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  1. fineleg

    Extremely poor running from Indian batsmen

    Indian players aren't that smart? this is like Pak level brains , embarassing.
  2. fineleg

    Thank You Kohli And Parthiv Patel For Your Services In SA

    What mob mentality? Just look at this history of keeping - Saha vs PP. PP is one of the worst ever.
  3. fineleg

    Thank You Kohli And Parthiv Patel For Your Services In SA

    Pls. use your brains. He is worse than PP as keeper.
  4. fineleg

    Thank You Kohli And Parthiv Patel For Your Services In SA

    @Khota Hopefully you are ashamed now. Horrible wicket-keeping by Parthiv, dropped important SA batsmen, and obviously not much as a batsman either. But primarily puke-worthy wicket-keeping by PP.
  5. fineleg

    Pandya or Rohit ? Who is a better Test batsmen

    Rohit is an utter failure as Test batsman. How does he beat Rahane? Rahane has scored runs in SA, Aus, Eng, NZ tough away tours
  6. fineleg

    The selective bias we show

    Comparing match winner Morkel to "unlucky for 70 tests" I.S.? its not about one over here or there.
  7. fineleg

    Guys, be careful....

    ICF pays you!? and doesn't pay the rest of us!???
  8. Exactly. There is NO national language for India, only official languages.
  9. fineleg

    Mark my words - India will still win the series

    Won't be the same , yes. In first Test, India won some sessions. Second Test, they will thrash us by winning 90% of sessions.
  10. Do you think BCCI should have any policies around WAGs on critical tours like SA, Eng, Aust? Do you think it causes distraction and players better focus without them around for a critical tour? Or its upto each player and they should be allowed do as they see fit? Should BCCI pay for WAGs to accompany players? (As it stands today, I think it is BCCI paid expense for WAGs tickets, hotels, trip expenses). What is your take? Pls. vote on poll as well. Thanks.
  11. fineleg

    Justice for Rahul Campaign (JFRC)

    Are we comparing Rohit in Tests to Pujara?
  12. fineleg

    How to approach your crush !!! [ Serious ]

    Is that real? And if so how does @velu know that about @Trichromatic ??
  13. fineleg

    Feminists !!!

    @beetle you are wasting your time trying to convince folks who wont be convinced, no matter how hard you try. They have set minds, and are not open to new input.
  14. fineleg

    How to approach your crush !!! [ Serious ]

    @beetle was waiting for the Relationship advice thread :)
  15. fineleg

    Fan boys and fan girls.

    @beetle Rads - fixed
  16. @sandeep @King Tendulkar need to re-visit estimates.
  17. Not sure what all the "This is the warmup match we never had" and other such. Final Results of Test series is 0-3 You can mark this, and bump the thread at end of series.
  18. fineleg

    Can India avoid a 3-0 whitewash?

    Rads, What abt Top Order Batsmen? Miserably failed in both innings. Not just one. Top order missing-in-action, and that's a big problem ain't it?
  19. fineleg

    Everyone take a Chill Pill... We performed decently well.

    Cant even chase 150 - spineless top order , total spineless pathetic performance. ICF-ers day dreaming. Will wake up (?) once 0-3 is pasted.
  20. fineleg

    Can India avoid a 3-0 whitewash?

    Not sure who is saying that? Perhaps @sandeep or @Cricketics But like I said - we will see who is right at end of the series. (And if it was idiot Laaloo - then ignore him total bakwaas guy)
  21. fineleg

    Guys, be careful....

    ^ Not talking abt this thread - Forgetting abt this Bihar incident, and forgetting "forced" situations to some extent - Even then, You are expecting romance/happiness in conservative Indian arranged marriages. Reality unfortunately is, It is more like stay together to run the mundane things of life and only practical aspects. Love may happen or may not happen. That's how Indian marriages are. Though since 2000s, it has changed partially so our generation is experiencing it marginally better. Compatibility and Love/Romance is not given importance by previous arranged marriages, and changing now.
  22. fineleg

    12k Runs for Cook

    WTH, Allan Border is an ATG, GOAT. Will be in the "All era, All-time 16 squad" picked by most people (incl Aussies), and CAPTAINCY too well renowned.
  23. Yes, but can still work on improving the technique, and technical batting skills. Will help in the long run.
  24. fineleg

    Is Hardik Pandya the next Kapil Dev for team India

    HP's bowling skills is 15% of Kapil Dev's
  25. fineleg

    Bali ka bakra

    Bishen Singh Bedi

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