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  1. Rabada's ban overturned, cleared to play in Cape Town

    Now there is life in the series... To start with ICC was too harsh on rabada... If he has to be banned, then every Australian player should be banned for their behaviour in general Sent from my Lenovo A7020a48 using Tapatalk
  2. Vijay Shankar performance watch

    I get the feeling that lot of people here didn't played game at any professional level. For him, this is the pressure match and never batted in international level and these are final over. This is too much to handle.
  3. Vijay Shankar performance watch

    Shankar should have been given the chance to bat in one the league matches. Too much pressure to handle. Not easy in the finals
  4. How a boot camp rebooted Dinesh Karthik’s career

    nayar now becomes very very popular among cricket circles
  5. Rajneesh Gurbani

    I said on certain pitches in certain countries...should be hand-picked Here is the video of irfan pathan for your reference first wicket ---speed 72.7 miles per hr -- 116 KMPH third wicket - Speed - 121.7 kmph Haven't checked the third wicket and fourth. I am sure, it will be around the same speed. Pace with skills is probably best thing to have and everybody understand that. But when we don't have the quality and has to choose between skill and pace, then it's debatable Let me reiterate: I didn't said he should be included as regular in all formats. Only in test matches and that too on certain pitches (ex: in England). My Observation is not based on just this irani match.
  6. Rajneesh Gurbani

    Moreover, what was the pace of Irfan when he took a hat-trick (4 wickets) against Pakistan in the first over of the test match....
  7. Rajneesh Gurbani

    Nope.... Whoever chawal Kulkarni is.... You think you are the brightest brains in the cricket...if so, you should be working with BCCI or ICC..or atleast some state Ranji teams...if not, you no better than anyone here... STOP judging people BTW...Aren't you the one..who thinks Iyer is world class batsmen? LOL
  8. Rajneesh Gurbani

    Totally agree.... He can be successful on certain pitches and can even win those matches single handedly. He has the knack of picking wickets. He should be hand-picked on certain pitches in certain countries
  9. Kevin pietersen calls it a day

    Kevin's career is the classic example that no-one from other countries should play for England. He was always treated as second grade citizen in English team even-though he was the best player for them for really long time...
  10. One bloody T20 match on flat sub-continent pitch is used to evalaute the pace bowler... Siraj is a proper seam bowler.... He is very rare breed.... He should be conserved and safe-guarded and kept away from these useless T20's he is still raw and learning the trade....but has huge skills These kind of bowlers will win you a test match outside subcontinent
  11. Irani Trophy 2018 : ROI vs VIDARBHA at Nagpur

    3 days on the field and most likely feet might not be moving enough....that's the best thing to happen for swing bowlers... But he should be given the credit but should not be taken this performance too seriously...
  12. Rajneesh Gurbani

    I think he earned himself a spot in INDIA A team... Good replacement for S.Kaul
  13. Navdeep Saini bowling with genuine pace now

    Choudhary is only hyped up ICF.... he doesn't have a wicket taking delivery...he is more like pankaj singh
  14. Bangladesh create history.

    whatever has happened....i thoroughly enjoyed the match... it has added some spice to the boring tournament... Australia does this in it's own way...but nobody will humiliate them or ridicule them but if a desi country does this, now people will jump on it and start passing some comments... Way it's done could be different but everything counted as nuisance...
  15. Vijay Shankar: I want to be a genuine allrounder

    From what i heard on ICF and elsewhere that he has very strong technique and gun player against spinners

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