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  1. Yeah..... my only interest in the IPL is seeing young Indian talent competing against top international cricketers, Indian or foreign. Pacers - Aniket, Nathu, Thampi, Khejroliya, Aaron, Saini, Shardul, Rajpoot, Siraj, Sayan, and others Batsmen - Pant, Nair, Kishan, Rahul, Hooda, Iyer, Kedar, Mayank, Sarfraz, Spinners -Kuldeep, Gopal, Chahal, Murugan Ashwin, Karn, All-rounders - Hardik, Shankar, Krunal, Axar, Gowtham, Lomror,
  2. Well played Aussies !
  3. Flattish pitches with some help for spinners NOT raging turners Pitches like in the series vs. England
  4. In the last 2 SMA trophy games, Milind was bowling a bit quicker. I look forward to seeing what speeds he touches in the IPL. He was quick 2 years back.... so there is some hope. He is said to be pacy and is 6'2" tall.
  5. Who is this ?
  6. Aniket is not even in the squad. How much chance is there that the team will add him, going out of the way ? I don't mind trying him at all. A 6'4" tall left arm quick, who can bowl up to 145 k and swing the ball, definitely has the potential to add value.
  7. Yes.....having 3 quicks, who are good at reverse swing at pace, are needed to cover for injuries while playing in India. We could have tried someone against Bangladesh, as the 3rd seamer.
  8. With Shami injured, what other practical choice do we have in a crunch match on a flat deck ?
  9. We are most likely to get a flattish track for the next test. In that case, 2 fast bowlers will play.
  10. Tibin Joseph not getting any chances
  11. Varun Aaron 7-0-26-3 Rahul Shukla 5-0-19-1 Jasprit Bumrah 7-0-34-2 Shardul Thakur 8-0-47-3 Nathu Singh 5-0-29-0 Prasidh Krishna 8-1-39-3 Chama Milind 9-1-30-4 Md. Siraj 9-0-45-1 Sandeep Warrier 8-1-50-1 Ankit Rajpoot 5-0-33-1
  12. Yes.... he was enthusiastic about Bumrah too before he played the IPL.
  13. I really feel that Jayant can be a proper No.6 batsman if he wants to and practices hard. Apart from the technical aspects that you pointed out and I also chipped in.... he is so dejected every time he is dismissed in a test match and tries hard not to throw his wicket away. Puts a huge price on his wicket and that is the mentality of a proper test batsman ( sort of an area where KL Rahul disappoints ) Regarding Nair, I have not watched him a lot apart from test matches. Just saw 2 other domestic games. One thing that struck me as a tad unusual was that.... he does not seem to have a specific trigger movement while facing seamers. Sometimes he goes very slightly back-and-across, sometimes a bit front-and-across, sometimes no movement at all. I wonder whether it is creating some confusion regarding where his off-stump is or even gauging the lengths of deliveries exactly. I maybe wrong on this issue as I have not watched him that much. Apart from that, he looks good, especially against spin. We have to watch him on bouncy or seaming tracks to form a complete opinion. I was impressed with his ability to play strokes without taking any extra risk, his ability to place the ball and to use power as and when required. What do you think about him ?
  14. In this age of DRS.... playing spin on raging turners is much more difficult than it was in the pre-DRS era. A lot more deliveries have to be played with the bat and a long forward movement and using pads does not help for deliveries hitting in line, unless pitching outside leg, which again has to be deciphered with more care nowadays. As a result, just hanging in there is much more difficult these days.
  15. Jayant has to bat at either No.6 or no.7. He definitely has batting potential and is being wasted at No.9. Looks comfortable both against pace as well as spin. Goes to the line of the ball to play, watches the ball carefully and has that extra bit of time. It is also important not to overburden Ashwin with batting responsibility at No.6. He is our best bowler and should be allowed to concentrate fully on his bowling and allowed to bat at No.7. with a free mind. But, I feel that it is better to play Nair on a turning track and Jayant on a flat track, where the extra spinner maybe needed as much more overs need to be bowled.