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  1. Serves that arrogant Shastri and Kohli right

    false complacency for who? Maybe you, @Austin 3:!6, @sandeep, @King Tendulkar, @Cricketics Austin had this "we are winning at centurion" thread? sandeep said series win for India. Most here said SA will thrash us.
  2. Nonsense by Pujara - esp when he knows he is a slow runner. Need a third run!??
  3. Things that SL series screwed up

    All said and done, Test class batsmen must show spine. Spineless batting in SA or any tour cannot be compensated by any level of planning.
  4. @King Tendulkar you are just a dalda can
  5. Extremely poor running from Indian batsmen

    Indian players aren't that smart? this is like Pak level brains , embarassing.
  6. Thank You Kohli And Parthiv Patel For Your Services In SA

    What mob mentality? Just look at this history of keeping - Saha vs PP. PP is one of the worst ever.
  7. Thank You Kohli And Parthiv Patel For Your Services In SA

    Pls. use your brains. He is worse than PP as keeper.
  8. Thank You Kohli And Parthiv Patel For Your Services In SA

    @Khota Hopefully you are ashamed now. Horrible wicket-keeping by Parthiv, dropped important SA batsmen, and obviously not much as a batsman either. But primarily puke-worthy wicket-keeping by PP.
  9. Pandya or Rohit ? Who is a better Test batsmen

    Rohit is an utter failure as Test batsman. How does he beat Rahane? Rahane has scored runs in SA, Aus, Eng, NZ tough away tours
  10. The selective bias we show

    Comparing match winner Morkel to "unlucky for 70 tests" I.S.? its not about one over here or there.
  11. Guys, be careful....

    ICF pays you!? and doesn't pay the rest of us!???
  12. Exactly. There is NO national language for India, only official languages.
  13. Mark my words - India will still win the series

    Won't be the same , yes. In first Test, India won some sessions. Second Test, they will thrash us by winning 90% of sessions.
  14. Justice for Rahul Campaign (JFRC)

    Are we comparing Rohit in Tests to Pujara?
  15. How to approach your crush !!! [ Serious ]

    Is that real? And if so how does @velu know that about @Trichromatic ??

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