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  1. They need help from dressing room...
  2. They need help from dressing room...
  3. Dilruwan does a Smith : SL caught cheating

    Really?? Didn't know icc has introduced a new rule of taking dressing room's help for drs...
  4. India back to its bad habit of letting tailenders make them suffer
  5. Nothing wrong! RU drunk r stoned?? DRS has to be taken on the field. Not in the dressing riim..
  6. Cheater smith has got company...
  7. After Dharamshala now Dehradun stadium

    Beautiful stadium. But they need to name the stadium after some sportsperson... not politicians...
  8. Zillion times better than aussie team.. Fantastic competition by the kiwis...
  9. MS Dhoni mega discussion thread

    Congrats to dhoni for scoring a century today..
  10. Next. Stamp to commemorate home loss to srilanka...in test match... Ultimate will be a stamp showing afridi biting the ball....
  11. You mean kohli will retire soon????
  12. Closed or open.. u will find pak standing with a begging bowl 24x7....
  13. The Run-Out XI

    This is an insult to grt batsman inzi...
  14. Another reason for pak to beg....
  15. Kohli DRS claims in Bengaluru Test were 'rubbish' - Smith

    Smith proving not only is he a cheater but also stupid...

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