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  1. Is @Laaloo and @Vilander ready to bet on the 300
  2. @Vilander Kenai thanama pesaadhe. The idiot was talking about 300 which will be easily attained by Aus and they will go beyond that for sure.
  3. Will be a big score total from Aus 1st Inn. Hope India can bat patiently and equal/get past in our 1st Inn.
  4. Rahane has been quite disappointing in the last 12-18 months, a bit of success then mediocre, a bit of success, then mediocre again... Is he going to change that this Aus series? Don't know, but will wait and watch.
  5. fineleg

    Sachin vs Kohli

    Didn't know @goose leverages SRT for coitus interruptus
  6. sriram, seriously? This makes this thread a joke!
  7. Kuldeep Yadav or Ravi Jadeja or Ravi Ashwin for Perth Test?
  8. Jadeja brings the ball in to LHB. But Kuldeep takes it away just like Ash does.
  9. @rtmohanlal this was a worse comment than those made by cinema actor MohanLal :) Hack of a batsman "Pujara" - hope you ate some crow?
  10. fineleg

    Day 5 career defining for Ashwin

  11. fineleg

    Pujara, what a performance!

    Pujara was very good here, but Dravid was a class apart. (incl Dravid 4th inn Adelaide and many such overseas knocks of RD)
  12. fineleg

    Take a bow Shami and Bumrah

    Agreed. After so many years, Ishant Sharma continues to have no-ball issues.
  13. fineleg

    Take a bow Shami and Bumrah

    Ishant Sharma did ok too.
  14. fineleg

    Perth Test: Would you drop the openers?

    Shaw is not fit. News came out a day or two ago, right?
  15. fineleg

    Lessons from the first test

    Top order yes, 100% should put a price on the wicket. and even Rishabh Pant and Md. Shami - cannot just come in and swing for the fence
  16. fineleg

    The real unsung hero of the team

    His inconsistent run with the bat is not to be ignored, despite the above. Rahane has not done as well as he needed to. He will get this Aus series, hopefully redeems himself.
  17. fineleg

    Isa Guha

  18. Certainly. Infact, if those two were there Aus would have secured a 50-100 first inn lead, given that Indian top order collapsed (except for ChePu) in first inn.
  19. fineleg

    Will India fall short by 40 runs?

    Moronic batting by last 5 batsmen of India.
  20. We should drag this @Laaloo moron on hot coals in ICF if this happens
  21. Aussies bat till #11 - and they are more than decently good batsmen. India threw wickets away in 3rd innings.

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