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  1. My point wasn't about defending his selfish spot grabbing, but atleast give him the respect he deserves after giving india so much. A man scores 10k and all he got was a boo after giving 2 worldcup ... how sad is that?
  2. This is beyond sad. Regadless of his contribution with the bat that day, this guy has given india 2 worldcups and was an excellent captain/cricketer when he was on his prime. No other indian captain can come close to what he has achieved.
  3. I can see Team Pak being super competitive this time around. Most likely will be a ind-pak final. Expecting BD to end up last on the table (LOL)
  4. I get it that Rohit has the ability to recover his Sr but seriously 50sr chasing 300+. If he gets out now, it will look really bad. Come on fat boy, push it a bit
  5. out of all the current lot (most team's bowling these days are rubbish - though, pakistan is doing a decent job atm) england seems to be doing the best job all round wise. We would be second. Aus needs to figure out their sh*t with injuries/bans.
  6. this is what i have been waiting for. This ODI series will somewhat give us an indication on how we will do in the WC. Eng definitely looks like the ones that will be the team to beat this time around in ODI
  7. Zero_Unit

    Hardik Pandya should bat at #6 in every format

    ^ well said
  8. Zero_Unit

    Would Bhajji have slapped 2018 Sreesanth

    this guy has a bollywood star body now. When is he starting his acting carreer?
  9. Zero_Unit

    Why does Rohit always waste the powerplay?

    Much probably has to do with the tubby he carries around. When you stay unfit, it will surely bite you up your arse at one point or not. if you don't have a fit body, older you get, worst your gameplay will become.
  10. Zero_Unit

    Global T20 Canada : Tournament Thread

    are the locals canadian players or are no name imports from other countries?
  11. These guys went to play cricket or went in the name of cricket to take a free vacation at the WI islands? What a bunch of morons.
  12. WI is missing out big time on not having Sammy around no more. Fools
  13. All the countries listed are ASIAN. Asian people are some of the laziest people in sports. Can you imagine sportsmen like rohit sharma, tamim iqbal or shafraz ahmed running from one end of the field to another more than 3 times within 5 min? Fat, lazy, unfit people are not ment for soccer. P.S genetic also plays some part aswell.
  14. Dhoni should have retired that's true, but Dhoni during his prime > any keeper ATM. Not only was he a destructive finisher, he was probably one of the best captain to play this game. Apart from the retiring not happening (age caught up), not sure why he gets to much sticks from some of y'all.
  15. Zero_Unit

    What Has Happened to Mighty Australia?

    Every team goes through transition at one point or not. However AUS is not as bad as you think they are. Couple of main players were missing so hence the bad performance. And this eng team is probably lifting the WC this time around so don't be surprised of the thrashing they received!

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