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  1. Just checked the score. Lmaoooo ... Lala must be crying his eyes dry
  2. Lucky for me that I have school tomorrow. Don't have to watch the humiliation.
  3. I think cricket is the only sport I have witness where the player goes past his due date of retirement and starts to take up coaching role on field while playing in the XL ... LOL P.S I am actually not joking. I think Grant flower or andy flower. One of the flower brothers did that for ZIM LMAO.
  4. Zero_Unit

    How Shameful is this??

    about 10 years ago, india got knocked out by a crappy BD team from WC. I donno what you're talking bout here ...
  5. Just looked at the next round schedule. How is 2 matches taking place at the same exact time/date? Is that an error or actually staged like that?
  6. Zero_Unit

    How Shameful is this??

    Even the great Imran Khan wouldn't be able to do much with this sorry bunch of jokers
  7. you seem to be enjoying this quite a lot. Would be a real shame if Pak actually looses to this crap of a so called best team in ODI, followed by some more thrashing from both BD/AFG. If that is to happen, i will personally open that thread for you LOL ... Jokes aside, IND will definitely get murdered on the field tomorrow with this sub par team.
  8. Look at uncle Sastri smiling and laughing like a donkey
  9. Loosing to even AFG would have been digestible but this .. LMFAO
  10. Almost 100 up and not a single wicket. Spinners are giving HK trouble though
  11. We all have feeling that HK will crash when the spinners will come out (maybe not) but we are all ticked off the way these morons have played today so far
  12. Man wtf is up with all these no balls. Mofo is playing like it's gully cricket
  13. This nizahat Khan guy will get a IPL contract if he scored a 100 today

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