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  1. On Thursday, May 24, 2018 at 9:10 PM, bowl_out said:

    And people still want Shami in the ODI side 


    Skills needed for pacers in ODIs and T20s are not the same, apart from the last 7 overs or so in ODIs.


    The first 40 to 43 overs in ODIs need proper line and length bowling punctuated by bouncers and some slower balls.


    T20 bowling is dependant entirely on variations, yorkers and slower balls. 


    Shami has a really good average of 25.4 in ODIs.  Has 91 wickets from only 50 ODIs.  ER  of  5.5.    Excellent stats. 


    But averages 51.3 in the IPL.  Has only 21 wickets from 35 IPL matches.  ER of 9.1.  Bad stats. 


    Different formats and different skillsets 

  2. 32 minutes ago, asterix said:

    ^ The problem if a rookie fast bowler in SRH team is that all other bowlers tend to be miser so the opposition batsmen try to take risks against the fast bowler to score as much possible...

    T20 is not the right platform to gauge fast bowlers or any bowlers for that matter...


    A very fair and important point.


    But one has to plan for future contigencies like injuries or subsequent loss of form ,  in the league stage itself.

  3. 1 hour ago, Cricket_Fan said:

    What? Dude, its professional sport. Not a soap opera.People only care about results here

    Results come with regularity when bowling attacks have variety. It is so basic, I don't know why I am discussing this even.



    .Nothing else.Sandeep  was bowling well for them and unless Khaleel did something really great in the nets, they wouldn't replace their main bowler with a newbie. CSK brought in Asif because Chahar was injured and Shardul was off-colour. KKR bowled Prasidh when they didnt have any other options.That is how every other team did in this IPL.


    They had to bring in Khaleel in a crucial knockout game. There were atleast 10 posters on ICF who were discussing about the possibility of this happening during the last 4 SRH games. 


    Bhuvi was injured in quite a few games ... could have tried Khaleel in atleast 1 game or continued with Sandeep in the knockout game.


    You don't try an uncapped absolute rookie in a knockout match ...  as simple as that.

  4. 17 minutes ago, Cricket_Fan said:

    You dont fix something which is already working.

    Most teams invariably rotate players in the league stage ... to get them ready if needed in the knockout stage. 



    And all the phasst bowlers got whacked in this in IPL .So there is no evidence that Khaleel would have been any different.


    Even if  Khaleel were as non economical as Sandeep was in his last 3 matches ... He would break the monotony and make Bhuvi and Kaul more effective.


    There is a reason why teams go for variety in bowling attacks for the last 50 years.


    P.s -  Phaast bowlers Bumrah and Umesh have been great in this IPL.  Mavi, Prasidh, Rajpoot and Siraj have been good in many games.

  5. 10 hours ago, Cricket_Fan said:

    Because Sandeep Sharma was taking wickets and bowling frugal.When his form went down, they replaced him.As simple as that.



    The SRH pace attack had a sameness to it.  All 3 pacers were short, right-handed swing bowlers without extra pace or bounce.  This made their seamers less efficient as the tournament progressed and the batters got used to it.


    They should have tried Khaleel at some point in the league stage ... to get prepared  if variety was needed at some point.


    Trying someone in a critical knockout match ( with him sitting on the bench for 50 days )  shows lack of planning.

  6. My impressions of the young Indian pacers in IPL 2018 --  Part  2




    The Above-24 pacers  ( continued )


    Shardul Thakur --  Age 26
    Bowling speeds -- 132 k  to 143 k ... fastest of 144 k

    He is becoming a regular in Team India as a backup pacer in all formats ...  But has looked very average in all respects.  Most other upcoming pacers look much better as India prospects. 

    Pace, bounce, zip off the deck, abilty to swing and seam the ball, yorkers, bouncers and slower balls ...  everything has looked very average. Plus he is a very short bowler. And he does not make up with accuracy either.

    He can outswing the ball and may do decently in England ...  But Rajpoot and Saini will be much better than him in tests.




    Deepak Chahar -- Age 25

    Bowling Speed -- 125 k  to 142 k, fastest 144 k.


    He Is a right arm medium-fast swing bowler.  Has bowled wonderfully in the first 6 overs. When there is any swing available, he makes use of it. Can swing the ball both ways but his outswinger is superb. Bowls a good line too. Looks great bowling with the new ball.


    But,  he may not have the tools to bowl with the older ball yet.  He does not have a high arm action, is medium height and lacks natural bounce and extra pace. Haven't seen him hit the deck hard with consistency when swing is not available. Looks a bit innocuous then. Dhoni did not use him with the old ball at all.   Chahar needs to work on this issue.





    Kulwant Khejroliya  --  Age 26
    Bowling speeds --  132 k   to  143 k

    A tall left armer, maybe around 6'1",  caught eyeballs because of his hostile bouncers and heavy balls.  He has started playing cricket quite late.  This has resulted in him being a semi-skilled bowler even at age 26.

