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  1. Yes the back foot thing was also why he struggled against Rashid.
  2. Rahane will prove many people here wrong sooner or later. He has a knack of doing well when backs are against the wall.
  3. Kohli is fired up. Expect him to play out of his skin, but will need support from Pujara/Rahane.
  4. None of them blamed me of being anti national, also I don't see anyone else stuck-up about him 2 years after his retirement. And no you don't just "criticize" him, you wished he were a Pakistani. So please go fool someone else and next time think twice before making such remarks.
  5. It is as meaningful as it gets man. If Rohit can play the number of tests he has played Jayant surely deserves a longer run. He has already shown great temperament with the bat in barely 3-4 matches and does his job as a support bowler. Already contributes much more than Rohit.
  6. Better test batsman than Rohit
  7. If match goes on till Sunday we might see a full house, especially if we are in a strong position.
  8. You troll everywhere, its ok. You are obsessed with Dhoni, I know it. But never *ing accuse me of such bullshit or I will rip you apart. That is probably your style, enjoying India's defeat because your master completes a milestone and that's all that matters. Its just too much now. Can you *ing get over it? Dhoni has been gone from test for more than 2 years now, we are number 1 again but all you can think of is finding new ways to abuse him. I never even mentioned him all day but you can only think of me as just a fan of his. I am a cricket fan and an Indian before I am a fan of Dhoni. I know that might be tough for you to swallow since you are only a hater who would rather have India lose than certain players doing well. Whatever you do in life, wherever you go, there comes a time when you show your real aukaat. That's what you've done today.
  9. Good for our country. It doesn't need scumbags like you.
  10. Too early to call IMO. Scored 188 against NZ 4 matches ago. He'll work it out.
  11. Ishant is back with just his second over