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  1. Joel Garner, one of the best LOI bowlers of AT
  2. I have not seen the match to comment on this .... I was dragged in to this by a Sachin fan because I rate Gavaskar as Ind's best test batsman
  3. So why did Ind bat for only 25 overs if they could bat for 30 or more? If we have to judge things based on scorecards, we could have won many games
  4. zen

    Should this be legal?

    .... when you do a 360, realistically for a spinner, you can only fire in the ball in so in fact doing that could make it easy for the batsman smart bowlers, esp. quicks, are not going to do that to hurt the momentum and chances of spraying the ball
  5. You expect Gavaskar, Amarnath and Vengsarkar to chase at 5 RPO on Day 5 in an overseas tests in a time when RR used to be in the 2.5-3 range
  6. zen

    Top 5 Hitchcock

    Rewatched 20 films so far. Among the major ones yet to rewatch is Suspicion Hitchcock has some solid work spreading over decades so it is hard to rank his films. At times, the differences among top films are minimal and therefore positions interchangeable PS Dynamic ranking of rewatched films so far: Notorious (serious thriller) Rebecca (drama) Vertigo (serious thriller) To Catch a Thief (comedy, romance) The Lady Vanishes (comedy thriller) Psycho (horror) 39 Steps (comedy thriller) Spellbound (psychological thriller) Foreign Correspondent (thriller) North by Northwest (thriller) Strangers on a Train (thriller) Dial M for Murder (crime) Birds (horror) Rear Window (thriller) Shadow of a Doubt (thriller) Sabotage (thriller) Stage Fright (thriller) Frenzy (crime thriller) The Paradine Case (drama) Family Plot (thriller)
  7. If we are going to lose anyways and in the process give rise to another Ind specialist, why not have these two back?
  8. zen

    Should this be legal?

    It is unnecessary.
  9. Iirc, Ind players are not allowed to play for non Ind franchises. Similarly, to maintain exclusivity and ensure that overseas players give their best in IPL, they should only be allowed to play in IPL and their respective domestic T20 As a criteria to be considered for IPL To summarize, domestic T20 leagues: Ind players -> IPL Overseas players -> IPL + their domestic league
  10. Ideally, in the 11 we need -> 4 specialist batsmen + 1 WK who can bat + 2 ARs/Handy players + 4 bowlers if we consider the WK who can bat too as an AR, we need 3 ARs/Handy cricketers in the 11 to give us the required depth and breadth -> 4+3+4
  11. zen

    Is Bhuvi Kumar India's Jade Dernbach in LoIs?

    Bhuvi = a hole that can sink the ship
  12. Very handy player .... closed the first T20 with the bat and did a decent job as the 5th bowler in batting friendly conditions Look forward to the series in Aus
  13. zen

    Top 5 Hitchcock

    One factor that makes many of the Hitchcock films memorable are the roles and performances of the leading ladies

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