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  1. do the selectors get paid ,if so why??? aur kabada karne ke liye????
  2. Aapkp hota hai dard wc 2011 aur t20 2007 ka ??? Wo to World Cups the???
  3. ICC approves Test Championship, ODI league

    test pichle hafte ho gye miyan,aap kab jaage.... 2-0 Ab to bas tamasha hai...consolation karlo. Sl has already punched above their weight.
  4. ICC approves Test Championship, ODI league

    Beat sri lanka at your fortress first.
  5. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!! Let's all laugh at the padosis :)

    not a nice statement to make,he might have had his limitations but he was genuinely the only player in the pakistani team last 10 years whose wicket costed something ,whatever the situation.
  6. He has a 50 ball 100 against west indies ....and has had very limited oppurtunities lately If you are trying to compare rayudu and rahul ...you should just stop commenting on cricket altogether.
  7. He also got a t20 100 in his first international t20 series too.
  8. Not his fault ,look at the field set and amount of dew. I am actually happy seeing him looping full deliveries even when he is getting hit ,not worried abour leaking runs would be a real weapon in tests.
  9. Somehow i dont have any hope for change ,we are stuck with this crap in T20 when we could have a world beating team just playing young Ipl performers,who are actually hungry to win.
  10. Its a wonder we win anything in t20 with so much deadwood in t20...and wth has pandey done to warrant a selection in t20 side ??? seriously???
  11. This game is a blessing in disguise,thankgod for this.
  12. This series should be renamed "andho me kaana raja cup" suits..
  13. Well credit to kohli if he indeed work for this.
  14. Lol wahab with 4..... seems like a couple more 0/100 coming up in odis for greenbros.
  15. Rabada vs Amir

    thats difficult when you bowl with jadeja and ashwin,in subcontinent. and as i pointed out i have no issue with you mentioning rabada,but amir??? what is that based on???
  16. Rabada vs Amir

    And what dominating test series does amir or rabada have away from known conditions?? Amir shouldnt even in be in the contention or converstation,for rabada atleast there is a case based on record,however padded it is. Anyways we ll see both soon enough in SA.
  17. Two utterly mediocre teams ,what a snoozefest if it wasn't for herath. And also puts in perspective India'wins and the trolls who were calling this SL team a minnow ,now thier team is getting beaten to ground by the same team. Karma Btw dimuth kurnaratne is a great find for SL,great temperament.
  18. Rabada vs Amir

    Shami is better than both.
  19. Kagiso Rabada [100 test wickets]

    What little i have seen of him ,he has potential but i think his stats are padded up thanks to SA pitches ,lets see how he performs in India ,i believe he will struggle.
  20. Not gonna watch this old age home of a team,was the perfect oppurtunity to give some matches to likes of krunal,shankar,siraj,thampi ,iyer,pant etc but pc nehra ko khilana hai ....f off
  21. Ishant is better than any test fast bowler pakistan has right now,i dont know how can any one even argue against this. And Ishant cant even find a place in Indian test 11....
  22. Kamlesh singh nagarkoti bowling video on england tour

    We can mention aaron but there is no point in mentioning him just like riaz.
  23. Kamlesh singh nagarkoti bowling video on england tour

    Usual trundlers are trundling in UAE right now,don't embarras yourself.

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