    He looks like a rookie bowler that he is. His stock ball is the rising short ball.  His good length and pitched up balls often lack pace. Needs to improve his ability to swing and seam the ball too. His accuracy is sometimes ok and sometimes not. His slower ball is not bad.

    Needs to play more FC and List A and hone his skills.  Has to work on developing a steady and quicker good length off stump/ channel delivery.

    A work in progress but has potential.


    Basil Thampi --  Age 24
    Bowling speeds --  135 k  to  144 k

    Did not have a good IPL this time.  Last time he impressed with his ability to bowl accurate and quick indipping yorkers at will. Bowled good skiddy bouncers too.  Became the Emerging Player as a result in IPL 2017.

    This time his yorkers and bouncers went missing.  Tried too many slower balls which is not his strength.

    Needs to focus on his strengths.

    He has a slingy action with a low release point.  Hence lacks natural bounce. Such bowlers need to be very quick in the air to succeed and need to swing the ball with accuracy too.  He needs to work on these aspects ...  as he looked a bit slower and less accurate to me and got less swing compared to last year.

    Barinder Sran  --  Age  25
    Bowling speeds --  132 k  to  144 k

    He is a tall left armer whose IPL 2018 was not special.  He fluctuates a lot in pace and intensity.  Has natural bounce and left armer's angle.

    But somehow has always been unable to use  the plus points that he has to churn out consistent performances.


  7. My impressions of the young Indian pacers in IPL 2018 -- Part 1


    The Under-24 pacers --

    Shivam Mavi --   Age 19
    Bowling speeds 135 k to 150 k.

    I found him to be the most exciting fast bowling talent from India among uncapped pacers. This is because he has the rare combination of high pace, steep bounce, zip off the deck, ability to swing the ball both ways, ability to seam the ball and bowls a decent line. He bowls with a front on action.

    In the U19 World Cup, he was getting inswing primarily, but saw him bowl some outswingers too in the IPL.

    He is just 19 years old. I hope he gets to play a lot of FC and List A matches to hone his skills and get the practice of bowling 20 overs a day at pace.

    He hits the deck hard and has this ability to bowl these deliveries which rise steeply from just short of a length and hit the batter on the fingers and ribs. Batsmen will to afraid to face him on juicy tracks.


    Prasidh Krishna -- Age 22
    Bowling speeds  135 k  to  146 k

    He is a tall guy, maybe around 6'2".   Comes across as a thinking bowler.  Has pace, gets bounce but I feel that he needs to improve his wrist action and zip off the deck. Can get consistent outswing when conditions are favourable. Seen him get inswing too. Bowls in good areas generally.

    He is a skillful bowler, especially in the end overs. Bowls good yorkers and slower balls and knows what to do. Has had a couple of bad games but who doesn't in T20s.

    Has done really well in a few games and it is good to see him in the India-A team for 50 over matches.


    This combination of pace, bounce, good control and outswing screams test prospect ... provided he can maintain intensity while bowling 20 overs a day.  Needs to play lots of FC for that and improve his skills.


    Avesh Khan --  Age 21
    Bowling speeds  137 k  to  149 k.

    Really tall lad, around 6'3" , with a strong action.  He hits the deck really hard and bowls a very heavy ball. Can get steep bounce and  bowls at genuine pace. Can seam the ball.

    He started this IPL strongly with 3 good games. He was mixing lengths well, bowling his default short of a length balls and combining them with some good yorkers.  Batsmen found him tough to handle.

    But his next 3 games were poor. This decline was mainly due to the fact that he stopped mixing lengths and was not bowling any yorkers even when batters were thrashing him.

    Inexperience showed ... but his basics are strong. A little bit of experience and guidance can make him a very dangerous bowler. 

    Needs to play full FC season this time.


    Khaleel Ahmed --  Age 20   ( Will update if he gets to play the final  )
    Bowling speeds  139 k  to  145 k in just 1 match.  Can bowl upto 148 k.

    A tall left armer  with genuine pace  ( height around 6'2"  ).  Something India is looking for.  His run up is good and has a strong high-arm action.  But does he not look at where he is bowling at the point of delivery ?

    He hits the deck hard, gets bounce and zip off the deck and generated pace with ease. Can seam the ball.

    He impressed with his death over bowling in the SMA Trophy and VH Trophy.  Bowled good yorkers and slower balls. Got a India-A callup as a result.  Good choice.

    The SRH team management should have played him in more games.






    Kamlesh Nagarkoti --   Age 18
    Bowling speeds --  138 k  to  150 k  ( in the U19 world cup  )

    He was conspicuous by his absence. Got injured just before the IPL started. 

