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  1. My money is on Pak to win this one. Both have played horrible cricket in this tournament. However, BD's batting has been alot worst than Pakistan, expacially after Tamim's exit. I'd say Pak will win this and play the final.
  2. Crying = free > broken tv = money loss I'd take crying over broken tv any day lol.
  3. To be honest this is more of a C team than A. But I agree with you lol
  4. it still baffels me why he went for a 6 instead of a single. Why would you want to risk it all away against possibly the best spinner around today? What a moron
  5. Wonder if tomorrow's match will be a nail bitter. Both are unpredictable, both can play competitvely if their real face shows up.
  6. What match were you watching? BD was 3 runs away from loosing and you guys were 3 balls away from loosing. These guys played like champs. B team or not, they were easily the second best team in this tourney
  7. Oh man what a f*cking ending. These Afgani boys have played like champions throughout the tournament. Welldone lads. Come next asia cup - they will be beating the teams, not loosing by margins/draw
  8. How are you gonna celebrate your own team's wicket
  9. For all the sh*ts we gave to the selectors for choosing this team, this team is still out performing every single team in this Asia cup. Not sure if I feel stupid now or not lmao
  10. if anything they came in the tournament OVERCONFIDENT by beating a weak ZIM team Black and blue. Comments like "I wanted to bowl to Kohli" blabla. Can't even break through the openers, forget about Virat. If anyone is leaving with confidence and heads up high, its AFG.
  11. bro you comment just made my day LMFAOOO. but wtf indeed. Unfair for WI. BCCI wtf are you doing
  12. They came in this competition with their chin up high, bashing the living crap out of a weak Zim side only to be put back in their place. CT glory days will continue till they lift up another significant cup.
  13. So far both PAK and BD performed similarly in this asia cup. Had real trouble with AFG. Got demolished by IND. Also demolished another team in the initial round (SL by BD and HK by PAK). Both are more than capable of defeating each other (not IND though )
  14. If Virat knows what's good for Team Ind, he would resign from captaincy with dignity and hand over the ODI captaincy to Rohit

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