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  1. Lol. Why?? First you were saying all speed gun ratings are consistent. Now you changed and saying Indian speed gun ratings are lower. What happened. They are not all accurate anymore?
  2. Use some Vaseline before putting your c*ck in @Rightarmfast s a$$ next time. He gets super sensitive when you go straight in.
  3. Already posted. If you can't read English, go find someone to teach you that.
  4. @rkt.india @Rightarmfast I think javelin throw is a better sport for you guys to follow. Can measure speeds all day
  5. Hope he doesn't become another Atul Sharma.
  6. If you watched those IPL games, he had quite a few balls at 140.
  7. Error margin exists for all. See what they have bowled everywhere and there is difference in speed across grounds. I understand you are only interested in seeing phashhhhhhtttt bowlers and have no interest in watching real cricket.
  8. You go and do some reading kid and educate yourself. Get a college degree too and a real job and stop flipping burgers :)
  9. Anyway, you can't reason with "Pakistan" like mentality.
  10. Praveen is a bowler who clocks 115-125 usually. In T20s I can understand a 5-6 kph bump. But Praveen clocking 140 is an anomaly and can only be explained by inaccuracies in recording speed gun results.
  11. Ohh poor Rightarmfast. Yearning to see only Right arm fast mentioned against bowler with Indian team. Not cared about result of the match. Not cared about any actual "cricket". You guys are very much like the Pakistanis that only boast about "phassht" bowlers. By the way, speed guns vary from broadcaster to broadcaster and can very much show different values even from ground to ground. Do a little more reading on how they are calculated and you will see how much error margin there is in speed gun ratings. Problem with you is you don't even know or feign to not know how the machine calculates the speed and how much error margin exists.
  12. Even Praveen Kumar was clocked at 140k in IPL. He is not in any way capable to clocking those speeds. So we know that there is a variance.
  13. Lol at all the speed gun analysts and obsession with speed gun readings. I don't think you guys watch cricket to see a contest between bat and ball. Only obsession is to see speed gun digits.
  14. LOL at so much sensitivity about speed gun ratings. Nobody even noticed that I mentioned that these are actually very good prospects and should be fast-tracked. Tells you many people here only care about what the speed gun rating says than actual bowlers who are capable of taking wickets.
  15. I haven't watched them bowl, but they could well be bowling much slower. These are Under-19s. Aussie bowlers generally pick up pace when they get to 23-25. In India, the reverse culture exists. Bowlers get slower as they play Ranjis.

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