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  1. fineleg

    Wtf statements you have heard from people.

    Because it is WTF to worry abt the 'passing the salt' in this day and age. Jeez.
  2. fineleg

    Wtf statements you have heard from people.

    @velu Did you end up marrying? based on his assurance :)
  3. http://www.espncricinfo.com/story/_/id/24161997/how-wriddhiman-saha-full-injury-story-came-light
  4. Anyone from US? Who is showing the match in US?
  5. Is willow tv or hotstar showing in US? How are folks in US watching?
  6. fineleg

    Pujara's county performance thread

    Which match is this? and what about the second innings? Any link to scorecard please?
  7. fineleg

    Abhishek Sharma is a star!!!

    Clean hits. Clean striking. Like how Yuvi used to do in his heydays.
  8. fineleg

    KLR took his game to next level?

    Which state are you from? @BeardedAladdin Can you answer that since you started the comment about this. Or, are you edgy or embarrassed to answer it?
  9. fineleg

    Vijay Sankar reminds me of Jacques Kallis

    Kallis is amongst the best of the best. And comparing VS to Kallis is a big LOL. Ofcourse the poster's name is sarcastic.
  10. fineleg

    Vijay Sankar reminds me of Jacques Kallis

    Lotsa hype! Will fall flat in non-subcontinental batting conditions against quality bowling attack.
  11. fineleg

    Shubman Gill is the real deal!!!

    ^ Sarfaraz doesn't look as someone who has the sound basics right.
  12. fineleg

    The Mayank Agarwal Juggernaut

    ^ In A-tours (loi and longer format) but A-tours only. Let's see what he can or cannot do there first. No Team India squad until then.
  13. Batsmen like Mayank Agarwal, Mandeep Singh, Manan Vohra ... (Not saying those three are equal, just listing a few) aren't quite making use of IPL and the batting opportunities to make any impact statement!? Its a good opportunity in the limelight of audience. (Today Vohra failed a good chance, MS is still batting with VK and lets see).
  14. fineleg

    Standard of IPL dropped?

    Whats the complaint there?
  15. He capitalizes on team's collective desperation (fair-enough that we are desperate) for a medium-pacer allrounder after Irfan Pathan fizzled out. But that should not be an excuse for very poor performances.

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