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  1. I gave my fair share of criticism when dhoni was batting but let's get back to reality. Would you have bet your money on DK and Jadav followed by wanna be mr allrounder to take us home with the bat? I think not.
  2. Why did they cancle it? Only one world championship happened in cricket history?
  3. what is this World championship that keeps poping up once in a while? Was it a World cup or something like champions trophy?
  4. Usually people finds joy in a win. I don't know how to feel about this win TBH
  5. Who would have thought that inclusion of one man in the team would cause so much blood pressure for is all. Pant did not do any wrong for is to witness another 60sr innings
  6. He must make his wife real happy ... If you know what I mean ;)
  7. Best batting line up in the world my ass. Top 3 goes for cheap, even chasing 230 feels like chasing 350. These guys looks like a fish out of its bowl trying to survive.
  8. Don't y'all wish pant was in the playing 11 :'(
  9. I don't understand Dhoni's approach. What is his goal? What is the point of this 60sr when the rr required is above 6 now. Like they say in street cricket, hit or gtfo.
  10. This is becoming a snooze feast. Seems like both are on course to what Dhoni did, 90 ball 50 lol
  11. For all the sticks we give sastri, we really don't know what happens in the background. If the players are happy and performing, what do we have to hate on? Myself included lol
  12. Zero_Unit

    Team for World Cup 2019

    No matter what your playing XI is, better have a spot for Dhoni. This shameless lad ain't going no where. Cheer him on folks.
  13. I personally am 100% not content of him being part of the wc19. He should have ended it after 2011. But it will happen. Better throw some positivity towards him than negativity. But I do sincerely hope that he hangs his boots after the WC. Doesn't seem like he will be dropped.
  14. Atleast this guy gets it. Everyone is jumping up and down for Dhoni to fail but reality is regardless of how crappy his form is, he will be part of WC19. Better suck it up and start cheering for him because he will be part of playing XI aswell. If he does well, we do well. That's the end of that.
  15. Zero_Unit

    Pakistan's ongoing cricket streaks

    This was by far the best "burn" I have ever seen on cricket. Williamson is savage

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