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  1. zen

    Congratulations Ind & fans

    .... and Ind has won more ICC events than Pak .... let's not forget the test ranking too Pak is more like a minnow. Apart from T20s, it is not ranked among the top 4 sides in either ODIs or Tests
  2. Bunch of jokers .... and they now have the tendency to drop catches too
  3. zen

    Congratulations Ind & fans

    this thread appears to have been started in great pain
  4. Ok guys signing off @Global.Baba appears as if your wish will be granted! .... And now you can squeeze in a couple of episodes of the serial
  5. I don't think so or else why would they play again
  6. Why do you think Pak will be in the final? BD and AFG can beat Pak in S4
  7. How many of you think that is a possibility?
  8. If things work out well, Ind should go at around 5 an over .... if they have a lot of wkts in hand, they may start hitting after the 20th over 1-20 overs: 90-100 runs 21-33 overs: game over

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