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  1. Navdeep Saini bowling with genuine pace now

    Agreed, and ICF-ers do it all the time :) Getting too excited and carried away, Siraj is one recent example and many others over the years. Saini is good and kudos to GG for fighting for Saini in ranji team, but not that 'terrific', long way to go still - could not knock over #6 to #10 of Vidarbha itself , yet. So, intl teams are different level.
  2. Shastri is doing a great job

    You had the drink or 2 ? Coz, that must be why are praising Ravi Frikkn Shastri !
  3. Yes at this age, he should be allowed to focus on batting and keeping. Selectors should make someone else skipper.
  4. The Ranji Trophy Final - Delhi vs Vidarbha

    Go see 1st Inn, hope 2nd inn he can score 70+
  5. The Ranji Trophy Final - Delhi vs Vidarbha

    Pant temperament and shot selection is very poor. He gets one more 2nd inn chance, lets see if he can show more application
  6. Navdeep Saini bowling with genuine pace now

    WTF Rishabh Pant (Gambhir should step in to advise)
  7. Batting in 70s and 80s !!!

    Cannot understand this logic ? Would you or your children (in future) drive a car these days without 'modern' era safety features in the car (which are considered regular these days)? Or drive without helmet on high speed freeway in two wheeler? Would you not follow modern day medicines, or modern day suggestions on sanitization or food-safety for yourself or your family? You do take advantage in the protection of modern day protective gears and protocols? Why would you or any family or person be a pansy for that? We (as citizens) ask for newer modern safety technology in trains/planes, hospitals...all of us take advantage of newer advances to keep us from injury.
  8. Classy Dravid

    Need to get folks like Dravid, Gambhir into selection panels.
  9. @vishalvirsingh - Can you bet money where your mouth is? Bet that Bhuvi will not be selected for Test-1 (which is what you wrote) - will you? barring injury
  10. Navdeep Saini bowling with genuine pace now

    BCCI should consciously develop and groom/coach Saini so in next 12 months, he can get into India squad. But BCCI babus cant care about all that.
  11. Navdeep Saini bowling with genuine pace now

    Thats ok, every bowler has some ordinary days
  12. Are you willing to bet ? Barring injury, Bhuvi is 100% in playing 11
  13. For ODIs (and add T20s if you want that too, but mainly for ODIs): If for whatever reason team management has to pick ONLY one legspinner - then who is higher in the pecking order and why? Is it due to better bowling abilities? (or fielding? YC better there?) Or do you play both wrist-spinners in 11 ahead of finger spinners (Axar Patel, Jaddu, Washington Sundar...)
  14. Iyer is making Dhawan look like Don Bradman

    Yes bats like a hack. But I agree, let's give him more time. Anyway there are series vs SA, Eng, Aus.
  15. Iyer is making Dhawan look like Don Bradman

    finally DSR wakes up! IPL era batsman.
  16. Brace yourself for the Nidahas Trophy 2018

    yes but they will send regular team
  17. Navdeep Saini bowling with genuine pace now

    Saini needs to pataofy Bunty Saheb
  18. Yes drop him from T20s first, in ODIs he has time for some tuk-tuk. In T20s there is no time. So, first change the keeper in T20.
  19. Can you be even more milder on your dilli friend Kohli ? Whenever its dilli or punj, its "yeh dil maange more'"! and only a light slap-on-the-wrist for disgusting tactics of Kohli.
  20. Team selection (ahead of KL Rahul) also he's lucky. Some people do have the rub of good luck.
  21. MSK Prasad chairman of selectors

    How is Rohit Sharma or Ravi Shastri southie?
  22. And why Shardul Thakur ? Has he done well in limited overs format ?
  23. MSK Prasad chairman of selectors

    ODI squad to SA. That's on selectors (final resposibility).
  24. What was the hurry to pick ODI squad now!?

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