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  1. India U-19 squad for Asia Cup 2017

    Big change for sure. Standard Indian pacers 15 years back used to floaty medium pacers. Now, the standard Indian pacers we are seeing are hitting the deck and bowling quick. We are seeing lots of 135 k to 145 k pacers coming up But I want atleast one good 140 k to 150 k pacer too., as that extra pace shakes up the opposition. Umesh bowled that even 6 months back but now becoming 135-145 k as he is about to complete 30 in a week.
  2. India U-19 squad for Asia Cup 2017

    Yes, far-fetched for U19 guys .... but I was asking about uncapped pacers of any age who look really quick visually ... like Aaron did.
  3. India U-19 squad for Asia Cup 2017

    What does his pace look like ?
  4. Board president XI Vs New Zealand,Mumbai, Oct 19 201

    So is Nair, but he is playing Rahul really needed a 50-over game more than Ranji matches., to showcase his ODI ability,
  5. Board president XI Vs New Zealand,Mumbai, Oct 19 201

    Unadkat picks up 3 wickets after the 45th over, twice in a row, with NZ tailenders and batters trying to hit every ball. Hope this fact is noticed by selectors, and he does not sneak in the senior team.
  6. India U-19 squad for Asia Cup 2017

    Have you noticed any uncapped Indian pacer who is really quick ..... someone who looks capable of bowling 145 k 150 k spells.
  7. India U-19 squad for Asia Cup 2017

    Darshan Nalkande looks like an exciting Hardik-type pacer-all-rounder. Tallish pacer who can hit the deck hard and big hitter with the bat.
  8. India U-19 squad for Asia Cup 2017

    The video link is not working.
  9. Board president XI Vs New Zealand,Mumbai, Oct 19 201

    Why is Rahul not playing today ?
  10. Board president XI Vs New Zealand,Mumbai, Oct 19 201

    Avesh Khan brought in to bowl very late and given only 6 overs ... while the likes of Nair and Iyer bowled and each went for 14 overs per over.
  11. K Gowtham for senior team

    Look at his wickets per match .... very good in FC and List A.
  12. K Gowtham for senior team

    Many teams, including us, often tend to choose the 4th bowler in LOIs based on whether he can hit a few big shots too, along with being a front-line bowler. Which is why guys like Axar played a few games ahead of Kuldeep. This role doesn't have much competition apart from Axar. He may be the big-hitter 7th batsman + 5th bowler too. Depends on where he chooses to position himself.
  13. K Gowtham for senior team

    A bit more FC experience but no IPL experience
  14. K Gowtham for senior team

    He is a low average front-line bowler in FC and List A Can be the 4th or 5th bowler in LOIs atleast.
  15. K Gowtham for senior team

    The post above and these videos will give you an idea. Looks like a big hitter here http://www.hotstar.com/sports/cricket/series/gowthams-quickfire-147-vs-assam/2001604248 And spinner http://www.hotstar.com/sports/cricket/series/gowtham-shines-with-420/2001604174
  16. K Gowtham for senior team

    K Gowtham -- spinner / all-rounder/ big-hitter Has been a part of our A-team in recent times Is a spinner with low- averages Is a high SR batter Can hit big 6s Has done well with either ball or bat or both in this calender year. Recent FC and List A matches Bat & Bowl Team Opposition Ground Match Date Scorecard 4/20, 149, 3/39 Karnataka v Assam Mysore 14 Oct 2017 FC 22, 5/46, 0/24 India Red v India Green Lucknow 7 Sep 2017 FC 2/78, 0, 2/48 India A v SA A Potchefstroom 19 Aug 2017 FC 1/38, 0 Karnataka v Chhattisgarh Kolkata 6 Mar 2017 LA 5/28, 16 Karnataka v Hyderabad Kolkata 4 Mar 2017 LA 0/26, 57* Karnataka v J + K Kalyani 3 Mar 2017 LA 13, 4/58 Karnataka v Jharkhand Kolkata 25 Feb 2017 LA 74, 0/9 India A v Australia Mumbai (BS) 17 Feb 2017 FC Batting and fielding averages Mat Inns NO Runs HS Ave BF SR 100 50 4s 6s Ct St First-class 15 18 3 461 149 30.73 572 80.59 1 2 44 17 4 0 List A 4 4 1 86 57* 28.66 66 130.30 0 1 14 2 1 0 T20s 20 16 2 205 60 14.64 123 166.66 0 1 22 11 3 0 Bowling averages Mat Inns Balls Runs Wkts BBI BBM Ave Econ SR 4w 5w 10 First-class 15 27 2831 1289 52 7/108 8/61 24.78 2.73 54.4 3 3 0 List A 4 4 180 150 10 5/28 5/28 15.00 5.00 18.0 1 1 0 T20s 20 20 366 428 16 4/19 4/19 26.75 7.01 22.8 1 0 0 http://www.espncricinfo.com/india/content/player/424377.html
  17. Prithvi Shaw

