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  1. 54 minutes ago, coffee_rules said:

    Muslim game-plan is to throw rockets and stones and call it intifadah or some such think, when the Govt retaliates, they cry Human Rights Violations to Islamophobia! The liberal junta then joins in and abets the Muslim trauma.  When we claim the truimph of Dalits and downtrodden (favs of leftists) in Kashmir, these lelis say A370 was more about real-estate and not about humanity. Plus the lies, there are no 9 lakh army in Kashmir. It is about 3 lakhs and half of them are in the border, guarding the LOC violations by the momins. 

    they should be asked to live in the "valley"

  2. 13 minutes ago, Alam_dar said:

    This may be said about the oldest Hindu religious books that although religion existed since the first day that this earth was created by the Hndu gods, but surely this excuse will not work for an event which took place only 500 or even 400 years ago. It is a very recent time and Hindu Scholars had already written many many religious books. 

    Even if we to believe that people were telling things to others orally till 1600 AD, still we don't see any importance of Ayodhya and Hindus from all over India were not going for any pilgrim there, or talking about it. Look at the temple of Somnath. When Ghaznavi attacked this sacred temple, then there was a huge strom in India and people wanted to defend this important religious site. And now compared it to Ayoddhya where every book and every tongue is absolutely silent.


    And regarding Muhammad and his Drama of Revelations, then I left the path of 1.5 Billion Muslims while clearly it was not any revelation, but only the Drama of revelation by Muhammad. We are humans. It would be a shame if any person/religion could make us still a fool in this 21st century with dramas and lies. 


    Science has already put an end to religious fantasy stories. It is only this that we as humans have still not started to believe in Science. 


    Ever since I was born, I have been told that Ram was born in Ayodhya. And to those who told me, when they were born. No need to go for records as they are not required (and also, as discussed, not known to be kept) 


    Science has a lot to learn. Will quote an excerpt from my book:


    In one of the classes, we discussed magic and science. The discussion stemmed from an event referenced in Ramayana, where a bridge is constructed magically between India and Lanka.


    A monk asked, "How could that have happened?"


    Jairam explained, "Magic has science or some type of logic behind it. But, at times, that science or logic can be esoteric. For example, for people who do not understand how a hot air balloon functions, it flies by magic. Ramayana was written in a time when the information was spread through stories. To not burden the masses with the arcane science used behind the construction of the bridge, the stories relied on magic to drive the narrative. Since God knows all the science there is to know, he is the greatest scientist in the world. Until we discover how everything works on this planet, including how to reach God scientifically, God, especially in our holy books, is likely to be presented as the greatest magician."





    Winning against the Muslims is one thing, but as a non-biased human being, let me remind it that there existed No Ram, and therefore no birthplace of Ram. 

    All these stories were invented after the Aryan arrival to India, when for the first time Hindu religion was created and started getting evolved for the next 2000 years till Rigveda and other stories of Ramain and Mahabharata were written. 


    There exist no statues of Hindu god,  no temples, absolutely no signs of Hindu religion in ALL OVER INDIA, which could be older than 4000 (i.e before the arrival of Steppe people). 


    It was from the beginning when some story book told that Ram took human shape in Ayodhya. 



    People know that in ancient India, events were not recorded as much as we would have liked, and that through word of mouth,  information was preserved and spread. Hinduism is a religion that has evolved over the years, therefore, if temples or certain customs exist now, it does not imply that is how things were from Day 1.  Hinduism has evolved over centuries and its practises adapted. Buddhism, Jainism, etc., are examples of religious ideologies that were born in the region too (only much later to take advantage of "records" and "standardised customs")




    And since it was only a fantasy story, therefore no one knew exactly where in whole of Ayodhya Ram was born. 

    Talking about fantasies/stories, 1.8B people follow Islam today based on the stories Muhammad told them about Allah. Were you able to verify the facts of Muhammad's "revelations"?  Or inquired to see if Jesus is truly the son of God. Not to forget that these religions are much younger than Hinduism (and have the benefit of copying and pasting from other religions. For e.g. Jesus is said to have traveled to India before he resurfaced in the Middle East) 



  4. On 10/29/2019 at 11:21 PM, coffee_rules said:

    Congratulations on a fanatastic achievement. Kudos, we have a writer in our midst. :two_thumbs_up:

    Missed the thread in summer. I will review it, if I can get a pdf, or like a true gujju, you want me to buy it. Will do it, as I am pressed for time, for now. 

    I am more interested in people reading the book, then just numbers. I write because writing interests me :dance:


    Due to certain factors, I cannot hand out PDFs (digital copies) unless for sample chapters :(( .... However, this should change soon .... For “sample”, please feel free to PM me your email!

  5. 8 hours ago, motomaverick said:

    What a tight slap to Pakistanis crying over this verdict and to Indian Muslims like Owaisi, coming from a former mayor of Karachi. Mazaa aa gaya.



    Thanks for sharing. As identified by the gentleman, at one point, there were temples everywhere in Pak.  Most of the temples have vanished now 

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