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  1. 38 minutes ago, Nikhil_cric said:

    I don't mind playing trundlers in UAE for this tournament. Still don't see the point of playing our best fast bowler and risking injury. Better to let the likes of kaul bowl here.


    Yeah ... I want Bumrah rested for all non-Pakistan matches.


    But problem with including Kaul is that ... if he comes up with a decent performance even against a weaker team ... he will linger on in the future and block a deserving spot.

  2. If deserving and best players are getting selected, keeping in mind the team composition,  then most people won't mind if all 11 players are from CSK or any other franchise.


    Let us study whether the CSK players selected for the LOIs in England and the Asia Cup, are deserving and the best available.


    Kedar Jadhav --  Has a high SR in ODIs along with a good average.  Is decent at No.6 and provides a 6th bowling option.


    Fair selection.


    Suresh Raina --  He was selected in the ODI squad in England after Rayudu failed the yo yo test.  On what basis was he selected  ?   Was not a part of India A , did nothing of note in List A in 2018 and was not among the best in IPL 2018.


    Read that he was selected as he can bowl a bit and is needed in the absence of Kedar.   So, why was the original selection, Rayudu, not much of a bowler  ?


    And on what basis was Raina selected in T20Is in England  ?  Many people did better than him in IPL 2018.



    Rayudu --   On what basis was he selected for ODIs in England  ?   Did not play in our A-team before that and did nothing noteworthy in List A in 2018.  If the selection was based on IPL 2018 performances  (  which is a strange thing to do for ODI selection  ) then why not Pant who had a much higher average and much higher SR which is much needed in modern day LOIs.


    And before the Asia Cup selection, Rayudu played for India A in the Quadrangular series and played at low strike rates in all 4 games.


    Even if he performs somewhat for India, his selection basis remains dubious and there will be no way to know how the more deserving candidate would have performed in his place.



    Jadeja --  Same question again. Among spinners who can bat ... Gowtham,  Krunal aand Gopal have performed  for India A and / or in List A in recent times.  How are they ignored ?


    But I still think that Jadeja's selection has more basis than Rayudu or Raina ... because he is a champion bowler in test matches and has just played a great knock in England, albeit in tests.  The team management may have wanted an experienced guy who is in good form and in a positive mental frame now.



    Shardul Thakur --    Keeps getting selected in all 3 formats.   But does not come across as a pacer of such quality that he will automatically precede all other upcoming pacers in every format.  


    Atleast his basis for selection can't be questioned as he has performed for India-A and in FC.  But one would expect a super performer in the Unofficial tests, like Siraj, to get preference ahead of Shardul in test squads.



    Deepak Chahar --  Was named as a replacement for Bumrah in the T20I squad in England. It looked strange that a genuine fast bowler was being replaced by a swing bowler at a time when England was experiencing a heat wave and there was almost no swing on offer and the squad already had 2 more swing bowlers in Bhuvi and Kaul.


    Chahar has performed for India-A in the 50-over format and has some batting ability.  Him replacing Pandya in the ODI squad is reasonable fair.

  3. 2 hours ago, Ankit_sharma03 said:


    rayudu, dhoni, kohli, rahane, rohit.........sab saale anchor hai

    Sabko end tak batting krni hai 



    The big difference between Kohli and Dhawan on the one hand and Dhoni , Rayudu and Rahane on the other hand, is that Kohli and Dhawan never let their SRs fall much during any time of their innings.


    The last 3 never let their SRs rise at any time during their innings.


    Rohit starts slow but makes up later.

  4. 1. Rohit

    2. Dhawan

    3. Kohli

    4.  ...   

    5. Dhoni

    6. Kedar ... as he is the 6th bowler

    7. Hardik


    More or less decided spots.


    1 open position for  Rayudu, Rahane, Pandey, Karthick.


    Ek  phool  ...    chaar Mali


    Only one of you can torment us in WC19   ...  and not all of you ....  take that Rayudu, Rahane, Karthick, Pandey        :hehe:






  5. Agarkar's chances of making a comeback for WC19 is going down the drain with these harsh truths.


    Age is on Aggy's side  (  he is older than most other pacers but still fit  ).  And he is surely mediocre and slow in pace these days.  Ticks all the boxes for a LOI comecack for Team India nowadays if he can come out of retirement.




  6. 1 hour ago, sarchasm said:

    Shaw batting on 49 from 40 balls against Karnataka.


    How long is this guy going to be kept away from ODIs?



    Shaw can be invaluable to this Indian ODI team because he is one of the few Indian batters who is a fast starter, plays at a SR of 110+  but is still reasonably consistent.  And I feel that the way he has started this season,  his consistency will improve.


    Our national team selectors and Team management seem to be totally oblivious to the need of having high SR batters in modern day LOIs.   Amazing really  !

  7. 49 minutes ago, Ankit_sharma03 said:


    Ill go with rahul at 4, give him 15-20 games even if he failswAsk dhoni n kohli to keep talking to him during those games

    I see no reason why he cant bat at 4


    Wnt touch kohli's position 


    With a weak lower middle order, we have to add depth to our batting.


    49 minutes ago, Ankit_sharma03 said:

    Jadeja batting hast come off in 10 yrs wnt even now 

    Ill rather invest in krunal or even gowtham 


    I would like that too ... but since it is not happening and Jadeja is included ... I will wait and see how he does with the bat.  The insult of being dropped from the LOI squads for a year, coupled with the fact that he is a top test bowler which shows the mindset of a winner ... he may do better this time like his batting in the last test.


