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  1. 2 minutes ago, Ankit_sharma03 said:

    I guess what he meant was the lack of avl of coaching staff there. Even if that was the issue their are enough coaches in India that cud have been send just to handle things. 

    Lalchand rajput, pravin amre, zaheer khan , laxman 

    BCCI has enough money to hire service of gary kirsten for 2 weeks 


    BCCI needed to send Shastri along with the test specialists,  despite the T20 series.

  2. 10 minutes ago, the don said:

    Dont think a quartet has bowled as quick in any format in the last few years or have they ?? 


    As I said, Pakistanis try to bowl quick only in the shortest format these days....   ( a format where variations are more important than speed  ).  That should worry Pakistani fans.


    10 minutes ago, the don said:

    I dont remember any bowler from any nation other than australia and pakisran exceeding 156 kph in test matches in the last few years   plenty of trundlers around.


    Are you seriously not worried that near-retirement Wahab is the only Pakistani bowling quick in test matches in the last few years  ?


  3. 24 minutes ago, the don said:

    Its not uncommon at all . Infact starc in the very match averaged higher speeds along with wahab riaz in that same tournament . Two of several bowlers to average that sort of pace from different countries.


    Umesh has lost pace and bumrah is India's quickest bowler these days .


    Starc has been the quickest pacer in the world in the last few years ... but even he averages 90 mph only on occasions. ( although he did it frequently in that WC  )


    Wahab averaged 145 k in only 1 out of the 7 matches in WC 15 .... averaged less than 142 k in all the other 6 matches although he was bowling quite quickly in that tournament ... showing that 145 k average speed is not common in 50-over or 5-day format.


    Umesh was regularly bowling 138 k to 148 k even 9 months back ... he is most probably carrying a niggle now and not playing most matches.

  4. 19 hours ago, the don said:

    Which indian bowler has ever averaged over 90 mph in any match in any form of the game at any time in your unimpressive pace history brother ??


    Off the top of my head, Umesh Yadav in the last 50-over World Cup semifinal 


    Fastest    149.2 kph

    Average  145.2 kph  or  90.2 mph




    Averaging 90 mph or 144.8 kph has not been a common happening in the last 10 years   by any pacer of the world.


    but both Umesh and Aaron have done it quite a few times.

  5. 10 minutes ago, beetle said:

    Bhuvi hardly gets to play tests. He has only played 8 since kohli became captain.

    T 20 is his strong format. 

    With the little tests he gets to play,he can play all formats. 

    May be rest a few odis. As it is kohli refuses to consider him all condition bowlers....so he gets enough rest . Give him off when kohli maharaj feels the series won' t suit him .


    Bhuvi can always play bilateral T20Is IF he is not overworked.


    But IF  he gets to play most tests and all ODIs outside Asia then he too needs rest.


    Infact, I would like to see Kohli, Pandya, Bumrah and Bhuvi all rested in bilateral T20Is if they are playing almost all matches in the other 2 formats.

  6. We need to rest our regular test and ODI players in bilateral T20Is.


    Avoiding burnouts is important.


    I like the idea of T20I specialists and Unadkat could be one .... would provide rest for Bumrah and Bhuvi.


    I don't like medium pacers in tests and ODIs ... but they can be perfectly ok in T20s if they have variations.


    Thampi , Unadkat and Vijay Shankar can be our 3 T20I seamers ... Kuldeep and Chahal our 2 spinners.

  7. 29 minutes ago, Gollum said:

    That is mediocre but Kohli's record in England is on a different level altogether. By most estimates Kohli is the worst visiting batsman to step foot in Eng. Had Holding averaged 250 in NZ with a SR of 400, that would rule him out of the 'great' category. 


    Bowling average of 48 and SR of 112 was very pathetic in the 1970s and '80s


    One thing is ... one series is not sufficient to judge any player ... a bad habit creeps in and there is not sufficient time to rectify it, especially these days with packed schedules.


    The other thing is ... Holding just finds faults with Indians and is highly biased against us.

  8. Ponting has a batting average of 26.5 in India.


    Lara has a batting average of 33 in India.


    Richards has a batting average of 19.3 in NZ.


    Root has a batting average of 17.6  in NZ and 24.5 in Bangladesh.


    Roberts has a bowling average of 65.3  in NZ.


    Greenidge has a batting average of 17.3 in Pakistan.


    Steve Waugh has a batting average of 16.6 in SL.


    etc.  etc.


    What does Holding think about that   ?




  9. 10 minutes ago, mancalledsting said:

    Is this true about Zaheer? I know Sunny G made a similar remark and it made me absolutely furious. 



    Indian bodies not designed to bowl fast - Zaheer


    "You need to understand your bowling style and work on fitness that much more. The bottom line is as long you are able to produce results, it is fine. I also dropped pace, so basically it's important to know what works for you at the international level and put that into practice."





  10. 1 hour ago, the don said:

    Its shocking that India are yet to find a replacement for someone as ordinary as Ishanth Sharma :facepam

    You may make fun of srilanka but they have actually won more than India away against the top 5 sides when the spinners are negated . Infact the indian record of 18 -1 is comfortably the worst since 2011 . India could have done with a pradeep i guess . 

    Get them in at worse theyll be another siraj but you might chance upon a decent bowler .


    On this tour , our bowlers have done well while our batters and catching have let us down.  We have taken all 40 SA wickets at 252 runs per innings.


    There are atleast 2 replacements for Ishant ... but he plays on.  3 among Shami, Bhuvi, Bumrah and Saini should be our test pacers outside Asia.

  11. 25 minutes ago, SUMO said:


    In india the best talent takes up 5-10 years to mature even slightly. The best we managed was zak. Sree ishant irfan all withered away.

    Recently shami yadav bhuvi etc have just managed to improve slightly or hold on to way they burst into the scene.



    What you are saying was true for pacers who debuted till 2012.


    Pacers who have come in after that ...  Bhuvi, Shami and Bumrah ... have all improved in terms of skills, pace and bounce within 1 to 3 years of debut.


    And new pacers like Saini look quite skilled and pacy too.



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