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  1. The ONLY useful things with the useless Nidahas trophy: If (and if and only if) MSD is kicked out of T20 squad. Wash Sundar Man of series - thats a good find.
  2. Pandey and Shankar !! What was that ?

    Vijay Shankar can be shelved from "Intl cricket" for a while, ROFL - bottled it big time. Can continue in A-tours for now. Manish Pandey - pls keep him only in ODI squad, not in T20
  3. Washington Sundar will be selected for 2019 World Cup

    Good bowler, but he is only 18. Will have to come back into form, once intl batsmen figure him out and attack him. Let him evolve, too early to say "WC 2019", ICF-hype statements should calm down.
  4. Deodhar Trophy 2018

    Sounds like Parthiv Patel (batting-wise) ?
  5. Vijay Shankar performance watch

    If he bats well, maybe right handed sourav ganguly? (But only if he bats well). Bowling is Ganguly level.
  6. Vijay Shankar performance watch

    VS bowling is so pedestrian. Move on, at least from his bowling. Batting, we shall see.
  7. East Asian market for Indian movies

    rajinikanth hugely popular in Japan, plenty of his movies
  8. Being an all rounder in India is tough

    Exactly , life is tough for most folks - whether cricketers or otherwise. Nothing specifically tough for Pandya.
  9. CBI arrests Karti Chidambaram!!!

    Yep, A. Raja has written a book and its on bookshelves now! K. Chidambaram will write a book next and will make money out of the books too. Clean chit after "some years of investigation" will be given.
  10. For a minute I thought @Mariyam has written the post (style of writing). Then I realized (assumed?) Mariyam doesn't use as many swear words :) Good post @NameGoesHere
  11. ??? Mayank plays for Karnataka!! so he is in Kar squad.
  12. Deodhar Trophy 2018

    No Nagarkoti or Ishan Porel or Shivam Mavi ?
  13. Kuldeep and Chahal - Fan Club

    Yep, interested to know what he does wrong in first class cricket? Hope he can improve the stats there and get into longer format.
  14. Will Kartik Tyagi play U-19 wc next year??
  15. Guess if this is a batsman or a bowler?

    Bully is still a failure in SA.
  16. The great Nidahas Trophy 2018-Pre Tournament Discussion

    Wont happen with MSK Prasad, Ravi Shastri and Virat Kohli at selection meetings.
  17. The great Nidahas Trophy 2018-Pre Tournament Discussion

    EXACTLY! All these Intl-T20 TTFs will use the cra.ppy series to add runs.
  18. Let Prithvi Shaw replace Rohit!

    Pls move thread to JOKES section. Whether No.hit is a minnow/flat track basher is a valid question, but Pritvi Shaw needs 1-2 years domestics plus A-tours first.
  19. Why not Khalil Ahmed

    If you are not from Mumbai - You need consistent stellar performances to be picked by MSK Prasad and Ravi Shastri. Then they will be forced to pick.
  20. No.hit Sharma is WALKING WICKET
  21. Virat or A B D (ODI format)

    Both greats VK and ABDV No.hit Sharma not fit to tie the shoelaces of either of them.

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