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  1. https://www.instagram.com/p/BvBZH91nP6H/?utm_source=ig_web_button_share_sheet
  2. But looks like he is not part of challenger trophy squad https://www.sportskeeda.com/cricket/bcci-announces-squads-for-u-19-challenger-trophy
  3. msplash9

    Vijay hazare trophy 2018

    Prithvi Raj Yarra is bowling and live at hotstar https://www.hotstar.com/sports/cricket/vijay-hazare-trophy-2018/m188224/live-streaming/2001707477
  4. What happened to mumbai vs Bihar match . https://www.instagram.com/p/Bol7PyVBVKM/?taken-by=sabir.fans.club this kid is playing the match Edit: Looks like match got over already
  5. Sorry RKT this definitely look speeded up right at the time of delivery
  6. What speeds he is bowling at ?
  7. msplash9

    India U19 Challenger Trophy

    http://www.hotstar.com/sports/cricket/series/m185269/live-streaming/2001703984 Ishaan Porel bowled an excellent first over. But pace is around 128K only
  8. msplash9

    Ranji Trophy 2017/18

    He looks pretty quick for an U 19 guy
  9. msplash9

    Ranji Trophy 2017/18

    Ishan Porel is playing http://www.hotstar.com/sports/cricket/series/bengal-vs-vidarbha-day-1/2001703752
  10. his action is much better now compared to his early days
  11. msplash9

    Arjun Tendulkar selected in Mumbai U-19 squad

    LOL .. He is now an U19 Mumbai player and not a keyboard warrior
  12. msplash9

    Ranji Trophy 2017/18

    He bowled really well . Was a but wayward against yuvraj when he came in . Was getting movement both ways and hitting the deck hard occasionally
  13. msplash9

    Ranji Trophy 2017/18

    Impressed with Lalit Yadav . Getting movements both ways and hitting deck hard occasionally. Pace also seems to be decent too

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