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  1. Zero_Unit

    Wow...Afg team has improved miles...

    these are the real tigers. the less said about the other tigers, the better. this is how you achieve hearts and hard work is paying off for them.
  2. Spoke too soon ...won by 7 :'( fortune teller store dream broken
  3. Hey look, prediction came true. Told you guys will win this by 8 wicket and Rohit will score a 50. Should open a fortune teller shop now ...
  4. I donno bout you guys but I was watching AFG V PAK match more than this crap of a show from this uninteresting match. Pak might struggle here letting them score 250. Win by 8 wicket is my prediction for this match. Rohit or Shikar will score a 50 This is a glimpse of what is going to happen to BD cricket once their senior players depart.
  5. What do you mean by cheating? Wtf bro?
  6. Birthday boy on his was to become a future star allrounder. Most people ages 1+ year, every year. Not this guy! He stays strong and skips a couple of years to get to his 20.
  7. what's with that ugly a$$ beard that shakib kept? looks hidious. Trim that sh*t bro.
  8. Zero_Unit

    Please respect our team!!!

    The only reason am creating a straw is because of your nonsense. Your post is about respecting players and here you are sh*tting on a Player and not to mention brining out his skin color. It's like saying a black man can't be racist against a black man cause they both are black. WTF kind of logic is this? Blantly stupid post. Had you stopped at demand respect but not bring saha to sh*t on, we would have given you respect.
  9. Even if he is not performing, he is playing the role of semi-captain and coach How can you drop such a player? lol But on a serious note, his WK is not as sharp as it used to be. These days I can actually see his stumpings compared to before where my eyes couldn't comprehend what just happened without seeing a replay. He was lightning fast but age is doing a number on his body. Both batting and stumpings is in a decline. Since Dhoni was always more hand/eye coordinated player and less to do with skill, his batting is not helping.
  10. This was a perfect opportunity to send pant over there. However, i think jadeja might actually do well under these conditions.
  11. Zero_Unit

    Please respect our team!!!

    Stop spewing your nonsense here. Your a blant racist against your own god damn people. And your post is contradictory by your own standard. Don't tell others to do something when you yourself have no self control. Good think you don't post here often, cause your logic is mental.
  12. It doesn't matter who wins since they have been seeded B1 (Afg) and B2 (Bd) without even playing this game. Both team should rest their key players for their match vs Ind/Pak. How the Ef did they end up getting a seeding before the match even started? How retarded is this?
  13. All these non-sensical debate pre-match. One side looks like a total dumba$$ at the end.
  14. Zero_Unit

    New Era of Fab 5 has dawned upon us

    I just lol'd hard at this. Lmao
  15. Zero_Unit

    Please respect our team!!!

    I think you don't know the definition of racist. Just cause you're from a certain race/place doesn't mean you can't be racist. Your post is about not to disrespect players but here you are sh*tting on Saha. See the irony of your own logic?

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