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  1. TRS & BJD are “neutral” to NDA, if the need arises... BJP will lose more states like Haryana, Bihar and even Gujarat in coming years... BJP leadership became overconfident or maybe they know their fate is short lived in this country. After Modi there’s no leader to replace him... Yogi can’t even get BJP candidate win in his own constituency... he campaigned in Picchatisgah extensively and the results are there for everybody to see... Congress has a future leader in place, BJP hasn’t..
  2. No he understands.. he himself mentioned it... To Pakistanis @Alam_dar all I can say is that Muslims are not at all living in fear in India... prime example is that millions of Bangladeshis and Rohingiyas are trying every month to come to India... Given an option, they would rather fear to go and settle in Pakistan...they’ll rather take their chances in India...
  3. That’s where my problem is... Yes, please blame BJP/RSS for communalising but please don’t ignore various regional parties and Congress themselves patronising Muslims, giving them free hand, overlooking their atrocities on minority Hindus in those areas, just for vote Bank politics.. You see, Muslims vote en-block and not like fragmented Hindus... they are an asset to the secular parties... these so called secular parties allow these Muslim hardliners a free run... as if Hindu votes are for granted because they are fragmented... Most secular parties are actually very communal to Hindus in their own country... Just look at the promises made by TRS and Congress made to Muslims in Telangana elections..
  4. You are misinformed.. Please check the videos of recent Muslim congregation in Bulandshar.. Muslims certainly not living in fear in UP or any states... Rhey are living in most dabang way... If you say these Muslims are living in fear I cannot fathom how they’ll behave when they are “not living in fear”...
  5. I’ve realised that whatever BJP leaders say, they still prefer to have shadow boxing (Noora Kushti) with Congress as both willkeep in exchanging these states in various terms... in the process BJP takes the RW on occasional rides by making various promises... RW slowly realising it that BJP is taking them for a ride... Congress is more experienced in ruling the Country and BJP doesn’t has any ecosystem like Congress and doesn’t makes any efforts to make its own eco system...
  6. Fair enough.. however if you ignore the rise of fundamentalist Muslims in India, you’ll be living in fools paradise... BJP will fail but fundamentalist Muslims doing big rallies, creating trouble and actually persecuting Hindus in some deject states will finally tip over the mostly peaceful Hindus... that time is coming soon.. Remember Muslims are still safe in majority Hindu population.. Hiwever this cant be same vice versa when the Muslim population reaches the “desired” level. It’s fast approaching that stage now...
  7. Modi brought lots of hope for its core voters in 2014 and first 1 Year he was focusing on administration, performance of ministries and ministers etc. Somewhere he got bitten by “Vikaans” bug and started getting the hang of getting popular among NRIs and Western leaders... He was a born traveller. He really likes to travel... he works hard too (many hours a day). He and husvteam has done some fantastic development work. You have to give credit to him... Gadkari, Piyush have done good job in their ministries. Sushma too has done her bit... Rajnath “Kadi Ninda” Singh has done lots of good work in neutralising Naxal and Kashmir millitancy... However he’s some extremely incompetent ministers too, like Jaitley, Harshwardhan, Jawdekar etc... Jaitley has single handedly screwed up Modi & BJP.... The actual damage done by him will result in these losses. On top of it, Modi’s not being ruthless against Corrupt Gandhi’s & Vadras is now hurting him... it’s too late to go after them now... Now you’ve your two top CBI officers fighting like cats... how unfortunate it is for Modi & BJP?
  8. Chhattisgarh (and now PiChhattisgarh) almost went to Congress in the last elections too. Raman Singh somehow managed to save it last time but this time the game was over, however BJP/RSS didn’t revealed it so that not to discourage the RW... Rajasthan alternates between two parties in every term.. Raje was was very unpopular and BJP took a huge gamble backing her. Paid the price now... MP is a surprise result and Mama (Shivraj) has done lots of work and is popular too...But SC/ST act, angry middle class & farmers screwed up BJP.. Youve to understand the new generation are more politically aware and 15 years under BJP which they grew up creates anti-incubancy for BJP... Muslims vote in a block to Congress even if RaGa proclaims himself as more Hindu than Modi... But BJP is still hanging there...
  9. @Muloghonto Comunal politics still works in Hindi heartland... maybe you missed Congress leaders videos leaking mentioning about Muslim votes, RaGa mentioning his gotra, visiting temples and Tibet, trying to beat BJP in its own game... Theres have been more riots during Congress rules than BJP rule but people love to blame BJP only.
  10. Hi all... Was taking a break from cricket... After BJP losing 3 states, thinking of taking break from Indian politics... Everybody is harsh on Modi & BJP... Even I’m very angry too... However I’ll put my views one by one.
  11. asterix

    Champions Trophy all over again?

    Not sure how much money the Betting Mafia will make tonight... If you notice sudden and drastic change in players performances and strange decision by captain, rest assured that the match outcome has already been decided at the very top level. No point blaming the players as they have to follow orders. If you see Bangladesh makeshft openers making a century stand, best is to not increase your BP, just dont follow the match and do something useful... :nice:
  12. Moeen Ali picking 9 wickets and our fat arse Constipated Donkey got one wicket...
  13. From 86/6 to on the brink of winning the match in the 4th day... Mashallah! Ali keeps of taking wickets... And we’ve a fat arse veshti wearing constipated idiot...
  14. As I said, I’ve no favourite players... Anybody who shows temperament or skills to justify selection, I’ll support hm...

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