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  1. I'm starting to realize why you have so many negative trolling feedback here. Every team will have to play the same amount of games in the group stage, wtf kind of logic are you spitting out here? Regardless of if we are playing England or Afghanistan on our first game or last game, we still have to play against them and beat them. Stupidity has no limit here ...
  2. Afghanistan- IND should win this - The spin trio may have possed a bigger threat in sub-continent but should be fine in Eng. Srilanka- I can't really see SL doing well here. Seems to be alot of internal problem (most recent with the coach aswell) Bangladesh- This guys are a mystery. Really depends on how many senior player performs. Could be walk in the park or a touch and go battle but IND should win if top 3 doesn't get out cheaply. Pakistan- Same situation as BD, however they have a better chance of winning V IND South Africa- I would say IND would win this one. SA seems to fragile these days. AB should hav stuck around. WI- I worry about Gayle on top order and Russell at bottom. Even a 400+ won't look safe if Gayle keeps his current form. Australia- Australia wins this. Nzl- I would say NZ will also win this England- England Wins (possibly the WC aswell). Too effing strong from top to bottom. You can't have a Dhoni playing a 90 ball 50 and put on a sub-par score and expect these boys to roll over. It would take the bowlers everything they got and even some more to pull this off.
  3. Zero_Unit

    Terror attack in New Zealand

    I made the mistake of seeing it too, by accident on instagram (video started playing automatically). Should have scrolled down. I agree with Nikola, don't watch it.
  4. It would be interesting to see Afg vs BD/ZIM in test. Could probably win a match or two against them.
  5. It would be interesting to see how these BD players go on about their lives from now on. Most of them are still under 25. Clearly some of them will have PDST from this experience. May even hinder performance/growth. Some of the cricinfo articles about the event concerning the players are just horrifying. No one should have to to go through these kind of events
  6. You're not the only one. I have a bad feeling about it too, especially Ind/pak match
  7. I guess samerawara lied about keeping the bullet they pulled out of his thigh. Cause as you said, they narrowly missed it. Stop bs'ing around with your bs here.
  8. It's already happening all over the net, especially in their favorite forum. Bunch of psychotic nutbags. Before the sl team attack, teams were still touring them - maybe not Australia, eng and co but int cricket was still being hosted. What they fail to understand is their board f'ed up. They promised presidential security to SL team. Either the board lied or what they call a presidential security is a joke. There is no reason for teams to tour them. There are only two possibilities, PBC are liars (does not take people's life seriously) or the country's security sucks. Loose loose in both scenario.
  9. BD cricket team, heading to the mosque for Friday prayer, got saved from this Macassar by a delay of 2 min because of media interview. Luck was truly on their side.
  10. Zero_Unit

    Terror attack in New Zealand

    Don't bother quoting people if you have nothing productive to add. Don't tell me "yours" when I made it clear that am an atheist nor do I live in a Muslim country. Also do bother answering the questions asked instead of p*ssy footing around it
  11. Zero_Unit

    Terror attack in New Zealand

    I have a feeling you didn't understand a single thing I laid out for you and trying to put words into my mouth that I haven't said. Never said wait around for the bloodshed to finish and till these morons matures up, however bombing them to infinity will not change the idiology, Infact will make it worst. There are f'up widespread sh*t going around all over the world, just cause fox news or cnn isn't picking it up, doesn't mean it's not happening. Race, religion, color, you name it, it's happening. Just look at Africa and their war child - lot of them are Christians. F'ing eating people's heart after killing them - am not making this sh*t up. You are probably used to watching western culture tv - since you did mention Christian kids are not taking up the arms - that's why Christianity looks very civilized in your eyes. Also, from your innocent reply, am assuming you are ignorant about what actually happens around the world (not saying that you are stupid - just saying that you are uninformed and should get informed). Evil is evil, regardless of the religion they follow. But in the eyes of the terrorist, evil is the one who is bombing them aswell. It's a double edge sword here. You can't beat an idiology with bombs/police/etc. It may prevent it for the moment, but doesn't stop the idiology - just like how religion is spread through out generations in the form of an idiology. To you and I, those damn Muslim terrorist are evil, to them the americans are for bombing their parents/kids/spouses/ taking possession of their land. You still haven't answered my question, you laid out your plan on what you will do, but I gave you an example on how your idea looks good on paper but when it comes to executing it, it's not as easy. Do you agree? How would you tackle it in real world? I have no better answer so I wouldn't be able to answer this hard question either.
  12. Zero_Unit

    Terror attack in New Zealand

    https://www.google.com.au/amp/s/amp.news.com.au/national/queensland/politics/politician-lashes-out-at-muslims-after-christchurch-shootings-they-are-the-perpetrators/news-story/8e3f11fe73821dc3e65d75432ac76f2e This is beyond stupid. In a time of crisis this moron had this to say - Queensland Senator Fraser Anning "The real cause of bloodshed on New Zealand streets today is the immigration program which allowed Muslim fanatics to migrate to New Zealand in the first place.”
  13. Zero_Unit

    Terror attack in New Zealand

    Being an atheist opens your eye up to many religious beliefs/hatered and other bs, your post is a prime example. What you mentioned, easier said than done bud. You don't relinquish a stupid ideology that easily. Let's take one example: How do you plan on educating their children when they flee to terrorist land and make babies there and in return those babies are terrorist future army? It's a never ending factory. Or Infact how do you know for a 100% fact what they are being influenced with outside of their home - assuming the parents are not terrorist themselves. Do you know how easy it is to brain wash a kid - if tidepod episode didn't show you that, I don't know what will. Do you know which religion was hated before the Muslims? Christianity would be your prime choice. If history had taught us anything, Christians were as brutal as the present Muslim terrorist. Burning a women alive because you're though to be a witch vs stoning a women to death for adultery. If you ask me, both ranks as psychotic.
  14. Zero_Unit

    Terror attack in New Zealand

    Am actually curious to know what would be the type of action that you would take vs thousands of illogical armed men who are devoted to the same religion as you are but misuses it.
  15. Zero_Unit

    Terror attack in New Zealand

    I mean what did PewDiePie say about that terrorist attack that took place to gain pak support and followers

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