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  1. What is this nonsense. Heads of ICC are on some real crackpot
  2. Not really watching the match. Just following the score from time to time. Pitch is hard to bat on or is it the regular srh batting shinanigans? Panday playing for avg again?
  3. DHONI '79(44)' the phinisher!!!

    what an innings
  4. Some players just doesn't understand the meaning off when it's time to to, it's time to go. You played your part in bringing India glory, but age caught up.
  5. Watson atleast performed.
  6. Mumbai Indians Fan Club - 2018

    MI has been very disappointing. When their batsmen clicks, bowlers fails and vice versa. Pollard needs to be dropped. He is not putting a value to his wicket.
  7. He was AVG'ing around 40 with bat and 30 with the ball in ODI. What are you even trying to prove with this video? That's a top notch allrounder. This video has no basis to the question I asked. This video is full of different times of LBW's in his carreer. Hell if one compiled all the lbw's of Sachin without any context, one would think he too is a bad batsmen.
  8. Best Opening Batsman of All time in ODIs

    Gilchrist or Sehwag, can't decide between the two. P.S tamim has no business being in that list XD
  9. Man I though Watson was almost 40. He is still around 35, why did he quit so early from the National team?
  10. Your lack of being a good trolling master baffles me. Try again.
  11. Right as if Pakistanis-Heads are taking over the Tech/Business world. Anywhere you look, its mostly an Indian: Google being the best example. Speaking of athletes and intellect - compare your current playing Xl with our Xl. Hell even the lankan players are doing a better job at it than yours in the intellect department. If you want to dish it out, don't make it super easy for us to send it right back LOL.
  12. Top 4 teams?

    Too early to tell. Would need the teams to play out 5 matches to get a feel. Srh limped to victory in their last two outing anyways so being on top means little to none atm. If teams starts scoring beyond 160 against them, that's when we will know if they deserve to sit at 1. Without Warner, they are a 150 at max kind of team. MI looks solid but once again somehow lost it in the last over couple of matches.
  13. just saw the highlight of the match. Panday's fielding KKR must be kicking themselves. their X players handed them a fine defeat lol
  14. Captaincy Ratings (Indian captains)

    RCB needs to do a revamp. For starters, get some good bowlers. Rohit has been the best out of the lot. Been using his bowlers strategically even though the result does not show.

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