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  1. asterix

    Happy Independence Day

    Happy Independence Day...
  2. asterix

    Why no practice?

    Too much “practice”... already back pain started...
  3. asterix

    Ikea opens up in Hyderabad, India

    ^ Smart Golts, I say...
  4. asterix

    Why no practice?

    Indian media should follow the team and record what they are doing in between matches...
  5. BCCI can’t afford this team keeps on losing... by the looks of it they gonna lose all the matches... BCCI will feel the heat in Indian media. Don’t think this is just a hogwash. The days of Kohli-Shastri hegemony is on the last leg... There re serious issues in the team and management. Soon dirty linen will be washed in the public... M not surprised that the team is having a good time. Somebody questioned me when I said that the tours of England is basically a holiday tour for players and there’s serious competition to get in the tour to England...
  6. Urmi. The kind of batting they’ve shown, I don’t think they’ve much chance with the Samba dancers...
  7. Some fine tips I must say... Keep them coming...
  8. With the benefit of finishing the Lords match a day ahead of scheduled end, Team India finds themselves at the pleasantly advantageous situation having a week off till the next match at Nottingham. Please help Team India by suggesting various activities they can indulge in to make the most of their time... I suggest a nice relaxing day tomorrow of shopping in Harrods & Oxford Street. Followed by some fine dining at some top restaurants in London... Team India can get some tips from Alex Hales & Ben Stokes to spend the rest of the night pub crawling... London has some nice pubs and night clubs... What are your suggestions?
  9. asterix

    Pick your team for 3rd test

    One thing is sure and for good only that players will get kicked out now... this debacle has broken the strangle hold of Kohli Shastri duo... I don’t mind losing all the matches as long as they get rid of those washed up players...
  10. asterix

    Pataudi Trophy - Worst Case Scenario

    Worst case scenario if Nepalese cricket fans coming here and mocking us... Paks, Bangladeshs, Afghanis can be tolerated... It’ll be really sad if Nepalese fans join in the trolling...
  11. asterix

    Tendulkar convinces shastri to apply

    You don’t know my history.., I’ve given lots of gaalis to the midget...
  12. Baal er players... bunch of bokachodas... Please pardon my language...

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