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  1. BD can still do well! Don’t lose hope if by cheating, are you referring to the scheduling? Note it is not done by Ind. And apart from Pak, other teams have had to play back-to-back games
  2. zen

    Top 5 Hitchcock

    To add to the two above, Rewatched the following: Notorious 39 Steps Spellbound Frenzy Shadow of doubt Ranking of rewatched films so far: Notorious To Catch a Thief Birds 39 Steps Spellbound Frenzy Shadow of Doubt
  3. zen

    Kedhar Jadhav :player without X factor

    Novelty will wear off as even regular spinners have found it difficult to be consistent .... I would not get my hopes to high But the conditions in UAE will suit him
  4. .... the return of the Dads Army
  5. Bhajji could be getting his hopes high as well for playing in the WC ....
  6. zen

    Tired of posting 11

    At one point, posting 11 used to be exciting. But now w/ a) recycled squad selected, b) players getting injured, and c) players such as KL not making it to the 11 despite being in the squad, posting 11s has become a pointless exercise To BCCI and TM, please select exciting squads and optimized 11, so cricket becomes “more” interesting once again Anyways, this is probably the last gen which is following cricket so passionately. Don’t make it easy for us to follow cricket less and less
  7. Asia Cup has been won by Ind, Pak and SL. This time I would not mind having a brand new champion Though both AFG and BD would be playing back-to-back games tomm vs Pak and Ind respectively
  8. Goal would be to get into final, where anything can happen esp if they bat first and put up a good total .... With so many games being played, pitches could get difficult to bat too
  9. Easy bet that Urmi would pronounce Pandya as “gay”
  10. Areas of concern: 1. AFG: Handling pressure when chasing targets 2. Ind: Middle order. 50/3 kind of situation w/ top order gone, it could mean trouble, esp w/ Pandya out of the tourney 3. BD: Key players will need to step up. As if they fail, BD performs like an associate team 4. Pak: Lack 1-2 star dependable batsmen so batting as a group needs to improve Anyways, new stage, new game!
  11. This is a good opportunity for him to think about his game too! .... GWS
  12. My ranking of performances in the grp games: 1. AFG - punched above their weight 2. Ind - mixed bag, salvaged by the bowling performance vs Pak 3. BD - mixed bag, salvaged by Nagin’s superb 100 vs SL 4. Pak - “P” for poor
  13. Every game is imp for a new team like AFG
  14. zen

    Probable world cup squad !!!

    Sounds like “saliva”

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