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    Highest average speed in test cricket since 2010

    yes they are,where are your guys??

    Highest average speed in test cricket since 2010

    That guy is a real basket case
  3. I cant see this English side winning against India,it will be a close series but tbh the way English are playing they are more likely to give wickets in bundle to chahal and kuldeep in the middle overs and i cant see bhuvi and bumrah going for as many runs ,tye has bowled very badly throughout this series,maybe its the pressure. I would have been more worried if the pitches were bowler friendly and they had some real quality in bowling department.These pitches will work in our favor i feel. Scotland bashed the same English side for 370 odd ,so i am pretty sure rohit and co will manage,all we need is 320 + scores consistently if we bat first . These patta pitches will work in our favour,and might just hide our fragility in the middle order.I just hope though rahul gets a good run this series and doesn't have to sit out.
  4. anything is better than getting ahane in odis
  5. if anyone is a mental midget its the English team ,as their history in World cups proves. Less than a week ago they lost to a Scottish side,i believe this Aussie side is making them look better then they are for now.
  6. With the set of bowlers England have ,they better hope Rohit fails this test ,atleast 2 more double hundred otherwise
  7. He doesn't look like someone who will pass it ,but i heard the news on TV,that he was supposed to arrive on 18 but arrived very late last night so the test now will be on 20.
  8. he is supposed to take the test tomorrow,fake news
  9. You need to work on your troll game ,you disappoint us
  10. I have 1100 posts in about 8 years ,you on the other hand have 340 or so in under 8 months and most of them being just trolling with zero motive of adding anything valuable ,so clearly you have nothing better to do ,don't come here pretending you have a life. Let me guess the award you are getting ,is it for lifetime achievement in being an utter failure as a troll?? Quetta business community???? don't make me laugh ,entire Balochistan has a GDP comparable to my home city!! and that's not even a joke ,some irrelevant community if I have ever seen one.
  11. RAZPOR

    India A Tri-Series in England, 2018

    how the hell does this axar make it here ,he is everywhere and he is more useless than before
  12. this is your comeback?? and it took you 2 days to come up with??? i suggest if you have so much money hire a better person to write your responses ,so you don't embarrass yourself on the internet all the time. now dont be a cheapskate and go buy two more $10,000 Tvs this time so you can feel more intelligent. shuuu...
  13. They want afghanistan to forever be the war ravaged land so they can feel good about themselves.Ironically for rest of the world pakistan is no betterl,but i guess they cant see that.
  14. RAZPOR

    Manjrekar: Pujara , a proven failure in overseas.

    yeah its harsh but we cant be in a situation where he has scored 60 in first 3 test matches and series is already gone,i really believe KL needs a run now based on his form,in form batsmen should get maximum time on pitch.
  15. RAZPOR

    Manjrekar: Pujara , a proven failure in overseas.

    The the way things are going i cant see pujara in the x1 for first test,i rather get KL rahul in his place.I think pujara should be an automatic exclusion for overseas tests and rahane for asian tests.
  16. I own a Jaguar and live in a 10 acre mansion along with not one but 3 companies at 25 ,so I am more intelligent by that logic. And Ambani is more intelligent than anyone here. Deemag hai to use bhi kar liya kr ,paise se deemag nahi badhta,logic dekho bande ka. XD
  17. his bowling seems to go through phases ,very difficult bowler to judge,i hope kuldeep is given a few matches before tests .
  18. Its their first test match,get a grip dude.Thier should be a 2 tier test system,with relegation and promotion .Makes much more sense,your boys might even top that.
  19. And if a kid asks how not to almost loose to a minnow show them Ireland's first test match.
  20. Well let's assume you are right,even then we are still newbies to cheating compared to your bottle cap scrapers ,who have a PhD and made a career out of it. I won't go as far as you to call whole of Pakistan cheats since I was schooled better than you it seems. Smartness is a relative term ,if you are considered smart where you are from ,I can see why across the border is such a mess,it's sad
  21. oh really ....and what research did you do ?? scratching your ass??? Smith is busy making new sandpapers for a next year though so just hold that thought and comeback when the weepy eyed boy is next seen in the yellow,gonna be long time.
  22. RAZPOR

    How long will Vijay play test cricket?

    Looks likely but I won't count out Vijay just yet ,he may just go on to do well in England and all this talk will look silly then,but we do need Rahul in the lineup ,Pujara it seems might have to make way.
  23. There is no doubt Vijay has done tremendously for us ,but question is can he do it this year again?? Well we ll find out but he definitely deserves a full run in england.,he deserves that much.
  24. RAZPOR

    How long will Vijay play test cricket?

    Not very long ,maybe 2 more years if he keeps getting runs.

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