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  1. I can understand the fanboys' hate for the message/messenger but "FCA"  is catching up! :drool:





    But which batsman added the most runs to his own account after getting reprieves? It comes as no surprise for those who followed the tournament that India's Rohit Sharma is the answer to this question. He was reprieved on eight separate occasions by way of dropped catches and missed run-outs in this World Cup.


    648 less 474 = 174 runs :rofl:

  2. 8 minutes ago, philcric said:

    First Chance Average: Wall Street's Best Kept Secret Metric  -  By @zen


    :lol: .... But FCA is catching up! 




    "But which batsman added the most runs to his own account after getting reprieves? It comes as no surprise for those who followed the tournament that India's Rohit Sharma is the answer to this question. He was reprieved on eight separate occasions by way of dropped catches and missed run-outs in this World Cup."


    So if we deduct 474 from 648, we get the FCA runs  :drool:

  3. 13 minutes ago, nevada said:

    The umpires should have at-least consulted the third umpire or taken some time to check what the applicable rules are. What if the overthrow had happened after taking 3 runs and the ball reached the boundary? Would Adharmasena have signaled 7? The guy is so incompetent!

    Checking is a good practice. However, the issue is created because some people are judging this based on what Taufel said. ICC has given green light to the on-field umpire's interpretation. Practically too, the "act" of throw would start with the moment the ball left the fielder and end when the ball hits the batsman (or something to go for the overthrow). Batsmen also run "for the throw" 



  4. As mentioned on one of the threads, ODIs are going to consists mainly of relatively meaningless bilaterals over the next two years. In LOIs, T20 is going to be the key format with back to back WT20 events. Therefore, I will not be surprised if Dhoni “voluntarily” gives up ODIs to “groom” youngsters, while focusing on WT20 and IPL :phehe:

  5. Till 2021, it does not matter who captains in ODIs, which are likely to constitute relatively meaningless bilaterals


    T20 is the key LOI format moving forward in this period. Since Dhoni is smart, he could willingly give up his ODI spot to “groom” youngsters to focus on T20 and IPL :phehe: .... T20 is where the action will be over the next 2 years, along with tests


  6. 22 minutes ago, Bigg Brother said:

    Wt20 in 2021?? That too in India?? 


    Not possible.SA should organise any ICC event now, it's been 10 years since last ICC event was held in SA.

    From wiki:


    The 2021 ICC T20 World Cup is scheduled to be the eighth ICC T20 World Cup tournament, currently planned to take place in India.[2] In April 2018, the International Cricket Council (ICC) announced that the tournament would replace the scheduled 2021 ICC Champions Trophy.[3] This was after the ICC granted full international status to Twenty20matches played between member sides from 1 January 2019 onwards.[4]

  7. 14 minutes ago, Cricketics said:

    Don't think there is going to be t20 World Cup in 2021. That thing will change since we already have t20 World Cup next year in 2020. Most likely they will move to 2022.  

    Could be rescheduled. But the program currently lists both 2020 and 2021 as marked for WT20. This would have been inked after knowing about the 2020 WT20. So we have to assume that 2021 WT20 is on till or if it changes

  8. In my book, both the teams are winners. I would have liked it to be decided over another super over or shared. 


    But the rules were already laid out. Before the super over, NZ knew it could not tie much like how SA knew that in the SF of 1999. So can’t complain. 


    The overthrows too are a part of the game. Batsmen run “for the throw” as well so an act of throwing constitutes from when the ball leaves the hand to when it hits the batsman (or something) to go for overthrows. Additionally, on the last ball of the super over, if the ball had hit Guptill and got deflected, he would still have completed the run. And many of those complaining would have been happy. 



  9. On 7/5/2019 at 9:37 PM, Vijy said:

    too late to bring in khaleel for this WC, but we are definitely lacking in left-arm options recently. we had Zak, Irfan, RP, Nehra of which one was a very good bowler for Ind and the other 3 excelled in patches. apart from khaleel, I am surprised that khejroliya has never gotten opportunities in the A side for limited overs. He has a deadly List A record. by next WC, he will probably have lost his zing. I wonder if there are any good left-arm pacers who are <22 yrs old apart from khaleel.

    Like you said, the key is “good” left arm bowler(s). As even if Starc was a right arm bowler, he would still be successful. Like if Kohli batted left handed, he would still score runs 


    Which is why I do not read much into type of bowler or batsman, and at what positions they batted or bowled. Good players do well in the roles assigned to them (and are usually given spots where they can make the most impact for the team)


  10. 14 minutes ago, ViruDilSeKhelo said:

    I've always liked your posts and agreed with your thinking process no matter what happened in the end. My fears were confirmed in the SL game when Agarwal and Pant were not given a chance to open and Rahul scored in the opening role...I knew that meant that Pant was no 4 versus NZ and mentally weak Rahul would open. I had wanted Pant to open until Agarwal was drafted in. Then I thought this guy is the won who attacked Australia on debut with courage, lets give a chance. Pant was still a good pick to open but this India under Kohli/Shastri is too predictable and must be dismantled.


