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  1. @Tibarn
  2. @Mariyam will be a great choice if she has time for it
  3. Let's use some common sense: Ind, Pak, Aus, Eng, ....
  4. @KeyboardWarrior Can you explain to me the benefits of tactical nukes considering the below: a) if a tactical nuke is fired in to Ind territory, Pak will be wiped out due to Ind response b) so tactical nukes can only be used inside Pak's territory to stop Ind forces from advancing In that sense, Pak would be using tactical nukes to nuke itself (its territory). Which is probably why sane countries don't include tactical nukes as a part of their nuclear strategy
  5. The languages that you mentioned could be close. But Hindi is closer to Indian languages than Eng, which many in South prefer If that logic were to be extended, all linga franca languages should not be learned. And the communication system would break In my family, people speak all or a combination of languages from Gujarati, Hindi, Punjabi, English and French. And are encouraged to learn more languages if time permits
  6. There should be no problem in adding Hindi, which is I am repeating one of the two official union govt languages You can decide for your state. The center will decide what should be included for the rest of the country so we would have national level languages besides local languages (decided by your state) People like me, who have hard time in understanding Eng spoken by many in Ind. For e.g. many people refer to career (ka-re-year / ke rir) as carrier (a person or thing that carries)
  7. Union govt has listed both Hindi and Eng as its official languages so there is no option to pick. Signs, esp at key places, should ideally be in all 3 languages (or more if a state requires more local languages) I rate my mother tongue higher than other languages. But that does not stop me from accepting Hindi as linga franca in Ind .... Let's not forget how weird Eng pronunciation can get in Ind. People may think they speak in Eng but the listener may think otherwise
  8. Note that people from Bengal, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Punjab, Rajashtan, etc. are not asking Southern states to learn their language. People of these states have accepted Hindi as Linga Franca and made an effort to learn it. People expect states from South to take a step forward as well These states are not asking to promote their regional languages. And these languages are official languages as well just like languages in the South
  9. I understand Pak has options. If Ind exercises its option, it would be up to Pak to decide whether it wants to stay on the map as separated states or not stay at all
  10. From an Ind PoV, What is so bad about Pak being broken in to smaller states? The seperation of East and West Pak has served well for the region
  11. Many things in Ind need to change. The mosques should also announce "Bharat mata ki jai" through the loudspeakers. Libtards need to do drills, chant Bharat Mata slogans and clean dishes in military school As long as ppl keep this hotelwala attitude, group such as BD will take matters in their hands whether we like it or not
  12. A compulsary military training like in Israel, Taiwan, Korea, etc., should help to change this "living in hotel" attitude that many in Ind have I have seen ppl in Ind who think they own Ind just because they are paying taxes
  13. That attutude in Ind needs to change ....
  14. It is up to what the respective parents prefer While Bharat mata is a traditional usage. There is no point in not saying it
  15. That is bad way of thinking that many in Ind are accustomed to Iirc, there is no law that states that ppl have to respect their parents. Traditionally people have and sane ppl will continue to do so whether there is law Ppl who break "understood" laws get slapped! Justice is delivered in one way or other