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  1. TheWall

    FAO Test Cricket fans

  2. TheWall

    Missing Rohit Sharma in this Test team...

    Good to miss him..
  3. Apart from Kohli,, none of the batsmen are equipped to play outside India...
  4. That he failed to get a double century..
  5. Opening is still a big problem. India doesn't have a proper pinch hitter in the top.
  6. When maggie n dhoni r given a long run, why not Rahul???
  7. Along with shastri...
  8. He should be sent home. Now that he has finished his quota of scoring for the entire series.
  9. Hope thakur will coach dhoni.. how to hit a six..
  10. Match will get over inside 35 overs...
  11. Pandya is poor against pace...
  12. Dhoni wll begin his practise for the test match now
  13. Dhoni is not in the Test squad... can't understand why was he practising for the Test match...

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