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  1. He himself said that in a local news channel interview
  2. Basi thambi has been asked to reach Pune to bowl at team india's nets session . Also attended the trials for RCB and Delhi Daredevils this month
  3. This is ridiculous . You get a chance to bowl and test yourselves at international quality batsmen, and then chooses to bowl part timers ?
  4. Why Gowtham K , did not bowl in the first innings ? He is primarily a bowler right ?
  5. First 8 teams still have the right of first refusal i guess
  6. Kulwant is bowling here at 2:06:31 . Baba safi pathan and Nathu singh also bowling in the match . Kulwant looked quicker to me than both of them. Bowled some pretty good yorkers and slower balls in the end. Nathu looked a little slower though when compared to his other telecasted matches. Baba also could be bowling around 140 range @express bowling @rkt.india Your views please
  7. Did steve smith pass your eye test in his earlier days ?
  8. Could this be him ? Played for Reliance 1 with Pant and Nathu. Performed pretty well
  9. Any info on this guy ? He is in the auction too
  10. Any news on Amit Kuila ? He is not in the Bengal Vijay Hazare team and in the ipl auction list
  11. This zonal structure is brilliant. A good chance to see a lot of international quality cricketers .
  12. Its not necessary the match should be televised for the commentators to form an opinion. They might have seen some domestic games or word of mouth from their colleagues ? Don't forget the U19 matches were also telecasted . Also no body was bashing him or calling him a hack . It was just an initial assessment on a promising young player. Its always good if you can play a lot more ground shots
  13. I don't think he is trying to hit every ball. But he hits a lot of balls in the air from the limited sample size I have seen