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  1. Anything less than 2019 World cup is not acceptable

    Exactly. A perfect example of this would be when RCB went to play the finals against Sunrisers. It was pretty much a one man show (Kohli) throughout the whole season for his team. Just couldn't cross the line alone.
  2. It would do the world a lot of good if Nepal somehow qualifies but that's farfetched. Sad to see Kenya's cricket going down the drain, once a semi-finalist, now at the bottom of the barrel. Would have prefered Kenya qualifying to play the qualifiers instead of teams like UAE or HONGKong which are full of desi uncles. It will be a 4 way battle between Ire/Afg/Zim/WI. WI will most likely qualify.
  3. Top 20 averages in ODIs !!!

    Ahhh makes sense, I miss those type of tourney. Asia V Africa/Aus/Europe/ETC. It's actually fun seeing all asian counterparts cheering for the same team.
  4. Top 20 averages in ODIs !!!

    Why does Dhoni have Asia/Ind beside his name while the rest have their respective country?
  5. IPL Auction Live thread

    some of the team buys/selection made little sense. One example would be Sunrisers's spinners/allrounder pick. They already picked up Rashid and Shakib but went on to pick up Nabi aswell. Could have used that money to buy a local talent or something.
  6. As much as i am a fanboy of Virat, i personally believe it should have gone to smith.
  7. Is Hardik Pandya the next Kapil Dev for team India

    long way to go before the two names can be written side by side for comparasion. Still a couple of years too early.
  8. Bruhh, when it's time to go, it's time to go. Fitness alone doesn't win you matches. His age is catching up with him.
  9. Rohit Sharma is maniac on flat pitches !!!

    Flat track or not, scoring 3 double century is unheard off. This boy is definitely in his own league to convert them 100's to 200. You would imagine gayle to have these kind of records but nope.
  10. The moment I read that, I stopped reading your logical arguments. You are just one person with your personal opinion and keep it that way. Come back with respect and maybe we can have a civil discussion. If you don't have the respect to view other members in this community as participating member with their own logic/argument, you are not even worth discussing with.
  11. Bro do you even read your own logic before posting? Am here telling you to stop taking credit for other people's success. And you are here trying to defend some illogical statement you have made. Why should pakistan get any credit for Afghanistan's cricketing success? Your country introduced the game to them but it's upto the boys to wake up each and everyday to go and train. Hence I menitoned about England is the sole reason why cricket has came to India/Pakistan/SriLank/Bangladesh. Without England, we would have been playing soccer most likely or some other form of sports. Beside BD, every one of the other 3 asian countries has gone on to win a world cup or two. Are we going to simply turn around and say oh ITS THANKS TO ENGLAND we accomplished this feat? What a stupid logic ...
  12. It's like saying England trained you in this sport and you go back to their own homeland to cheat and take money for bowling noballs ... Who cares where the training came from as long as you execute it. Stop trying to take credit for their accomplishment.
  13. ^this! Congrats to afgans but I was watching the highlight of the match. They don't look like kids, more like grown ass men with wife and kids waiting to congratulate them at home.
  14. Rain is saving our arse today. Good stuffs.
  15. IPL is on top, bottom 2 is your pick between BPL and PSL. The quality of cricket is SH*T, broadcast is SH*T, COmmentators are SH*T, Alot of players playing for those 2 leagues are unkown/retired/can't find a place in the national team. Does psl even have any cheerleaders :P ? I would rate BPL a bit more than psl, simply because atleast they get to play in front of their own home country. Usually when you watch IPL, it's colorful, cheerful and fun. Even BBL or CPL. Watching these two leagues is so boring.

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