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  1. Lol at authors for creating issues where probably none exist From wiki the plot of the novel (from Beautiful Game's post):
  2. At times selecting too many players based on past performances reminds me of the Pakistani WC squad of 2003
  3. Match Thread

    Just woke up .... why Nathu has bowled only 2 overs? he has bowled those 2 overs for only 7 runs and picked up a wkt
  4. Appears to be Bhim splitting Duryodhan
  5. I like the performance, brilliant .... btw, which was the original song the performers chose?
  6. ^ One of the most popular Bollywood songs among foreigners
  7. Sick. Ind is not as developed including ethically as many of us would like to believe
  8. 3 strikes .... Millepede needs to watch some cricket first
  9. Many actors from the 50-70 golden period had something special about them
  10. Any updates on launch date?