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  1. Looking at the India vs. NZ match yesterday and SA vs. England match today IF we have a seamer-friendly track which is expected to produce a low-scoring game then we may play Shami Bumrah, Bhuvi Umesh Jadeja ONLY against Pakistan as they are really weak against good quality fast bowling and swing bowling On such a track, Pandya has little chance of contributing with the bat and Ashwin has little chance of contributing with the ball and there is not much point in taking them.
  2. The 2 dubious selections in this squad are Rahane and Karthick. Rahane got lucky because KL Rahul got injured. Karthick got lucky because Manish Pandey got injured. Hopefully, none of Rahane or Karthick will actually be in the playing 11. The main worry in the playing 11 will be playing Yuvi and MSD, 2 past-their-prime seniors playing together. Only one should have played. MSD gets to play because of his brand value.... Yuvi makes me uncomfortable. We should have developed young players in the NZ '16 and England '17 ODI series. Should have given chances to players like Pant....who could have played in place of Yuvi and could have been in the squad in place of Karthick.
  3. If we are discussing related issues then it is not that simple either. The difference between Ashwin's bowling and Pandya's bowling is not expected to be as much in England as it would be in India. Pandya is a much better fielder and will definitely save more runs and may contribute to a run out too. With Pandya coming in at 7... the earlier batters can bat a bit more freely. He is expected to score more runs and at a much faster rate too. In ODIs in England, Pandya looks like a better package.
  4. India has played Pandya in the last 2 ODI series which were played mostly on pattas. His batting was needed for us to win in half the matches of those 2 series. And he bowled well too.
  5. Ashwin has a career ER of 4.9 Pandya has career ER of 5.8 It means that we can expect around 10 runs more....and not a difference of 40.
  6. Pandya bowled really well in the NZ ODI series too.
  7. If we see ODIs in England nowadays....there are lots of 320+ scores. In such a scenario, a big hitting No.7 is needed and will add much more value to the team compared to Ashwin. Jadhav and UV can always bowl 3 or 4 overs.
  8. Bumrah Shami Bhuvi Jadeja Pandya
  9. Very impressed with the way all the Indian fast bowlers used the quick bouncer time and again today to make the Kiwis uncomfortable.
  10. He is a batting allrounder and has batted well in the ODIs he has played. Did not just slog Even his bowling was ok in the 2 ODI series he played against NZ and England. His bowling looked rusty today as he has bowled very few overs in the IPL and lacks match practice.
  11. Pandya is not being selected as a bowler but as a big hitting allrounder
  12. Dada getting back at the goras for mispronouncing Indian names for decades.
  13. Our current bowling attack is very exciting indeed !
  14. Umesh will be told to grow a beard. Bhuvi already has it. Then, we will see a new player being born. Bhumesh Kumar Yadav. Umesh will bowl the middle overs and Bhuvi will bowl at the death.