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  1. and why is he not the new ball bowler if he is so good as you say?? How many wickets he has up front even in test cricket for that matter?? and for the third time what about his death bowling. He is a good bowler no doubt ,but he is not as good as people across the border are making him out to be,calling him the best odi bowler.If he was i would be the first to accept,and I ll be happy to be proven wrong.
  2. Sure if you say so ,but you cant tell me its a myth when most of his wickets come in middle overs. what about his death bowling though??
  3. You wont ever get my point because you don't want to see it.Intentional blindness can't be cured. People in my state suffer everyday due to your Govt's policy of exporting terror ,i have no reason to please you just to prove my point. Btw stop trying to play the victim ,no one said average pakistani is a terrorist,but then again i dont see average pakistani ever asking to jail the 26/11 perpertrators ,instead thier rallies get tens of thousands and they are getting millions in donations from average pakistanis. And these are the questions you can't begin to answer ,so you don't have any option but to ignore.
  4. LOL at all our pakistani friends here trying to give a reality check...you teach hoaxes even in your history books and talk about reality here ???? We dont want to play with pakistan and give them handouts unless they stop cross border infiltrations and sponsoring terrorists here ,how difficult is it to understand?? We stand to gain very little by playing pakistan ,we have alternative revenue streams pakistan doesnt and we are not about to give it to them with the way things are.Simple.
  5. While they may have been doing well for some matches. I dont see hasan having a very long career his bowling is way to dependent on getting reverse and he isnt a good death bowler.
  6. do the selectors get paid ,if so why??? aur kabada karne ke liye????
  7. Aapkp hota hai dard wc 2011 aur t20 2007 ka ??? Wo to World Cups the???
  8. ICC approves Test Championship, ODI league

    test pichle hafte ho gye miyan,aap kab jaage.... 2-0 Ab to bas tamasha hai...consolation karlo. Sl has already punched above their weight.
  9. ICC approves Test Championship, ODI league

    Beat sri lanka at your fortress first.
  10. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!! Let's all laugh at the padosis :)

    not a nice statement to make,he might have had his limitations but he was genuinely the only player in the pakistani team last 10 years whose wicket costed something ,whatever the situation.
  11. He has a 50 ball 100 against west indies ....and has had very limited oppurtunities lately If you are trying to compare rayudu and rahul ...you should just stop commenting on cricket altogether.
  12. He also got a t20 100 in his first international t20 series too.
  13. Not his fault ,look at the field set and amount of dew. I am actually happy seeing him looping full deliveries even when he is getting hit ,not worried abour leaking runs would be a real weapon in tests.
  14. Somehow i dont have any hope for change ,we are stuck with this crap in T20 when we could have a world beating team just playing young Ipl performers,who are actually hungry to win.

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