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  1. Who gets paid what in cricket

    sucking up always works , I guess.
  2. About getting cricket back to Pakistan , It's not just about getting teams back to playing in Pakistan. That is one factor obviously. PSL plays a part in convincing teams to go for full tours. But PCB can't be paying teams to come. Doesn't work out in the long run. Also Pakistan should avoid playing in UAE. The slow dead placid wickets which break up (due to being baked in the hot sun) after 4 days don't encourage attractive cricket. There is no value for a well timed coverdrive or a fast bowler running in and bowling at 90mph. The pitches neither offer bounce to attract the bowlers nor enable strokemaking. This kills the interest in the game totally. Apart from their efforts to host a full fledged series in Pakistan , They should be looking at playing in neutral venues like Sri Lanka , South Africa , UK for the time being and maybe UAE in the cooler months of November , December and January where they will be some life in the pitches. Also will enable the Pakistani cricketers some valuable experience of playing in different conditions. It's also about the A team touring other countries , It's about the U19 team having a series in Australia. When have the Pakistan youth teams gone out for a foreign tour ? How else will the youngsters improve if they aren't facing varied pitches ? Previous Pakistani players (upto 2000) had the liberty of playing in County teams. Imran Khan in his autobiography(cricketing one) made it clear on the importance playing in the counties had on his cricketing career. The top Pakistani cricketers playing in the counties negated the idiotic first class cricket structure in Pakistan to a large extent. The English Counties are right now not as strong as what they were in the 70's , 80's and 90's. Also the focus of the English Counties has shifted from overseas players to domestic/kolpak players who are eligible to play for England. This has led to lesser numbers of Pakistani players playing in the Counties. And most of the cricketers playing for Pakistan (post 2000) were raw and didn't have the coaching to become the finished articles.
  3. The Pakistan Cricket Board has enough of a captive population (either in Pakistan or among the expats in US/UK etc) to make themselves profitable. If the PCB administers the game well , there's no reason as to why they can't generate enough revenue from the domestic game in itself. Take SA for instance , even during the apartheid era , their cricket board did make enough money out of the domestic game. I don't think they need to look at matches against India or the players hankering after playing in IPL per se to really make money. And Pakistan's circumstances are nowhere being close to the embargo which was dumped on the SA government(rightfully). They should concentrate on focussing their efforts to build the game domestically. PSL for example is a concept that was probably 4 years too late. But they can still focus on making the PSL being the prime T20 competition and giving the domestic games some context. About the Pakistan domestic scene, A bit of context would definitely help. There are departments etc etc , there are provinces etc etc, and too much of cricket is being played on placid tracks with an idiotic first class structure.
  4. I see other sports teams having engagements with each other. Either stop all engagements or resume all. Can't be half arsed esp with respect to cricket.
  5. Biggest Shocks of 2017 in Cricket

    Can't go beyond Pakistan winning the CT. Massive upset victory.
  6. Zimbabwe nearly beat SL in SL just a while back. I'd say they have a handy team. Also I remember West Indies beating Pakistan in a test match in UAE and England in England. Shows that both the sides have useful cricketers and are nearly on par with each other. Equal teams playing with each other produce a contest which isn't one-sided. Should be a good one to keep tabs on.
  7. Cricketers got shot at and suffered injuries. You'd have to question the intent here. The main intent of the terrorists was to kill and kidnap the srilankan cricketers. Can't ever equate the intent behind terrorists to an intent behind a drunk hooligan. I do condemn the actions of the individual but they should be taken for what it is. Yes, There was a chance that Finch could have suffered an injury. But actions were taken. Also with respect to the CT tournament, Were cricketers the targets ?
  8. What's killing Windies cricket

    The question should be "What's killed West Indies Cricket?" They are done for. With the infighting between the constituent islands , the mercenary t20 players putting $$$ over playing for the team , the lack of a country identity for players to rally behind , the incompetent and corrupt administration.. and add 10 more valid reasons on top of it. I don't see Windies cricket thriving again. Atleast not on the Tests and ODI stage. They might produce cricketers of enough talent to shine at the T20's though. Cricketers who are only looking to make a quick buck and spend their career playing the leagues and the T20 WC's.
  9. Anyway , I feel for the public of Pakistan. They clearly aren't to blame for the actions of the persons in power. But with the situations to what they are. both I&P should stop engaging with each other fully. No bilateral trade or relationships of any sort. Just wall up the borders and ignore each other and pretend the other doesn't exist.
  10. There's a difference between a hooligan throwing a stone or a terrorist throwing a grenade and firing 1000 bullets. Can't ever equate the two of them. The drunk fan who threw the stone was sent to jail. He'll not be allowed in a cricket stadium ever. Whatever happened to the terrorists who attacked the Lankan team? I think they made a clean get away and were never caught. That's another difference. Where's the double standards ? It's about the fallacy of equating being attacked in a planned and coordinated terrorist attack with the actions of a drunk individual.
  11. Spending huge amounts of money as a matter of national pride to provide security only proves that the security threat in Pakistan is still a huge issue. Keeping a city in virtual lockdown just to host 3 T20 matches is foolishness. Work on getting to a stage where you don't need to keep the city under lockdown when VVIP's similar to the US president come and visit to have important peace discussions to ensure everlasting world peace ......**** , they are just cricketers who are paid to participate in cricket matches come
  12. No Country is safe now from terrorism. But there's a difference in being a country which is a victim of terrorism and in being a country which has sheltered terrorists and is continuing to shelter them The Pak army can't be trusted. Everyone knows who calls the shots in Pakistan and dictates the terms to the civilian government. The minute there's a civilian government strong enough to dictate terms to the Pakistan army and the said government is interested in talking and taking concrete steps against terrorist outfits. Let's have the discussion.
  13. With respect to India - Either engage with Pakistan fully or don't engage with them at all. This half arsed nature isn't gonna work out. With respect to Pakistan - Go ahead and not sign the MOU. The ICC has already said that the league will proceed regardless of Pakistan signing or not. Let's see who's the bigger loser when you withdraw from the league insisting on playing India and you lose out on playing your fair share of games against other teams. Other teams aren't going to be interested in playing Pakistan in UAE especially when there's no context to that series anymore. They'd rather schedule series against teams which reflect in the points table. We all know what's going to happen. Pakistan will end up signing the MOU. This posturing is a ridiculous attempt to make their voices heard.
  14. Thommo - how quick was he?'

    Thommo's speed would probably be around 145-150 as a guestimate which is still lively but not a 158-160kmph bowler that ageists would like us to believe. I don't buy the argument of him being the fastest bowler ever because of the equipment being used to record speeds at that time. The error %age in speedguns in itself is enough to question his actual speeds. One of the reasons Thommo was genuinely scary was because of the lack of a helmet rule and the livelier pitches being prepared which probably ensured that the ball didn't slow down enough off the wicket.
  15. Oh come on BCCI *facepalm*

    This. The Stadium was a half baked job when the naming rights was taken away by the YSR government and wasn't fully completed. The Cosntructor was supposed to be given the naming rights especially as the stadium belongs to the HCA and not to the Andhra Pradesh government. The Indian mindset of naming stadiums / airports / flyovers after politicians screwed this up. Shivlal Yadav did make his money though

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