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  1. All joking aside, pak did pretty well with the bat throughout this whole series. Good stuffs
  2. Zero_Unit

    England vs Pakistan series

    Can't see Pak win this anymore
  3. Seriously, they should let him. Cutting off his financial earning ability is just not right.
  4. Zero_Unit

    "175" is lucky for Ind in ODI WCs

    If anyone is to score that 175, can't see anyone beside Rohit from the current lot to do it! Come on fat boy, prove us wrong and score that 175!
  5. What was the other commentator's name from BD? That guy is more astrocious to listen too with his fake English accent lul
  6. i havent really kept upto date with lankan team. they are known to surprise everyone and punch above their weight even with crappy no name player team. Don't be suprised to see them running for that 4th spot. Don't really have much confidence in BD/AFG making it to semis. Heck even add WI to that list aswell. BD might play some good knock, might also be the reason for some teams not making it to the semis for loosing against them but can't see them cause more damage than that.
  7. Not sure how they will evolve when getting hit all around the park. One thing we can expect is that more bowlers/team mates getting caught cheating (sand paper gate style). If wickets are not coming, more will go the sand paper gate route. The more incident like that occurs, more likely chance for them to get caught.
  8. not sure what watching a cricket match involving a country has to do with an attack by millitants/terrorists. I'll watch any cricket match I get the chance to watch, even if it's canada vs usa.
  9. Zero_Unit

    Should we worry about Sri Lanka

    am still trying to figure out who the heck is who in this new face lankan squad. Different captain, new faces, its all brand new to me :'(
  10. Should stick to playing zim. Even BD b team is too strong for them lmao
  11. I had no clue that Curran can bat like this. This eng batting side is crazy scary
  12. How the eff is pak loosing this lmao. Great bowling side my arse
  13. We literally have the exact same situation that just happened in bd v wi. Half the team is gone, 60 from 40 ish needed. Let's see if eng can do a bd today

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