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  1. This loss couldnt have come at a beter time......fully deserved
  2. See thats what i am talking about ....you have no basis for arguements. Sense banaya kar arguement mein. India has won a more world finals outside Google kar le...ct 2013 bhi bahar hi tha,wc 83 bahar tha. And aur ye myths like jinn and talent pakistan ka mainstay hai....talent tha itna to mars pe pahunchna tha pehle. Badi batein karne se kuch ni hota ....wc ,ct and w t20 sab humare baad me jeeta ....so whr the hell was that talent back then?????
  3. I hope it becomes next big thing in world cricket ...but even our HIL,pro kabaddi and ISL is worth much more than it for now ....so you wont get too much excitement for it here.
  4. Bhai tu kya soch ke reply karta hai??? India ne kitne final jeete hain aur pakistan ne kitne....??? Arguement ka pc koi sir paer rakha kar..... Semi final ke bina final pahunchenge ye ....
  5. Ho gayi bas....ab victim ban gaya I can give you sympathy for not getting cricket at home but nothing much else. Maybe troll accordingly.
  6. NZ clearly prepared well and India didnt...oh well.
  7. So for you final of a CT is worth more ???? Just shows how low you have to sink sometimes to find a positive sometimes. There is a reason cT is called just a trophy....
  8. Yeah thats why i said wc 2011 semi .....member that??? Need your member berries???
  9. Like the wc 2011 semi ... and as far as real real cricket is concerned you just got whitewashed at fortress by SL so lets not talk about that for a while.
  10. What a pathetic fielder jadhav is....
  11. Kl is better than most in this odi squad .....and that is what makes this so frickin frustrating that he is out.
  12. Bk has developed into a beast hitter....
  13. 2-0 tests at the fortress. goldfish hai kya????
  14. Cant blame you inference comes with intelligence....which in your general vicinity might be a problem.
  15. Pessimistic much. And our strength isnt just spin ,its bumrah and bhuvi to much bigger extent. And batting has always been among the best if not the best. Itna pessimism sehat ke liye hanikarakak hota hai ....sir

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