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  1. for that he needs to have played atleast 20 successive odis at the the same spot,which hasn't happened.

    Jadeja, the all-format specialist ?

    Krunal over him anyday in lois
  3. Rahul needs to do something this series to comeback in consideration for odis again,otherwise he might not have much of a odi career if he plans on waiting for Rohit or Dhawan to retire .
  4. If will be the first one to accept that Rayudu is not my favourite for no 4,but if he can score a few hundreds down under and win games . I have no issues.Lets see how he does in Australia.
  5. Ganguly was a gutsy captain,kohli is a chicken captain ,all his on field bravados count for zero when he can't take tough calls.

    Rishab Pant will be dropped next match

    pretty much....this is how this team's selection works.... and all our experts are just as worse
  7. Khaleel without the pace has been ordinary,very disappointing.Dont know who suggested him to not concentrate on pace but he himself needs to know better,might just have killed his career. At this point I ll take Pandya over him.
  8. We are easily 50 runs short here

    Thakur set to miss Test series in Australia

    huge setback
  10. RAZPOR

    I play domestic cricket with same intensity: Rahane

    that doesnt say much
  11. RAZPOR

    IND v WI | 1st ODI | Guwahati

    Nice ....he needs to be given a 3 month rest in odis so we can give middle order some actual games and kick out duds like Rayudu..fkfk
  12. RAZPOR

    Dhoni Munnetra Kalagam !!!

    So abdv is coming to csk,?? What a way to give the news,happy for him
  13. RAZPOR

    sack kohli the captain

    Bewda and Kohli's brains work in mysterious ways

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