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  1. Let's all laugh at AUS's ODI performance outside AUS

    Damn that's sad but lets be honest. This is one of the weakest AUS team by far in the last few decades. It's not Smith's fault, it's the quality of players present in the team. Pointing inherited an outstanding team. You could literally put it on autopilot and that team would win you matches. Smith's team needs a tactically good captain to do the same job. Smith is a good player, but as a captain, not very good tactically.
  2. Hardik Pandya, the complete cricketer.

    ben stokes who? Shakib better watch out, this guy is bout to steal his #1 crown very soon if he keeps on playing like this .
  3. Don't be so certain. Having players from NZ, AUS, SA tour the country (let's cross out finger and hope nothing bad happens) will ensure some faith in the security provided by PCB. This will certainly make Lankan and Bangla cricket board send teams to your country for half/full tour. First baby step completed and PCB is doing a good job at it.
  4. If there was to be a 4th format in cricket- What would it be?

    tis is me purely being creative here: ODI have two innings like a test match 25/25/25/25 overs. Each team bats twice. Double t20 is you want to call it, LOL
  5. LOL, taking something so insignificant and making it into an issue that does not exist. Calm down
  6. White Wash ....!

    if lanka is going to play this badly, surely does not deserve anything more than 2 test matches and 3 odi's next time around.
  7. I was a huge Lankan cricket fan when Sanga was around but ffs, at this rate, what's the point of a full series with 5 odi's? Might as well reduce it to 3 from now on if this is the current SL's boys can come up with.
  8. Definitely a good player - I would replace Jadeja for him all day everyday - but I am curious to know how many of those runs/wickets came against the likes of Zim. How much difference do we see in the avg if we take Zim out of the equation?
  9. Two tier test cricket

    I personally thing the Two tires should take place. Teams like AFG and IRE will face the same consequence as BD did for 10 years. Whats the point off loosing matches after matches without even putting up a decent fight?
  10. I wouldn't mind, he was one of my fav cricket of all time XD. But honestly though, if Sanga retired, means he made up his mind. There is no point on bringing back retired players to go from chaotic losses to marginally loose. SL needs to go back to the root and fix their sh*t first. If anything, get Sanga in a mentor/coach/etc role to get him involved in the team asap.
  11. Shai Hope- take a bow!

    What was more impressive about his innings was that he was CHILL. Literally, CHILL. Looked calm and composed.
  12. Who is currently best all-rounder in world?

    No offense but what kind of DumbA$$ logic is this man? Playing for a weaker team means you have LESS OPPORTUNITIES (less matches) and more PRESSURE on your shoulder. In reality, Stokes will play more matches than Shakib will ever dream of by the end of his career which will give him more chances and opportunities aswell. As for stokes, I have no clue why people likes to butter this boy up so much. Is it because he is from ENGLAND? He is a good player but seriously now ... the best in business atm? If you ask me, with all the allrounders going around these days, I would feel much safer to hand over the bowl to Jadeja than stokes, bat over to Shakib than stokes.
  13. LOL, can't do any worst can he now? HAHA ... Surely Sangakara needs to raise his hand aswell.
  14. Comparing apples with oranges. At least try to be relevant to the topic ...

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