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  1. Yes, something very fishy about her story. Your account is probably most accurate.
  2. A big Texas sized welcome to you. Yes, I live in the DFW area, but not lived in Arlington. For most desis in the area, Irving (northern side) is the desi adda. You will see lots (and I mean lots) of desis there. Almost a second AP/Telangana. Arlington also I believe has lots of desis. Most people you will find in Texas are very friendly, more friendly than any other state. It is probably one of the few places where you could walk in a grocery store and strike up a conversation with a total stranger and it would seem like you are talking to your long lost friend. On the racist angle, in the big metros like Dallas, Houston, etc. you will rarely come across any profiling. I have lived here for the last 10 years and I have enjoyed living here.
  3. Alphonso..... That brings back memories. Kings of Mangoes. No mango beats them! Correction: No other fruit beats them
  4. Thakur is actually a top bowler, but nowhere close to express pace. In fact, I feel Thakur is better suited to longer form cricket like Tests. He does really well in FC cricket. By the way, nobody is arguing against pace. It is brainless fast bowling and just blindly believing speed guns, which is being ridiculed here.
  5. You have to understand that we are also talking about T20 performances only. Nobody is asking for either Unadkat or Sandeep to make it to Test team based on IPL performances.
  6. Yeah, in 39 T20Is.
  7. Yes, Bhuvi+Bumrah+Hardik should be the seamers. Krunal+Chahal the spinners. Depending on the kind of wicket, it should be either an additional spinner or seamer, whoever is in form. Probably Shami if fit. Ideally need a left arm seamer to add some variety.
  8. Should be sent to Pakistan, the holiest place for all terrorists.
  9. Would agree with this. For OP, I think most people agree that Kapil's batting >> Imran's batting. Kapil was naturally talented batsman and more aggressive, while Imran was a plodder. Difference in their batting was like the difference between Lara and Steve Waugh's batting. However, Imran was a much better bowler. Yes, he must have done a lot of tampering, but can't really gauge how much impact that really had on his bowling figures. Still, I think he was a better bowler than Kapil.
  10. 3 months is going to eat up a lot of the international schedule and will also result in a very long tournament. Its not like currently, we are seeing too many games. Every weekend, we have 2 games every day (I think Fri, Sat, Sun). The same can just be extended to all the other days.
  11. I felt he got too much credit than what he deserved for our wins. As I said, if you look at the records, Ganguly has a terrific record as a captain. However, a lot of captains could have done almost as well. For example, if Dravid had become captain earlier, he could have had a very similar record. Sachin Tendulkar I agree was a horrible captain and we lost a lot because of Sachin's insipid captaincy. But the low bar that Sachin set during his captaincy was very easy to overcome for someone like Ganguly. By the way, I never said Ganguly was a bad captain. I like many attributes about his captaincy. But I don't agree that he was the greatest ever. And by the way, I was 22 the day Ganguly became captain. I wouldn't exactly call myself a kid then.
  12. 10 teams would be ideal with more matches packed into existing schedule. Some of the contract wording may have to be rewritten considering players would have to play more matches, but don't see any major issues.
  13. There is no need to extend either. Weekdays can have 2 matches too just like weekends and can fit in existing schedule.
  14. ohh.. is that how all those runs are calculated?? Didn't know. Open 10 more then
  15. If they want to keep it as 8 teams, they could bring back one of CSK or RR and keep RPSG. Would be a gross injustice if they cannot play another season after a top performance this season. Goenkas deserve to have their own team.