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  1. lets see how they play the same **** spinners next match.
  2. 3-1 hai ,tasahli to honi hi chaiye ,aap jaiseo ki tarah whitewash hone waali tasalli nahi pata jeetne waalo ko.
  3. just not enough runs on this pitch tbh,joke of a batting performance apart from dhawan and kohli
  4. If we loose this match its tottaly due to middle order fail.
  5. dhoni ,understands his limitations now as a batsman and is playing according to that,its time the management sees this too .
  6. dhoni is unfortunately finished as an aggressive batsman,if we have to keep him in the team,he needs to bat in the top 4 not at 6 or 5
  7. i am happy this has happened today,hopefully this opens up eyes of the management and selectors and they can stop this nonsense.
  8. We have an issue in the period between 28-38 th overs ,more often then not we score much less in this period than we should be doing.
  9. Indian middle order has a serious problem and selectors and management are only making it worse . Why keep bringing tried and tested failures at odi level ,karthik and now rahane again??? And hardik is not a no. 4 bat and we ll do better to not try and make him into one. Serious blunders in selections are making an issue that could have been solved by few young faces in the lineup is being turned into a cluster f#ck of bad decisions .
  10. Rahane is simply not odi material.
  11. Bematlab me wickets de rahen hain....what a joke. Could have won by 8 wickets
  12. And that is the prominent problem with rahane,still struggles sometimes even when set. Well played innings.
  13. Manju pc chup ho ja.....
  14. Looks like rahane virus is spreading to kohli due to proximity both batting like headless chicken.
  15. If only i could get away with a murder,this manju woudnt exist. Pc saaala kitna deemag khata hai itna chaaep
  16. Rahul to andar pakode kha raha hai
  17. Kohli has lost his timing after that runout. Probably worried about anushka getting a call from ayesha bhabhiji about the runout.
  18. Dhawan and kohli to have a bhangra dance on fight after game.
  19. He is like a maruti 800 ,wont be the most comfortable of rides but in the end it gets you there. Well atleast sometimes.
  20. Last batting pair ....
  21. Rohit just too eager to get out of bad test patch,stupid shot.
  22. What i find funny is that when rabada or morkel bowl 145+ ,all eyes are on the speed tab ,especially from indian commentators but when bumrah bowled 2 overs with every delivery over 144,there is not one mention. Funny??? I guess not.

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