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  1. Ishant to lead Delhi in upcoming Ranji season

    I take it that this post is in the same spirit as your username on this forum.
  2. Ishant to lead Delhi in upcoming Ranji season

    At one time, he considered himself as the bowling spearhead for India.
  3. Ishant to lead Delhi in upcoming Ranji season

    This workhorse thing is overrated. He became a "workhorse" by bowling conservatively in matches, defensive outside off stump lines, not looking to attack batsmen, not looking to give short pitched treatment to batsmen, etc. His strategy is to stay fit, play more matches and more IPLs. The one time he did push himself was in the Lords Test, when he gave England batsmen the short pitched treatment. He promptly got injured because putting maximum effort took a toll on his body and sat out few matches after that. When he came back, he no longer tried the same strategy. Contrast that with a bowler like Shami, who always gives 110% every time he comes in to bowl. Despite getting injured frequently, missing IPLs, etc. Shami never shows any signs of giving anything less when called in to bowl. You need bowlers like that. When they are playing, they are giving you their best effort and not just putting in half-hearted effort in a bid to play more matches. If you expand the horizon a bit to look at international bowlers, Australians tend to have many such Shami like bowlers. Harris, Cummins, Pattinson - they all gave their best and more every time they played international cricket.
  4. Let's all laugh at AUS's ODI performance outside AUS

    Exactly. Very premature to laugh at the reigning World Champions. And its not like our ODI record in Aus vs Aus is great. For all the number 1 ranking and what we hold currently, we neither won the last World Cup nor the last Champions Trophy.
  5. This is it : Kuldeep-Chahal are the new Ash-Jaddu

    Ohh please don't jinx them...!! Ashwin was never really a good ODI bowler. No 5-fers and only a single 4-fer in all List A & ODI cricket, that too coming against lowly UAE. It's a miracle (or should I say BCCI ineptitude) that he played so many ODIs despite having such a poor record. Jadeja was fairly good at one time, but performances started declining over time in ODIs, while his Test career started taking off. Let's hope Kuldeep and Chahal can keep their wicket-taking ability instead of being flat restrictive bowlers.
  6. Bhuvneshwar Kumar Fan Club

    All pacers except for Cummins and Bhuv went for over 5 an over. And Cummins only got one wicket in 10 overs. Bhuv got 3 (and could have had a 4th) conceding single digit runs at ER below 2. He was clearly the standout performer among all pacers today.
  7. Identify four players for middle order

    Jadhav has done pretty well. Not spectacular, but well. Good thing about Jadhav is that even if he gets small scores, he gets them at a good strike rate, so when he gets out, he hasn't slowed the scoring down. Pandey is a bit topsy turvy. He looks sublime away from India, but struggles mightily at home, which is very strange. I think both should still be persisted with. We should also bring in Krunal to create some competition for the spots. Iyer and Pant are more top order batsmen. Iyer at 3 and Pant opening.
  8. Bhuvneshwar Kumar Fan Club

    Haters having to eat crow yet again. Shows you exactly the value a good swing and seam bowler brings to the team. On any other day, if it weren't for Bhuvi, this wicket would have been castigated as a flat track.
  9. Where are you from ?

    Should be DaMu
  10. Census Fraud in Pakistan

    Nothing new. Census in Pakistan depends on what numbers the party or military in power want to show you. The exercise of actually getting data from citizens is just a futile expense. Closer home, we have our own "manipulation" too. Its just that our manipulation doesn't actually alter data but our Governments believe in withholding data that they have captured in a census. UPA-2 did not release the religion data captured in the 2011 census and finally Modi government had to release this after it came to power. UPA with their minority appeasement policies did not want Indians to know that Hindus had declined as a percentage of the population and were now below the psychological 80% mark. At the same time, Muslims had increased as a percentage of the population and had become a very "significant" minority in a number of states like Assam, West Bengal and Kerala. Even Vajpayee government had not released religion data in 2001 and then UPA-1 released this after they came to power. Probably Vajpayee was pressurized by allies (probably under pressure from Mamata Bannerjee who was an ally then or National Conference or some other allies). It seems that they did not want the "extreme right" within the BJP or BJP support organizations to make him enact some extreme policies to control minority population growth.
  11. Where are you from ?

    What is that? South Bombay? I searched this on Google and you won't believe what I found.
  12. What pisses you off?

    Drinking lots of water
  13. Site Feedback

    I can now upvote my own post. Seems like a defect to me.
  14. Site Feedback

    ICF does not want us to be politicians
  15. Look how the High Court censured them: http://www.ndtv.com/kolkata-news/dont-create-line-between-hindus-and-muslims-high-court-tells-bengal-government-1752978?pfrom=home-lateststories Must be a very secular Government that bans its Hindu citizens from practicing their religion in order to facilitate Muslims to practice their religion.

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