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  1. Kulwant Khejroliya keeps on picking wickets Now has 17 wickets from 7 List A matches at an average of 18 and ER of 4.8
  2. The Aussies have bowled well But, there were some loose balls as always and some of them were not put away. It is usually a mindset issue. Their bowling has looked more accurate than it has been due to our batting approach.
  3. We need to develop more all-condition players, be it batsmen or pacers or spinners.
  4. Scoring very slowly also allows the bowlers to bowl a good line and length. There is no pressure created on them. Even if there is plenty of time left in a test match, all loose deliveries should be put away.
  5. Rahul is still a work-in-progress as far as batting temperament is concerned.
  6. Match Thread

  7. Match Thread

    Rahane was really good at playing the fast, rising short ball ..... reason why he averages 54 in tests outside Asia But has developed a problem from the NZ series 2016.... he is now going for too many pull / hook shots / upper-cuts irrespective of the merit of short ball. Needs to change this.
  8. Match Thread

    Rahane's style of playing has changed in the last 6 months in test matches. He tries to play too many risky shots in the beginning of his innings these days. Not good.
  9. Match Thread

    Exactly. Rahul was playing the short balls really well till then.
  10. Match Thread

    Rahul was sledged by Cummins and lost his head He was playing the short balls so so well.... swaying away. leaving short balls on off stump and playing the body deliveries with loose bottom hand. Immaturity from Rahul
  11. Match Thread

    Rahul used to be very good after he crossed 30.... his problem was getting to 30 Now, his consistency has improved a lot in this series but his game has become looser after getting to 50. Needs to work on his concentration a bit..... this guy has real batting talent.
  12. There are differences in the degree of different injuries. Here is an excerpt outlining the immediate-opinion of the diagnostic centre that conducted scans on him " Kohli, who missed much of the opening day’s action, had been taken to Pulse Diagnostic Centre where doctors advised him 15-20 days’ rest. “He has suffered an injury in his right shoulder. While the bones are intact, there is a ligament tear and he was having acute problems in hand movement. We have advised 15 to 20 days’ rest. We have given our reports. Now, he will consult his panel of doctors and experts on the course of action,” Abhishek Jha, the managing director of the diagnostic centre, had said in the evening. " Kohli batting and fielded in the 3rd test despite having a ligament tear and that is not easy at all. In my opinion, he had no chance of playing the 4th test and that fact was not revealed to the media so that the Australians could not plan ahead. Smart thing to do.
  13. This pitch is ideal for hit-the-deck seam bowlers. There is bounce and some seam movement but little swing ( conventional or reverse ). Shami would have been ideal here. It is ironic that Ishant was played on typical low-bounce Indian pitches and the only track where he had some chance to contribute, he is sitting on the bench. Even Aniket C would have got something out of this track.
  14. Sehwag had a test SR of 82 after playing 104 tests in the pre T20 era when playing very fast in tests was not even thought to be an option for top order batters. He was also a really big score player with four 250 + scores. Smith has a SR of 56 in tests and has one 200+ score with a highest of 215 He is no Sehwag.
  15. The speed gun cannot selectively give higher speeds for Bhuvi Umesh, Cummins etc. have been bowling their normal speeds. The probable reason why Bhuvi was not looking very quick visually was because he did not hit the deck hard and could not extract life out of the pitch. Shami, Umesh and Ishant hit the deck hard usually and can extract life out of pitches.