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  1. Is Karn referring to Karn Sharma? If so, then his batting cannot be classified as good enough for being called an allrounder. He is more like a bowler who bats a little, similar to Kuldeep Yadav.
  2. Regurgitation policy continues with Karthik pick. Rahul should have got a longer run. And he should be played as an opener.
  3. Padmavati trailer- Wahhhhhhhhh

    The Bhagat Singh film (The Legend of Bhagat Singh) even though included song and dance, at least didn't show Bhagat Singh as some kind of hopeless romantic and stayed pretty true to history. This shows that core "masala" movies can be made without showing historical figures as Devdas like romantics. Of course filmmakers like SLB won't venture into making such movies because they only know to cash in on moviegoers who like extravagant outfits and sets and no story or plot or adherenece to history.
  4. Why is Dhoni still playing T20s for India?

    MSK Prasad, our chief selector is as meek as a mouse. He couldn't even plain and simple state that Ashwin and Jadeja were dropped from LOI teams. He "sugar coated" it as them being rested. I hope he finally grows some balls and just drops Dhoni from the squad and calls it as it is.
  5. Padmavati trailer- Wahhhhhhhhh

    This will be yet another cr@ppy film from a highly overrated filmmaker. SLB only really made two good films - and both of them happened to be his first 2 films (Khamoshi and Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam). After that, he just rehashed the same formula across all his other films. No imagination, no plot, just put some expansive costumes and create some lavish sets and create some slick promos. That's all. Highly overrated filmmaker with a monotonous pattern of filmmaking.
  6. Why is Dhoni still playing T20s for India?

    11) You do not have a brother or a son who can run as fast as Dhoni.
  7. Why is Dhoni still playing T20s for India?

    To answer the question here, Its a combination of simple economics and ego. On the economics side, Dhoni knows very well that the IPL money he makes is directly proportional to him being in the first choice Indian team. As a result, he will attempt to delay T20 retirement as long as sustainable. The second aspect is ego. He still believes that whatever little T20 skill he had when he was younger is still very much there. And he wants to prove that point. Sadly, in his personal attempt to prove that point, we are going to lose many matches and deny a younger player the chances that he needs at this level.
  8. Why is Dhoni still playing T20s for India?

    And to ensure that he is remembered as thr only Indian captain to win a T20 World Cup
  9. Where is Aussie Fast Bowler Billy Stanlake?

    Seems to be a pretty decent pick this Beherendoff.
  10. Okay. That's about the execution. Yes, I agree the process to fund this seems flawed. Ultimately, I feel what BCCI can do is to give little to nothing in terms of match fees for T20s and use that money to fund more fees for Test matches. They could also use the higher revenue generated from media rights of IPL to fund more Test match fees. I agree in principle that the method described in OP is flawed. You should not take a player's "share" and distribute it to others. It should rather come from a common pool like ones obtained from media rights or other revenue sources for the BCCI.
  11. This is definitely one of the better ideas I have seen of late and is much needed. Test cricket, despite all the T20 hoopla, continues to remain the premier format. A Test series win in Australia or South Africa is >>>>>>>>>... repeat 100 times >>> T20 series wins there. Test cricket is its own format and requires its own skills. Its high time we encourage players to continue to be Test specialists by making sure we cover sufficient of their income shortfall from T20 leagues. This can also serve as a boost for our fast bowlers who we want to preserve for Tests. Hope players like Shami and Pujara can benefit from this scheme.
  12. Agree and I yhink pretty much everyone here acknowledges that we play T20s in "ODI" mode. We have been lucky of late that our bowlers have been doing really well. Its high time our selectors realize that T20 is a totally different format with very different skill requirements. Rahul, Pant, Krunal should be given a decent run in the team.
  13. Dumbest new law in Cricket-Fake Fielding law

    What next? Penalize fielders who fake throwing down the stumps, but don't actually throw?
  14. Dumbest new law in Cricket-Fake Fielding law

    https://sports.ndtv.com/india-vs-australia-2017-18/iccs-new-rule-can-get-mahendra-singh-dhoni-penalised-1759023?pfrom=home-mostviewedblogposts ICC's New Rule Can Get Mahendra Singh Dhoni Penalised Dhoni may get penalised under the "fake fielding" law, which was recently instituted by the ICC.
  15. Where is Aussie Fast Bowler Billy Stanlake?

    What is wrong with picking Beherendoff??? He has a very good record in T20s as well as FC cricket and also been playing List A cricket of late. In contrast Stanlake has a poor T20 record, has not played any FC or List A or T20 cricket of late and bowled poorly in the IPL.

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