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  1. One possible explaination - By taking control of your mind
  2. Good Cop

    https://m.timesofindia.com/city/indore/cops-stop-child-funeral-uncover-rape-murder/articleshow/63919094.cms we need more effort and support from Police to fight this menace
  3. Jab andhera hoota hai, aadhi raat ke baad, ek ??? nikelta hai, kaali si sadak pe, phir awaaz aati hai ....
  4. Mamas who are said to ask for cigarette never met met one though
  5. I was driving in Germany at night. Nuremberg to a small town. The rental BMW’s navigation told me to keep going on the autobahn, Google Maps on the cellphone calculated a faster route. Decided to go with Google. Who would not want to reach the destination early? The road went through interior forest like terrain. The towns were asleep. Not a soul in sight. Suddenly a dense fog came out of nowhere. Was difficult to see through the fog beyond a few feet ahead in the pitch black darknesses. Had to slow down. Forest like terrain appeared creepy at night. May have imagined (or heard) weird noises as well Finally reached the small town. It was as if it was under curfew. GPS was making me go round and round. There was no panwala to stop by at and ask for directions. How will I find the hotel in this ghostown? Suddenly a soul appeared out of nowhere. Sped the car straight at him. The guy understood a bit of English. Explained to me to take an interior road to the mini resort type hotel Reached hotel. Reception was open just for me. Took the keys and jumped straight in to bed. The weird noises were probably playing only in my head Woke up in the morning. It was beautiful. The landscape looked different in the light. Amazing After the meeting. Decided to stop by at Bamburg, beautiful old town, for lunch on my way to Kassel, which is known for a place which has something to do with Hercules (visited that place too) Wondered what happens at night in such beautiful places
  6. Hardik Pandya...

    If Pandya wore glasses, had a normal haircut and said namaste, many would be rooting for him Could be getting the hate for being “different” Don’t care about it Pandya. Enjoy your life and cricket
  7. Wow, what a decision .... Gambhir I read that he will even forgo his salary
  8. None in particular. Trundlers in general
  9. Quality of Ind players is improving. Can get away with 3 international players in the 11. Max 6 in squad Quality over quantity
  10. Good Cop

    https://m.timesofindia.com/city/chennai/constable-thwarts-train-rape-bid-suspect-held/articleshow/63905709.cms Nice to see, the policeman not turn a blind eye .... it is like in the movies .... Good job!
  11. Name famous Kannadigas or people from Karnataka

    Some of my favourite cricketers - Chandra, Vishy, Kumble, Srinath, Dravid, .... Pandit Bhinsen Joshi
  12. Asaram Guilty of raping minor

    Great decision. However, would have preferrred a harsher punishment considering how women were exploited over the years and murders of key witnesses People should be empowered to speak up. Or these guys feel untouchable and continue to exploit as they please
  13. Mumbai Indians Fan Club - 2018

    2013, 2015, 2017 .... odd numbers .... MI will be back with a bang in 2019
  14. https://m.timesofindia.com/city/bareilly/up-girl-sold-by-parents-at-8-is-mother-of-4-by-16/articleshow/63901675.cms shocking .... no conscience

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