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  1. Wicket to wicket economic trundler, good decent economical bowling today.
  2. Bhuvi bowling 131, 133 - why these crappy slow speeds? He used to be able to 135+
  3. fineleg

    Ranji trophy 2018-19

    Wasim Jaffer 182* , nearing 200!! What a series for Jaffer!
  4. yes. Good job by BCCI with respect to resting Bumrah. His IPL workload also needs to be managed but looks like Rohit Sharma will not do that!
  5. Well Nagarkoti when fit has to prove himself all over again. This seems to be a career threatening injury for Nagarkoti spanning a really long long time. He has to build himself up to the right skills and match fitness all over again. Good wishes to Mavi and Nagarkoti.
  6. 11 runs over (first over) - Hope he improves as the game goes on.
  7. When you get these opportunities, gotta do well and grab the chance. He didn't do it in T20. Hope he doesn't miss out in ODI as well.
  8. Is V Shankar already in Adelaide or not yet in Aus soil?
  9. fineleg

    Khaleel Ahmed

    very poor bowling. Cannot make wc squad , so drop him right away from squad.
  10. fineleg

    Can we take 16 man squad to england?

    Official squad is as per ICC You can have extra players around on your own, but they can only be part of squad if someone is "injured" which teams sometimes fake.
  11. Yes Perera esp. is a matchwinner on his day. First let VS bat at a good consistent way with good S/R
  12. fineleg

    KL + Hardik Support Thread

    Pandya and KLR brought this upon themselves.

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