    He has a very athletic sprinting run up and good action. Reminds me of Brett Lee. Has a very skiddy quick and accurate yorker.

    A genuine fast bowler who needs to be groomed with care.





    The Above-24 pacers --

    Ankit Rajpoot -- Age 24
    Bowling speeds  133 k to 144 k  ...  fastest 144.8 k

    A very tall bowler, around 6'3" ,   he has played a lot of FC.  He has a strong action, bowls at decent pace, can hit the deck hard, gets bounce and can get consist outswing if conditions favour. His lines are very good and length is decent too.

    He can be an excellent test match bowler if he can sustain his pace and intensity  throughout the day. This combination of outswing, decent pace, bounce and bowling in good areas can be lethal.  I will be happy if  he is chosen for the test series in England.

    He started the IPL very strongly with a 5-fer, tapered off in the middle and finished strongly.  In the past , he has displayed the habit of losing intensity from time to time in FC. I hope he has rectified this.

    Md. Siraj --  Age 24
    Bowling speeds -   135 k  to 147 k ... Bowled a fastest of 149.9 k

    He is around 6'0" with a busy run up and reasonably high arm action. Has pace but can't sustain it always.  Gets zip off the deck but lacks natural bounce.  His bouncer is inconsistent too ... a few are good but quite a few become long hops.

    He gets some inswing and seams the ball in too ... But does not have a prominent away going delivery

    Has bowled decently this IPL. His pace has increased and he bowled some good end overs.  His yorkers are decent but his slower balls are horrible. Needs to either improve his slower balls or stop using them.

    He looks the best when bowling at full pace ... and needs to do this regularly.





    Navdeep Saini  --  Age 25
    Bowling speeds --  135 k to 145 k in FC

    He too was conspicuous by his absence. Was not played in a single game even.

    He is primarily a test prospect though, who has the great quality of sustaining high speeds in 5 day matches, seaming the ball both ways and bowling in really good areas.

    He is around 6'0" who is more a skiddy bowler  who may lack natural bounce. Has a decent and sharp bouncer though.




    Siddharth Kaul  --  Age  28
    Bowling speeds --  132 k  to 143 k

    He is a short bowler but has shown a lot of improvement in this IPL.  His T20 skills have become commendable.

    He has bowled in good areas,  has swung the ball on occasions, bowled at a decent speed,  has developed a really good yorker, has a decent bouncer and good slower balls.  His end overs skills have become good.

    His main quality has been ... knowing which ball to bowl and executing it.

    He is not a test quality bowler. Seen him lose intensity and pace regularly in 4 day matches ..  don't know how he would fare in ODIs ... But looks like a fine T20I prospect based on current  form.


  8. I enjoy test cricket the most.


    Then ODIs.


    Then T20s. 


    But IPL has benefited Indian cricket a lot. We are getting a huge pool of more developed and more ready uncapped cricketers who are having the chance to play with international cricketers and work under top coaches before debuting for India.


    My  main interest in the IPL is watching the talented India prospects play.

  9. Shivam Mavi was bowling lots of 144 k to 146 k deliveries in the knockout IPL match vs SRH.  


    Returned with figures of 1 for 33 in 4 overs on a pitch where Bhuvi , Prasidh and Russel went for runs. Could have had 2 more wickets but for dropped catches.


    He gets steep bounce with some deliveries and swing with some deliveries. This twin ability is so good to have. 


    Really liking his bowling.

  10. Khaleel had not played any match in the last 50 days. Just sitting on the bench. Then he gets to play in an important knockout game ... a pressure match. It is not easy  ( Similar thing happened to Shankar in the Nidhahas Trophy )


    He was not bowling at full pace ... not trying to bowl flat out either ... But was constantly hovering around the 143 k to 145 k mark.  We saw him bowl 148 k in SMA Trophy ...  looks like he will bowl  near 150 k when he will go flat out.


    A tall left armer ... high arm action ... strong action ...  gets bounce ... got genuine pace ... has good yorker ... can move the ball. 


    It is really good that he is in the A team via top performances in the SMA Trophy and VH Trophy.



  11. 1 minute ago, Mosher said:

    Looks like he could hit 150k's today if he gets a bit of confidence. A wicket here and he will crank up the pace.


    Yes bro.


    How was Khaleel not played earlier  !!


    Genuine pace, tall,  high arm action, bounce, movement, left armer ... so different from the standard SRH medium pacers and would have provided variety.

  12. Mavi  4th over


    140 k ...   OUT

    142 k ... deck hitting channel ball . no run

    140 k ...  dropped catch ...  6

    144 k ... attempted yorker ... no run

    Slower ball ...  no run

    142 k ...  6


    Ends with  1  for  33 from 4 overs. Could have got 3 wickets if those 2 catches were not dropped.  


    Good effort in a critical match


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