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  1. They came in this competition with their chin up high, bashing the living crap out of a weak Zim side only to be put back in their place. CT glory days will continue till they lift up another significant cup.
  2. So far both PAK and BD performed similarly in this asia cup. Had real trouble with AFG. Got demolished by IND. Also demolished another team in the initial round (SL by BD and HK by PAK). Both are more than capable of defeating each other (not IND though )
  3. If Virat knows what's good for Team Ind, he would resign from captaincy with dignity and hand over the ODI captaincy to Rohit
  4. Zero_Unit

    Afghanistan vs Bangladesh

    Bro wtf? The hate is real in your post. Grow the fu*k up. Don't look like a total JackA$$ in public with filth like that and make it easy for people to bash you. For what it's worth, these boys have done wonders considering the condition of their country atm.
  5. Zero_Unit

    Afghanistan vs Bangladesh

    Remove pakistan from #2 and attach them with BD at number 3 and you got your rankings right. Pak = minnow basher.
  6. Zero_Unit

    Afghanistan vs Bangladesh

    oh man what a nailbitter. AFG wins a lot of hearts! The fizz did well at the end.
  7. Alright 100 up for rohit. no point of watching this match anymore. Am'a go watch and support afgan. gonna be a nail bitter
  8. BD won't make it unless they win today. Their RR is horrible out of the 3
  9. Just waiting on Rohit's hundred and will switch to the other match. Afg is in a tight race now. 120 from 16 over with 7 wickets. still doable
  10. Didn't they say a while ago that this PAK fielding side is top notched? Top notched at dropping catches?
  11. ON the other match, AFG looks good to win the match aswell. Possible AFG V IND final looks very real now.
  12. Pak team getting exposed here. Bashing a weak ZIM side and over hyping the team lol
  13. Openers needs to stay strong. If IND looses a wicket (espacially rohit) within the first 10 over, i don't have faith in middle order. gotta lay a foundation for these guys
  14. For all the hype up about Fakar Zaman, failed quite miserably in this edition of Asia Cup. Imam ul haq did well so far.
  15. If AFG wins against BD, might as well loose on purpose against them to play a quality team like afgan in the final
  16. Zero_Unit

    Wow...Afg team has improved miles...

    these are the real tigers. the less said about the other tigers, the better. this is how you achieve hearts and hard work is paying off for them.
  17. Spoke too soon ...won by 7 :'( fortune teller store dream broken
  18. Hey look, prediction came true. Told you guys will win this by 8 wicket and Rohit will score a 50. Should open a fortune teller shop now ...
  19. I donno bout you guys but I was watching AFG V PAK match more than this crap of a show from this uninteresting match. Pak might struggle here letting them score 250. Win by 8 wicket is my prediction for this match. Rohit or Shikar will score a 50 This is a glimpse of what is going to happen to BD cricket once their senior players depart.
  20. What do you mean by cheating? Wtf bro?
  21. It doesn't matter who wins since they have been seeded B1 (Afg) and B2 (Bd) without even playing this game. Both team should rest their key players for their match vs Ind/Pak. How the Ef did they end up getting a seeding before the match even started? How retarded is this?

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