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  1. Rohit Sharma's wife was seen at the stadium in many matches including in the game vs Pak, which was held more than 15 days before the SF or even the SL game Rohit might be the person who planted split captaincy idea and "groupism" news to the press so maybe now BCCI is looking into such trivial details
  2. Those who are 30 or under atm in LOIs. Guys, who are over 30-31, their form would need to be monitored per a defined schedule. T20s should particularly encourage a young team. Status: In Green: those 29 and under In Yellow (30-31 years): Kohli and Jadeja, who are 30 In Red (above 32 years):Dhawan and Rohit Danger Zone (Above 35. Red light flashing with sirens): Dhoni Next year, Bhuvi and Shami would be in the yellow too, and so on
  3. Selectors should have been bold enough to say that Dhoni has been dropped to give opportunities to youngsters. People tried to play on his retirement, which is Dhoni’s decision (while being selected in the squad is not) to get check mate. The way forward is to not select Dhoni and for that guys like Pant have to be supported. More importantly, Pant should not be compared to a peak and well developed Dhoni. If guys like Pant are neither supported properly nor given a fair chance, Ind cricket deserves a kick on its back from likes of Dhoni.
  4. Battle of Algiers is like a template for many engaging in unconventional warfare
  5. zen

    Criterion Channel

    if you like it, there is part 2 as well. Lady Snowbird and the love song of vengeance (something like that)
  6. Dhoni can retire whenever he wants but the question is how frequently will he be picked for team Ind.
  7. zen

    Next steps for Team Ind

    The assumption is that Kohli will not be willing to be a split captain. Either he will captain in all formats or resigns from all if he has to go. In a way, from a results perspective, he is doing fine in LOIs as well by having taken his team to the next stage in all the events (not measuring up to selected fans expectations is not a criterion)
  8. zen

    Criterion Channel

    The Samurai Trilogy
  9. zen

    Next steps for Team Ind

    IF Kohli continues as captain in all formats till 2020 T20WC: a) Appoint Pujara, a test specialist, as VC in tests b) Make a youngster (Candidates include Bumrah and Pandya) the VC in LOIs (Current LOI VC Rohit has probably played his last ODI WC as he would be 36+ in 2023) c) Transition to new coaching team as well Post 2020/1, if Ind is not doing as well as expected, Kohli could quit captaincy from all formats. Pujara can take over the reins in tests, while the young LOI VC, the leadership responsibility in LOIs ICC events till 2021 a) WTC (2019-2021) b) WT20 (2020 in Aus and 2021 in Ind) ICC events from 2021 to 2023 a) WTC (2021-2023) b) ODI WC (2023 in Ind)
  10. zen

    So they all got away scot-free

    Current selectors’ term is expected to end soon so they are not likely to make wholesale changes Split captaincy is not likely work too if Virat is playing all the formats, Rohit has probably played his last ODI World Cup so we need a young vice captain who can take over the reins if required post 2020 or 2021. If that happens, Virat will probably have to quit captaincy in all formats in future with test specialist like Pujara given the responsibilities in tests
  11. zen

    ICC events program till 2023

    Last winners. Since you are so happy, do you not expect Pak to win anything else?
  12. zen

    Criterion Channel

    Lady Snowblood is good too. Kill Bill even adapted the “chapters” style from it
  13. zen

    Will Rohit turn the page in the WC?

    174 is even less than what Kapil and Sehwag scored in 1 inning
  14. zen

    Will Rohit turn the page in the WC?

    174/9 = 19.33 As my slogan for Rohit says - "No drops, No runs"
  15. zen

    Will Rohit turn the page in the WC?

    I can understand the fanboys' hate for the message/messenger but "FCA" is catching up! 648 less 474 = 174 runs

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