mohammad Abbas...

    Thanks, I do post actually while Pak matches, not too much though... Actually find it hard even to watch matches LIVE now most of the times... Yeah although Abbas performed everywhere he played so far but here it's been considered special because of i. consistency; took wickets in all 4 inng with an exceptional avg of 10.5 overall ii. that too on UAE wickets iii. his control over line & length...
  2. thoughtful and deep analysis by @Vilander
  3. Asim

    Mohammad Abbas...

    Pak was preferring couple of all-rounders along Amir and Hassan in LOIs which was working great overall but since recently Hasan performance slightly decreased and Pak just dropped Amir from upcoming T20s as well, so... may be he get some chance soon...
  4. Asim

    Mohammad Abbas...

    Most wickets by any pacer in 2 Match UAE series, 15 by Abbas nw
  5. Asim

    Mohammad Abbas...

    However these (kind of) threads have always been a regular feature at ICF: Speed watch thread for WI tour Watching speed of our (non) speedy bowlers in XYZ Cup Speed and (may be) Performance watch Thread Speed (and who cares for) accuracy checking thread Will speed of our Spinners increase? thread
  6. Babar Azam dismissal was perfect time to declare, not sure what's the point in giving more free wickets...
  7. 3rd nervous 90s of match for Pak Babar 99, bad luck, missed his first ton
  8. They said: Azhar Ali will follow Inzimam legacy... They were right...
  9. It's just middle of Day-2 and we are already into 3rd inng...

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