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  1. Mukund vs Shikhar

    Even when he played for India in Tests, Mukund showed promise. I think he may have improved. Will be good to get him as backup batsman in Test squad and he can be used in place of Dhawan or Nothit sharma or even as backup if Pujara form dips. Anyway Shikhar Dhawan and Nothit dont belong to Test team.
  2. When Sanjay Manjrekar interviewed him, R. Ashwin - He said something like "There is more honesty to express oneself in dressing room and meetings, and he started saying something abt in past (Dhoni time) and cut himself and said dont want to talk abt past, but more honesty allowed now in meetings and dressing room". What was that about? VIDEO:
  3. At least its not the "We are playing the same XI" match after match like a stubborn mule that MSD did. So good he brought M.Vijay and Pujara in.
  4. ICF leaving/coming back thread

    I dont understand why some trolling of players calling them some variations of names, all have been banned? No fun in ICF anymore?
  5. Harsha Bhogle was the first to stir up (in public) the Ganguly Chappell controversy. (After Zimbabwe match, he interviewed Ganguly in the fields of the stadium) Anyone has the video of that interview???
  6. Yes WJ is a FTB, but At least Wasim Jaffer scored a few big runs in Tests, RS is a pathetic selection in Tests.
  7. Why are we discussing Rohit Sharma in this thread?
  8. Reluctance & Cowardice - Post your pics

    What is @Nova previous user name - dont recollect Administrator named Nova, must have been a different previous user id?
  9. He said it very briefly just a mild hint??
  10. Pujara's career is over?

    Making a case for No-hit in Test cricket? Who changed N0hit to Rohit automatically when we post? Which Mod is responsible for things like this auto correct when we type, stifles the freedom of posters?
  11. What would be a good name to Kohli?

    Rat Name apart - dropping Murali Vijay is a very stupid move. (more than ChePu). Put Shikhar Dhawan on a lively track and he will be a sitting duck. And if you need to find a better batsman than ChePu - find another like try Karun Nair or whoever. But Rohit lol-o-lol
  12. Anderson and Broad v Pakistan 2016

    R B 4s 6s SR AN Cook* c Iftikhar Ahmed b Wahab Riaz 7 35 1 0 20.00 9.2 87.4 mph, gone this time! That is the massive breakthrough! Wahab's fiery extra pace creates lift and late movement that Amir and Sohail haven't been able to match. Cook fences outside off, drawn into the stroke by force majeure, and that's a very sharp take by Iftikhar at first slip - the ball was almost behind him as he grabbed it 14/1 Pak can beat Eng at their game. They have fiery fast bowlers, skilled bowlers and catching (above instance) seemed to be sharp in slips. Eng scared to give green top against Pak. India has brainless Yadav and slower Bhuvi etc, and unlucky Ishant. Hence we get green tops.
  13. Indian batting strategy in 2nd inning

    This will be a Draw. The only one who can change match in a session is Virender Sehwag and he is retired. Rohit cannot change it even in 2 sessions.
  14. He is NOT a test quality player and when is he gonna be dropped from the Test squad?
  15. Is anyone from ICF going? What is the website for tickets? Price for tickets?
  16. Which year (approximately) - the big stride forward to pad away against spinners - started being given out more often? Is it just umpires decided to change or any ICC guideline change? Who was the WI guy? Jimmy Padams? Jimmy Adams?
  17. Our so called Fast Bowlers

    To be very frank - I am surprised that in the last one or two years, our bowlers have done well in Tests (relatively speaking). I expected far worse. We are a very weak bowling attack, so to win even what we have done in last 2 years is indeed better than expected, and most of it is due to one or two bowlers doing well.
  18. Attacking brand of Cricket !!!

    They wont set any 20/20 target. They cannot get 10 Indian wickets in 20 overs, so they wont bother giving us a chase-able target.
  19. Two things needed for Team India to become wonderfully competitive overseas under Virat Kohli: 1. A genuine medium-pace all-rounder (not Stuart Binny or Rishi Dhawan pls!) 2. A quality wk-batsman after MSD I think the other 9 out of 11 spots have decent candidates available. Need to drop S. Dhawan, and keep an alternate for ChePu if he does not click overseas. We have a complete dearth of #1 and #2 above? No one in domestics?
  20. A Genuine All-Rounder and A Quality Wk Batsman

    @rkt.india R. Ashwin is a decent batsman under some conditions and when he is in form. But he is not an all-rounder like Ravi Shastri (forget Kapil Dev). He is a bowler who can bat in some conditions. He will be exposed in bowling friendly conditions. We need a genuine bowling allrounder who can hold his spot for batting as well - like Ravi Shastri or Kapil. (and preferably a seam bowling one for away tours). They can hold the spot in team for batting (even if bowling form weakens temporarily)
  21. Is pujara's role of 30(100) working?

    Run out - very slow between wickets
  22. Is pujara's role of 30(100) working?

    He can play slow if he can consistently deliver 50s and 100s and boost his average to 48+ over quite a number of consistent Tests. In such case, its valuable. Else its very questionable.
  23. We need to wait until Away Series in Aus/Eng/SA/NZ. However, Kohli is showing more intent than MSD during passages/sessions of a Test match. MSD had one of the BEST Indian Test team players - Sehwag, SRT, Dravid, Laxman, Zaheer Khan - these are match winners If Kohli had such players - then he can do a lot better, but he has a MUCH WEAKER indian team. So, good to see him use the resources to best he can.
  24. T20 India VS ZImbabwe

    prediction and lol@opposition thread for Zimbabwe series?
  25. Forget against swing, can they bat well against offcutters of Mustafizur Rehman?

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