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  1. I don't remember anyone who has played international cricket call either Ambrose or Walsh " express ". Nor have they ever been clocked at 150 k+. Both were known for their height and steep bounce. Shoaib, Lee and Tait were the true express bowlers who bowled 150 k + at will and Tait did not last long.
  2. Blue jeans or black jeans ? Straight cut or tapered ?
  3. Arjun Tendulkar selected in Mumbai U-19 squad

    Whoever it is, that was a pacy bouncer
  4. Speed and performance of pacers and spinners in important matches

    His run-up has probably improved now
  5. Speed and performance of pacers and spinners in important matches

    Darshan Nalkande, selected for our U19 team, looks like a pacer who can hit the deck hard at nice pace and has big hitting skills too.
  6. Speed and performance of pacers and spinners in important matches

    Mandeep Singh, selected for our U19 Asia Cup team, looks genuinely quick ... plus tall and bouncy.
  7. India U-19 squad for Asia Cup 2017

    Saw the video at last. Wow ! Looks like genuine pace, bounce, height .... good run-up, strong action. Mandeep Singh is the u19 pacer to watch out for.
  8. Speed and performance of pacers and spinners in important matches

    Accelerating approach to the crease, full run-up not visible, looks flexible, quick arm-rotation and bends his back. Probably quite sharp but not fully clear from this video.
  9. With so much cricket going on, most teams are trying to develop specialists for tests and LOIs, to reduce burnout and injury. With this in mind, Shami, Umesh and Ishant are being used primarily as test specialists and Bumrah, Bhuvi and Thakur as ODI specialists. All banter aside, Umesh and Shami ( and even Ishant in the last 2 years ) have been able to bowl 135 k to 145 k spells almost every time they bowl and even during the last session of a test match. They have hit high 140s when going for speed. This consistency in pace, even in test matches, has drawn a lot of appreciation from the cricketing world.
  10. Speed and performance of pacers and spinners in important matches

    Nagarkoti did in England.
  11. He probably needs to learn to put a price on his wicket in certain situations. We don't get to see enough FC and List A matches to form a definitive opinion though and there he has some technical issues too. His 200+ against an Aussie test-quality attack does show some wish to not get out in a big match. But that post was about comparing him to Sehwag .... and Viru threw away his wicket quite often.
  12. If India face India A in test matches

    He played a Ranji match only a few days later.
  13. What is " grit " according to you ? Iyer has a 200+ against a full strength Australian XI and Pant has a 300+ in Ranji and they average 55 and 62 in FC ..... and the type of " grit " Sehwag had. these 2 have too.
  14. sandeep .... it is a very valid observation which I respect. I just want to channel it towards the experienced batters and not the new ones. I would also like to observe the " innings building " 4-day A-team batters to find a suitable candidate, and not the dashers .... but alas ! , the A-team games are not being televised.
  15. Board president XI Vs New Zealand,Mumbai, Oct 19 201

    The bold part is the issue I want and wanted to stress on. It is important to identify young players who can succeed at international level .... and stick with them through successes and failures. Pant is one of them. 2nd season blues is a common and good test from which top players are identified ( eventually, they emerge successful from this issue ).
  16. Board president XI Vs New Zealand,Mumbai, Oct 19 201

    Interest in Pant was because he averaged 80+ with a SR of 100+ last Ranji season. I don't think this has ever happened in Ranji history before ( this average + SR combo ) The other reason is because he did well in the IPL and played and hit top international pacers with ease. " u-19 Keeper who smacks a few sixes " is not the reason why he became popular. Fans, generally, don't have much interest in the keeping aspect.
  17. Speed and performance of pacers and spinners in important matches

    Nice find buddy ! Aggressive run-up and strong action ... a bit more back-bending would be nice. Looks quite sharp for his age. Targeting top of off .... I love it ( although Mulo may be upset )
  18. To find gritty batsmen like Dravid, one must look at the 4-day A-team batters. Panchal, Samarth, Vihari, Bawne, Shankar .... do they have grit ? Even Nair may not be short on grit and has failed in recent times more due to technical issues. Trying to find grit in Pant and Iyer is like trying to find grit in Sehwag or Warner. p.s - I would want every batter to play according to the situation, but it is easier said than done. I am more pissed off at experienced batters like Kedar and Pandey who have thrown away their wickets in the name of natural game. Young batters like Pant and Iyer may take some time to learn how to adjust to different situations.
  19. If India face India A in test matches

    It is not just about number of games or wickets in a season. Time is an important factor too. Bowlers mature after they have time to reflect and work on their weaknesses when they get time off or in the off-season.
  20. If India face India A in test matches

    We saw Siraj for the first time in his first season and seeing Lalit in his 2nd. Lalit was unlucky though .... his team got knocked out and he did not get Siraj's limelight although his pace , height, average and wickets per match were very similar in Ranji.
  21. If India face India A in test matches

    Siraj was a part of the last 4-day A-team, Aniket C was not. Siraj has done well in the 4-day A team matches. Although, I agree that Siraj needs 1 more seaaon to get in the senior test team . ( he maybe ready for ODIs )
  22. If India face India A in test matches

    Kuldeep and Bhuvi are reserves for our senior team. Nadeem and Shardul will replace them. Openers will perhaps be Panchal and Samarth.
  23. K Gowtham for senior team

    Jayant Yadav is an ordinary spinner but could have been a 40+ or 45+ average test batter if he had positioned himself as a batsman who can bowl, rather than the other way round. He goes to the line of the ball to play, does not play away from his body, leaves and defends well, hits the ball crisply too. I was very impressed with his batting in the 4 tests against England, where he scored a 100+ a 50+ and a 28 not out. The fact that has learnt his batting in seam friendly Lahli, has helped him as a batter.
  24. India U-19 squad for Asia Cup 2017

    We are seeing the same trend in our senior team
  25. India U-19 squad for Asia Cup 2017

    Can you do it now please

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