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  1. All English pacers bowling 130 to 140 k mostly. Haven't seen much real pace yet. Only occasional quick deliveries by Plunkett.
  2. Excerpt from an interviw "Known for his mantra with the batting and seen as a complete package, South African star batsman AB de Villiers revealed his side was surprised to witness the pace bowling attack on a slow surface at SuperSport Park in Centurion. While hailing the efforts of India fast bowling attack while adding they have shown the consistency and bowled with much pace on the surface. http://cricketaddictor.com/cricket/ab-de-villiers-indian-pacers-centurion/
  3. Bowling average of 48 and SR of 112 was very pathetic in the 1970s and '80s One thing is ... one series is not sufficient to judge any player ... a bad habit creeps in and there is not sufficient time to rectify it, especially these days with packed schedules. The other thing is ... Holding just finds faults with Indians and is highly biased against us.
  4. Ponting has a batting average of 26.5 in India. Lara has a batting average of 33 in India. Richards has a batting average of 19.3 in NZ. Root has a batting average of 17.6 in NZ and 24.5 in Bangladesh. Roberts has a bowling average of 65.3 in NZ. Greenidge has a batting average of 17.3 in Pakistan. Steve Waugh has a batting average of 16.6 in SL. etc. etc. What does Holding think about that ?
  5. Holding has a bowling average of 47.9 with a SR of 112 in New Zealand I guess he is not a great too then, by his own definition.
  6. Syed Mushtaq ali trophy 2018

    Rajpoot has bowled 133 k to 140 k in his first 2 overs Dinda has bowled 132 k to 145 k
  7. India's Under 19 pace attack is frightening

    Indian bodies not designed to bowl fast - Zaheer "You need to understand your bowling style and work on fitness that much more. The bottom line is as long you are able to produce results, it is fine. I also dropped pace, so basically it's important to know what works for you at the international level and put that into practice." http://www.espncricinfo.com/page2/content/story/535672.html?comments=all
  8. Injured KL Rahul in doubt for Johannesburg Test

    Why can't Ishant do this to the opposition instead ! He is the " same-side goal guy " in the team
  9. Syed Mushtaq ali trophy 2018

    Young left arm pacer who was chosen for the Emerging Players' Tournament last year.
  10. Syed Mushtaq ali trophy 2018

    Thanks. He was bowling 130 k to 136 k in Ranji last season.
  11. Syed Mushtaq ali trophy 2018

    Did you watch Kanishk Seth ?
  12. Syed Mushtaq ali trophy 2018

    Tushar Arothe bowling 130 k to 135 k Meriwala at 123 k to 130 k Both left-armers
  13. India's Under 19 pace attack is frightening

    On this tour , our bowlers have done well while our batters and catching have let us down. We have taken all 40 SA wickets at 252 runs per innings. There are atleast 2 replacements for Ishant ... but he plays on. 3 among Shami, Bhuvi, Bumrah and Saini should be our test pacers outside Asia.
  14. What you are saying was true for pacers who debuted till 2012. Pacers who have come in after that ... Bhuvi, Shami and Bumrah ... have all improved in terms of skills, pace and bounce within 1 to 3 years of debut. And new pacers like Saini look quite skilled and pacy too.
  15. It is very puzzling for me too. From the attitude of this team before this series , it did not seem that they would be so casual in SA.
  16. The same set of batters did well the last time we toured SA, NZ, Eng, Aus in 2013-14. Kohli in SA, NZ,Aus, Rahane in SA, Eng, Aus, Vijay in Eng, Aus, Rahul in Aus where he debuted. We were let down by the lack of accuracy of our rookie pacers and playing a past-it Zaheer in SA, NZ. We lacked a settled group of pacers with experience, and we lost. This time around we have a group of pacers with accuracy, pace and experience ... and they have taken 40 wickets for ok runs. Lack of preparation has affected the batters along with Rahane and Rahul not getting regular slots. We had only 3 practice sessions in SA, no practice matches and we arrived in SA only 5 days before the first test. If we had arrived 15 days earlier, played 2 or 3 practice matches and played Rahul, Vijay, Pujara, Kohli, Rahane as the top 5 ... we would have done much better.
  17. Syed Mushtaq ali trophy 2018

