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  1. asterix

    Right to have my content/Profile deleted

    @maniac please don’t do this... for old times sake... You’ll be missed dearly. I’ll personally miss you... We’ve never met but the bonding is unexplainable. Take a break... you are entitled to. But please don’t leave like that...
  2. asterix

    Happy fathers day !!!

    Happy Father’s Day...
  3. Everybody knows who’s calling the shots... it’s a known secret...
  4. asterix

    Ramzan Ceasefire

    Slain army man Aurangjeb’s father requested fir a retaliatory action within 72 hours... I don’t have any expectations from Modi or Kadi Ninda Singh to take any retaliatory action... They are striving for some Nobel Peace Prize...
  5. You see the selectors and the coach are just ceremonial posts... These issues will continue till 2019 WC... Hopefully will sort out after that, fingers crossed...
  6. Oh, ODIs & T20s, don’t even worry about team selections...Kohli is just a mask... main decision are and will be taken on & off the field by “somebody else”. One who can’t be named here...
  7. Years of Grocery deliveries helped him... I can wait to see Raina jumping like a monkey On the leg side to play fast bowlers...
  8. Hmmm I foresee his move to DD next year...
  9. Man this Farcy Short such a pathetic batsman... playing a test match out there...
  10. Anything associated with Delhi is messed up... Sorry Delhi folks...
  11. France 2 - 1 Australia... Next match Argentina Vs Iceland...
  12. Various Hindu Temples organises Iftar for Muslims... https://deccanchronicle.com/nation/current-affairs/120618/ancient-hindu-uttar-pradesh-temple-hosts-iftar-party-for-muslims.html https://www.news18.com/news/india/kerala-hindu-temple-in-malappuram-hosts-iftar-party-for-muslims-1761695.html https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/amp.indiatimes.com/news/india/another-example-of-communal-harmony-ayodhya-temple-hosts-iftar-for-city-muslims-346784.html http://aboutislam.net/multimedia/world-in-picture/toronto-hindu-temple-hosts-ramadan-iftar-event/
  13. Aren’t you from Pakistan? You should support Afghanistan as they learned Cricket in Pakistan... Also losing your first test is not a big deal. Give this team some more time & matches, I’m sure they’ll do better than many other test nations did at the initial stages...
  14. Yes PC has hidden agenda... which you are not aware of... Nothing is exaggerated.. All these will come out maybe in future... Regarding you, if you give advice to Muslims and Pakistanis, as you have more knowledge in Islam & Pakistan, it’ll be better.... No point you preaching here and telling that Pak or Muslims don’t listen to you etc BS... We’ve enough preachers here to pontificate Hindus and Indians... If you know what I mean... Hindus and Indians are doing fine. Please focus on Muslims, islamophobia & Pakistan issues here...
  15. All those preaching here about liberal values, the RW has protested in a peaceful way and it’s their right.. Any comments on why JW Marriott cancelled the contract of Celebrity chef Atul Kochchar? What wrong he did? Where is his FOE? Why the liberals think polarisation is only one way street? I think the Liberals are the biggest hypocrites and polarisers.. it’s because of them the hardliners are doing business.. it’s the fault of liberals and “silent” Muslims who turn blind eye towards every issue Islamic... I hate this sense of entitlement of Liberals and Muslims. They can target and do anything but everybody else have to mollycoddle them, protect them, bend out of the way to accommodate them as if they are the second incarnation of God on Earth... I see so many good stories of Hindus keeping fast for Muslims, Temples going out of the way holding Iftar events. Muslims doing prayers in Temples...so do goody things... Wonder any reciprocal gesture from Islamic organisations? Maybe allowing Hindus to celebrate Diwali or Holi in Masjids maybe in future? Whom I’m kidding?

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