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    Australia are top favorites for WC19

    they always are among the favourites...duh

    Congratulations to the Indian cricket team

    We would have won even after loosing tosses if not for AB ' s genius.
  3. lol jalo aur jalo,tumse ghanta kuch ukhdega
  4. I think it's time to kick Rahane out ,he has shown no growth or reliance expected from a senior in the team ,he never inspires confidence and played like a rookie 90% of the time.
  5. I know the game is over but this is disgraceful, unacceptable
  6. Wow just wow...what an absolute disgrace of a batting performance,what the hell....follow on was a better option they are just giving confidence back to Aussies. SUPER CASUAL BATTING
  7. Even Rahul in his awful form would be better than this wannabee bambi in the middle order.
  8. Tu dekhta kyu hai fir match bhai. Pata to tujhe pehle se hota hai sab Anyways disappointing result nonetheless
  9. 130/131 ?? Did I hurt your feelings?? Haar to Gaye hi hain kyu aur down kar Raha hai.
  10. A rookie vihari has looked much more solid than rahane
  11. Absolutely! This test was handed on a platter by us...very disappointing
  12. Rahane is such a mental midget
  13. 4, ......9 won't work now for us,now would it genius..
  14. If we can get to 130 odd by stumps that'll be good

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