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  1. KKR doing well as they have used genuine fast bowlers on this pitch. Kohli has been defensive and has used medium pacers apart from Mills. Aniket C would have been so good on this pitch.
  2. Thampi has been accurate and economical whenever he has bowled at his normal speed of 135 k to 144 k. He has been inaccurate and has gone for runs whenever he has cut down his speed. This is what happens when a pacer tries to bowl slower to gain accuracy. A pacer is at his most accrate when he is in rhythm and is bowling at his normal speed.
  3. Yes....Nathu has bowled up to 145 k and has bowled really well too.
  4. Thampi bowlng much slower in the last 2 games compared to his first 4. He needs to bowl at full pace. When he did so, he had the likes of Gayle, Kohli, Rohit and Pollard in trouble. I don't know who told him to slow down. A bad misfield off a simple push makes his ER worse.
  5. Nathu 145 k 142 k and 139 k in his first over 141 k 139 k in his 2nd over Bowled a good line Picked up a wicket Very economical too
  6. Shardul has bowled quite a few 135 k to 142 k deliveries today.
  7. Siraj unlucky to have catch dropped off first ball again Bowling 140 k to 145 k so far.
  8. Yes....all the quick pacers, Umesh, Coulter-Nile and Thampi, were bowling mostly in the 130s yesterday. Umesh had difficulty crossing 135 k and some of Couter-Nile's quicker deliveries were clocking 125 k.
  9. Thampi did not look fully fit today. Maybe something like low fever or stomach upset. Just guessing though. He was not running in as fluently and his speed was down to 133 k to 140 k. His direction was also a bit off today although the yorker to get Manish was superb. He was also denied a plumb LBW of Uthappa.
  10. Thampi needs to bowl round the wicket to left handers. He did it last match and had Gayle in a tangle. He could not get any room to hit. Today, he got hit by Narine while bowling over the wicket and giving him room to swing his bat.
  11. Some heights according to Google Jasprit Bumrah 175 cm or 5'9" Hardik Pandya 173 cm or 5'8" Umesh Yadav 187 cm or 6'2" Shami 178 cm or 5'10" So.... Hardik Pandya is 6" shorter and Bumrah 5" shorter than Umesh and Hardik is 2" shorter than Shami according to Google
  12. Mulo has not watched any cricket in the last 20 years. He was frozen like Austin Powers by people who could not take his long rants anymore. He woke up last year and has been fervently looking up websites and videos for what he has missed. Hence, he has no idea about modern cricket, modern cricketers and modern India. Websites are his only source of information. He just remembers the height of Indian pacers like Chetan Sharma and Prabhakar and the West Indians generating fear. p.s -IPL section Mulobhai, so no offense.
  13. When you see players day in and day out in actual matches, see them standing next to each other, see them in comparison to the stumps, you do tend to form a decent idea about their heights. Anyone who actually watches cricket knows that Ishant is not just 2" taller than Umesh.... because they frequently stand next to each other in actual matches after a wicket falls etc. Seeing this over many years gives a decent idea. We are not talking about him being a great bowler here. You said he is the worst Indian bowler while everyone who has actually played international cricket and seen him bowl are very impressed by him in the last 3 test series. This difference is arising because you have not actually seen him bowl much but still coming out with strong opinions.
  14. Your problem is that you don't watch any cricket these days and just base your opinions on website commentaries and Google. Not too long ago, you were claiming that Umesh Yadav is the worst Indian pacer .... and we all know how that assessment went in the last test series against Australia. All this happens because you don't watch the actual game of cricket.