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  1. asterix

    IPL 2019 Finals at Hyderabad...

    Only one Qualifier match in that pathetic dustbowl...
  2. asterix

    IPL 2019 Finals at Hyderabad...

    Commiserations CSK...
  3. asterix

    Thala is back !!!

    To learn you need brain... Theres a reason why he’s called Brainless...
  4. Congratulations on losing to Wooden Spooners... Rare distinction...
  5. Fetish’s for brainless fast bowlers getting tonked?
  6. Again, was there a pressing need to give the last over to Umesh? I mean ever armchair critics like us know what he’s capable of... Wasn't it a huge risk? Not a single over to Moin Bhai?
  7. Problem is you’ve to rename the Indian team as CSK...

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