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  1. Haha...poor Haturi ! Ever since he left Bangladesh, he is going nowhere !
  2. It's not T20. SL has to play really bad to lose to Afg. SL just needs to play sensibly, not rushing through things like their batsmen did against BD.
  3. broken_wings

    Aus v Eng - 3rd ODI - 19 June 2018

    Going by some Indian's theory, Australia's Test status should be taken away. Lol
  4. Typical reactions from BD haters !! It does not cost a thing to appreciate other's success !
  5. Bangladesh Women team is the new Asia Cup champion !! BD women beat India twice in this Asia cup whereas they were never beaten by any team before. Bdesh Wmn beat Ind Wmn by 3 wickets http://www.espncricinfo.com/series/8659/game/1148063/bangladesh-women-vs-india-women-final-womens-twenty20-asia-cup-2018/
  6. broken_wings

    Ahahahahaha - Lets take a moment and laugh at Bangladesh

    please. put up some sort of petition to take away their test status. If they can't win T20 match then how come they are worthy of playing Test matches. right !!
  7. That was Shehzad. Frankly, never seen a celebration move become too famous that even opposition team follows doing it. Nagin dance was initially done by Nazmul Apu from BPL and the rest is history.
  8. broken_wings

    Congratulations to Afghanistan !!!

    While they are good at T20, I have concerns about their pace bowling and batting unit in Test arena. Once Kenya was also good side. I am sure if we had T20 back then Kenya would have been a competitive side too just like Afgans. I am just not convinced about their cricketing structure to produce good enough batsmen and pacer in the pipeline. They still have problem playing in their own land. People still today bomb in the cricket match. Anyway, time will tell.
  9. Whoaaa !! Quite surprised to see at least one Mod is being rational and neutral in ICF ! Bravo
  10. No, they did not lose to Nepal. They lost to Hong Kong !
  11. broken_wings

    Women's Asia Cup T20 2018

    While Bangladesh men's team is having bad time, their women team is doing good. They beat Pakistan in their 2nd match and today they beat mighty India team by 7 Wickets. http://www.espncricinfo.com/series/8659/scorecard/1148056/bangladesh-women-vs-india-women-9th-match-womens-twenty20-asia-cup-2018 current point table: Women's Twenty20 Asia Cup TEAM M W L PT NRR IND-W 3 2 1 4 3.428 SL-W 3 2 1 4 1.660 PAK-W 3 2 1 4 0.889 BD-W 3 2 1 4 -0.270 THI-W 3 1 2 2 -1.007 MAL-W 3 0 3 0 -5.163
  12. broken_wings

    Congratulations to Afghanistan !!!

    They already won series against Zim.
  13. Make sure India does not produce spin friendly pitch otherwise AFG might win their first Test in India.
  14. They played T20 and you are asking to give up Test status !! You should ask them to give up playing cricket. If that's what you meant.
  15. Quite slow and low. Mostly spin friendly pitch just what Afgan's dreamt of !

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