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  1. Kuldeep and Chahal - Fan Club

    Yep, interested to know what he does wrong in first class cricket? Hope he can improve the stats there and get into longer format.
  2. Will Kartik Tyagi play U-19 wc next year??
  3. Guess if this is a batsman or a bowler?

    Bully is still a failure in SA.
  4. The great Nidhahas trophy

    Wont happen with MSK Prasad, Ravi Shastri and Virat Kohli at selection meetings.
  5. The great Nidhahas trophy

    EXACTLY! All these Intl-T20 TTFs will use the cra.ppy series to add runs.
  6. Let Prithvi Shaw replace Rohit!

    Pls move thread to JOKES section. Whether No.hit is a minnow/flat track basher is a valid question, but Pritvi Shaw needs 1-2 years domestics plus A-tours first.
  7. Why not Khalil Ahmed

    If you are not from Mumbai - You need consistent stellar performances to be picked by MSK Prasad and Ravi Shastri. Then they will be forced to pick.
  8. No.hit Sharma is WALKING WICKET
  9. Virat or A B D (ODI format)

    Both greats VK and ABDV No.hit Sharma not fit to tie the shoelaces of either of them.
  10. What type of pitches are they scoring these centuries? Hope they get sportive pitches for these domestic ODIs, so both bowlers (incl pacers) and batsmen have something in it.
  11. His bowling is not of much use in SA. And his fielding is poor. Why not Manish Pandey or Shreyas Iyer (not sure if they can bowl a little bit if needed, but just batting mainly).
  12. Ashwin to try legspin in upcoming IPL

    Yes, it will be great to have a few matches, where all 4 spinners - RA, RJ, KY and YC can bowl as the quartet. See what happens in those matches.
  13. Boomrah rocking the batters. Dear SA, Wait for Nagerkoti and Mavi in future :P
  14. Battle of young bowlers: Nagarkoti vs Mavi

    True, good potential, but let Nagarkoti and Mavi play a lot of A-tours and domestics during the next 12-18 months. And Ishan Porel too.
  15. Pitch tampering? Yet BCCI and India continue with ODI and T20 series? Return home to make a point to CSA.
  16. Who are we to say what he should donate to charity? Point is he is getting paid yes, But the reason for doing the job is a LOT more than "hey I am getting 6 cr"
  17. He does not do it for the pay, and he does not need this "salary". He has enough millions to coast thro' life and his next generation can live off it too.
  18. Succinct. @King Tendulkar - can you pls create a step-down from coach Ravi Shaz thread? I'll do it later, but meanwhile you can also create.
  19. EXACTLY. Amazing person Dravid to have around. Comparison with sleazeball Ravi Shaz by dsr is just attn seeking.
  20. Where are all the experts now, thunders Ravi Shastri

    dsr blindly singin Shaz praises. Sack the buffoon shaz, still hasn't realized the blunders that cost India 2 Tests out of 3
  21. Pujara to play County cricket for Yorkshire

    WTF are you blabbering? Go look up his previous England tour. He was a bunny. You are talking thro' your ass.
  22. Can we pls edit thread title to remove 150 @rkt.india

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