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  1. Ranji Trophy 2017/18

    We keep watching out for upcoming guys, but BCCI is so retarded in selections, so no point, since they keep selecting TTFs
  2. Ranji Trophy 2017/18

    That's like saying "its our job (as upper middle class , for example) to volunteer/charity, help the poor people in the world". Its not a mandatory job for Harbhajan Singh, its upto him.
  3. Is Murali Vijay's form a matter of concern?

    To be honest, even Kohli (at 4) is suspect if ball moves around Forget abt R.Sharma at ANY position.
  4. Is Murali Vijay's form a matter of concern?

    Rohit will do jacksht in Tests, that too as opener. He should not even be in squad
  5. He is in delusional world, let him be. Who is asking "Why" :)
  6. Ranji Trophy 2017/18

    @Ankit_sharma03 Why will Harbhajan Singh play ranji? He has made tons of money in Intl and IPL and endorsements/ads. He has no further hope of playing for Team India anymore. Do you think he will play in Ranji to "help upcoming youngsters"? Unless thats his mission, he wont care to play Ranji anymore. The ONLY way he would play Ranji is if he has any hope of being selected to Team India (and if he still desires that). I don't think Selectors + Kohli gonna select him anymore even if he gets wickets in Ranji.
  7. If fit, I'd vote for Bhuvi as 3rd seamer for SA Tests. Not many here may like him in Tests (ODIs sure choice), but I think for SA Tests go with Bhuvi as 3rd seamer. Shami + Umesh(or another as 2nd) Maybe if needed Hardik as 4th seamer.
  8. If both are in their respective peak forms - and you could pick only one (theoretical constraint) Would you pick Irfan Pathan or Hardik Pandya as - ODI allrounder? What abt Test allrounder? (Assume both are at their very best)
  9. Kuldeep Yadav vs Ashwin Ravichandran in ODIs

    So, is it safe to say R Ashwin LoI and T20 career coming to an end, still cannot completely rule out. But I think the youngsters will make it very difficult for him to get back to Indian team? Thankfully selectors rested him and gave chances to youngsters. R. Jadeja will still be avail in squad I think. (fielding superior)
  10. That applies to Kohlis, Dhawans, Rohits too in some innings. But yea Shaw is good but need two years of A-tours and domestics, (and some intl T20 ODI perhaps if still a run machine when 19)
  11. Going forward (past exploits notwithstanding), Rishabh Pant needs to set some a couple of important A-tour series ablaze, top scorer in the series or maximum impact player etc. Before he can come knocking (as a batsman).
  12. Who is rested? Who comes in? VK mentioned Umesh Yadav and Md. Shami (Rotation/rest for Bhuvi and Bumrah ?) Does KL Rahul get in at hometown B'lore? Will KJadhav be "rested"/dropped?
  13. If Rishabh Pant needs more time to learn "shot selection" - then that learning can be in A-games and tour games and domestics. Let him do that for another year or so.
  14. Program Whitewash loading - 60%

    VK said Umesh Yadav and Md. Shami - so Bhuvi and Boomrah gonna get rested, and prolly KL Rahul gets a game or two.
  15. Hardik Pandya-The Murderer of Spin Bowling

    Was it Ravi Shastri who sent him at #4 ?
  16. "bowl the way you want to" - Good but not some out of this world thingy! I can understand velu getting a bit hyper towards the last couple years of MSD career inching towards an end in 2019
  17. Really? 8 catches dropped in 21 overs of our bowling?
  18. Only good thing by Kohli today is to select Yuz and KY (both wrist spinners, attacking options), rather than just omit one of them for Jaddu. Good job selectors for trying out newer spinners other than RA and RJ for odis from SL onwards.
  19. Good show by Hardik Pandya. But still long way to go before can be a hero in ENGLAND (WC 2019). Ben Stokes will playing in Home conditions. So this HP vs BStokes comparison in WC2019 will be tougher for HP. Batting in ENG conditions will be tougher for HP.
  20. no KL Rahul in the 11 ? Ravi Shaz and VK backin mumbai.
  21. 5th odi, Sri Lanka vs India,Colombo, Sep 3 2017

    Welcome to Intl cricket Shardul Thakur :) Be patient, give him a longer rope. Happens in Intl cricket that bowlers can be taken apart. Give him 3 (or maybe 2 full complete) bi-lateral series proper run and then only form a decision.
  22. Akila Dananjeya

    Bowls offspin (finger), legspin (wrist), googlies (wrist), slider (wrist), straighter one (fingerspin)? does he bowl doosra or armball too? Seems an intelligent and skilled spinner (with conventional spin rather than stupid mystery ka spin by Ajanta Mendis) Will Dana last or Dana be taken apart in near future?
  23. 4th ODI : SL v IND |31st Aug 2:30 PM IST | Colombo

    Get KLR to open in 5th ODI. (Rest Dhawan)...Lets see if he can serve well as backup opener... Rest Kohli and get KJadhav and MPandey both in 11. (captain rohit for just one odi)
  24. 4th ODI : SL v IND |31st Aug 2:30 PM IST | Colombo

    manish pandey forget the damn 50 and hit out now pls
  25. 4th ODI : SL v IND |31st Aug 2:30 PM IST | Colombo

    LOL - if top order clicks great. Else middle order totally lacking power. and MSD tuktuk

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