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  1. Watching live now .... see a big over
  2. Tuktuk gone .... Considering wrist spinners tend to depend upon confidence level too, Gopal could have been used as a 3rd spinner to support Kuldeep and Chahal in the squad
  3. Served the ban, which a team like Ind may not have even imposed on its players for ball tampering .... Time to move on
  4. When the guy at the other end is doing splendidly, many of them still try to play more balls, not sacrifice their wkts during unfortunate runout situations, etc.,. Examples: Jadeja did not sacrifice his wkt for Pandya in CT final Akashdeep vs. ABDV SKY did not do that too when de kock was firing for MI vs DC Rana too (though can't blame him much) given more strike to Russell etc Need to improve game awareness and ability to think on the feet
  5. zen

    Criterion Channel

    Criterion to launch its channel in the US and Canada on April 8th for those interested in restored classics: https://www.criterionchannel.com/
  6. zen

    Criterion Channel

    Revisited Kubrick’s classic “Paths of Glory” (1957)
  7. As I have said, if Ind struggles in its first 3 games, it could be practically out of the tourney. Below are the first 3 games: 06/05 vs SA at Southhampton 06/09 vs Aus at London 06/13 vs NZ at Nottingham Challenges: Batting a) Openers: A risk of openers, who are past their best, not doing well against high-quality and intensity pace attacks. And these 3 are great fielding sides too so half chances could be taken b) #4: Shankar. And then we would have someone like Shankar, who can implode under pressure, at 4 c) Dhoni Additionally, these teams would have played a few matches in the WC already. NZ would be playing us after matches against 3 sub-con teams. If we are chasing 300+, which means that bowling would not have clicked, it could get difficult What are the conditions going to be in early to mid June? Should India bat first to bat with relatively less pressure, and then let bowling, which is a strength relatively speaking, try to impact the game?
  8. zen

    Criterion Channel

    I know where I am going (1945) .... watched it before but was good to see it in a relatively sharp print
  9. zen

    World Cup Paid Streams - Canada

  10. zen

    WC19: Challenges in the 1st 3 games

    Other threats include a) The innovation that some of the SENA teams could introduce b) Teams like NZ drag their opponents down (so strength on paper does not matter) c) Shastri-Kohli-Rohit-Dhoni (TM) tend to go towards what they deem as safe, which means Same 11-12 will be played till they sink or swim If the pitch is hard to understand, they will bowl first Will pick teams that allow for multiple options so if there is spin, Kuldeep-Chahal-Jadhav contribute. If there is pace, Bumrah-Shami-Pandya would take most of the overs Could lack surprise elements/innovations All this means that players will have to play at their best for India to have a good chance
  11. Two games tomorrow (04/14) KKR vs CSK SRH vs DC KKR at home is likely to turn on the heat on CSK; while the Hy'bad track would suit the visitors DC, whose batting prefer high scoring tracks
  12. zen

    IPL General Discussion Thread

    Need match threads
  13. zen

    WC19: Challenges in the 1st 3 games

    It would depend upon various scenarios but in general: * 7 or more wins = In * 5-6 wins = NRR dependent * 4 or less wins = Out
  14. zen

    WC19: Challenges in the 1st 3 games

    Note that those “easy” games could be easy for other major teams as well so the focus should be on beating the top 4-5 teams or we are only competing for a top spot in the lower half of the table .... Basically, if we lose to 4 major teams (unless there is a upset by minnows), Ind is practically out at worst and NRR scenario dependent at best
  15. zen

    “Uthappas” of the team

    Talking about CSK, Sir Jadeja batted for stumps too vs SRH .... brill batting
  16. zen

    “Uthappas” of the team

    9 of 20 vs RCB. KKR lost by 10 runs. Even a 20 of 20 could have translated into a win for KKR. The burden of securing a beneficial RR should not just rest on the lower order It is a time where batting first on good pitches requires teams to get above par or even bat the opposition out totals List and discuss slow innings (SR < RR/RRR) that hurt their team!
  17. Basically, we have the following options: KL Rahul (appears to be in the best form among the choices) Shankar (but could be out of contention after a few games) Dhoni (need to slot him somewhere) DK (is in the squad so can be given the responsibility) Turn it into a floater position depending upon the situation Whom would you start with esp. in the first 3 games? Discuss and vote! Poll closes on May 31st.
  18. zen

    Who should bat at #4 in the WC?

    In a bilateral series, you can even play a Bhuvi/Ashwin/Jadeja at 4. A tourney like WC esp. in round robin format where teams are expected to beat not only minnows but 4-5 major teams, you need match winning batsmen in your top 5 A team can afford to take calculated risks with a stroke-maker at the top where a team needs to leverage on PP but at #4, you need to have a versatile batsman, who can play as per situation. Be able to build an inning if wickets fall, play till the end if situation demands, take calculated risks if opportunity presents, etc., ....
  19. zen

    IPL 2019: Remaining matches and status

    It is possible theoretically. With 8 wins, you can qualify w/o worrying too much about NRR relatively speaking. As for 7 wins: In 2015, 4 teams ended up with 7 wins (but a few games were NRs which gave the teams extra points) In 2018, RR qualified with 7 wins iirc In 2010 and 2014, team(s) qualified with 7 wins If we ignore 2015, only on 3 out of 9 occasions, teams have qualified with 7 wins In general, a team should target 16 points (equivalent to 8 wins) or greater than 14 points if NR (no result) come into play
  20. zen

    IPL General Discussion Thread

    Two games tomorrow (04/20) RR vs MI DC vs K11 a win is important for all the teams
  21. Uthappa's inning shows that you cannot waste balls. Do the job or get out. Don't play dots hoping to make up later on as you may never get that opportunity .... unfortunately, Team Ind has many "Uthappas"
  22. zen

    IPL 2019: Remaining matches and status

    0% = In >100% = Out

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