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  1. express bowling

    Highest average speed in test cricket since 2010

    Hazelwood is a pacer who operates at different speeds in different innings. In some innings he bowls 130 k to 140 k range and in others he bowls 135 k to 145 k. ( I am not talking about spells but entire test innings )
  2. express bowling

    Highest average speed in test cricket since 2010

    From 2016, Shami has been very consistent in terms of high bowling speeds. He has bowled some slower spells only in South Africa.( because of brewing tensions with his wife ). Barring that, he has rarely dropped under the 135 k to 145 k range in the last 2 years, even when he was playing with minor injuries. ( Check my post in the Speed in Performance thread where I had listed the High and Average speeds of Indian quicks starting mid-2015 in all the test innings they have played ... with links ) ( I will let you know the page number ) His average speed of 137.1 k is still very good in test matches ... and would have been higher but for the year 2014, when he was a rookie test pacer and had not developed the stamina to bowl quick in all spells in tests at that stage in his career.
  3. All English pacers bowling 130 to 140 k mostly. Haven't seen much real pace yet. Only occasional quick deliveries by Plunkett.
  4. express bowling

    Speed and performance of pacers and spinners in important matches

    1) There is a difference between attacking the stumps and bowling poor deliveries on the leg and down the leg. 2) This pitch has good to decent carry. Wicket keeper collected the balls at proper height. 3) If the strategy is attacking the stumps then they needed to bowl much quicker. 4) Umesh was basically trying to bowl outswingers ... and attacking the stumps was not his strategy most of the times. Ishant was trying to attack the stumps ... but at just fast-medium pace.
  5. express bowling

    Speed and performance of pacers and spinners in important matches

    The Afghanistani batters are very poor technically. I hope this does not give our bowling unit a false sense of security if we bowl them out cheaply. There have been very few edge inducing channel deliveries from Ishant despite having 3 slips and 2 gullies. Umesh has bowled some good outswingers but also lots of on the pad 4 balls.
  6. express bowling

    Speed and performance of pacers and spinners in important matches

    135 k to 143 k in the first 8 overs.
  7. express bowling

    Speed and performance of pacers and spinners in important matches

    Not that happy with our first 8 overs against a weak Afghanistan batting. We are going at over 4 runs per over in reasonably helpful conditions. Too many on the pad deliveries and half volleys. It is true that we don't have our 3 low average pacers ... Shami , Bhuvi and Bumrah. Yes, Afghanistan is 35 for 3 which includes a run out. But we need more discipline in England.
  8. Fast bowler Navdeep Saini has been doing well for our A-team and in other FC matches in recent times. Picked up 7 wickets from 2 FC matches on the last A-tour to SA. Today, in a Ranji semi-final, speeds were being shown. As @Mosher pointed out in the Ranji thread, his speeds were Fastest 144.4 k Average 138.6 k Bowled quite a few 144 k and 143 k balls. That is very good pace in a domestic 5-day match He was sustaining pace and intensity in his last spell of the day too and that is an important trait for an aspiring test pacer He gets zip off the deck , hits the bat hard and has a good bouncer. Can swing and reverse swing the ball and gets seam movement also. Was bowling in good areas today, mostly targeted at around top of off stump...... picked up 2 wickets and could have had another on a pitch not offering much movement FC stats ... average 24.5 .... SR 53.8 .... very good Should be sent to SA as a net bowler and considered as a serious contender for a future test slot.
  9. express bowling

    Navdeep Saini bowling with genuine pace now

    Avesh is in that list. Check again. But, it had been decided by the selectors that most selections to Team India will be via our A-team. That means Avesh is being considered as a prospect ( as he was flown to SA ) but not " near national team selection " as he is not in our A-teams yet.
  10. express bowling

    Navdeep Saini bowling with genuine pace now

    Shardul will probably get the nod ahead of Saini ... but Saini is miles ahead of Shardul as a test prospect. I hope the pecking order is broken.
  11. express bowling

    Navdeep Saini bowling with genuine pace now

    Very happy to see Saini in the test team. Deserves it thoroughly. He should be in the playing 11. Then our team management will know where he stands as a test bowler ... and whether he can be played in England.
  12. There is a huge huge difference between test cricket and T20s. Moreover, experience of playing test cricket plays a big part too.
  13. express bowling

    What's common among ATG players?

    When exceptional talent and tremendous will to succeed is found in the same cricketer.
  14. express bowling

    Bowling combo in England

    Almost all Indian pacers have shown the ability to sustain pace in every session in test matches from mid-2015 onwards. The list includes Umesh, Shami, Bumrah, Aaron and even Ishant.
  15. express bowling

    Arjun Tendulkar breaks into India Under-19 squad

    I think Mohit Jangra maybe one.
  16. Isn't it a big risk ? Shardul may perform against minnows and look awful against strong teams. Rajpoot and Saini are comfortably ahead of Shardul as test prospects ... but it is Shardul who is getting selected !!
  17. I am a Pandya fan but he does not need to be " in " as a matter of certainty in test matches. We need to be flexible for the sake of effective team selection. ( And this issue applies to every player ). I am not sure whether he will add value as a test batsman in swing oriented England. Better to play 4 specialist pacers.
  18. T20s are destined for franchise based leagues and World T20s. Top international players often refuse to play the other matches. Truth is often harsh ... and Shastri spoke the truth here.
  19. T20 internationals assume importance only in World T20s. Otherwise, it is important only in franchise based T20 leagues. Shastri should have mentioned the importance of World T20s in his statement. Otherwise, he is spot on. International teams don't care about T20Is unless they are playing World T20s Everyone connected to cricket know this. Shastri is being criticised unnecessarily.
  20. express bowling

    Vaughan's criticism was a shot in the dark - Broad

    England have lost 3 of the last 5 test series ... against India, Australia and NZ. Their 2 wins include defeating a weak WI at home, and even there they lost 1 test match. Now, they have lost a test to Pakistan at home. It is but natural for past players like Vaugn to ask for some shake up in their team. Broad is acting like a child here.
  21. I guess it would depend on our A-team tour to England.
  22. Really interested in seeing how he keeps in test cricket.
  23. express bowling

    Rashid Khan's 19-year-old body has 30-year-old mind: Simmons

    30 year old bodies are supposed to have 30 year old minds
  24. express bowling

    Bowling combo in England

    Which is why I am in favour of playing 4 fast bowlers. We bowled fiercely in the Joburg test when we had 4 frontline pacers and everyone was fresh and raring to go.
  25. express bowling

    Bowling combo in England


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