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  1. Dude..... Zaheer has to be with the team... He knows more about pace bowling than any other guy in India... Even Ajay Jadeja was saying the same
  2. gakgupta

    Khaleel Ahmed progression watch.

    This is precisely why zaheer should be our bowling coach..... Zaheer should be given whatever the money he wanted....he will add huge value to our fast bowling dept
  3. gakgupta

    Deodhar Trophy 2018

    Vijay Shankar will be a good addition to the middle order....esp considering that next world cup is in england
  4. gakgupta

    BREAKING: India's squad for final three ODIs

    Even if shami is picked, he will not be playing.... So it is sensible to give him rest.... I think he played the test matches to.... He is valuable player and need to be handled well... I hope this could be the intention for dropping him
  5. Shivlal Yadav single-handedly screwed entire Hyderabad cricket... Hyderabad use to produce cricketers good enough to play for India consistently Now, hardly any player good enough to even consider (from last few years). Lets see what Siraj will do....
  6. Thank god.....Finally selectors made a right move... Next world cup is in England and he will be totally useless in those conditions (both with his batting and bowling)
  7. none... but..for the situation, pant has to slog and he did......no complains But Dhoni played absolutely well....he played better than expected...
  8. gakgupta

    Deodhar Trophy 2018

    That's even more alarming....... Above number suggest that he is in form.... If he plays like this when he is in form, imagine what he will do when he is out-of form.... Little bit of spice in the pitch and this guy is all over the ball...
  9. gakgupta

    Deodhar Trophy 2018

    I am watching this match....he is head & shoulders above Iyer.... Iyer is an absolute hack.... Forget India, he should not play for Mumbai... 13 odd runs he made, 10 runs are from edges and false shots... He could be out of form....but his technique is pathetic....
  10. gakgupta

    Mohammad Abbas...

    Cant predict.... But he looks good... He is hitting the pitch hard...
  11. gakgupta

    Setbacks have made me a better person: Hanuma Vihari

    He should have said some about Dhoni... "Like Dhoni called him up before his debut and fixed couple of things in his technique which helped him to make runs in the match and also take wickets" No wonder, he was dropped after that successful debut...
  12. I think Dhawal know some biggies in BCCI.... For such a poor skillset, he should not be close to Mumbai cricket(leave Indian cricket)
  13. He is definetly an integral part of Indian ODI set-up... He has a long way to go in test cricket..... I think Vijay shankar will do better in test cricket (as batting all-rounder)
  14. He never had that technique to do that.....
  15. He is going to add only all-time legends

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