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  1. He is the main batsman,needs to protect the tailenders.
  2. Selections have been a big issue and we still havent learnt judging by the way a ttf d karthik has been called back instead of some younger keeper batsman .
  3. Mohd shami teaching everyone how to play on this wicket,these quick 20-30runs from all the batsmen would have made match much closer.
  4. Batting and selections have lost us both matches. Spineless batting perfomance this,need a major overhaul.
  5. What did he do wrong in t20s now ,?? Ban karde ladke ko cricket se ,agar itna kharaab khelta hai toh???
  6. Are you rahul's jealous neighbour or something ?? Boy thats a long post ,we get the point you dont rate rahul.
  7. Pappu might just play the innings of the century here,looks determined
  8. Pappu fighting hard to give his wicket . Trying to get as close to the balls without edging them ,what a talent.
  9. Pappu patel 100 imminent ,can see it in his eyes. Saare dropped catches ka badla lega re pappu
  10. Specialist sledger after his impressive responses of "see u in india' last tour. Such a quick thinker .
  11. Anushka ki sifarish for sharma biradari maybe
  12. Pappu patel comes out like a sher,maybe on request of no hit
  13. Well i ll be happy if we keep the loss below 100 runs.
  14. This ngidi is more trouble than an old steyn tbh

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