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  1. Ashwin has to play as the 6th batsman if we are playing 5 bowlers We can play 3 spinners and 2 quicks then. Problem would arise if Rohit Sharma gets his mandatory slot at No.6
  2. Yes.... and to add to that, Rahul has 4 centuries from 17 tests, which is a good rate. Rahul has got out after scoring 50s only in the last Australia series, where 3 of the 4 pitches were tough to bat on.
  3. 4 Indian batsmen, Kohli, Rahane, Rohit and Dhawan have retired after scoring a few runs. Standard practice to give batting practice to all the batters. Kohli 53 ( 76 ) Rahane 40 ( 58 ) Rohit 38 ( 49 ) Dhawan 41 ( 48 ) Rahul out for 54 ( 58 )
  4. My playing XI in tests on a normal Asian pitch Rahul Dhawan Pujara Kohli Rahane Ashwin Saha Jadeja Kuldeep Umesh Shami -- If green-top, Bhuvi replaces Jadeja or Kuldeep. -- Ashwin has to play in any case as the 6th batsman
  5. Shami comes back for his 2nd spell and gets his 2nd wicket. SLBP 186 for 9
  6. Kuldeep Yadav has picked up 3 wickets in only 6 overs for only 14 runs No way should we leave him out for the test matches
  7. SLBP 151 for 5 Sir has picked up 3 wickets
  8. Shami has been our best bowler so far 1 wicket for 8 runs off 4 overs. Pandya has been economical too. All the other bowlers have gone for runs till the 35th over.
  9. Jhulan Goswami must have been much quicker when she was between 25 to 32 Even now, at almost age 35, , she is bowling upto 113 k with an average speed of 109 k .... which is quite high in women's cricket.
  10. I prefer to go with the team's objective to rate captains. And the team's objective is to be the one which wins most series and tournaments.
  11. Well done ladies !! Great SF win over Australia
  12. How can we conclude about anything in the middle of a career ? Only thing to see here is how he has done in the chances he has got. To me, as long as a player follows the law of the land .... the only parameter that matters is how many series and tournaments he has won as captain.
  13. Exactly. Kohli maybe a good or a mediocre test captain in the long run.... we don't know yet. But he has performed very well in his first 23 tests as captain. This fact needs to be recognized.
  14. Ankit compared the first 23 tests for various captains, both international and Indian. That showcases which captains have had the best starts to their test careers as captains. This is a valid point.
  15. I know the point you are trying to make : ) Win / loss ratio in tests will actually showcase much better , how dominant we have really been in the last 7 test series. spanning 23 tests. We have a win / loss ratio of 7.50 in this period. Waugh had a win / loss ratio of 4.25 and Ponting 5.00 in their first 23 tests. : )