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  1. Instead of 3, I would argue for 2. Ladakh is too sparcely populated to be a state of its own and I'm afraid if it becomes a UT, it would get completely ignored. Make Jammu and Ladakh as one separate state. Development of these two regions cannot be held hostage at the cost of the problems of the valley. Make Kashmir a separate state and abolish article 370. Give some financial incentive to people from outside states buying property there. Let the stone pelters keep pelting stones. Counter them with force. Real force.
  2. Still remember... Ravi Shastri fought vociferously for Suresh Raina's inclusion in the Test team despite being a proven failure time and again. Raina duly responded with a pair in the Test that he played. Accountability?? eh..... what does that mean?
  3. Guy with a PhD and pure hatred for non Muslims. Surely must qualify as Prime Ministerial material in Lizard Land.
  4. LOL. No, Sikhs were not banned from visiting the Golden Temple before or after Operation Bluestar to my knowledge and there is no siege on the Amarnath Temple either. Who are you to preach that practice of religion is not tied to visiting holy places? By the yardstick, lets also ban travel to Mecca and Medina. There have been blasts in Mecca-Medina too, so ban all Muslims from going there. Would that work for you?
  5. The first 6 countries are also manufacturers of terrorism and largely responsible themselves for it. We are not.
  6. So, Hindus stop practicing their religion, visiting their holy places, etc. is what you are saying?? Wow, what a suggestion! Get killed or don't practice your religion. So, maybe you should have said the same to Gujarat's Muslims after 2002. Since the State cannot protect you, stop practicing your religion.
  7. So, you are saying that Hindus should stop going to their religious places because of these attacks??
  8. Its more a family business run with limited talent pool and same mundane way of making films. They charge extraordinary prices on tickets. Hope government imposes heavy taxes on this industry until it can reform and be more talent centric than family centric, streamlined and transparent.
  9. Intelligence can only go that far. It cannot eliminate every attack. The problem is more deep-rooted and is a religious issue more than any Kashmiriyat issue. The same problem that the rest of the World is experiencing. Needs to be nipped in the bud.
  10. And how are you going to avoid them without understanding and uprooting what they are linked to?
  11. Ishant Sharma yet again Mukund has also disappointed in the chances he was given.
  12. Both Ashwin and Jadeja are useless in LOIs. Should be both kicked out. Time to move on.
  13. Oxymoron
  14. I think some of the benefits of some of Modi's actions are yet to be experienced, but he is definitely on the right track. Simplifying the tax regime, automating credits via Aadhar in the process eliminating middle men, efforts to tackle corruption, etc. Just like Manmohan's first term benefitted from the reforms introduced by Vajpayee, we might see improved results from Modi reforms only later, hopefully in his own second term so that Congress doesn't run away with the credit.
  15. LBS, Vajpayee, PVNR were probably better. Modi is certainly better than Rajiv, Indira, Manmohan, Nehru.