    Vijay Shankar 57 not out off 48 balls , with 3 sixes, in a low scoring match.
  18. In 2016 and 2017, most test pitches prepared in India were flat tracks and not rank turners. ( 10 out of 16 ) Only the first 2 tests vs Australia and the 4th test vs England, were true turning tracks. 3 tests were on green seaming or bouncy pitches.
  19. India's Under 19 pace attack is frightening

    I like it that Indian fast bowlers, and their ability to bowl quick, are being marketed nowadays. This is important and motivates the next generation of pacers to bowl quick. It also encourages the existing pacers to continue bowling with effort and sustain pace. Opposition teams are put under psychological pressure even before the series when they know that they will have to play a group of good quick bowlers. I was really disappointed when someone of the stature of Zaheer made a public statement that Indian bodies are not meant to bowl fast ... just because he could not maintain his pace. Thankfully, the days of that regressive mindset are over.
  20. Bumrah has picked up 7 wickets in his first 2 tests while playing out of Asia ( plus a few dropped catches ) ... how many Indian pacers have done that ? ( Our pacers have typically been good in Asia and average outside ) Bumrah's stock ball is seaming in from 5th stump, but he is bowling the out-seaming channel delivery once or twice every over. He beat ABDV 3 or 4 times each in 2 different innings with such deliveries. They have showcased this time and again on TV. Plus he is bowling with pace and bounce and making the batters play a lot. Bowled lots of snorters from just short of a length and that is typically a wicket-taking ball. He will be an even better wicket-taker once he gets used to playing tests ... because he is a thinking bowler who bowls with intensity.
  21. This SA team has 4 top batters in ABDV, Amla, Faf and de Kock and Elgar was in the form of his life. Plus, they are playing in their own country in conditions known to them .... and yet they are expected to be succumb meekly without a fight .... I don't know why ! SA batted in the best batting conditions in the 2nd test 1st innings where par score was 468 and yet got bundled out for 335, just 27 more than us. Got dismissed for 130 in the 2nd innings of the 1st test and 258 in the 2nd innings of the 2nd test . Plus we dropped many more catches than SA. I would say our bowlers dominated SA in 3 out of 4 innings and we would have won if our batters and catchers performed even averagely. Ishant looks like a weaker link though and he is not bowling those wicket taking lines or getting enough zip off the deck.
  22. From 2016 onwards, after returning from surgery, Shami has been our best all-condition pacer in test matches. In this period, he has bowled the off-stump channel line, bowled at 135 k to 147 k, got steep bounce, got seam movement and swing ... and picked up loads of wickets. In this period, he averages 24.7 with a SR of 49.2 from 17 tests ... world class indeed Career averages Mat Inns Overs Mdns Runs Wkts BBI BBM Ave Econ SR 5 10 Profile filtered 17 33 468.0 100 1407 57 4/49 6/116 24.68 3.00 49.2 0 0 In this period, he averages 23.3 out of Asia from 6 tests and 25.4 in Asia from 11 tests ... so very balanced performance. I had started a thread 5 months ago about the importance of a fit Shami for this SA tour And the need to manage his workload in FC matches But, it did not happen. Shami was made to bowl around 40 overs in 4 sessions and a bit by Manoj Tiwary in the Ranji semifinal. He is not used to this workload and has looked stiff in SA. Has still taken 9 wickets from 2 rests so far at an average of 20.2 and SR of 39 .... but lacked intensity in both the first innings. This could have been avoided by better workload management by the BCCI in the Ranji matches just before the tour. Planning and preparation for the SA tour has been poor all through.
  23. speedbhai ...... great video and thanks for sharing. Isn't it exciting times for Indian fast bowling fans !
  24. List of talented, young fast bowlers with pace in India

    Avesh has just turned 21. Should become quicker by say 23 if he stays fit. He has the accuracy, height, zip and bounce off the deck and can bowl around 140 k in T20Is. None of Aniket or Ankit are 90 mph bowlers, although they are very tall. Nathu may turn out to be another pacer with poor fitness and on / off intensity.
  25. List of talented, young fast bowlers with pace in India

    We need a tall pacer, 6'3" or more, who is reasonably accurate, bowls 140 k to 150 k and is a wicket-taker. Who are the possible candidates with potential ? Bumrah, Saini and Nagarkoti have the pace and accuracy .... but are around 6'0", 6'0" and 5'9" respectively. Avesh Khan has the potential. Maybe Ishan Porel after 3 years or so.

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