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  1. What I said was true
  2. Yeah it must be true, when did I doubt him?
  3. Since OP says favourite and not necessarily best, Hayden - O Hussey - O Kohli Raina Yuvi Dhoni (c)(wk) Bravo - O Jaddu Ashwin Zaheer Bollinger - O
  4. According to him one guy got up when the bowler was loading up.
  5. Small sightscreen
  6. Still can't beat Pune
  7. @New guy watching the trailer and when Dhoni comes on screen
  8. OP has tagged Dhoni in this lol there is a limit to obsession
  9. But rejected his marriage proposal
  10. @velu @BeautifulGame @sscomp32
  11. Bumrah-Nehra-Yadav looks more likely
  12. Kumble congratulated Sagarika Ghose by mistake