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    biggest phattu captain indian team has ever had
  2. no they wont, they hardly won this final ,a shared trophy would have been better reflection of today's result

    Could have been India

    Not untill we have a fattu kaptaan who is all giggly after loosing so many ko games ,no we cant with him.
  4. I feel grandhommes drop will be the difference in the end ,that was a costly drop
  5. this has been the way he has captained for years now,throw the inexperienced newbies on situations where they are bound to fail and protect the oldies,and now it has costed us the world cup, this guy is a fkn plague as a captain and hope we get rid of him atleast in odis.
  6. And now he has the guts to get online and tell fans to move on,what a pathetic excuse of a captain
  7. 2014 was not his prime ,get a grip. Kohli has done nothing but chokejobs in important ko games 9,1,1 in 3 wc
  8. I thunk thats pretty clear ,he has no idea how to make a team and how to give opportunities to youngsters,under him we havent developed one young batsman, NOT ONE
  9. Yuvraj was much bigger match winner ,he never choked at important moments when he was in his prime
  10. RAZPOR

    Best of 3 / 5 for semi final / final in World cups

    Top2 should definitely get another chance ,ipl style eliminator would be best
  11. RAZPOR

    Time to boot out Kohli from the captaincy.

    Rohit should be the captain
  12. RAZPOR

    Did Chahal's final over cost India the match?

    Maybe maybe not ,who cares anymore ,phattu captain was ghe biggest reason for our loss
  13. Done with cricket for a while ,back to back ko losses under this phattu. Dont want to watch these phattus anymore ,i ll play some games to entertain myself ,this stuff is frustrating me
  14. Guy had started believing in his own hype.fk him too and fk kohli
  15. Dhoni needed to hit when jadeja was on song that was the moment match coupd have been won . I don't what he was thinking

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