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    Probable world cup squad !!!

    Kedar is fine ,issue right now is guys like Rayudu and Karthik ,which seem to be above Rahul in the pecking order. Also jadeja's bowling will be useless in England and he isnt a consistent big hitter,would rather have krunal but thats not happening I guess.
  2. I was hoping you wont loose ,now we can bring you back to reality again.
  3. they have changed actually ,they have gotten worse. Tbh i would prefer dhoni as the captain,considering he isn't ready to retire anyway.
  4. and you are kasab's behen by that logic?? what a troll.
  5. the inexperience has showed ,the batting in the final overs could have been better TOO. they will come back stronger against us,but i doubt we will suckj this hard like padosis against them,but with rayudu and karthik anything can happen.
  6. lol shahidi messed them up bigtime ,by turtling up last few overs
  7. what a gem of a bowler rashid is in lois. lol bad ball ...just as i said it.
  8. lol that shahidi didnt take atleast 2 runs last over to make sure he gets to his 100 might come into play here..
  9. doesnt matter what rashid does,the trundler alam will undo it next over.
  10. dean jones is so cringe with all his Pakistani ass licking...
  11. too much pressure on rashid they should have bowled him before.
  12. arey fkkng pakistan ,dont loose this,next game will loose all its sheen if they loose.
  13. lol what a pathetic batsman this sarfraz is missed a straight full toss. Pakistan should source in rayudu for him.
  14. robin singh didnt bowl so many wides
  15. lol pakistan ...look at the running
  16. Afghanistan need good fast bowlers ,these two guys are utterly mediocre,they pretty much lost this game for them
  17. RAZPOR


    genius comeback.
  18. RAZPOR


    Intel celeron processor in his brain just melted
  19. Hopefully Pakistan win this one and after Thier chest thumping we bring them back to reality next match.
  20. Dropping is getting contagious this Asia cup
  21. Rashid's stat so far suggest otherwise.... Or maybe busting a bowler has different definition in Pakistan
  22. Any mofo can makeout that Rahul is a better talent and hasn't been given enough chances in odis. Kohli has to be awfully dumb to not understand that,which I honestly believe he is,company of Shastri is killing his brain cellsor vice versa idk
  23. This was a good pitch Afghanistan missed the trick by not scoring more when they had the chance.

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