    If Jadeja comes good then we will have a proper 5th bowler who may not pick many ODI wickets but can control runs.


    49 minutes ago, Ankit_sharma03 said:

    not convinced with iyer...will have pant n pandey 


    I have Pant in my squad.


    Iyer looks better than Pandey to me.


    49 minutes ago, Ankit_sharma03 said:

    Wanna see a lil more of saini with white ball, hvent seen much of him

    Ill take rajpoot till then


    I like Rajpoot as an ODI prospect ... but he did not find a place in either India-A or India-B in the just concluded 50 over Quadrangular Tournament.  That means he is not in the teckoning at all.


    Whenever I have seen Saini in 50 over games ... he has impressed with his accuracy and he has pace.


    49 minutes ago, Ankit_sharma03 said:

    YEa jadeja is a good 3rd spinner option but then ill rather go 4 gowtham 

    HE gives me that power hitting option , he is also eco n takes wkts

    Jaddu does score over him in fielding n experience 


    Get in Gowtham ... I would like that ... but if he is after Axar and Jadeja, what are his chances  ?

  8. 25 minutes ago, Ankit_sharma03 said:

    this also gives u variety of 3 left arm bowlers in attack 


    We have to plan for WC19 in England ... so, having 3 proper fast bowlers maybe necessary.


    Bumrah, Khaleel and Bhuvi can be a good attack.  I don't like Bhuvi as the 2nd pacer and Hardik as the 3rd pacer in ODIs as they don't pick sufficient wickets and both are high average bowlers.  But Bhuvi can be a good 3rd pacer as he adds value as a death bowler.


    Hardik can replace Kedar at No.6


    My 11 keeping in mind  WC19


    1. Rohit

    2. Dhawan

    3. Rahul   

    4. Kohli  ...  will add depth at 4

    5. Dhoni  ...   will be there  : (

    6. Hardik ... Big hitter + 6th bowler

    7. Krunal / Jadeja  (  if he comes good )

    8. Bhuvi

    9. Kuldeep

    10. Khaleel

    11. Bumrah


    12. Pandey / Iyer

    13. Pant

    14. Kedar

    15. Saini

    16. Jadeja / Krunal

    17. Chahal / Gopal

  9. 11 hours ago, The Dark Horse said:






    Buddy,  one thing that these stats show is that ... no batsman has been allowed to settle in as the No.4. This is affecting their performance.


    Such small sample sizes don't really tell us a lot and can change very quickly. Further,   Karthick has a good average but a low SR.


    I don't mind Karthick in the squad, as we need a backup keeper batsman.  But someone must be allowed to settle in the No.4 position and so many batters should not be tried. This is affecting their confidence.


    I would prefer to try Rahul at No.4 for 10 matches on the trot , as his ceiling seems to be the highest.  He can absolutely destroy opponents on his day.


    If he fails then we can try Karthick for 8 to 10 matches.  We have 24 matches till the World Cup .

  10. 1 minute ago, Switchblade said:

    Kaul in 2 Odi’s went wicket less yet gets picked on Ipl performance.


    I find it amazing  !


    ODIs and T20s require separate skillsets apart from the last 10 overs of ODIs.


    T20s require pacers to bowl variations and try to stop rampaging batsmen from scoring from ball one.  ODIs in the first 40 overs require a lot more line and length bowling at pace.   


    Similarly, batting in ODIs need a lot more innings building skills while scoring at a fair clip.  While batting in T20s often entail slogging from the start for atleast 2 balls per over.


    Yet ... we keep selecting ODI cricketers based on IPL performances.

  11. 5 hours ago, vvvslaxman said:

    I doubt they will drop him. There is a reason the team wants him. He is doing proxy captaincy. So both Kohli and Rohit will want him around.




    This is excerpts from Chahal's interview.


    What is MS Dhoni's role in plotting these dismissals? He's very vocal on the stump mic.
    When Kuldeep and I bowl, he tells us very early how the wicket is behaving. He also tells us what the batsman is trying to do. So that kind of gives you an idea even before you bowl, instead of me finding out after bowling two or three overs. He's been captain, he's played for so many years and has a wealth of experience. He watches the batsmen closely. He's a batsman too, and knows what it is to play on such surfaces. Sometimes when I have a plan that is different to what he thinks, we discuss it. It's not like he rejects our plan. Then we formulate a plan B.



    The only way to find out whether this guidance is invaluable ...   is to rest Dhoni for a couple of series and see how Kuldeep and Chahal perform.

  12. 1 hour ago, UrmiSinhaRay said:

    Dhoni is kinda like phoenix.
    He comes back even stronger and beats you down



    The only thing Dhoni is beating down these days is his own superb legacy.


    During 2005 to 2011, everyone was a Dhoni fan.  A person who could do no wrong, an entertainer, an achiever and loved by all.  Many of the people who dislike him now were some of his biggest supporters during that time.


    He is still very popular among casual cricket watchers ( who watch 2 to 5 matches per year and are huge in number ) ... but his legacy is going down among ex-cricketers and regular followers of cricket.


    What is the great man gaining by playing on  ?  ...  he has achieved everything he possibly could as a cricket player.

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