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  1. If we do the same batting order we cannot expect anything but another 10-2 No harm in trying Rishabh Pant and if same result then fine. But incase he gets a quick 25-30, then atleast a little bit of momentum And KLR can play at #6 old ball.
  2. There just seems to be no other choice, we need to win Melbourne, MUST win match for India. Pujara is anyway coming in within 2-4 overs to the crease. Hardik Pandya vs Parthiv Patel in the 11 - I'd choose Hardik. Parthiv wont score more than 15-20 against Aus attack. 1. Mayank Agarwal 2. Pujara (sorry to do this, but no other choice) 3. Rahane 4. Kohli 5. Vihari 6. Hardik Pandya (instead of Rohit Sharma and Parthiv Patel the batsman) 7. Rishabh Pant 8. Ashwin (if injured, then Jadeja) 9. Ishant Sharma (or Bhuvi if batting bolster) 10. Md. Shami 11. Bumrah
  3. Who are the top 4 openers in India domestics, A-tours? (other than Prithvi Shaw) Mayank Agarwal is one of them. Who are the others? I guess Gill is one other. Are any of them Intl quality??
  4. There was one Faisal/Faizal too? Faiz Fazal Is he good?
  5. Openers extremely weak or newbie/rookie, 10-2 scores regular Batting temperament for most bats esp Rahane/Pant lacking, they hack and get out. Tailenders 8,9,10,11 contribute total 5-10 runs Draw not possible, 1-3 Aus win series
  6. fineleg

    How Day 5 could unfold - Numerous Scenarios

    ARSENIC UNFOLDING in first session now... @Cricketics
  7. Our openers are indeed a disgrace and hence this tough situation.
  8. fineleg

    All I want tomorrow is

    @Cricketics is back Day 5 Arsenic by India :)
  9. fineleg

    All I want tomorrow is

    Boss - match will be over within 40-60 mins of start of play in first session.
  10. fineleg

    Not playing a spinner was huge mistake

    Bhuvi over UY at the very least!!!
  11. Mayank Agarwal does not seem to have the technique for SENA Tests. But deserves a call up , so wish him all the best. But I don't see much of a good chance with his (lack of) technique.
  12. fineleg

    All I want tomorrow is

    Pant should seriously cut this out. This aint T20
  13. fineleg

    All I want tomorrow is

    All I want is if we can somehow bat 40 overs on Day 5. Will be a miracle (likely we will last only another 8+ overs), but will be awesome miracle if we can do 40. Runs or not many runs, bat out 40+ overs and show some fight. Then resume the fight in Melbourne. Good job to Aus for 1-1, our openers sucked donkey.
  14. @Lannister Team Karnataka should also add Vennai Kumar
  15. If Aus bat even just a little over a session, say 30-40 overs more, they have plenty to confirm the 1-1 score after this Test. That's sad especially after the win at Adelaide
  16. "difficult to win"? Its done and dusted at 12-2 (with ChePu gone too)
  17. wow expected to see a bit more Kapil Dev on it...
  18. I agree with above till 8 wickets down. But last 2 wickets 55 runs have INDEED batted us out of the Test match. If 287 target is not batting us out of this Test, then what is it @Cricketics ? Realistically speaking...
  19. Even if you roll Romesh Powar on the pitch, no use. 55 runs for last 2 wickets of Aus is CRIMINAL
  20. fineleg

    Shami fires

    Hope this is the end of UY, can't afford him anymore. Maybe in Indian pitches, but even there if there are other people who need to be given a longer run in Intl and in India, then so be it.
  21. Mammoth 287 to chase on this up and down pitch. Aus seem to have wrapped up 1-1 Perth
  22. fineleg

    After all the hype what a pathetic pitch

    India should stop doing this mistake of not playing a front-line spinner in the 11
  23. 206 lead currently. 6 wickets in hand (and Finch will bat). I feel 300+ target, likely even around 325+ (if it goes 350+ then forget it). Certainly 270 vicinity is not correct, I feel.
  24. @zen India won't last that long, 4th Inn will be a swift thing except for a resistance or two for a brief period.

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