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  1. We have to pick from the options available ....
  2. Bat: Pandya Bowler: Bumrah Fielder: WK most like Karthik
  3. I have met ppl from North India who are so afraid to live there. Someone told me a story of a son of a local politician (in Punjab?) who stopped a family of husband, wife and the sister who were returning home from cinema. The goons followed them and threatened that one of the two women should go with them or they would rape both / kill everyone. The wife went to save her sister in law and family if we dig deeper, Ind needs a cultural revolution
  4. Pujara captains Saurashtra and iirc adapts an aggressive approach by looking for wkts and having an attacking field
  5. Would depend upon the metrics one uses .... Unlike what many fans of certain cricketers like to believe, there is no clear answer
  6. Might be a good idea to have separate captains and coaches for Tests and LOIs A test specialist like Pujara could be the captain. Someone like Kumble can be brought in Kohli and Shastri (or whoever) can continue in LOIs Successes and failures of team in one format should not determine who should lead in the other. For eg if the test team is doing relatively better than LOI’s, it should not be like make Pujara the captain in LOIs too or vice versa. Both formats are different and requires different approaches and KPIs
  7. I don’t follow individual rankings much. It could be if Moin is performing “better” .... Any issues though with Ind or its cricketers being ranked #1 for the performances?
  8. That shows Indians are nice enough Not competing with you or anyone on IQ levels. Though you must be smart to be able to evaluate IQ levels of others in such a short time Continue to tatie around
  9. Again, it is an irrelevant discussion as Moin is playing at home vs a visiting side. Ind is a visiting team in Eng and not playing SA in tests in Eng
  10. The point was that what it means in your country is irrelevant when you are on ICF Imagine someone posting on some forum as an equivalent of vaginagirl for eg and sporting it proudly there. It may not impact vaginagirl but it would display a low EQ
  11. I don’t see that^ as a meaningful comparison. Spin is Ind’s strength which usually gets negated overseas Ind has won series in Eng too, while these guys usually tend to struggle in Ind
  12. I had a Chinese by the name of Faqing in my MBA class. He was smart enough to come up with a English name (Many Chinese / Koreans do that as their names are hard to pronounce) for his new acquittances (even out of respect) .... Why would you be persisting with yours?
  13. Based on current form in the conditions we term as “overseas”, we are not the favs On the other hand, in conditions where we can play two spinners, we would be hard to beat, and these teams would struggle Unfortunately, there is no ideal test side like the famous WI team atm

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