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  1. MSD treats old chaiwala to lavish dinner--what about Saha??
  2. MSD is a paratrooper--what about Saha??
  3. MSD is lieutenant Colonel--what about Saha??
  4. Saha is also ex CSK
  5. Yuvi Raina especially with inside out shots
  6. But you seem to enjoy downvotes, why turn them?
  7. Coming from Mafia coach lol this must be killing some people
  8. You love downvotes more than Sachin loves his milestones
  9. This is what you could find Him overlooking someone else dropping a catch..
  10. MSD has saved Kohli's place--what about Saha??
  11. Keep inventing your own logics
  12. Padukone. When he was new to the team.
  13. MSD is more marketable than Messi and Ronaldo--what about Saha??
  14. MSD has kept everybody obsessed with him - haters more so than fans--what about Saha??
  15. MSD is sole reason for activity in the forum--what about Saha??