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  1. Delhi smog

    Need the following: 1) An extended rule on any party which is ruling in the Centre, Delhi & majority of surrounding states. 2) Phase wise relocation of polluting industries away from NCR, 3) Strict guidelines, regular inspection and implementation of Environmental laws governing construction. 4) Large air purifying towers 5) 2-Stroke engines / 2 & 3 wheelers access regulation. 6) Congestion tax for entry in the city 7) Effective green public transports. 8) Analyse and improve fuel quality and prevent/punish fuel adulteration. 9) Use Of technology and incentives for effective disposal of stubble in neighbouring states. 10) Sack that MoFo Harshwardhan (that incompetent Delhi politician who lost Delhi to AAP & Congress). PMO directly monitoring the Environment ministry.
  2. The guy broke up with the goat and went to the chicken...
  3. Actually Dhoni should also play in the U19 team to win matches for India...
  4. Ravi AGENT Shastri

    Which Indian team Ravi is taking about? ODI or T20? If all this is for that Mickey Mouse format T20, and if Dhoni doesn’t plays in T20s what sort of hell will break lose? It’s not that he’s great record as player in international or IPL matches... It’s another matter if that IPL loser captain Kohli’s got used to Dhoni taking charge on field and team selections...
  5. When will Kohli comes out of Dhoni's shoes?

    It’s unfortunate that the IPL marketing is directing the continuation of Dhoni in the Indian T20 team... 2 of the regular IPL losers are controlling the fate of Indian T20 team where as the proven winner Rohit has no say at all. Unfortunately Kohli politics will not allow Rohit to lead the Indian T20 team even after being the biggest RCB loser captain. Has no clues of captaining in LOIs...
  6. Ravi AGENT Shastri

    It’s not like that. Ravi Shastri made a statement today and hence another topic. It’s not a small issue. If it’s been then ex-cricketers wouldn’t have made their comments about Dhoni (for and against him). People might not realise but there is big money at stake here. Yes it’s all about IPL monies... Remember all these discussion is going on regarding “Dhoni should continue to be in the Indian T20 team or not”. They are not discussing ODI. It’s the Micky mouse T20s we are talking about. What would Dhoni or BCCI (IPL) or Team India lose if Dhoni vacates his position in the T20 team? And what would be the gains? Think about it.
  7. When will Kohli comes out of Dhoni's shoes?

    Kohli is very lucky that Dhoni is hanging around. He completely depends on Dhoni for most of the infield decisions. There’s a possibility that he takes Dhoni’s advice in team selections too. Kohli is a poor LOI captain and will always be. It’s unfortunate for new players who are waiting to come in the team that the captain is depending heavily on a has been player. Dhoni is enjoying this stint similar to the one enjoyed by Sonia Gandhi during the UPA rule. All good things will be credited to him and bad things to Kohli...
  8. Guys, Kohli has now got used to Dhoni captaining on field. Kohli himself struggles as LOI captain. See his record as RCB captain... But Dhoni does supports in whichever way possible. Yesterday he agreed to bat down the order and saved crucial runs of that Bhumrah wide. That runout was good however he’s struggling to throw stumps down. Spinners feel confident when he’s keeping. Dhoni himself has to quit when he’s ready.
  9. Guys, be careful....

    Oh so swing both ways... Cool
  10. Harsha will be unemployed soon

    Commission, maybe...
  11. Dhoni should allow others to fail, too

    Too late now as he’s done quite a lot of damage...
  12. “Gaptain”... Not Captain... Kamal has confirmed that he’ll be launching his party soon. First he’s launching his App to connect with his fan base and asked for donations though the App...
  13. Harsha will be unemployed soon

    If splits could win matches... Looks like he’s doing some other kind of splits when alone with Kohli... and boy CSKiites are loving it & why not?

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