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  1. express bowling

    Shocking: Rahul dropped again...Rayudu will bat at 3

    Bro, he has been handpicked specifically for those lovely strike rates. He is there to create distraction and draw all the abusive attention to himself.
  2. express bowling

    Krunal should replace Hardik in the Asia Cup squad

    With a weak lower middle order, we have to add depth to our batting. I would like that too ... but since it is not happening and Jadeja is included ... I will wait and see how he does with the bat. The insult of being dropped from the LOI squads for a year, coupled with the fact that he is a top test bowler which shows the mindset of a winner ... he may do better this time like his batting in the last test. If Jadeja comes good then we will have a proper 5th bowler who may not pick many ODI wickets but can control runs. I have Pant in my squad. Iyer looks better than Pandey to me. I like Rajpoot as an ODI prospect ... but he did not find a place in either India-A or India-B in the just concluded 50 over Quadrangular Tournament. That means he is not in the teckoning at all. Whenever I have seen Saini in 50 over games ... he has impressed with his accuracy and he has pace. Get in Gowtham ... I would like that ... but if he is after Axar and Jadeja, what are his chances ?
  3. express bowling

    Krunal should replace Hardik in the Asia Cup squad

    Bolechhis thik kotha ... but cricket fans like us like discussing these things because it is our hobby.
  4. express bowling

    Krunal should replace Hardik in the Asia Cup squad

    I like both ideas.
  5. express bowling

    Krunal should replace Hardik in the Asia Cup squad

    Because I don't have much information about personal lives of players lol
  6. express bowling

    Krunal should replace Hardik in the Asia Cup squad

    We have to plan for WC19 in England ... so, having 3 proper fast bowlers maybe necessary. Bumrah, Khaleel and Bhuvi can be a good attack. I don't like Bhuvi as the 2nd pacer and Hardik as the 3rd pacer in ODIs as they don't pick sufficient wickets and both are high average bowlers. But Bhuvi can be a good 3rd pacer as he adds value as a death bowler. Hardik can replace Kedar at No.6 My 11 keeping in mind WC19 1. Rohit 2. Dhawan 3. Rahul 4. Kohli ... will add depth at 4 5. Dhoni ... will be there : ( 6. Hardik ... Big hitter + 6th bowler 7. Krunal / Jadeja ( if he comes good ) 8. Bhuvi 9. Kuldeep 10. Khaleel 11. Bumrah 12. Pandey / Iyer 13. Pant 14. Kedar 15. Saini 16. Jadeja / Krunal 17. Chahal / Gopal
  7. express bowling

    Krunal should replace Hardik in the Asia Cup squad

    7 to 11 Krunal Bhuvi Kuldeep Khaleel Bumrah This infact is better ... Hardik is no 3rd pacer or 5th bowler but Krunal can be 2nd spinner and 5th bowler.
  8. express bowling

    Pathetic middle order is an understatement

    Buddy, one thing that these stats show is that ... no batsman has been allowed to settle in as the No.4. This is affecting their performance. Such small sample sizes don't really tell us a lot and can change very quickly. Further, Karthick has a good average but a low SR. I don't mind Karthick in the squad, as we need a backup keeper batsman. But someone must be allowed to settle in the No.4 position and so many batters should not be tried. This is affecting their confidence. I would prefer to try Rahul at No.4 for 10 matches on the trot , as his ceiling seems to be the highest. He can absolutely destroy opponents on his day. If he fails then we can try Karthick for 8 to 10 matches. We have 24 matches till the World Cup .
  9. I find it amazing ! ODIs and T20s require separate skillsets apart from the last 10 overs of ODIs. T20s require pacers to bowl variations and try to stop rampaging batsmen from scoring from ball one. ODIs in the first 40 overs require a lot more line and length bowling at pace. Similarly, batting in ODIs need a lot more innings building skills while scoring at a fair clip. While batting in T20s often entail slogging from the start for atleast 2 balls per over. Yet ... we keep selecting ODI cricketers based on IPL performances.
  10. Kaul and Shardul need to be given fat commentary contracts during India's games. Only way to save our bowling.
  11. Our cricket fraternity have always had a love affair with trundlers. And if they are short then it is icing on the cake ( don't ask about source of that white icing ) We can't do without atleast one. We keep going back to the Kauls, Sharduls and Unadkats even though there are some good quality fast bowlers waiting in the wings. It is like taking one step forward and two steps back. Why not pick Navdeep Saini who is both accurate and quick ? What will a pace attack ( if we can call it that ) of Kaul and Chahar do on these slow pitches ?
  12. express bowling

    Vijay hazare trophy 2018

    Leg spinner Samar Quadri playing for Bihar now ( used to play for Jharkhand ) 8 - 2 - 37 - 3 Superb He is the biggest turner of the ball I have seen from India in this decade ... but always gets ignored.
  13. express bowling

    Vijay hazare trophy 2018

    Ishan Porel 5 - 0 - 19 - 3 J&K dismissed for 96
  14. express bowling

    Vijay hazare trophy 2018

    Navdeep Saini 2 wicket for 44 runs from 10 overs. Prasidh 2 wickets for 56 from 10 overs.
  15. The only way to find out whether this guidance is invaluable ... is to rest Dhoni for a couple of series and see how Kuldeep and Chahal perform.

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