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  1. Zero_Unit

    BCCI needs to reschedule IPL 2019

    It would be smarter to schedule it after the WC. Ain't no one gives a f*CK if they are injured for IPL but WC is a no-no! Already will be a tough tournament this time around.
  2. But ... But it's legal in Canada now. Lol
  3. So Chandimal got a ban for altering the ball. Is SLC going to go AUS way and give him extra ban time.
  4. Zero_Unit

    Aus v Eng - 3rd ODI - 19 June 2018

    God damn, eng about to fudge AUS up today badly
  5. Kohli wanna be is a bigger spoilt brat and a super fob aswell.
  6. Zero_Unit

    Best ODI match of all time

    that 400+ match between SA V Aus was something to witness!
  7. AUS are definitely feeling the heat without their top 2 batsmen
  8. Zero_Unit

    Skillful or not, there’s no escaping the yo-yo

    Asian players are some of the most laziest players in this game. Most apart from few (Kohli being the prime example) are unfit, tubby and injury prone.
  9. abit unfair to critisize them from get go. This is their first test match man. Unfair! If BD can get 10 years and still play sh*t, atleast give these Afghani lads 1-2 years before talk sh*t.
  10. It was always going to be a double edge sword for AFG to play us as their first test match. Had they been at a better position, would have given them a lot of confidence. But looking at things, it will only hurt their confidence. Should have played against ZIM/BD for their first test match. They should have been more in control during the game.
  11. who is keeping for afg?
  12. Zero_Unit


    that's so true. If anything, he is probably better than lots of their current inform batsmen, even today. He definitely had 1 more WC left in him.
  13. Zero_Unit


    He was my fav keeper/batsmen so followed Lanka's matches quite often when he was around. That's how I know lol
  14. Zero_Unit


    Sanga did it during WC.
  15. Zero_Unit

    Congratulations to Afghanistan !!!

    No cobra dance? LOL AFG' spin attack is definitely a threat in a T20 game.
  16. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uYlk4izYVmw Here is the full documentary if you guys are interested
  17. The real question is, did the reporter make back some serious cash betting with insider info?
  18. Pathan doing it in the match where it actually matters! Great stuffs
  19. couldn't afford enough $ to pay for his dancing skills ...
  20. SRH need atleast a 200 today. This 160 won't do it against csk
  21. this has nothing to do with haram or betting ... its a common statement.
  22. my money on csk = can't see sunrisers topping csk. never heard of the term my money is on X before?
  23. Zero_Unit

    ICC bans smart watches on field

    Not that I own an apple watch or anything but i find this ban ok. You have to be in a certain range to even connect to your phone/cloud/wifi to get msgs and what not. Some does come with sim card options but i dont think apple gives you that option on their smart watches. But the ban does make sense.
  24. Would be awesome to see SRH win this. my Money is on CSK though.
  25. I Donno why people keeps on saying that money does not matter. It does! Test cricket is not going to survive another generation. Within the next couple of decades test will either shorten to 3 days or will be played buy very few. T20 or even ten-ten will be the primary source of cricket for many and is ATM. Even international players sees it, why can't you? Beside ashes, regular test matches barely has full stands, barely anyone watching a test match on live tv. Perhaps you will watch some highlights but that's pretty much it. It's rare that a person will follow a test match from start to finish. You gotta be on welfare and some more no life situation to do a full 40h of test match.

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