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  1. express bowling

    Who are the back-up leg spinners for Kuldeep & Chahal?

    Maybe Mayank Markande ... provided he looks good after playing against top batsmen. He has 40 wickets from 20 List A matches. Average 20.6 ... ER of 4.5
  2. Best way to select an international player is to first look at him bat or bowl. If he looks to have the requisite qualities then choose him if he is performing. Performances in FC is important to weed out the non performers among the international prospects. Otherwise, we have had Joginder Sharma averaging 21 and Vinay Kumar averaging 23 in FC cricket. Are they our best pacers ever ?
  3. I never put too much importance on FC performances and stats by themselves. The quality of average opposition batters and opposition bowlers is not that high. First, the game of the player must look suitable for international cricket. That is the key. Then I look for performers among the right kinds of players. At least 80% of the top run getters and wicket takers in Ranji Trophy never end up being international players.
  4. A good bowler will still bowl atleast 2 out of 6 spells at high intensity in an important and televised knockout match. Remember Saini last season. Was bowling 137 k to 145 k with accuracy even in the 10th over of a spell of his 10 match of the season. And picked fifers. Earned him a test squad berth.
  5. express bowling

    Speed and performance of pacers and spinners in important matches

    Bhuvi has lost that pace again after his injury in England. Umesh should be dropped forever. No longer a benchmark. Do you know the meaning of collateral damage ? Where is the collateral damage in that incident ! I was talking about stats only in the context of setting a bowler as benchmark ( as most commentators do regarding Bhuvi the ODI bowler ) Good. Most international captains dislike short medium pacers. Dhoni's influence is obviously there in the ODI squad ... but that does not mean Kohli is disinterested in the format or the World Cup.
  6. express bowling

    Speed and performance of pacers and spinners in important matches

    Bhuvi would have been an excellent fit in test matches in England, but he was injured. What can one do about that ! And I would have chosen him in the Perth test in place of Umesh, because there was movement available. But his test match average is helped by the fact that he is specifically picked only when conditions favour movement. When he was picked for test matches on flat tracks, he never did well in them. My point was that Kohli's love for pace in test matches is bringing in superb results. And I don't mind a bit of collateral damage. All this is just conjecture.
  7. express bowling

    Speed and performance of pacers and spinners in important matches

    And what is the result of that ? We have the best pace attack in our test history. Took the highest number of wickets for a pace trio in the history of test cricket. Won 4 test matches outside Asia in a calender year, including a historic series win in Australia. Bowlers with high averages should not be called top bowlers. ( They can be kept in the team though if better choices are not available )
  8. express bowling

    Speed and performance of pacers and spinners in important matches

    Why wouldn't Khaleel try to copy Bhuvi ? He is seeing Bhuvi getting called one of the best pacers in the ODI team while averaging 38 and bowling at 130 k. Much easier target to achieve than be like Bumrah and average 21 and bowl at 145 kph. This is what happens when you reduce benchmarks.
  9. express bowling

    Speed and performance of pacers and spinners in important matches

    Tanveer was bowling 127 k to 133 k.
  10. Both Tanveer and Aniket were bowling 127 k to 133 k with moderate skills in their televised Ranji match. Did not look international quality.
  11. Kaul and Chahar have been sent back from the national team after they looked totally innocuous against international batsmen. Don't know why the both of them are getting selected together. There should not be more than 1 trundler in the team ... and that too if he is very highly skilled. Add to this Shardul, who is a short fast-medium bowler. This bowling attack is looking too similar in the first 3 matches.
  12. Did Amla watch the India Australia ODI series too closely and listen to Manju and Utthappa's commentary ?
  13. Rahul Chahar, yes. Not the other Chahar. They have chosen 23 different players In the 2 teams. ( cursory count ) At least 50% look like this category. Too high IMHO. Should not be more than 20% to 25%. Only 4 or max 5 look like exciting talent among the selected guys.
  14. How many of these selected players have a realistic chance of becoming a regular in ODIs in the near future ? How many of these players excite the selectors as future ODI prospects ?

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