    Shastri later said we needed an extra game to try Agarwal, excuses, he could have played versus Sri Lanka. I also hoped from the team we had that Jadhav and Dhoni the nurdlers would be at 4 or 5 v NZ allowing hitting from Pant and Pandya later on. This is the same Shastri who said we didn't need a number 4, flexibility is fine, now he is eating his words...we need a coach who is honest in his assessment and tries to correct problems. Shastri just has a big ego and over confidence, brainless guy. Likes of Ganguly, Laxman and Gambhir said you CANNOT go to a world cup without a proper technique guy at number 4. 


    Our other bad luck was our spinners chahal and kuldeep had been taking a bucket of wickets before and we had to play them together. This was a curse because we would have otherwise selected spinning ARs which would have allowed our batting to flow much better and all our seamers could have been first choice strike bowlers. The cloud cover and swing also had us in trouble.


    The process is wrong which is the problem, we need to be mentally tough and more attacking/free in our game. NZ had likes of Nichols, Latham, Santner and CDG and almost won the cup. Honestly, even my English friends told me, India let themselves down big time. We miss likes of GG, Sehwag, SRT, Raina, old Dhoni, Yuvi who knew how to absorb pressure and take charge later. 


    TM could have used the SL game to bat some of the MO guys higher to prepare themselves for the KOs. Ind had confirmed a spot by then. MO batsmen were left relatively undercooked as on good batting tracks, they hardly got the opportunity to get their confidence in by playing a long inning.


    Top order scoring most of the runs mainly on good batting pitches also did not help Ind much  (as others were deprived of batting opportunities. Usually only came in situations where you had to go for your shots from ball 1) esp. when it failed when it mattered the most. Which is why Ind could have proactively experimented in the game vs SL

  11. 6 minutes ago, ViruDilSeKhelo said:

    Over analysis. We lost because we had a bad 45 minutes and were 20-3 (mental midgets) in key game. Woakes and Rashid had little to do with the bat anyway and Stokes bowling rarely needed his 10 overs. The importance of AR was raised before the world cup - I wanted a pair of spinning ARs like Jadeja and another so all our batsmen can be more aggressive - but having 4 class bowlers who take wickets  is also equally good enough even if they can't bat. This was correctly mentioned on ICF. 


    We lost the cup due to following factors mainly:

    1- mental midgetness in key matches

    2- no solid number 4

    3 - selection of Shankar and Kartick took up space which we could have given to players with pedigree for runs.

    4 - Kuldeep faded away and BK preference over Shami

    Good post. Jadeja should have been played at #7 over Shankar and Jadhav (I had threads on that before the WC) .... DK was a useless pick. Added no value .... With Shankar, Jadhav, and DK, Ind was going in with 9-10 players 


    In hindsight, after Dhawan’s injury, which impacted Ind the most, KL should have been kept at #4 and someone like Pant could have opened. Alternately, if KL opened, Dhoni should have played at 4 (also have posts on this)




  12. Are guys like Kumble (may not qualify because of the 2 yrs coaching rule), Bayliss, etc., even candidates? From those who have shown interest, Hussey (if he meets BCCI qualification guidelines) maybe esp. if Ind invests in a young captain. Among random choices, someone like Hussain will be a good choice too 

  13. Dhoni is smart. In the next 4 years, only major ODI ICC event is the WC in 2023. There is no CT planned. Focus would be on WT20 and WTC. Dhoni appears to be focusing on T20 (mention of IPL). WT20 will be played in Aus and Ind in 2020 and 2021 respectively. Since Ind is a planning laggard, it could ignore T20s and focus on ODIs, where it has time 



  14. 9 hours ago, nevada said:

    Since there is no suitable younger player, Rohit can be a transitional captain for a year or two. Ideally till the next CT. There is no point in allowing Kohli to continue with the same old.

    There is no CT planned so far. In fact major focus over the next two years is on T20 and WTC. ODIs are expected to take the backseat during this period unless Ind gets it wrong as usual and focuses too much on it!



    • ICC Cricket World Cup – 2019 and 2023
    • ICC World T20 – 2020 and 2021
    • World Test Championship
    • Cycle 1 – 2019-2021 (final 2021)
    • Cycle 2 – 2021-2023 (final 2023)



    Till 2023, major events are WT20 (in Aus in 2020 and in Ind in 2021), WTC, and ODI WC in 2023. There is no CT scheduled so far.


    Next two years, Ind’s focus should be on Tests and T20 sides. If a young team is developed for T20, many players could be ready for ODI WC in Ind in 2023 as well.


    Over the next two years, it does not matter what happens in ODIs relatively speaking so too much attention should not be given to it. Maybe it would be a good idea to draft in young players and captain as well.


    Currently, the only 36+ years old in WC squad was Dhoni, who many people wanted to retire at least 2 years ago. Guys like Yuvraj Singh retired at 37, and we know how there last few years were. Rohit and Dhawan will be 36+ in 2023. Once Dhoni retires, people will focus on retiring these two. Therefore, team would need to eventually start grooming young players and captain for the 2023 WC but it has time since the immediate focus would be on WT20 and WTC.



  15. 4 hours ago, Pandya_Power said:

    Shame that Rohit is not a certain starter in Tests. In fact, no other batsman currently is. We are really stuck with Kohli. It wouldn't be so bad if we didn't have a chamcha for a coach. we need people who challenge him, perhaps reduce his say in selection matters. 



    Pujara has managed to established himself in tests despite the “odds” .... he can be a captaincy candidate 

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