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  1. Undoubtably Sehwag.... and by a country mile! When Sehwag was on song, that meant we demoralized opposition on Day 1 itself in the first two sessions. After that, they are just trying to save the match. Greatness of Sehwag lies in the way he scored big daddy hundreds in hardly any time. I remember a time when he has at least 10 consecutive knocks when after reaching a 100, he always passed 150. Bowlers were more thinking about how to stop the run flow rather than how to get wickets.
  2. Wish Jadeja was also playing this match. Dhoniconda and Jadeja would have tuk tuked their way to not out innings.
  3. Please please please somebody find a brother or a son who can run faster than Dhoni. Anybody. Anybody will do.
  4. Dhoni is playing according to situation here. He wants to make the equation to 36 off 6 needed and then he will don his Final Over attire and hit 6 sixes.
  5. Siraj - not impressed

    And he was not quite hitting the deck. Check out how Bumrah was still able to hit the deck.
  6. Siraj - not impressed

    But he was bowling half volleys and fulltosses.
  7. Siraj - not impressed

    First impressions. Young lad. Not international quality yet. Too raw. Can't bowl to a line and length. Probably needs to go back to domestics and fine tune.
  8. Srikanth Kidambi - How good is he?

    Looks like he might have played only this "version" of badminton before:
  9. Srikanth Kidambi - How good is he?

    What is your point? Golden Age of Indian badminton means we are at our best time in our history of badminton. At no other time in our history did we have so many World beaters or so many Championship winners. This is definitely the Golden Age of Indian Badminton.
  10. Indonesia Open, Australian Open, Denmark Open and now French Open. This guy has been on a roll. How good is he? Can he be a top ranked player for a longish period of time? Is he already the best Indian male badminton player of all time? It seems like this is the Golden Age of Indian badminton with Kidambi, Sindhu, Nehwal, some other male players also doing well.
  11. ....and them not playing is something anybody cares about....?? So much drama from this padosi..... Ufff!
  12. Yes, fast bowlers should not bowl more than 18 overs in a day. Anything more means that we are risking stress related injuries. We do need him playing these FC matches so that he is fit for the Tests. Overall, in the match, it seems like he bowled 35 overs, which is a decent amount of effort. Probably Bengal captain thought he needs to get more overs out of Shami because he was taking wickets. I think one-off days like that are okay as long as they don't make it a pattern of over-bowling pacers.
  13. Is Karn referring to Karn Sharma? If so, then his batting cannot be classified as good enough for being called an allrounder. He is more like a bowler who bats a little, similar to Kuldeep Yadav.

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