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  1. to be honest, he bowled really well in this match....infact better than morkel
  2. All you need is one innings to come out with such comment....are you blind?...cant you see KLR is ATG in making?..... Players like KLR needs to be backed.....you cannot play round-table with these guyzz....give him a straight run for few matches
  3. 27.4: Kohli talking to Vijay...did anyone else hear this?

    we need players like him ....... you need to win abroad, you need that kind of aggression ....Hardik in the same mold.....love it
  4. Who is smart ? Kohli or Rahul Gandhi

    I totally agree....moreover we have this team because of the fast bowling culture he has developed....this is the best fast bowling unit we have ever in our history.. But the decisions he make are childish and doesn't make any sense
  5. Who is smart ? Kohli or Rahul Gandhi

    I am a big fan of Kohli but I would say rahul is much much smarter....
  6. Can't depend on Shami.

    On this kind of pitch, Shami would have ripped the opposition apart. He is bowling well within himself and not attaining those high speeds regularly.... I haven't watched him in second innings. My analysis is based on first innings. Is he fully fit? How did he bowled in sending innings though? Sent from my XT1068 using Tapatalk
  7. Indian slip catching hall of shame

    dhawan has taken this art of "Dropping catches" to next level..... Even a high school kid would have swallowed it....Shame on you ..Mr.Dhawan
  8. probably the worst batting line up ever to visit SA.....2 walking wickets right there..Dhawan and rohit
  9. Predict Best Indian Batsman in SA

    Hands-down ---KL Rahul
  10. Shastri is doing good job

    My uncle use to always say that ..."If shastri was captain instead of Azhar, India would have won lot more matches and India could have unearthed some wonderful players"... According to him, Sashri is very brainy and knows how to make good usage of limited resources....seems like he has good eye for talent"...
  11. Surprised, bhuvi's name didn't popped out yet....He has one of the best actions in the current generation
  12. Jimmy Anderson deserves our respect and appreciation!

    Superior version of Zaheer??...lol..you are kidding me... Had Zaheer stayed fit and played in little seamer friendly conditions, he could have been an ATG... Sent from my XT1068 using Tapatalk
  13. Alaistair Cook Watch - Has the End begun?

    What is the point of getting runs when series is done and dusted... I like those players who stand against the tide... Unfortunately, averages are what people look at....not how cheap those runs were... Sent from my XT1068 using Tapatalk
  14. Siraj - not impressed

    Saini seems to be in the same mold as this guy but better and more polished... When i said same mold....both of them are seam bowlers and more or less similar pace....and can seam the bowl both ways

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