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  1. Cast is one of the most stupidest thing brown people takes into consideration. Even here in western culture, I see so many born Canadian who follows their parents disgusting cast-culture. I have seen one idiot in particular get all up your cast to another guy I know. Homeboy drives a Audi, makes close to 100k where as Mr cast guy lives in ghetto and washees dishes. Just cause of his last name doesn't mean he is a farmer here. Morons I tell you ...
  2. Players like Gayle, Pollard and co understandable. But what about the rest? I mean for fs you got like maybe 2-3 leagues that hires you at most if you have some sort of talent but are pretty much free like 8 months from a full year table. Why you no represent your country then bro?
  3. Zero_Unit

    Should this be legal?

    LMAO i sincerely thought he was trying to stretch till he threw that ball.
  4. OR let test match die all together.
  5. Zero_Unit

    Dhoni v Rahim - who has been better wk-batsman in tests?

    Keeping wise there are few who can rival Dhoni even with his current form. His keeping skills are out of this world. You must be blind if you say otherwise. However in the TEST batting department it's a different story. Bangladesh is known to throw their players in international arena without proper grooming. I would be curious to know how Rahim did after he matured his batting. Big difference in avg?
  6. Cric Aus should have known better. What were they thinking? Should have banned them for maybe 4-6 months at most. Already hurting their pocket. They Baned their best two players and thought they would still play like Champs? Even Afg will give this australian team without Warner + Smith a run for their money.
  7. Pant is doing a great job. Imagine we had the current Dhoni instead of pant in the team. Wonder how much trouble we would have been at now
  8. Zero_Unit

    India vs NZ, Women's World T20

    Oh snap the women WC is going on? That's when you know that women cricket don't get much attention ... sad but true.
  9. How about key batsmen? We all know our batsmen wins us games more often than not.
  10. I watched that show once. They keep on refering him as a doctor? Doctor of what exactly? Sounds like a illeterate moron to me ...
  11. Zero_Unit

    Pak vs NZ 1st Odi

    seems like Taylor told the umpires that Hafeez was chucking. How the f is this guy still allowed to bowl after so many complains? What is it now 3 or 4 times that he has been called to rectify his action?
  12. Zero_Unit

    verbal diarrhoea of warne

    petty comeback as expected. Carry on
  13. OR rohit as a captain > Kohli as a captain. That'ss why it looks better and more calm
  14. Zero_Unit

    verbal diarrhoea of warne

    calm down big boy. Indian people are the worst off all when it comes to taunting the opposite sex. We should not be complaning ...
  15. Zero_Unit

    verbal diarrhoea of warne

    I mean tinder exists for that sole purpose ... If you ain't sending them naughty perverted SMS to them tinder women, ain't getting no action either.

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