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  1. Without a doubt ,this team had makings of a champion team but for the terrible and spineless selection policies of kohli
  2. This statement is enough proof that he has no clue ,an utter disgrace of a team builder this guy despite being a great player.
  3. they have mismanaged a whole heap of upcoming players just to bring back some ttfs and results are there to see.
  4. This loss is the culmination of the **** fest of selections ,this captain and management have churned out over last 3 years.Congrats to Kohli and bewda
  5. i still feel he is our best option at n0 4 ,in short term
  6. and now pant at 4 ,what t he hell are they even trying to do ,its not like pant will be in playing 11 in WC anyway
  7. Is there any doubt left now ?? I say none
  8. This is slowly turning into a joke ,a rather long joke . List of one match drops is expanding
  9. Kohli might be a great loi batsman but todays team selection establishes one thing he has no fukn clue how to select a good x1,and also he is a pathetic on field captain. We are not winning any world cups until this mofo retires.
  10. RAZPOR

    What is the plan of TM with respect to SHankar?

    Shankar looks like a very honest player ,gives his all,no arrogance just goes about his business .He deserves to be given a run i would really like to see him at no 4 . Unfortunately for us our stupid selections mean he would hardly get a look in at no 4.
  11. RAZPOR

    4th ODI. Ind vs Aus at Mohali

    He should have been judged ,had he been given the full series at this spot .I dont understand why give him opportunity now that rayudu has failed and only 2 odis left,team management has effed it up spectacularly.
  12. What was he supposed to do when on the other end sir ji wasnt even ready to rotate the strike properly,he had to score boundaries and he perished trying ,better than eating up deliveries
  13. I would take shankar over rayudu anyday ,and jadeja needs to be kicked out ,we don't need a specialist fielder ,even bhuvi would have done better in this situation as a batsmen he just put more pressure on shankar to go for it,when he should have been the one trying and shankar should have stayed till the end and this is not the first time he has done it either.
  14. how many times exactly has he batted at no. 4 for you to conclude that.?? He should have been given atleast 20 odis on a trot ,for a lifelong opener its not easy to go straight to middle order and start scoring.

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