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  1. You shouldn't comment on Sikhs like that. I hope you know the history of 12 o clock w.r.t Sikhs...
  2. Yes, lots of peer pressure to avoid crowded places for the time being... Although I'm a firm believer that terrorists won't target anything Pak related...
  3. I was planning to go to a match with my kids. Now I've put the tickets back on sale. Don't want to take any risk.
  4. Oho... So if the team loses he's not Choked but if team wins it's only because of him...
  5. Please do not insult Krishna by referring to a tainted person like Dhoni... Krishna never loses and is also not a back stabber... if you guys really want to know who was the Krishna in this IPL, look no further...
  6. England toured India just after a big terror attack. I hope the security will be top class.,
  7. Indeed but whether they would like to be associated with Tainted teams like CSK or not is the main question...
  8. They are worst kind of fans... Do you think they'll support the whole team in CT? All they care is about that Pony Dhoni... They keep on hating players whom Dhoni himself hated.. like Umesh, Saha etc... Just like AAPTards & Kejriwal.., Their whole Cricket Works revolves @ Dhoni... Now you'll see more AAPTardic comments like Burn, Rattled etc.
  9. Rattled & Burning with Jealousy...
  10. It's a good suggestion. Smith almost managed to win the IPL for PWNE... He will definitely turn around CSKs fortunes. It'll be a great comeback for CSK after it was BANNED for fixing matches under Dhoni's captaincy...
  11. Dhoni has been part of the favourite team to Win IPL 7 out of 10 finals... but has only managed to win 2 out if 7 times... Hence the notion of Choke which is reasonable....
  12. What's the hurry? Can't take it any more?