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  1. It’s a democracy. Merely fan following won’t make you PM. Else SRK or Sallu Bhai can also become PM.. You are slowly revealing yourself. Having doubts about your age now...
  2. If Modi is worst, then people will anyways elect the “better” candidates from other parties and that person will be the PM...
  3. Will you ask to change PM candidates of other parties too?
  4. Ankit Sharma Name Rakh leney se “peacefuliyat” chhip nahin sakti...
  5. asterix

    All jokes, and fan banter aside..

    I’ve been saying this for many seasons now... Ways to get desired results is to assign tasks & targets to few players of both team... 1) Toss: One team captain is told to elect to bat first if he wins the toss or the opposition captain will field first if wins the toss. 2) Based on the team chasing a “reasonable” target is given to the team batting first which is suitable of team chasing. For example 150 runs and below always suits CSK. 3) Batsmen getting out playing lose shots. Tonight’s Rohit’s wicket is an example. Raina, Rayudu wickets were suspect... 4) Catch Drops: Tonight’s drop by Raina was very suspect . He rarely drops catches... The drops by MalingA & Chahar... 5) Umpiring: You know the standard of Umpiring ... 6) Inexplicable batting order decided by captain 7) in explicable field placements by captain...
  6. Guys I’m out of here... i has been saying MI being used to give ultimate gift to Dhoni..
  7. KruPa is pissed off ... Here we are happy that he fecks off...
  8. * off KruPa... Good wicket...
  9. MoFo SKY... Jus saw his dismissal in SloMo...
  10. How can you get out like that?

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