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  1. It is time to use our specialist properly. Bhuvi should be considered mainly for Tests and T20s. ODIs should have other bowlers
  2. The kid appears to have been marked and targeted for her disability by these psychos
  3. What to say of a society where kids are not safe .... Ind’s population has gone wild
  4. zen

    Is Dhoni done?

    As they say it is always good to retire when people ask "why" and not "why not"
  5. Poor performance, including team selection, from India so far .... Up to the bowlers now
  6. Playing 11 selection, along w/ injuries, makes it difficult for Ind
  7. Did not expect Rahul to not play. Dhoni and Raina’s inclusion is messing up the 11
  8. zen

    2018 FIFA World Cup

    More or less that is how France played
  9. zen

    Lynching mob kill a guy based on rumors

    Ind needs more citizens on patrol. A significant percentage of population in India is like stray animals ready to pounce on innocent kids and women. Police alone cannot handle this, therefore it is causing mobs to take matter in their hands
  10. I am more for making cities and towns pedestrian oriented, like the initiative below:
  11. Is it based on reporting? If so, "reporting" can be an issue in countries like India where many keep quiet due to negative social impact
  12. zen

    Dumb or Playing Dumb?

    Dumb or Playing Dumb?
  13. zen

    2018 FIFA World Cup

    SA teams are in katar to win in Qatar
  14. zen

    2018 FIFA World Cup

    Yes, 4 now

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