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  1. Has Shreyas Gopal played A-tours (odi and/or long format)? India-A matches in India, India-A matches away? How has his performance been? Or should be selected if he hasn't played so far...
  2. fineleg

    The devolution of the Indian Trundler

    After the Multiple Years Injury Layoff, we need to see what the newly emerging (whenever he emerges) Nagarkoti can or cannot do. Trending towards Atul Sharma though Nagarkoti was real :( some years ago. And Mavi Injury prone too.
  3. Real culprit(s) run all the way to High Level Politicians/Ministers actually.
  4. US ICF-ers , I wrote to Willow to cancel my online subscription and they wrote back offering $45 annual subscription. (less than 4 per month) . They say it includes access to IPL, Worldcup2019 and Ind in WI (among other non-India matches). I asked them if IPL or WC2019 is pay-per-view, didnt get clear answer yet. Do you think they make IPL or WC2019 as pay-per-view ? Is that how they usually do it? or is it included? Will HOTSTAR also include IPL and WC2019? If so, Hotstar more preferable, isn't it? Will they make it pay-per-view? or included as part of Hotstar online subscription?
  5. fineleg

    K S Bharat wicket keeper batsman

    ^ Knock, knock, icf-ers....
  6. fineleg

    K S Bharat wicket keeper batsman

    How is the wicketkeeping skills of KS Bharat as seen in recent matches?
  7. fineleg

    Pandya's raw batting talent

    Can Mods pls combine a bunch of threads into one "Gujju Bhaais, assemble here" thread?
  8. Is any Indian channel on TV or streaming carrying today's Lions match?
  9. KL Rahul 13(25) s/r 52 out vs eng lions http://www.bcci.tv/england-lions-tour-of-india-one-day-series-2018-19/match/04
  10. fineleg

    Hostile bowling at its best ...

    ??? What are you trying to say about the WI bowling in the Test @zen
  11. Hahane may get in as backup batsman in WC Squad?
  12. No one even in vicinity. in-form Bumrah more critical for success than in-form kohli. No replacement.
  13. ODIs / T20 are wrong format for Siraj.
  14. We won but seems J. Porter 5 wickets. Tough pitch to bat ??

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