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  1. If Kedar Jadhav available, I’d rather pick him in place of both Jaddu & KruPa.. KruPa is best suited for IPL only. Shouldn’t be anywhere near to the Indian team... But as Rohit captains both MI and T20, KruPa is lucky to get these matches and screw India...
  2. asterix

    What was Karthik thinking?

    Don’t take this series seriously. This was a “give & take” series... You take ODIs, we take the T20s... The pie chucker KruPa becoming MoM in the second match was the indicator. He’s a rank pie chukar...he shouldn’t be in the team... Rohit showed his MI bias to give full series to KruPa... Rohit sucked as captain in this series... pretty mediocre team selection, not utilising Shankar’s bowling. Persisting with pretty mediocre Khalil, who’s a pathetic fielder too. I was hoping for Kaul to play in place of him... If you are experimenting in this series why give full series to those mediocre players like KruPa & Khalil full series while KeJa and Kaul sitting on bench? Dhoni as a WK gives you crucial wickets. His lightning stumping saved India otherwise would’ve been chasing a much bigger score... To me Rohit looks a compromised individual... He can win or lose as per demand without raising any eyebrows...
  3. asterix

    We need pant

    EThe deal is M$D retires after getting knocked Off in WC2019. The deal has provision that he can include few of his CSK Mates in the WC team. The deal included an IPL trophy, allow to play the WC and play as many chomu CSK players in the team possible... This is basically the last “hurrah” of Dhoni and his mideocre bunch of CSK players in Internationdl cricket. Once he’s gone, his coterie too will struggle to get in the Indian team... The sun is about to set on the CSK Empire... And “Thaila” fans know it very well...
  4. asterix

    We need pant

    WC.... After that will get rid of this cancer...
  5. Get this thing clear.., Pant will never be in the team if Dhoni is there... Thats the clear instructions from Dhoni camp to selectors...
  6. I’m pretty sure Rayudu won’t play in WC... he’s playing all these matches only because KKD was playing faster than Dhoni. Dhoni needed an equally pathetic batsman like him. So he insisted to drop KLD and bring Rayudu... The plan worked... everybody now blaming Rayudu...
  7. Not his fault. Did you see the cheer he got from the India crowd there? This guy gets equal cheer as if Kohli etc. There are Indian public who cheer mediocrity. Like getting excited to see Rahul Gandhi...
  8. You think Rayudu in the team not because of Dhoni and his CSK connection?
  9. The only chance is the Advertising companies insisting to allow India to go through as many rounds as possible to generate more revenues... Aksi I see this as farewell tour of Dhoni.. ICC might allow him to leave on a high no matter how Shyte the player he is...
  10. You guys need to understand that all these batting line up is only to satisfy the poor souls of CSK fans... They don’t care India wins or lose in WC... All they care is to wank on the tuk tuk batting... last few months to wank on and then only IPL...
  11. You guys are taking too much load... India won’t do well in WC. It’s a given... just grind and your teeth, bear the pain... just hope to get rid of Cancer once and for all...
  12. TRS & BJD are “neutral” to NDA, if the need arises... BJP will lose more states like Haryana, Bihar and even Gujarat in coming years... BJP leadership became overconfident or maybe they know their fate is short lived in this country. After Modi there’s no leader to replace him... Yogi can’t even get BJP candidate win in his own constituency... he campaigned in Picchatisgah extensively and the results are there for everybody to see... Congress has a future leader in place, BJP hasn’t..
  13. No he understands.. he himself mentioned it... To Pakistanis @Alam_dar all I can say is that Muslims are not at all living in fear in India... prime example is that millions of Bangladeshis and Rohingiyas are trying every month to come to India... Given an option, they would rather fear to go and settle in Pakistan...they’ll rather take their chances in India...
  14. That’s where my problem is... Yes, please blame BJP/RSS for communalising but please don’t ignore various regional parties and Congress themselves patronising Muslims, giving them free hand, overlooking their atrocities on minority Hindus in those areas, just for vote Bank politics.. You see, Muslims vote en-block and not like fragmented Hindus... they are an asset to the secular parties... these so called secular parties allow these Muslim hardliners a free run... as if Hindu votes are for granted because they are fragmented... Most secular parties are actually very communal to Hindus in their own country... Just look at the promises made by TRS and Congress made to Muslims in Telangana elections..

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