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  1. Interesting to see what Chinese mistress Pakistanis have to say about it. Somehow Chinese Muslims don't fit into their "Muslim brotherhood" compassion list.
  2. Back to normal. SR 63. Bowled by Bumrah.
  3. In Kanpur, he suffered a hamstring injury while running between wickets http://www.cricbuzz.com/cricket-news/82877/gautam-gambhir-recalled-for-new-zealand-tests
  4. Then he does not know how to field without getting himself in harm's way. Kohli, Rahane have played a lot of cricket and freak injuries can occur once in a while. Rahul plays two or three matches and then spends time away injured.
  5. Thankfully, he didn't have to bat or bowl.
  6. 0 x 4s 7 x 6s Top innings! Hope this guy can keep churning out runs.
  7. Jadeja too. His T20 batting is pathetic. Get Krunal in his place.
  8. Kings XI Punjab Didn't play just one Sharma... Not even two Sharmas.... But they had audacity to actually play 3 Sharmas!!! The Result: 9.3-0-126-1 http://www.espncricinfo.com/ci/engine/match/1082612.html
  9. Agreed. Shardul is more Test material than LOI material in my opinion. Thampi needs to be groomed. Both are better options at the moment than Umesh or Aaron.
  10. Agreed. His choice of words could have been better. I think largely people agree with his sentiments, but not his choice of words. He was probably frustrated woken up early and just vented his anger on Twitter.
  11. Umesh and Aaron's stats have never been good in any IPL across all years.
  12. LOL. Then how did they only win 2 of the CTs v/s 4 won by IPL teams?
  13. So, are you saying that Umesh doesn't perform well under Dhoni and only Kohli is gets the best out of him? Well, stats don't prove your argument. Umesh's Test bowling average under Dhoni is 31, while under Kohli the same is 40. Even WC 2015 and CT 2013 where you are saying that Umesh did well, was not under Kohli. This captaincy thing is a lame excuse used here. When he performs, then it is his talent and when he doesn't, blame the captain. If anybody was hard done by Dhoni more than Umesh or any other player, it was Rahane, who sat on bench for 16 Tests watching others make their debut before him. Yet, when he got his opportunity, he made the most of it. Umesh has been playing international cricket for 7 years now. He should know how to bowl in LOIs after all those years.
  14. They are already playing IPL with big name players and doing well. Besides Dhoni is doing poorly and no longer deserves a place in the team only because of his historical contributions.
  15. His knock was pretty phenomenal. Needs to be a little more consistent I feel. With options like Pant and Kishan, I struggle to understand why we keep picking MSD.