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  1. asterix

    Ind vs Pak Pre-Match Discussion (WC19)

    Reporting from Manchester. It rained heavily during the day here. Stopped raining now. The forecast is rain @ 4pm tomorrow. If the outfield gets ready in time, we should get a match. Needless to say, decision making after winning the toss is vital...
  2. Actually future of Punjab got saved by a whisker... thanks to Punjab voters. The moment they realised Khalistanis coming in large groups to campaign for AAP in every streets, they feared the worst days of terrorism in Punjab... The power hungry Kejri was ready to parachute as CM of Punjab... Imagine Punjab Police at the disposal of Kejriwal and his gang giving free run to the Khalistanis to establish themselves... Punjabi’s will never accept a non Sikh CM. The only (and better) option was to vote for Captain & Congress. As an important frontline border state, I’d prefer Congress and Captain to be in charge than those pickpockets from AAP...
  3. Rain everyday for a week. Reserve days wouldn’t have helped. The issue is with the format of all teams playing each other. It’s actually turning out unfair to many teams... Group matches format is the way to go in countries like England. Anyway, I hope ICC decides to not host any more events in this wretched country...
  4. Only Jazbaa & Junoon keeping them afloat... I’m sure they’ll muster more Jazbaa & Junoon along with Passion for the match against arch rivals India... Inshallah!
  5. If India can beat Aussies, so as Pak too...
  6. Aussie screw up n their batting will haunt them... 307 is atleast 40 runs short...
  7. That was 100% fixed.. Felt very let down & Cheated. India was the best team in last CT... Never liked VK after that...
  8. Marsh responsible for that Warner wicket...
  9. Pak genes.. Can't trust him at this crucial stage...
  10. I want Pak to win this match so that as per ICC rules, they lose the next match...

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