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  1. Modi’s snub of Justin Trudeau

    Both PMs are scheduled to meet iirc
  2. 58 balls 71 runs - Kohli, Dhoni, Pandey

    In T20s, Ind has much to gain by playing the following line up: Dhawan Rohit Kohli Rahul Gill Pandya Pant / K Pandya (if Rahul is keeping) 4 bowlers PS I rate Panday as a good overall cricketer, who would be more useful in ODIs
  3. T20 performance is being discussed on an ODI releated thread!
  4. Hardik Pandya, the complete cricketer.

    Game changer .... Ind needs such players who can make things happen
  5. Guess if this is a batsman or a bowler?

    Game changer .... up to team ind to make the most of it now
  6. Infrastructure needs to be considered to see how many tourists can be supported by Gia In the west, new housing permits are not issued if the town does not have adequate infrastructure
  7. This odi series, the batting order below could work better: Dhawan Rahane Kohli Panday Dhoni ? Pandya
  8. Guess if this is a batsman or a bowler?

    Watched a little bit of cric y’day when Dhoni, Iyer and Pandya we’re batting. Pandya looked much better than Iyer and got out to a brilliant catch iirc If cricketers are promoted based on potential, there is nothing wrong with giving Pandya the long rope. Should draft in his brother as well Someone mentioned Pant etc but Pandya plays a different role. Guys like Pant, Gill, Shaw, etc too can be tried out for roles in the top 5 PS Potential Future (2020s) ODI top 7 Dhawan / ? Shaw Kolhi Gill Pant (hopefully would have improved both as a batsman and WK) Pandya bros PPS Would like to see Rana improve his game. Manish Panday is a good batsman and fielder too, so could be tried in the short term too
  9. Don’t know why players such as Iyer are in the squad
  10. Pandya's bowling in the 1st 2 ODIs

    This thread appears to be a trap to lure in Pandya haters Pandya is an asset
  11. Overseas, we should ideally be playing spinners who can turn the ball on most surfaces (wrist spinners) and/or also have variety (a la Saqlain Mustaq, Murali, ....)
  12. India is too divided to either maintain the status quo or keep functioning as one country. Secularism went to the dogs the day the Pandits were driven out of Kashmir
  13. The 'These Indians are not humans' thread

    Too much evil. Iirc, Ind population is expected to peak at 1.75B by 2060. If the current state of affair remains, we could see a havoc on many fronts including worsening law and order situation, and child, animal and environmental exploitation
  14. https://ca.yahoo.com/news/truck-driver-blamed-damaging-ancient-233045432.html Probably did that to avoid highway toll. What a shame!

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