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  1. Many of them were more like mainly 80s (mid 80s to early 90s) movie stars
  2. This could be rumors but I liked Sehwag's captaincy .... I remember the changes that he made in BD that enabled Ind to win the 2nd test. MS came back for the 3rd test, which was won by Zak's batting and/or bowling, iirc .... So it may not be a bad move but don't know why Kumble would not want to continue
  3. Ind is the birthplace of many great religions and philosophies. It is time to start a movement for the animal protection.
  4. Idiots .... should be thrown into Ind Ocean There is no option but to vote for Modi
  5. Why should responsibility for such edu be limited to just schools? Such education should be imparted everywhere including at homes to have a meaningful effect
  6. To specify -> education in ethics, being community focused, keeping the planet first, etc.
  7. As long as resources (that help to drive education, social change, peace/order, etc.) < that required to support the population, these things will continue Let's not forget topics such as pandits being killed and driven out of their homes in Kashmir by "mobs". Many of them are still waiting to be resettled
  8. As for Ind, it should focus/refocus its attention on industries such as logistics hub, travel, agriculture, education, green products, clean energy, medical, robotics, etc. With upcoming/advancement in technologies such as robotics, 3D printing, etc., manufacturing may become competitive again for the west, allowing it to make products closer to its customer base For Ind, merely aping the west to drive its development may not do much PS Cleanliness, going green, controlling population to optimal level, reducing corruption, etc, will need to take priority too, enabling Ind to become an attractive destination for FDI as well. The think tanks in Ind would need to develop new models positioning the country to leapfrog (and not play the catch up game)
  9. Hope iceberg(s) does not melt on its way or in the Arabian Sea causing flooding
  10. Depending up on when you are traveling -> Burlington to Oakville could be the high traffic region. You could look at the google maps to see if the traffic is high and pick the 407 route accordingly. I.e. travel high traffic routes on 407 and low traffic routes on the regular highway
  11. There are many variables so it is not a simple answer -> https://www.407etr.com/en/tolls/rate-charts/rate-chart-light.html I guess you could create an account and register your vehicle. They may even have some promotion going on
  12. Agree. One should take it when time > money
  13. Bomber identified https://ca.news.yahoo.com/manchester-arena-explosion-live-updates-many-feared-dead-injured-huge-bang-ariana-grande-concert-235750532.html