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  1. Pakistan Super League - Season 3

    Final: Champion PSL1 vs champion PSL 2
  2. Pakistan Super League - Season 3

    that was such a Pak, Mohali chase
  3. Pakistan Super League - Season 3

    25 required in Last over 19.1: FOUR 19.2 19.3: DOT 19.4 19.5 19.6
  4. Pakistan Super League - Season 3

    Superb Game...
  5. bcz 'we can laugh only' over most of things...
  6. Pakistan Super League - Season 3

    Not relatives but both are basically from same 'Afridi' tribe of "Khyber Agency"...
  7. Pakistan Super League - Season 3

    Shaheen Shah makes some real impression, 5/4 IMPRESSIVE!
  8. Pakistan Super League - Season 3

    Catching level and ratio this season is unbelievable, wish they can transfer similar standard in International cricket as well...
  9. Guess the sun sign of posters

    Sorry guys... Probably that's the reason I have 0 interest in this thing, cz I believe Every Type of people do born in Every season ;)
  10. Guess the sun sign of posters

    know my sign and that's it! :D Hardly know anything else about them, don't even know all these names :D
  11. decent pace, natural swing with beautiful control... even if he is 7,8,9 yo
  12. The last time pakistan was a good cricket team...

    hmmm, not That loong ago, what I was thinking...
  13. well, credit then to Pakistani players who maintain themselves till 45,50 (real age) to continue playing international cricket...
  14. This was bound to happen at some stage of last inng bcz chasing even 200 was nearly impossible under these conditions, all ind had to do was to show patience... ind wasnt too good 1st inng; infact they were lucky when Pujara and Kohli got early chances and both ended up as inng top scorers however since then it was super effort from them to first get SA all out under 200 and then scoring themselves around 250 in 2nd inng which in my opinion was the main difference and a match winning effort! ... Many Congrats!
  15. 3 Matches series bw T20I World ranked #1 vs #2 2018 Jan 22, 25, 28

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