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  1. Sri Lanka's cricketers refuse to tour Pakistan

    Not really all that surprised. Espacially from a team that actually took the bullets.
  2. damn, just saw the highlight of AB's batting. Different type of beast alltogether.
  3. Once again, wtf are you even talking about? It's pointless to compare babar to sachin's stats/feats. Sachin played in a different era and ended his carrer when the game has changed significantly. Back in the days, 250 was a good score, compare that today, 250 is a joke score. Back in the days, fielding restriction was not as brutal as it's today. No new two balls, bats were not as meaty as today, even 100's were rare. You have no clue on wtf you are even talking about, do you? And what do you mean by WE? The only person that' even started to bring out stats is YOU. Not WE ...
  4. Biggest Shocks of 2017 in Cricket

    CT - Pakistan winning it. No bigger shock than this in 2k17 cricket.
  5. Bro, it doesn't matter how fast you get there but it does matter how you end it. No point of dragging Tendulkar's or Virat's name around to compare with Babar here. Tendulkar is and will end up being on of the best batsmen to have ever played this game. Same goes for Virat. Babar is a 'barely legal' in international cricket. Let him grow his wings before the comparaison starts.
  6. I can't help you if you don't know the difference between comparing vs using x y or z to set as an example. Perhaps a visit to dictionary.com would clarify your incompetency on this matter? Or should have paid better attention during those English classes perhaps? Not really hard to understand, is it? No where in my discussion have I compared Kohli (am like one of the biggest Virat fanboy) to his new kid in town. Used him - who is a quality player like root and co - as an example. Let's assume x = Virat (you may replace him with root, Warner, Williamson, etc). Example bro, example, not comparaison. Get your head together! To me it seems like you can't defend your logic, hence hellbend on trying to tell us that I was comparing him with Kohli, what a joke! You are up uptight about his centuries and stated clearly that it does not matter cause it came against weaker team. I simply pointed out that if a quality player - once again, I used Virat as an example, not comparaison. Remember, x's value can be interchangeable in this case - hits a century against weaker team, does that mean his contribution toward his avg is meaningless since he scored them against 'nobody' - your words, not mine. So if a quality player scores a century against the likes of 'nobody', their centuries doesn't matter either or count towards their avg? Like I said previously, he has done a decent job till now. The number of matches he has played is not enough to start judging him. Still too early in his career. Let him hit 50 matches atleast before taking him out to the cleaners. Still, if he is avg'ing 50 ish in international cricket, it does tell us that he has potential. But, how he carries himself throughout his career is upto him and the amount of hardwork he decides to put into it if he wants to seperate himself from avg Joe to an all star Joe.
  7. What are you even talking about. Might want to read our whole convo before jumping on the bandwagon. His logic: babar's centuries should not matter cause it came against weaker teams since he is a 'nobody' My logic: (used Virat as an example) should we disregard quality players century against weaker team aswell? The point is, he is doing a decent job ATM and is early in his career. No point on assuming that he will be a failure. After 50 or so matches, we can have a discussion on where this lad is heading.
  8. I didn't compare Virat to him. Simply used his name as an example. Cause you have no more arguments or can't come up with better logic, stuck at throwing insults. Ha! Who is the clown now?
  9. So I guess when we speak about Virat, we are not suppose to take into account the centuries against WI, BD and SL? Logic? Reread what I wrote, "HE IS TURNING INTO A FINE BATSMEN" ... Turning =/= is atm. Like I said, credit needs to be given where its due. When he hits 50 matches, we can have a discussion about his performances then. But atm, he is doing a more than decent job.
  10. What's killing Windies cricket

    it's more to do with board and politics. Imagine not letting Sachine, Virat and other star players represent team India because of silly domestic craps, how many of y'all will actually watch matches on a regular basis. Same applies for WI. Its the board and their stupid rules thats killing their cricket.
  11. bro, credit should be given where it's due. Doesn't matter who the century is coming against, if century was easy to score, every players would have plenty going on for them. Plus the guy is avg 50+ in odi atm. That's more then good. Don't be sour
  12. Where are quality lefties in the world?

    Warner, Quinton De Kock, Dawan (on his day he is very lethal), Tamim, That Fakar Zaman could potentially become a great batsman aswell, Gayle. What ya talking bout bro?
  13. Babar is turining out to be a fine batsmen. Already 6 century under his belt
  14. which uncivilized douchbag did this? I don't understand the point of throwing stones cause your team lost. Wtf is this mentality ...
  15. Can Toygers avoid follow-on?

    Why did SA declare? Could have batted all day today and only batted once.

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