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  1. Chak de pakistan....well done. Greatest turnaround in sporting history
  2. I think kohli should let dhoni captain for this match
  3. Looks like a Pak version of Chak de India. Low ranked team gets humbled by champions in the first match, only to improve in every match and finally face off the champions again in the final Cliffhanger. Well we all know what happens in that and hopefully doesn't repeat
  4. Well congrats to pak. They deserve to win. India should focus on England series
  5. I m not even watching anymore. Anything more than 250 will be ungetable against this pak bowling
  6. We are losing this match by 50 runs
  7. Should have picked Shami. Ashwin has been usless in this tournament
  8. Who the hell is R.N Ten Doeschate

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