    Trent Boult very impressed by Shaw. Says that the ball was swinging early on but it did not trouble Shaw. https://epaper.telegraphindia.com/details/284973-171846105.html
  18. American authorities don't have any say in Indian sports .... like they do in Pakistan.
  19. KL Rahul must play as opner in LOI

    I had read in an article that Shastri wants Pandey at 4 Look at what is happening as a result .... Pandya is being sent at 4 to have firepower at 4 .... and this is resulting in consolidator at 7 .... limited hitting powerr from 5 to 7
  20. KL Rahul must play as opner in LOI

    Yes And Rahul's ability to hit big sixes is needed in the middle-order .... with Pandya being the only 6 hitter from 4 to 7.
  21. I see that Shami has bowled 30 overs in 4 sessions in his 2nd Ranji match of the season. I think he bowled 23 overs in a day in the first match. This is too much workload for an injury-prone pacer. He is being rested in ODIs to manage his workload ..... but is being bowled to the ground by his Ranji captain. This is a serious issue and demands a separate thread. A fit Shami is very important for our success in SA. The BCCI should see to it that his workload is managed in the Ranji Trophy.
  22. Thommo - how quick was he?'

    The article states this " On that one day in Perth, Jeff Thomson had recorded release speeds on 200/400 frames per second photosonic cameras " http://www.espncricinfo.com/cricinfoat20/content/current/story/661125.html Perhaps the distance used for calculation of release speeds maybe a bit more than nowadays, lets say double .... and would cause a difference of 0.3 kph or thereabouts from what we get nowadays using high-speed cameras of 1000 fps.
  23. Thommo - how quick was he?'

    If the speeds measured in 1975 were calculated over the entire flight of the ball ( although the article clearly states them to be release speeds ) then it would have to be increased roughly by 10 kph to 15 kph , as speeds decreased by 20 k to 30 k on reaching the batsman. and 25 k to 35 k on reaching the keeper, and effectively rough averages would be taken to calculate speeds. Does that seem possible , Thomsonn bowling at 170 k to 175 k or more release speeds ?
  24. Most teams nowadays are trying to play multiple allrounders. This policy is effective if such players deserve to be in the team based purely on atleast one of the disciplines, batting, bowling or keeping .... and the other discipline is additive. Ashwin and Jadeja are good examples of this ... they would be in our test team while playing in Asia, even if they could not bat. Mitchell Marsh in test matches is an ideal example of someone who can neither bat nor bowl and should not have played 21 tests, but has done so as a " potential all-rounder ". This is the type which should be discouraged and Ashwin-type allrounders encouraged. We have quite a few all-rounders already playing for India or doing well in FC and List A. TESTs Batting-allrounders for tests Hardik Pandya - pacer / big-hitter New - Vijay Shankar - pacer / big-hitter Washington Sundar - spinner Bowling-allrounders for tests Ashwin - spinner Jadeja - spinner / big-hitter Jayant Yadav - spinner New - Axar - spinner Gowtham - spinner / big-hitter Karn - spinner Nagarkoti - pacer Bowlers who can bat somewhat - tests Bhuvi - pacer LOIs Batting-allrounders for LOIs Hardik Pandya - pacer / big-hitter New - Shankar - pacer / big-hitter Krunal - spinner / big-hitter Washington Sundar - spinner / big-hitter Gowtham - spinner / big-hitter Bowling-allrounders for LOIs Axar - spinner / big-hitter Jadeja - spinner New - Karn - spinner Nagarkoti - pacer Bowlers who can bat somewhat - LOIs Bhuvi - pacer Shardul - pacer / big-hitter Batsman who can bowl somewhat - LOIs Kedar - spinner Getting a couple of new batting-allrounders in our LOI teams, like Shankar, Krunal, Gowtham ..... would lend a lot of balance to our team. Please discuss what you know about the new all-rounders.

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