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    Why no practice?

    isn't it funny that the two players with back issues in current side both got married recently???

    Your 16 man squad for Asia Cup?

    who cares cheerleader and bewda are going to do something different entirely and loose it ,so it ll end in disappointment so who cares...
  3. pandya has hardly done worse than our so called 'specialists",though i m not a big fan of his ,but we can certainly agree we have bigger problems.
  4. thats very offensive to toddlers,toddlers can at least toddle.
  5. ICF is on fire ,brotherhood among even longtime enemies on ICF is at an alltime high ,thanks to cheerleader ,people are actually posting not just with an agenda to defend their favorite but to bash the entire team.What a time to be alive.
  6. I rather support hockey,football and kabaddi teams from now on. Those guys actually care for support and fans these guys on the other hand feel entitled for doing nothing
  7. Punjabi brotherhood in full fledged display .... That day I actually felt bad for Rohit as he was the only one you could see was visibly upset while Kohli and cheerleader gang were laughing it out on dirty Punjabi jokes.

    Short term fix for 3rd test

    I don't know man ,I don't care anymore . Kohli can make a team full of 11 junior midget kohlis at this point . Maybe play some more football for practice ,take some shopping holidays will help them ease Thier mind off cause who cares ,these guys get paid regardless ,apna deemag kharab karne waali baat hai . Nothing will change.
  9. Ashwin has done better than expected and even this test with no help from the pitch he was creating plenty of chances .So he is least of our worries right now.
  10. If we had 6 Ashwins batting we actually might have made a decent total.
  11. Kohli is like Kim Jung un of Indian cricket right now,we need him as a batsman but as a captain he has no incentive.
  12. As long as Kohli in in charge we won't win anything until unless he drastically changes his outlook on what makes a team
  13. Hahahahahahahhahahahhahahahahhahhahahahhahahahahhagagaggaga I just fell off my chair
  14. yep imagine how you guys react to loosing at all the world cups...somewhat like that.But obviosiuoly your players probably care, ours are more interested in shopping and taking kawai selfies.
  15. RAZPOR

    Time is running out for KL Rahul

    thats how bewda and cheerleader rkohli develop talent ,they have been dropping rahul for the last 2 years whenever they feel like it.

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