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  1. Horrible batting. But ICF-ers may defend him still, by saying "phasht allrounder" dont grow on trees. Fact is he needs to really show A-game in Eng tour (if he is selected, which they will select), else kick him out after ODI leg of tour.
  2. For 2019 - how does it work? Are same teams retained for IPL 2019 or teams allowed to change a few players? What are the player change rules for next edition?
  3. nope, do you know the answer though?
  4. fineleg

    USA vs Canada vs UK

    Which other nationality?
  5. fineleg

    KL Rahul is the next batting superstar from Asia

    Two international matches if he fails to score the runs, Kohli will axe him out of the 11 and out of the squad for the following series. KLR position is that vulnerable under VK and Shastri.
  6. Rishabh Pant could not read spin of Mujeeb. He is ok, but long way to go for Pant. Slog shots as "release shot" wont work always
  7. fineleg

    Pujara's county performance thread

    zen, he is not there to meet goals but as alternate next best option since IPL teams didnt pick him. Else he would be happy warming bench (in squad, since he may not be in first 11) in some IPL bench and earning bench money
  8. Whats the most expensive International ODI or T20 over bowler by Fizz within last 18 months?
  9. Is Aditya Tare (w.keeper) now wearing helmet even when pacer (Hardik Pandya) bowling?
  10. fineleg

    Hope Kishan is ok

    Got to wear the HELMET - wicketkeepers should take safety measures. Now, Aditya Tare (keeper) wears one with grill in front of face. Is Tare now wearing helmet even when pacer (Hardik Pandya) bowling?
  11. Yes, but its not just DK. Whether its Indian team captain MSD, or Virat Kohli or whoever, they all like "experience" even if tried-tested-failures and rarely back young green('raw') bowlers (or batsmen). Just how Indian "captains" go about it.
  12. Hope KLR can improve his WK skill. How do you folks find his keeping abilities so far? Will be handy in T20 Intls (if not ODIs).
  13. RISHABH PANT plays this onside high-in-air slog shot LOL for everything Keep him away from India team squad for a while
  14. fineleg

    Vinnie Kumar the legend

    Ishant Sharma will be proud of Legend Koomar.
  15. fineleg

    KL Rahul scored fastest fifty of IPL

    ^ Just coz, its IPL window now, doesn't mean circus-kirket becomes real cricket. Tests still rock.
  16. fineleg

    KL Rahul scored fastest fifty of IPL

    Marirs @Ram is back along with @Mariyam - are they both T20 specialists now? (well Mariyam never really watched Tests
  17. Both leggies, Chahar played 2017 But Markande got the first pick in 11 for 2018. I guess both will get to play during MI matches in the league. Track the pecking order.
  18. fineleg

    Amazing step by BCCI

    CIRCLE OF CRICKET dot com!?? LOL dont waste time. Fool joke prolly.
  19. Not harsh at all. He deserved this for what he did.
  20. fineleg

    Warner and Smith axed from IPL 2018

    @rkt.india It is kinda crazy you keep saying "anything" is ok for winning, and condoning cheating. That's utter trash. (Not abt this particular ban, but just the philosophy of yours is so wrong).
  21. The ONLY useful things with the useless Nidahas trophy: If (and if and only if) MSD is kicked out of T20 squad. Wash Sundar Man of series - thats a good find.
  22. fineleg

    Pandey and Shankar !! What was that ?

    Vijay Shankar can be shelved from "Intl cricket" for a while, ROFL - bottled it big time. Can continue in A-tours for now. Manish Pandey - pls keep him only in ODI squad, not in T20
  23. fineleg

    Washington Sundar will be selected for 2019 World Cup

    Good bowler, but he is only 18. Will have to come back into form, once intl batsmen figure him out and attack him. Let him evolve, too early to say "WC 2019", ICF-hype statements should calm down.
  24. fineleg

    Deodhar Trophy 2018

    Sounds like Parthiv Patel (batting-wise) ?

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